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Facebook 4 Business! How to turn a very less known and unpopular business into a Best known and Followed Brand online with ‘Facebook’?


Sushant Chavan

Facebook!! Undoubtedly one of the most buzzed words in last few years! It is really a great place for almost all kinds of people to come together and connect in a virtual environment. But there is one more hidden feature of this wonderful and tremendous social network that many people are still missing! Yes; am talking about facebook-for Business. Looking at this idea, one might think in a first place that this is really a stupid idea. How one can use facebook for business, when it is a social network where millions connect, chat, and share with each other. Well, it’s actually quite simple than it seems. The very fact that millions connect and share on Facebook itself is directly relevant to the businesses. People use Facebook to exchange their thoughts, recommend the stuff they like to their friends and most of all, to buy items online as well. So indirectly, Facebook is a gold mine for business owners with hundreds of millions of potential buyers’ right on their computer screens! Here quick guide on how one can use facebook to effectively market his business and get wider exposure to his Brand.

1: Take a break and look around first: Before just creating a Fanpage and waiting for hundreds to come by just like that, take a long breath and put some time researching how this amazing network works. Unless you know what it is and how it works, you will never know what it can do your business. Facebook hosts almost every type of user. You will find multi-millionaires and celebrities here from Hollywood and also at the same time a 6 th grade Japanese school girl!! The point lies in what you are looking for. Out of everything that’s there, what you should care about is the groups of people that relate to your business niche. For example, if you sell smart phones, your focus should be on the groups of people that discuss the latest smart phones in the market, check on latest releases and always talk and share about the same with their contacts.

2: Prepare a good marketing plan: Just by posting few pictures of a sexy girl holding your product in her hands (?) is not called marketing today. People have grown smart; in fact I would say smarter than the business owners and sellers. Once you know which groups you want to target, you should prepare a multi-step marketing plan which you will use over the period of weeks, in fact months to attract users to come/check and share the stuff around. For example if you are a magazine seller, your plan should include several promotional events like –

• • • • •

Creating a mockup of the upcoming release, and letting people give their genuine opinions and comments on it. Creating a preview version of the original paid product and letting users read it for free and share on Facebook Distributing older versions/copies for free and in return asking a single “like” Creating a poll/survey and asking users to participate in return to some freebies Creating semi-relevant open source stuff and distributing for free with your brand on it for wider exposure outside you direct sales level. This will strongly widen your reach in the market.

One thing for sure; unless you do the things that others are yet to, you will not get more than them here. Facebook is as simple as a white paper. Whatever you write up, people will read it.

3: Getting more and more people to view your pages. Facebook is all about one word; a Fanpage’. Everything starts and ends on this very single word! What I am trying to say is the more interactive and easy going your Fanpage is, the more productive it will be for you! In order to get more and more customers to your business from Facebook, you will need to bring more and more people to your Fanpage. There are two ways you can do this with• Do it yourself • Hire a professional Doing it yourself will surely be a great fun and never before experience for you and definitely let you learn a lot but if you are someone looking for some serious and quick outcomes, you should definitely look for the professionals who have already mastered this huge network!

4: Facebook for freebies. Always give more than expected: Yes; people just love to get more than what they bargain for and I am sure all of us know that. And using Facebook as a platform to publish these, will obviously bring great number users to your pages and of course more great number of shares as well. Just imagine one user share it with their friends, contacts, relatives and even neighbors! Well, you will just end up with another dozen or more of them overnight!

It is pretty much like using Facebook for your special offers and announcements. The main reason for this is, whether the people buy it or not, they will be able to share it instantly with their beloved ones within moments; and trust me people just love doing it out there!

What else? Well, facebook is growing like never before and with nobody to stop it (at least till now), it will keep going. And I strongly think that business owners should always look at this giant network of real people as the major part of their marketing plan. The world is getting online and by spending more on online exposure, you are only making millions to connect with you right from their homes with just a click of a button! Make the smart move today. Get on facebook; get your business on top.

Facebook For Business  

A brief guide on how to best use Facebook For growing businesses and building brands online.

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