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Flexible sided ladders

Made in the UK for over 40 years

What are flexible sided ladders...

Ladder construction Lyon Equipment can produce ladders to suit individual needs and

Please Note: Flexible sided ladders and their accessories are not Personal Protective Equipment. Flexible sided ladders must always be used with a separate fall protection system. Flexible sided ladders are not suitable for emergency escapes. It is extremely difficult to use these ladders safely if you are in any way incapacitated.

Flexible sided ladders have rigid rungs and flexible sides - normally

environments. To achieve this, we offer a choice of rung types, side materials

made from polyester or wire rope. Plainly, this means that unlike a

and connections.

rigid sided ladder, they must be suspended from a fixed point rather

Rung types

than leant against a structure, but it also means they can be rolled

 Used on regular and lightweight ladders. Available in 2 Aluminium alloy - plain diameters - 12.5mm (compact ladders only) and 25mm (wide

for transport or storage - they weigh much less than a rigid sided ladder of similar length and can be used in confined locations where conventional ladders could not be deployed.

Lyon Equipment flexible sided ladders

rung only).  For low visibility in military, security or theatrical applications. Aluminium alloy The additional protection from corrosion given by the anodising black anodised process makes these rungs more suitable for use in corrosive

Lyon Equipment is the leading manufacturer of flexible sided

environments such as marine facilities and chemical plants.

ladders. Our expertise draws on over 40 years experience of

Available in 2 diameters -12.5mm (compact ladders only) and

ladder production. Made in the UK and supplied worldwide, our

25mm (wide rung only).

handmade high quality ladders are used extensively in industry and for outdoors sports.

grip knurled High

Knurled finish for extra grip (compact ladder only)

 High grip 34mm fluted GRP Chunky rungs which are easier to grip. GRP (Glass reinforced Plastic) rungs also have the advantage that they are least likely Originally developed for cavers, Lyon flexible sided ladders are now widely used in:

• Provide cost effective temporary access

• Events rigging (access to lighting trusses)

• Are light and easy to transport

• Theatres

• Are quick to rig

• Confined space silo access

• Can be used in confined spaces

(including cleaning glass coated vessels) • Manhole and sewer access • Marine/pleasure boats

to scratch any surface they contact.

Lyon flexible sided ladders...

• Can be joined to increase length (excl Fibrelight) • Require minimal training before use

Side materials Galvanised steel wire rope Used on regular ladders (4mm) and lightweight ladders (3mm) galvanised wire rope is ideal for most applications offering high strength and durability. Stainless steel wire rope Where a corrosive atmosphere might reduce the life span

• Military

of galvanised wire rope, this stainless steel wire rope gives

• Climbing walls (training aids)

additional strength and durability. Polyester rope 8mm rope for use on Wide rung GRP ladders only. May be suitable for use in environments where electric shock is a risk.

3 2

Lyon Equipment produce flexible sided ladders in a choice of three basic styles: COMPACT, WIDE and FIBRELIGHT COMPACT General purpose ladders, for applications such as manhole entry, access to lighting truss and sport caving.

WIDE Key COMPACT features: • Compact design allows easy storage and transport • Available in two versions

Easy to handle ladders, for applications

GRP wire – Glass reinforced plastic rungs with

such as silo access for inspection and

stainless steel wire rope sides – easy to clean, used

cleaning and for use over sloping structures

by the food and pharmaceutical industries.

(such as vessels).

Made from aluminium alloy rungs and flexible wire

• Available with three different rung options

rope sides, COMPACT ladders are 150mm wide

• Choice of two rung spacings – 25 or 30cm

Wide ladders are made from either aluminium alloy

polyester rope sides – may be more suitable where

(wide enough for one foot) and are ideal when

• 5 or 10 metres standard lengths

or glass reinforced plastic (GRP) rungs with flexible

electric shock is a potential hazard. Heavily fluted

you need to keep weight down without reducing

• Lengths of up to 20 metres to special order

wire or textile rope sides, WIDE ladders are 270mm

rungs are easier to grip, so this ladder is better for

loading capacity.

• Easily joined together if necessary

wide allowing the climber to place both feet on one

muddy / slippery environments

COMPACT ladders come in two versions: Regular – the most popular style – durable and versatile. Recommended for frequent use. Uses 4mm wire. Lightweight – for situations where weight is more

rung. WIDE ladders are only manufactured in one version: Regular - This specification is durable and versatile, ideal for the intended use.

important than durability. Only recommended for infrequent use. Uses 3mm wire.

Plain alloy rung – self-coloured alloy rung. The standard for most applications. Black anodised rung – fitted on stainless steel wire rope sides – for where corrosion is a risk i.e. marine environments. Also useful for theatres and military applications where a less bright finish is

Key WIDE features: • Wide enough to fit both feet side by side • Large diameter rungs are more easy to handle and more comfortable to stand on • Easy clean materials options

WIDE ladders are available with four rung options:

and with three rung options:

GRP rope – Glass reinforced plastic rungs with

• Available with four different rung options • Choice of two rung spacings – 25 or 30cm • Made to order in lengths of up to 15 metres

Plain alloy rung – self-coloured alloy rung, the standard for most applications. Black anodised rung – fitted on stainless steel wire rope sides – for where corrosion is a risk i.e. marine environments. Also useful for theatres and military applications where a less bright finish is required.

required. (Regular ladder only) Black High grip rung – as above, but with a knurled finish for better grip. (Regular ladder only)

5 4

Connections Fibrelight

Key features:

Wide enough for a single foot, these specialist ladders are lightweight, and make virtually no noise when deployed. They are an alternative to wire sided or wooden rope ladders. Constructed from textile sides and carbon fibre rungs they are ideally suited to wet environments.

Ladder length We usually make ladders of either 5m or 10m lengths but can make longer on

• Easy to rig

request. If ladders will be de-rigged for transport or storage, or if there is a risk

• Compact for easy storage

of damage, it is usually better to join several shorter lengths rather than use one

• Non metallic ladder –

continuous unit. By selecting one of the connecting options it is possible to make a

no parts to corrode

continuous ladder with even rung spacing across the joints.

• Complete with bag and stainless steel connector

Connection options

• Lighter than our Compact or

Joining Fibrelight Ladders Standard Fibrelight ladders are supplied with a

If two or more ladders are to be joined, use of one of the following connection

Wide Rung ladders

methods will ensure that spacing between rungs is consistent across the join.

• Can be ordered by the metre

single anchor point and Maillon Rapide at the head

(up to 20 metres)

making them unsuitable for connection to increase

• 30 cm rung spacing

the length. Fibrelight ladders are always made to

• Black, yellow and red tape available

GRP Ladders Unless requested eyes are not fitted to the bottom.

Swaged eyelets only Unless specified, ladders will be supplied with a swaged eyelet on the end of each side wire. They can then be connected with a removable Maillon Rapide. (See

customers specified lengths. If you require Fibrelight ladders which can be joined, please call.

Maillon Rapide connector Maillon Rapide connectors can be used to connect ladders supplied with swaged eyes.

NOTE: For lightweight use only. For heavy and / or regular use, we recommend our Compact or Wide Rung ladders.

accessories section). • Maillon Rapides are lightweight screw-link connectors with high strength • Maillon Rapides are easily fitted or replaced by the user

Swaged eyelets and fixed C-Links • Permanently fixed to the ladder during manufacture to prevent loss. Request at the time of ordering as these cannot be fitted after manufacture

Fibrelight Ladder Specifications

• Easy to connect together, even with cold wet hands Ladder type




• Lightweight – recommended for sport caving use only

Dia (mm)

Width (mm)



Max rated load

Rung spacing



Solid carbon fibre rods inside a polyester tape sleeve

20 mm wide polyester tape

120 kg


Weights (Including bag and Maillon Rapide connector) Ladder length











‘Eyelet’ Maillon Rapides • Lightweight screw-link connectors with high strength • Permanently fixed to the ladder during manufacture to prevent loss. Request at the time of ordering as these cannot be fitted after manufacture • Ideal for industrial use, can be used on many types of anchor

NOTE: Eyelet Maillon Rapides are only available in galvanised steel and are not suitable for ladders with stainless steel wire or rope sides. 7





Ladders can be suspended from a wide variety of anchor points. One important point to note is that, to reduce wear and excessive loading, the wire sides must not be distorted beyond an angle of 20ยบ from vertical.


Testing and specifications

Fixing Compact ladders to anchor points


Y spreaders

Wire ladder

If a ladder will be fixed to a single

attachment strop

point, a Y spreader should be used.

Wire ladder attachment strop can be used to achieve

Y spreaders are available in

a suitable anchor when

4 different types to match ladder

wrapped around fixed

connection types.


In order to determine the breaking loads, sample

B - Rung slippage

ladders were tested to destruction.

Another key loading limit is reached when rung slippage occurs. This is the point at which rungs slip

A - Rung bending load This test simulates the load of hands or feet. Connections narrower than 18mm may result in lower values being achieved. This is the reason why

along the wire sides. Our tests indicate the earliest stage at which this may occur. In the event of rung slippage the ladder must be retired.

karabiners, slings and ropes should not be used to

C - Wire side breakage

suspend loads or climbers from rungs.

Side wires are tested independently to

The figure we state is the point beyond which the

produce figure C.

rung will bend. It is worth noting that the rung will Storage & rapid deployment pouch Allows ladders to be stored

Fixing Wide ladders to anchor points

still be climbed, but the ladder must be retired.

The length from the top rung to the eye is always 300mm - Wide spreaders not required.

at the point of use ready for




immediate deployment.

LO 4

4mm galvanised spreader with swaged eyes

Swaged eyes

LM 4

4mm galvanised spreader with eyelet Maillon Rapide

Maillon Rapide

LC 4

4mm galvanised spreader with C-links



4mm s/steel spreader with swaged eyes

Swaged eyes

Stand offs

not break at the figure quoted - it deforms, and can

Suitable for GRP fluted rung ladders only, this item keeps ladders away from a wall

Wire ladder attachment strop

allowing easier climbing. A

4mm wire code



Breaking Load (kN)

pair of stand offs is applied to

LO 41


Swaged eyes


LO 415


LO 42


every third rung of the ladder for vertical hangs. More maybe

LO 43


required if the ladder rests on an

LC 41


inclined/curved surface.

LC 415


LC 42


LC 43




Ladder Specifications Ladder type



Breaking Loads (kN)

Weight (kg) per 10m lengthโ€ก

A Rungs

B Slip

C Side

25cm spacing

30cm spacing

Dia (mm)

Width (mm)


Compact Regular



Dural aluminium alloy

4mm 7x19 galvanised steel wire rope






Compact Lightweight



Dural aluminium alloy

3mm 7x7 galvanised steel wire rope






Compact Black Rung



Black anodised Dural aluminium alloy

4mm 7x19 316 stainless steel wire rope






Wide Regular



Dural aluminium alloy

4mm 7x19 galvanised steel wire rope






Wide Black Rung



Black anodised Dural aluminium alloy

4mm 7x19 316 stainless steel wire rope






GRP Wire



Fluted glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

4mm 7x19 316 stainless steel wire rope






GRP Rope



Fluted glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

8mm braided polyester rope






9 8

Ladder ordering information

International Ladder Stockists Ordering information

We have a range of ‘off the shelf ’ ladders available.

All flexible ladders manufactured by Lyon Equipment

To order a tailor made Compact or Wide ladder the

Limited are available through selected stockists

following information will help you.

throughout the UK.

Codes for our COMPACT and WIDE ladders are made

Please go to our Stockists page on our website to

up of several parts, which signify the various features of

see a complete list of Lyon ladder stockists.

the ladder.

If you wish to buy ladders outside the UK please

Example: Ordering an LO 4 10 25 SA will give you a

contact us directly at or

COMPACT BLACK RUNG ladder with 4mm stainless

through our international stockist list.

steel wire rope sides, swaged eye ends, 10m long with 25cm black anodised rungs.

Lyon Equipment office hours are: Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Speak to your stockist to discuss your exact



9am - 1pm

Example: LO





Extra information about ladder:


WA = wide alloy rungs

WSA = wide anodised rungs/stainless steel wire rope

WG = wide glass fibre rungs

HG = High Grip

= anodised rungs/stainless steel wire rope

Rung Spacing: 25 or 30cm

Ladder length: standard lengths are 5 & 10 metres

Diameter of sides: 3mm or 4mm wire rope, or 8mm polyester rope

Ladder terminations: LO = swaged eye with thimble

LM = swaged eye with thimble plus Maillon Rapide (screw link terminator)

LC = swaged eye with thimble plus ‘C’ link

11 10

Lyon Equipment Limited Junction 38, M6, Tebay, Cumbria, CA10 3SS, UK Tel +44(0)15396 26250, Fax +44(0)15396 24857 Email

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