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Make Beats to Rap Music

This Information is brought to you by k2flash & “Hip Hop Beats” Perfect beats to rap is very much essential for the song to become popular among the people. Beats to the rap plays an important role in the quality of the rap music produced by the rapper. The rapper can find the best beats only when he identifies his style of music. Before recognizing his style of music, the rapper should develop his basic knowledge with respect the rap music and he should make himself fit to compose his own music. This can be done by listening to lots of music, by doing so the rapper will be able to develop his knowledge on rap music. Identifying your style of music with the rap instruments: Once the rapper has acquired the basic knowledge he should identify his style of music. The rapper can identify his style of music by listening to the beats composed by other and start trying to compose his own music. The beginner will be able to identify his style of music by listening to his own music again and again. The composer should have his own style of music to show his creativity. Once the rapper has identified his own style of music he should listen to beat to rap and instruments used in rap music to find the beat and instrument that matches perfectly with his style of music. The right beat to rap will be of great use to the composer to produce quality music. After identifying the instruments matching his style, the rapper should record the beats created with the help of the instrument and listen to it again and again, which will be of great use in identifying the mistakes and he can rectify the mistakes and start producing quality rap music. Steps to create beats to rap: The beginner can follow the following steps for creating his own beats to rap: The first step is to find a mentor to support and guide him in making perfect beats. The second step is to decide whether to use software or use music production studios for creating the music. The use of software would be cheap as compared to finding studios for creating music. The next step is to create sample music and distribute the music among friends and relatives to find their reaction. Leasing of beats to rap: The beginner can lease the sample beats to rap created by him and can find the reactions of the people towards the beat. Different websites are available in the internet offering the facility of leasing of beats to rap. Selling of beats: The composers can sell the beats to rap created by them through internet. But, it is better not to sell the beat until the composer becomes perfect in his style of music. Hardware equipment for beats to rap:

Like software programs, hardware instruments are also available for making beats. Some of the popular hardware instruments are MV8800 by Roland, MPC Sampler, Roland Fantom X6 Workstation, Korg Triton Extreme workstation and Yamaha Motif ES8 workstation. The composer can create his own beats with the help of the hardware or software programs or by using the traditional method.

This Information is brought to you by k2flash & “Hip Hop Beats”

Make Beats to Rap Music