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By Patricio Jourdain



THE PERFECT LAP By Patricio Jourdain


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Table of Contents

First and Foremost 8 Introduction of the Author 9 Correct Seating Position


Racing Concepts Weight Transfer 12 Reference Points

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Over & Under steering

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Ideal Racing Line

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Mindset for Practice Sessions, Qualifying Sessions and Race

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Race & Re Starts

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Questions and Answers

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First and Foremost

I would like to thank you all for giving my e-book a chance to enhance your karting skills. I would like to thank K1Speed Inc. for the opportunity to represent them. I would also like to thank my friend Terry Moncada for his assistance in making this e-book possible. I have spent countless hours and days helping my friends, clients and family members improve their driving tactics-which, in turn improves your confidence as a driver and ultimately your skill level. Inside this book you will find the secrets to being quick; to have excellent handling, impeccable style and my favorite, having fun. I’m not trying to push the latest engine or chassis. I’m simply asking you to follow these simple steps and you will find the results you have always wanted. This e-book is fully customized to any type of karter whether you race indoors or outdoors. Everyone’s kart will be different whether it is electric/gas or junior/senior chassis but the main goal of becoming a better driver will still apply overall. Any individual can benefit from this e-book: Large, small, male, female, amateur, beginner. I designed this to work for everyone. Not only will this program work for all types of individuals, but it can also be accomplished by reading this at home. When it comes time to put your skills to the test make sure to drop in to the nearest K1speed ( Also for any karting gear or safety gear please visit Some of the results you may see by using this e-book are improved metal knowledge, performance boost, and increase in driver awareness and of course faster lap times. Everything in this e-book comes from years of research as well as hands-on experience with countless individuals. This was designed to show results. There is no doubt in my mind that if you apply yourself to this program both mentally and physically, you will, in a short time see those great results!



As an expert kart driver with an auto racing background, I have the ability to help many racers around the world. My name is Patricio Jourdain and together we will analyze, refine and shape you to be the best kart driver possible. Being surrounded by racing my whole life it has inspired to help other drivers like you. Whether it was actual driving, promoting the famous “Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez” in Mexico City or just being around family that have raced in both Indy 500 and NASCAR; it has inspired me to help other drivers achieve their goals. I started driving at the age of 12 and spend my only 100 dollars building my first Kart and I have not stopped racing since. I remember rolling out my 80’s chassis with an old McCulloch engine and before I knew it I was conquering race after race. You too will have all the opportunity to win races and have a competitive edge against other drivers. For myself karting only lead me into much bigger things and soon I was driving a Formula Vee 1980 that my uncle Michel kindly donated to me. I continued to race and kart throughout my life and on one series even took 2nd out of 20 other rookies. This lead to only bigger things Toblerone Competition Team, Skip Barber Formula Dodge National Series and eventually I won National Championship of Stock Car ST4 Series. So whether or not you stick to karting or auto racing this will e-book will help you regardless of your passion and goals. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to share my experience and skills with you. I will without a doubt help you improve and eventually make you a faster driver. The skills laid forth in this e-book will eventually lead to better seat time and lap times. Even as a beginner karter or experienced one; the important thing to remember is everything in this e-book is related; be sure to understand the cause and effect of the chapters. I won’t lie you will have work for new set of skills on the track. However, this doesn’t have to be a chore. I wish when I had gotten into karting and racing I had an all-in-one, informative e-book like this to motivate me, and concur my driving goals. That’s why I wrote this; to provide you with the built-up knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. Get ready to have that fastest lap, head turning driving skills and those amazing driving tools all in one!

Here is your guide to success…


Correct Seating Position

Comfortable distance to steering wheel

Arms bent to avoid fatigue

Legs reach the pedals and do not interfere with steering


rivers often overlook how important it is to actually be seated correctly. This is imperative for you to stay focused at all times on the track. Instead of being uncomfortable or thinking about your position in your seat; you can focus on what you need to be focused on; braking, turn points and all other important driving techniques. You have to make sure you are close enough to the pedals in order to reach them, but at the same time be able to press them all the way without making too much effort. Also make sure your knees are not too high and therefore hitting the steering wheel and your hands while turning.

Driver is wearing the following gear: Level 1 Karting Suit Carbonite Karting Shoes Reflex Gloves


Hands positioned at 10 and 3 on the steering wheel

Try to do a 45° angle with your arms relative to your body to hold the steering wheel this way you will prevent getting too tired, as if you had your arms completely straight; this way you will have a much better reaction time. Make sure you hold the wheel with both hands at all times (10 & 3 clockwise) and hold it hard enough to have a good grip and be able to steer, but do not hold it too tight, relax your hands when it is possible. Now that you have your correct seating position, let’s get moving so you can be on your way to that perfect lap!


Weight Transfer

Weight transfer to the outside wheels


hen you’re moving many factors come into play. Weight transferring is very important when it comes to Kart racing. Weight transferring is relative in any form of of racing, cornering, braking, and acceleration. While cornering, weight transfers from the inside to the outside, giving you much more grip on the outside tires. And of course the cause and effect of this will be less grip on the inside tires.

Driver is wearing the following gear: Level 2 EVO-X Suit Bell Helmet


Weight transfer to the front wheels while braking

While braking the weight is transferred from the rear to the front. Leaving your rear tires with less grip

Just the opposite is true when accelerating the front tires will have much less grip.

Driver is wearing the following gear: Reflex Gloves Adult Neck Collar


The Perfect Lap  

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