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The Web has tremendous potential and benefiting us in many ways. Internet as an Online industry has grown up very strongly over the years! It connects the whole world together. It is not only benefiting the big and small companies, but has also come up as a very good source of income for Millions of Capable Individuals!

This handy small self help book explains all the major possible ways of 'Making Money Online'. Figure out how you can benefit yourself utilizing the power of the Web! TRY your hands on!! If you are wondering that you don't know anything, don't worry! Just move your eyes around here, and you will know everything you need to get your hands on the Internet Business!

There are 4 major ways people make real money out of the Internet: 1- Advertising 2- Affiliate Marketing 3- Selling Own Digital Products 4- Working Online As A Freelancer

Making Money Out Of Advertising:

Here basically, what you will need is a Website or a Blog on any topic! Once you have one, you place ads related to your website topic and people reading your site will click on the ads that interest them and you make a commission behind every click! The most popular service provider here is Google! Google runs a popular advertising service called Google Adsense, which automatically places relevant ads on given websites and manages everything behind the scenes with detailed statistics! It is the free to earn revenue(commission) online by placing Google advertisements on your Site/Blog. Google places relevant ads to the content of the Site. You can browse any site around on net and you might see some ads here and there. Just take a closer look, you will find the ads directly/indirectly relevant to the topic and content of that website! This is how Adsense works!!

This is the major earning source for most of the people. It is easy to setup and if the website or the blog has plenty of traffic(visitors) , this will turn to be the Money Making Machine. You are doing nothing here. You just need to have a Website or Blog with good number of visitors! The more clicks you receive, the more money you make. And the good thing is you can try it for free at Blogger and Wordpress!

To use this service by Google, you will need an Adsense Account first! This takes a little time for approval. And once your account is approved, you can start using the Adsense Service on your site. Well, if you want to be approved soon, then you should try applying with Blog. It's a Google's own service, so might get cleared soon! You can create a blog for free at It is Google's free Blogging Platform. With Adsense you can make fine income Online. There is no scam in this, as you can see it's Google's service. Once you have a well built site with enough visitors, you can expect good income from Adsense. For students it can turn to be the good source to earn your pocket money at-least. However if you try it seriously, you can really make good living online with it putting some good efforts around! To know more about Adsense, Go To Google Adsense Remember one thing, once you have a content rich site/blog with good consistent traffic, this is the regular source of money for you. And on the Web, Traffic is Money. The more traffic you have, the more money you will make. Well, as I said you can try it free at Blogger and Wordpress but it is my advise to the people who want to do it seriously, 'build your own site/blog manually, rather than depending on these 3rd party free services'. The main advantage will be you will have the full control of your site with more freedom and flexible services.

APPLY TO ADSENSE Applying for Adsense is easy. But before applying you need to have a Website or a Blog for which you can apply. NOTE: Creating a site or blog is very easy! You can just Google Search and will find lots of tutorials and ready to use stuffs to get started within hours! Just go for it!!

IMPORTANT: Before applying you need to keep some things in mind. Don't think of Bluffing Google. You cannot make money with Adsense by creating multiple clicks yourself or asking others to do so. Google is good enough to calculate the genuine clicks and pay for it.

If you are caught doing such stupid things, Google may close your account forever. And do not forget to read the Adsense terms of service . Remember there is no way you can earn with Adsense with fake clicks or cheating Google. So play fair, you can do much better. Once you get the Adsense account, you can then use it in any websites and blogs..But is is said to be a good idea to apply through Blogger, to get it approved soon!!

AFFILIATE MARKETING Affiliate is a program or a method of Making Money by selling other People's products Online. This is very cool source of income. Many webmasters and bloggers are earning very good income through it. This is a better way than Adsense, because you are paid on the per sale basis, and the payment share (%) is often almost half the price of the product. This means you earn equal to the owner!! And you can do it for free by creating a free blog at Blogger or Wordpress!

With Affiliates, you make money selling other people's products without having to worry about the payment processing, product delivery or customer support kind of things! Your talk here is only to send customers to the owner's site and when you generate a sale, you get paid a good percentage of that sale! Bingo, that simple!! There are affiliates which pay around 50$ per sale you make. Just imagine how much it can make you with just a few thousand sales!!!

The thing that matters is the product you Promote! You should promote the products that are useful for your readers, and which are the best at their place. The products should be worth people's money. So it is very important that you promote the Right Affiliate Products to the Right People! I am an affiliate with, which is among the best Hosting Companies out there. When I send them a customer, I get paid! I promote it because it is the best at its place and their services are very good that people opt to choose them in the first place! You can do your own research if you don't believe!! This is how the Affiliates work. There are thousands of products over the web related to almost every Topic in every Niche! So whichever topic you choose to write about in you site, you will get plenty of related affiliate products to sell. Sell what is more likely to be bought! If you want to create a site/blog targeting the affiliate sales as your major purpose, then you should study what products are selling well on the big scale. Create a site explaining that topic, and keep promoting those products. This way you can make plenty of money, by pre-planning it well! If you promote the good products, people will more likely buy those, as they are worth their money. As I said, it is very important that you promote the right products, if you want to make good income with the affiliates. Building credibility among people is very important in this Business! Do not underestimate this Market. There are many people who are making damn good money with it every single day, and if you take it seriously and work a little hard building a good site/blog, you can definitely make big money with it too!! However it takes time, and you need to be patient. And not to forget, you can do it for free by creating a Blog at Blogger or Wordpress!


This is the Best and the Biggest way to make Real Money Online. Most of the successful people out there have mastered this one market and are making damn good Money by selling their own digital products online. This is infact the biggest earning source of money on the internet for Individuals and Small Businesses! Good products can earn Millions. You just have to market them well! The most popular digital products are Ebooks, How to guides, Web designs, Themes, Games, Software and Apps and the list goes on...

This is the best platform for the Professionals and the Hobbysts who have the good knowledge in their field. You people can create your own products that will meet the needs of the people, who are searching for that information Online. You can make Huge Money online with this. This is the most profitable source of income on the internet. And if you do it correctly, it can create wonders for you!! Because it's your product, you will have the full control of it, and you decide the cost of it. And most importantly, there is no shipping problem here. Everything is done on the internet! It is of-course not that easy to sell products Online. People are not idiots to buy anything! The product should be worth their money! Most of the top selling are the information products, mostly Ebooks as the information products. And frankly speaking, its the easiest product you can create as a beginner with very little or even no knowledge, just by doing some good research!! There are thousands of questions, people are seeking the answer for, and the smart and Knowledgeable people who provide them the best solution, more likely sell the information. The demand for Information Products is rapidly growing. People give the first preference to web, and turn to internet, to search whatever information they want to know about. Though there is plenty of free stuff on the Internet, people still buy the products that offer high quality useful information they are looking for! Because the products are more organized and offer the valuable information in a much systematic way. People more likely buy the product they trust in and has a good past record. In order to sell a product of your own, It is very important, that you first develop a good status in that field, with a Website or a Blog. Interact with your audience, know their interests, and let them know You! When people will start interacting with you, they will start appreciating your work and knowledge (if you are really good enough in it!!). And then they are more likely to follow your recommendations!!

FOR EXAMPLE If you are Cyber Security Expert, you can create a site on that topic, run it successuly for a year around, then you can create your own E book, that will teach people the basics and the tricks in the field of Ethical Hacking and security and sell it. If not, you can also recommend other popular products on the same topic and earn good commissions! Selling your own product isn't that easy as making money with Adsese and Affiliates. But it is the biggest and the best source of earning online. If you put your best efforts and do it correctly, it can make you a 'Millionaire'. There is no doubt about that!! This is of course not for everybody. Only those who have a good knowledge about it and know enough to tell it in a right way to the people who are looking for it, can create wonders here. As I said, this is the best platform for Professionals and Hobbysts to make the most of their knowledge. And never the less for the Students and the Stay At Homes. However anybody can still try his hands on here, you just need to be smart enough! The only factor is time. You will have to be patient and work harder and little smarter. It is not the one time task. You need to spend some of your time regularly and also some considerable money as well! No matter what your skills are, the internet provides a good market for almost everything! Whether you are a Designers, Artist, Coder/Programmer, Writer and more, you will definitely find your way out! You just have to do it right!! One thing you cannot skip, that is Planning. You cannot just succeed here without pre-planning it all!! Do your homework well before stepping in. Do plenty of research, study other people's products that will compete with yours. It is even good if you buy one! This will give the actual idea of working with yours. Remember, anybody can succeed online, all you need is to work hard and be patient. Money will start rolling in along the time if you stick longer enough!! ONE SMART ADVISE FOR THE SMARTER ONES People often so one common and very stupid mistake, 'Starting from Beginning'!! What I mean by this is that, you don't need to try and make something work here! It's just too risky for a beginner to invest into something that is not tested or proven. Simply do some good research and list down some of the best top selling products relating to yours! It will best if you even buy some to get the whole idea of it and experience the best competing products. And once you get the whole idea, just reverse engineer them in a new, in fact a better way without breaking anybody's copyrights!

The good part of the story here is that, as the products are tested and already selling well, yours will be more likely to be considered. You just have to market it right in front of the right people with good documentation, support and creative presentation!

This is the best practice in the business! Once you master it, no one can stop you! You will be able to create multiple items in shorter times that Actually Sell!

WORKING AS A FREELANCER After all the major possible ways we discussed till here, there is one more pretty much the simplest of all, as it is the value for the real time work, that is freelancing! There are many popular sites online that provide a genuine free platform for freelancers to work and earn almost from the very first day! THE TOP FREELANCE PLATFROMS ARE Elance Freelancer Odesk Vworker

All of them offer jobs for almost every possible skill! So if you don't want to gamble with the other options, you can always choose to do some genuine work for genuine money!


No matter what your skills are, your knowledge levels are and the field you belong to, all that is needed is, 'the commitment'! The business here is quite simple, ''Value for Money''! You provide it, people will love you; If someone else provides it, they will love him!!

I have nothing to do with what others say! What I understand upon my personla experiences and years of research is that, If others can, I can too! The only thing needs to be researched is HOW? Once you figure that out, it will be you on the other side of the road!!

Interent is so damn big that, if you do it serious enough, it can and will make you the money in short time that will take more than a decade or even more with your regular 9 to 5 job�!!!!

THANK YOU This Book Is An exclusive Creation of Sushant Chavan. Please Do Not copy! You Are Very Welcome To Share And Comment Though.

Making Real Money Online  

A Complete Guide on Making Real Money Online for Beginners!

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