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A C O T TA G E O N G E O R G I A N B AY Designed from the ground up, this wood frame cottage meets the needs of a family of four. Floor to ceiling windows allow for views around the entire island. Decks were positioned to enjoy sunrises and sunsets during the summer months. The different floor levels within the cottage reflect the landscape the cottage sits on and meet the regulations for Georgian Bay height limits. Natural ventilation was considered when clerestory windows were installed with a manual crank system. The furniture is placed to enjoy the million dollar view that the clients want to see. The natural wood and stone elements throughout the interior are contrasted by colourful and modern furniture. There is a small unattached bunkie with three sleeping areas to allow for guests. The open flow of the cottage allows for the natural light to flow throughout the interior, no matter the time of day or month of year.

Bunkie Floor Plan

Site Plan

Floor Plan

Bunkie Sections & Elevations

Cottage Sections

preliminary research sketches

physical model

TIP-top tailor loft

Living Room Perspective

T I P -t o p ta i l o r l o f t Designed for a pharmaceutical agent between the ages of 35-50, this loft represents the city of Toronto. The renovation of industrial factories and buildings into contemporary loft and condo spaces is what lead to this interiors inspiration. The use of reclaimed wood, ceiling joists, brick wall cladding and recycled factory windows this loft possesses an industrial edge. The furniture and many of the finishes have a more contemporary aesthetic representing the “new� life that many buildings in Toronto are seeing. A master bedroom, walk in closet, yoga room, at home office and a living room with floor to ceiling windows are just some of the features that this loft presents. The client will be able to feel at home while being temporarily transferred to their Toronto offices.

First Floor Plan

Second Floor plan

Hand-Drafted West Sectional Elevation

Tip Top Tailors Building


Hand-Drafted North Sectional Elevation

Bedroom Perspective


sales floor perspective

B A G U A R E TA I L D E S I G N Located on the second floor of Woodbine Centre, “Bagua” is a high end handbag boutique specializing in trendy and fashionable designer handbags. It caters exclusively to women between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-five. Creating a feng-shui inspired interior with added feminin accents establishing a positive shopping environment that cannot be forgotten. “Bagua” is a space with positive energy as well as enduring products which promises to deliver an enjoyable experience to the client while they shop.

Exterior Line Drawing

Parti Diagrams

North Section

Rendered Floorplan

Conceptual Floorplans

Rendered Reflected Ceiling Plan

strewn winery

executive tasting room

strewn winery Strewn Winery is extremely proud of the wines that they produce and their outstanding quality. In order to better represent the quality of the Strewn products the concept will be “pure”. The shapes, lines and angles of the organic compounds found within wine also influence the circulation and art throughout the interior reinforcing the “pure” concept. The entrance creates a sophisticated and contemporary first impression, adding a sculptural wall feature to the exterior entrance and a front terrace to the restaurant. Visitors are greeted by a receptionist in a contemporary space that brings them an automatic sense of sophistication and quality.

Executive Tasting Feature Wall Elevation

Site Sun Studies May

Site Sun Studies May


East Elevation

Logo Design Exterior Elevation


exhibit interior

HOME SHOW EXHIBIT The concept for the exhibit is “The Design District”. It was designed to reflect the inspirational environment in which Humber design students are surrounded by each day. By providing transformable work stations, this exhibit enables the space to conform to the changing needs of the students and the general public. Pin-up stations help showcase the unique talents of Humber students as well as create interest for prospective individuals. The use of angles as well as the colour scheme was inspired by the angular floorplan found within Humber’s design wing. The partition design and interior elements help draw attention to the showcased work, causing the exhibit to stand out amongst its competitors. Clean white surfaces help showcase the displayed work without taking away from the overall presentation. This design promotes a positive reflection of Humber’s design programs by showcasing the school’s talents and encompassing Humber’s creative atmosphere.

Interior Render- 3D Printing Booth


Interior Render - Pin-up Tunnel

Exterior Render


Exterior Elevation 1

Cafe Render

Exterior Elevation 2


Furniture Design - Trapp

physical model

t r a p p ta b l e d e s i g n Trapp is a modular piece of furniture that is easily transformed from a coffee table into two shelves whenever the user requires. This allows the user to double the lifespan of the piece of furniture that they invested in as it has multiple uses. Keeping sustainability in mind, materials were selected based on their recyclability and overall sustainable qualities. Reclaimed wood is used as it is recycled and is given a second life being used. Hollow steel tubing is used for the table legs and shelving support as steel is 100% recyclable and meets the desired aesthetic for the piece. Acrylic is used to contrast the industrial materials and add a contemporary aesthetic to the table. Although acrylic is not sustainable, it is much more durable than other plastics and will not break like glass would. Overall this unique furniture piece would be suitable in many different interiors. Physical Model

Physical Model

Exterior Render

Digital Renders


In Situation Render


Shelf Perspective

Connection Drawing

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Kourtney Rapp - Interior Design Portfolio I