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dynamic storage solutions

save time with thistle live storage Thistle Systems is recognised as one of the leading players in the storage solutions market thanks to our commitment to providing our clients with awesome service. Our ability to design and install high quality solutions that provide our clients with the perfect balance of storage capacity and performance is backed by our zero defect guarantee for complete peace of mind. Nobody in this industry works harder than Thistle to bring their clients the best products the market has to offer and our partnership with Bito enables us to offer our clients their world class dynamic storage solutions. The Bito management team recognised the knowledge, experience and above all customer service that Thistle is renowned for and were keen for their entire team to be able to tap into our strengths in innovative design and project management. Bito is a company that shares our values with a commitment to engineering excellence that is second only to their willingness to go that extra mile for their clients.


“First in-First out“ storage principle


space reduction of up to 30%


reduction of travel time by 40% - 70%


increase of productivity


automated loading and picking possible

Dynamic storage will save floor space and improve handling, but rather than just provide a stock solution, what other company do you know who is prepared to test your pallet or carton and load to ensure gradient of slope, type and pitch of rollers, braking and separation are optimised? This ensures the best combination of smooth and safe operation, reliability and longevity are provided in the most economic solution. Now that is awesome service!! And with Bito’s inhouse manufacturing facility producing every component in the storage solution from the racking to the boxes and trays, you can relax in the knowledge that any potential risk caused by mixing manufacturers items is omitted.


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5 Year Guarantee Our dynamic installations come with a full 5 year guarantee and are installed by SEIRS registered installation team for complete peace of mind.

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non-stop for cartons & pallets

Dynamic Storage solutions that guarantee improvements in operational efficiencies with a proven system that increases

Your total storage solution

Carton live storage >

First in-First out storage principle

Whatever your storage requirements,


Space reduction of up to 30%

These well-proven carton

we can deliver a solution that is not only


Reduction of travel time by 40% - 70%

live and pallet live systems

competitively priced but will also deliver


Increased productivity

guarantee shorter travel

increased productivity that will have


Automated loading and picking possible

routes, reduced picking

bottom line benefits.

picking performance.

Pallet live storage

times, structured storage as well as an improvement in

From static shelving to carton live


First in-First out storage principle

work ergonomics.

and from push back to pallet live, our


Increasing volume utilisation by up to 60%

systems ensure that space utilisation


Continuous availability of goods

By using dynamic storage

is optimised, storage capacity is


Increase of productivity

solutions you can also

maximised and productivity is


Automatic loading and picking possible

maximise the storage


capacity of your premises with high density solutions that save valuable floor space without compromising operational effectiveness.

Push-back pallet racking >

Last in-First out storage principle


Maximum use of warehouse volume


Low investment costs


Front accessibility of goods


User friendly system



pallet live storage Our Pallet live storage solutions enable the dynamic supply of palletised goods using modern conveyor technology to accelerate the flow of materials and improve your business operations. Pallet live storage solutions can increase the space utilisation by up to 60% whilst improving the overall efficiency of the loading & picking operations by shortening routes and ensuring the continuous availability of goods. Our design team can also develop solutions that offer automatic loading and picking and by integrating the solution with the warehouse management system, it is also possible to enjoy permanent stock control.

intelligent solutions for peak performance

Picking tunnel The integration of a picking tunnel on

Smart ideas to organise empty pallet return

the ground floor can allow an order

The dynamic supply of palletised

related picking of unit loads from

goods combined with modern

the pallets with easy and immediate

conveyor technology accelerates

replenishment from the pallet buffer

material flow.

on top into the feeder lanes.


w w w. t h i s t le s y s t e m s g ro u p . co . u k


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EASY CLEANING The tiltable roller conveyor unit allows for easy access

TRIPLE TRACK ROLLER CONVEYOR UNIT Easy pallet retrieval by hand pallet truck

Extractable first pallet

User friendly retrieval by hand pallet truck

Hinged Rollers for Instant Access for Cleaning

first pallet position can incorporate

By reducing the height of the roller

Our unique hinged roller conveyor

an independent unit on wheels, which

track sections take the pallets to the

unit can be lifted to allow easy and

can be pulled into the aisle and allows

level required for pallet trucks, users

trouble free cleaning which is critical

goods to be picked conveniently from

can retrieve pallets straight from

in hygiene related environments.

three sides.

the live system. The system features

To enhance picking operations the

a robust inner frame and shock resistant entry guides to protect the tracks against damage.



Maximum use of space in the cosmetics industry using Pallet live

CASE STUDY This compact storage allows the optimum utilisation of the warehouse volume and handling with highly efficient narrow aisle trucks.

Our Solutions Delivered the Following Benefits >

shorter travel routes increase truck

performance by approximately 50% .


only 2 aisles need to be serviced

due to compact storage. Layout:

Standard roller conveyors operating according to the FiFo principle.


solution designed to allow


55 m long with 4, 7 or 8 levels in height.

automation of system in the future.


12300 mm.

Lane depth:

14800 mm.

Installation Specifications


the live storage lanes guarantee


411 lanes for 4932 pallet positions.

stock rotation by adherence to


Of the 52 lanes next to each other, there is one lane with 4, one with

the FIFO principle.

7 and 50 lanes with 8 levels in height. Each lane has a capacity of 12

pallets handled long side. The lanes are suited for Euro pallets with a

maximum weight of up to 500 kg each.


Dispatch buffer for fast movers.

Pallet turnover:

Approximately 200 pallets daily.


w w w. t h i s t le s y s t e m s g ro u p . co . u k


(t) +44 (0) 1236 453 888

Expansion of storage capacity for Food Wholesaler

CASE STUDY The creation of separate picking and loading aisles together with the integration of a picking tunnel significantly increased the effectiveness of the operations by reducing travel routes and ensuring undisturbed working. By incorporating push-back pallet racking, full use can now be made of the available warehouse height which achieved a considerable increase in storage capacity.




Installation Specifications

The Benefits


3 rows with a length of 70 m each

Row 1 • 2.5 m deep for 2 pallets • first level: live storage, second and

third level: push-back.

Row 2 • 9 m deep for 7 pallets • first level: live storage with


high picking performance due to

integrated picking tunnel, second and third level: used as pallet

short travel routes.

buffer store.

Row 3 • 3.8 m deep for 3 pallets • 3 levels used as push-back


separate picking and loading aisles

pallet buffer.

guarantee undisturbed working.


approximately 6700 mm for the storage of original cartons.


1955 pallet positions.


tiltable roller conveyor lanes allow


Picking installation with pallet buffer on the second and third level.

easy cleaning of the

Live storage and push-back lanes are equipped with roller conveyors.

floor underneath.

Particularity :

Roller conveyor units on the ground level can be tilted up.



carton live storage Our Carton live storage systems provide an optimum utilisation of space and operational efficiencies by creating a high density storage system that uses advanced roller systems set at adjustable heights to allow cartons to roll under gravity down dedicated lanes. By separating the loading and picking aisles, the operational effectiveness is improved by reducing travel time whilst also ensuring safe and undisturbed picking access.

Easy and Instant Access to Goods



the picking front can be adapted

ergonomically to the natural

flow of movement.


easy adjustability of

picking heights.


practical integration of

step-up rails.

Safe order picking

Automated or manual loading


undisturbed order picking

BITO Dynamic storage systems are suited

through separate loading and

picking aisles.


constant availability of goods.


increased work safety.

w w w. t h i s t le s y s t e m s g ro u p . co . u k


(t) +44 (0) 1236 453 888

for the integration of automated or manoperated stacker cranes. The automated stacker crane picks the container for example from the conveyor and places it into the storage installation.

The technology Dynamics > the broad roller surface and

the closer roller pitch guarantee

an improved load distribution for

smoother movement and less

pallet damage.

> easy start at the loading front.


> twist resistant roller track section.

Easy access to the upper shelving levels

> long service life. Flow Shelves

The bolt free system speeds up


assembly and makes reconfiguration faster and easier. The flow shelves can also be easily adapted to accommodate different load capacities and various

Increased efficiency with pick-to-light system Our carton live solution allows the integration of pick-to-light systems which specifies the best picking route by lighting the next item and removes the need to work to a paper based picking list. This ensures: > increased picking performance:

‘hands free to pick goods’.

> higher work efficiency. > reduction of picking errors. > increased user-friendliness. > flexible application of different

picking strategies.

> system monitored

supply management.

Retrofit of Existing Solutions

We have developed specific retrofit solutions to integrate flow shelves into existing installations which feature other manufacturers racking systems.

sizes of storage units. Universal Divider

Looking to change your existing racking for Carton live Storage? In most cases we can fit new flow levels to your existing racking framework, saving on disruption, time on site, and of course by reusing your existing racking, we will save you money too! Automated or manual loading Our dynamic storage systems can also be designed to integrate automated or manual stacker cranes to achieve further operational improvements. Highly versatile Storage First class material flow. Modular construction guarantees highest degree of versatility and adaptability.

The universal divider allows the lane width to be regulated independently of the roller track position and prevent the blocking of storage units in adjoining lanes.



Optimised material flow and picking benefits for the pharmaceutical industry

CASE STUDY This installation combines ergonomic picking from bins and containers stored on straight and inclined carton live storage levels of different lengths to carry the picked items to other order picking zones on the integrated power driven roller conveyor belt in front of the installation.

Installation Specifications Installation:

Standard carton live storage installation with custom

made modifications.

The Benefits


Single tier installation – 5 successive installation dates.


23 rows.


minimised throughput times by


168 bays – 23 rows of different lengths and depths in 2 buildings.

the way of reducing travel times


411 lanes for 4932 pallet positions.

and improving access.




The CLS installations for the storage of stacking containers sized


customised version of a standard

495 x 200 x 160 mm have lanes equipped with 2 flanged roller

CLS system for the storage of

tracks each. Original cartons are picked from levels equipped with a

pharmaceutical products.

roller bed of approximately 18 roller tracks with cylindrical rollers.


Warehouse 1 = automated pickers. The shelving in this area serves


efficient combination of different

as a buffer for the A-frame automated pickers. Warehouse 2 =

shelving systems.

picking Warehouse, where the orders are collated individually. The

A-items are stored in live storage blocks and picked from there. B-

and C-items are supplied in the boltless shelving.


Integrated step-up rail at the loading side of the flow shelves.

Conveyor system at the picking front and integrated into shelving bays.


w w w. t h i s t le s y s t e m s g ro u p . co . u k


(t) +44 (0) 1236 453 888

Storage and sales solution using buffer presentation for frozen food

CASE STUDY This innovative solution delivers a seamless solution between the warehouse and the retail areas for a large wholesaler. By customising the live storage solution we created buffer store system which enabled the warehouse team to replenish goods in the warehouse area to automatically present goods to the customer in the retail area.

The Benefits >

easy loading.


storage on roller beds allows the

lane widths to adjust in accordance

with the dimensions of the

products to be stored.


goods are stored behind

thermofrost glass doors so that the

customer can take out perfectly

cooled food at any time.

Installation Specifications Installation:

Standard carton live storage system.


Single tier installation.


1 row.


10 bays with a useable bay width of 1474 mm 2 bays with a useable

bay width of 2280 mm.


Each bay has 4 resp. 5 straight flow levels in height. The lanes are

separated by universal dividers.


The live storage lanes are replenished from a double height buffer

area on top suited for EURO pallets of up to 1000 kg each.


The lanes are loaded with food in original boxes/packages in

the cold storage area at minus 27 째C. The food is picked by the

customer in the shop at normal temperature.



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Corporate Interiors From the WOW to the efficient and from the small office to the corporate headquarters, Thistle Corporate Interiors specialise in providing our clients with working environments to be proud of. Whether you need to move offices, refurbish your existing workspace, or wish to create a totally new and exciting environment, we can help you achieve the result you need with our comprehensive concept to completion service. We can also advise, specify and supply furniture and fittings to provide the finishing touches and that personal feel to your new offices. So whether you are looking for something that is simple and practical or new and inspirational, our design team will search and supply a range of solutions.

Office Storage Solutions Thistle has extensive experience in the design, specification and installation of highly effective storage solutions that not only become an integral feature of the interior but also can improve business productivity. We have an enviable portfolio of solutions that continue to inspire clients including storage walls, mobile storage, slide a sides, high density filing cabinets and steel storage units.

Mezzanines We have successfully installed hundreds of mezzanine floors in almost every area of business from manufacturing to retail and from office areas to industrial storage. Whether you are looking for a small area for additional office space or a mezzanine that consists of thousands of square metres, our highly experienced design and project management teams can help you to maximise your available space and budget.

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Thistle Systems Dynamic Brochure  

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