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ur revolutionary Cabinet and Trim Paint combines C2’s superior paint formula with patented Polywhey® technology — a safe, easy-to-use finish using recycled dairy whey protein. This innovative formula blends the elegance of an  Old World traditional oil-based paint with the benefits of modern-day, low-VOC technology. The result is a smooth, porcelain-hard finish that is the most eco-friendly and durable product that we have ever created.

A D VA N C E D F O R M U L A The C2 Cabinet & Trim products have come to represent the gold standard for what painters and consumers seek in a waterborne cabinet and trim finish. The use of advanced PolyWhey®, the next generation of polyurethane, creates a finish that is hard, durable and beautiful. Painters love the quick recoat time and amazing sandability, while consumers appreciate the high-end finish, low odor and eco-friendly formula.

BENEFITS: • Non-yellowing • Excellent flow and leveling • Powder sands with quick recoat • Silky hand and feel • Superior durability and adhesion • Low VOC/Low odor • Spatter-resistant • Scuff-resistant, perfect for high-traffic areas • Minimal maintenance required • Superior stain-blocking properties • Cures to a smooth, hard finish • Easy soap and water cleanup • Qualifies for LEED credit • Available in Satin and Semi-gloss

IDEAL FOR USE ON: Interior doors, trim, cabinets and floors. May be applied to new or previously painted wood, wallboard, metal, masonry and concrete.

T H E S E B E S T- S E L L I N G W H I T E S F R O M P P G C A N B E C R E AT E D I N C A B I N E T & T R I M PA I N T * :

Gypsum PPG1006-1

Commercial White PPG1025-1

Pegasus PPG1010-1

Willow Springs PPG1007-1

Aria PPG1001-2

Garlic Clove PPG18-09

Linen Ruffle PPG1075-1

Atrium White PPG1020-1

Hourglass PPG1022-1

French Cream PPG14-15

*Our Cabinet & Trim paint can be used to tint whites from any other paint manufacturer.


Prep surface by cleaning off contaminants, such as dirt, dust, oil, grease, wax and rust. Patch holes and cracks, sand smooth and remove sanding dust.




Sand any glossy areas to promote adhesion.

Remove all loose or peeling paint.

5 Spot prime surface with C1000 or C2010 and allow to dry thoroughly before applying the topcoat.


Stir Cabinet & Trim product vigorously. Thin only if necessary and do not exceed 8 ounces of water per gallon


Using a brush, roll or spray in full, even coats without over working. (Airless spray: use a 12 to 15-mil size tip).


Covers 400-450 square feet per gallon.

Cleanup: Clean painting equipment and spills immediately using warm soapy water.


ABOUT C� PAINT C2 Paint is the brainchild of Thomas Hill III, a former paint chemist who wanted to increase the overall quality of paint products in the industry. So in 1998, he set out to do the impossible: start a paint brand that surpassed all others. He gathered a group of independent paint dealers and presented them with his proposition. This passionate, creative — and often rebellious — alliance formed the first and only dealer-owned paint brand in North America. C2’s Cabinet & Trim allows you to carve out a niche in the industry by offering an innovative, best-in-class product. Product – Features the durability and performance of oil-based paint with the added benefits of tenacious adhesion, easy cleanup, amazing flow and leveling and quick recoat time.  Innovation  – Patented PolyWhey® technology helps create a finish that looks and feels like traditional oil-based paint, with the advantages of a non-yellowing, low VOC formula.  Dealer-Owned – The only paint brand in North America created by and for independent dealers, we provide fertile ground for fresh ideas, innovation and a unique opportunity to have a voice in the brand. For more information about C2 Cabinet & Trim or any other C2 Paint product, visit @C2Paint

C2 Cabinet & Trim  

The look of oil-based paint without the harsh chemicals and long drying times. See how C2 Cabinet and Trim uses patented Polywhey technology...

C2 Cabinet & Trim  

The look of oil-based paint without the harsh chemicals and long drying times. See how C2 Cabinet and Trim uses patented Polywhey technology...