Fall Female Sale

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Welcome! We want to thank you for taking the time to look over our catalog and see the information we have on this special female sale. This sale is a project a long time in the making by every breeder selling cattle here. It takes planning and years of breeding decisions to get high quality, consistent, replacement females. We hope you are pleased with what these years have produced, and that the females offered here can be a benefit to your operation. These past few years have been a bit crazy with drought and moisture- too much or tool little describes many areas of the country. In the cattle business this is just part of life, we all know that, but I don‟t know if that ever makes it any easier. I always believe, rain or shine, being is Ag is the best way to live and work! There is always something to look forward to, and always a „sunny side‟ to everything life throws at us. We invite you all to come to the sale or join us through DV Aution. We are happy to take your questions or give you more information—oh and, stop by to visit anytime! Sincerely,

Jason & Kim