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written, not forgotten.

a writing portfolio by kezi

All materials including photographs and writings in this portfolio are courtesy of Kezi, the author, unless stated otherwise. Reproduction of multiple copies of materials on this portfolio, in whole or in part, for the purposes of personal or commercial distribution is prohibited, except with written permission and consent from the author (Kezi). To obtain permission to reproduce materials on this portfolio for personal or commercial purposes, please contact: Kezi

Lucky for you who’s paths have crossed with a writer’s path. For as long as the writer lives, with a pen and paper in hand, you shall never die - through words.


Beneath the Best Cups

The truth about why most people drink coffee might be something we all wonder. Well, in my opinion, coffee is something simple yet very complex at the same time, and it’s true that it might be something we can’t live without. But that’s not it. We love the conversations that go between our cup of coffee and the barista, the conversation between us and our friends over coffee, or even the inaudible conversation between us and our minds. The taste and how just a single cup of coffee is able to help us get through the day, that’s exactly the main reason coffee easily becomes a habit and a constant in our everyday lives. And you know what they say, if you love coffee, then you’ve got to love Melbourne - heaven for coffee lovers and enthusiasts. Without further ado, let me take you on a journey through some of the best coffee I’ve ever had in Melbourne and how I came to love coffee not just for the sake of the caffeine, but beneath all that. These places are not necessarily the king of coffee, but they are some of my favourite specialty coffee shops and the ones that never let me down. So, here goes 3 of my favourites: First up, my all-time favourite: Focus Melbourne, located in Balwyn, a bit further off the city grid. But screw distance, they had one of the best coffees I’ve ever tasted and Ken is always as friendly as ever. I still remembered the first time I came down to Focus, I was mind-blown by the coffee and the random convos we had. Then I ended up asking myself over and over again how could a double espresso taste like wine, and a filter tasted like tea? Even before I had a sip, I could already smell the goodness of it. It was as if I could taste the coffee from just its smell. If you’re looking for ninety-plus coffee beans and other top-shelf beans, then this should be at the top of your list! (439 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn, VIC 3103) Next up, I’ve got a short story of how I always picture this place. Imagine you’re taking a walk in Pleasantville and came across a dated heritage postoffice-looking building at the busy intersection of the road. Well, you just can’t pass it without taking a peek inside, and, you’ve got that right, it’s not a post office, but it’s a coffee shop: The Maling Room, located in Canterbury. Another Melbourne’s bests as they dedicate themselves to some serious coffee business. Chill and pour down your thoughts, do some sketching while you’re there, or have a chat with the friendly people of Maling Room sipping on your favourite coffee. (206 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury, VIC 3126) Last but not least, Bayano the Rebel, located in South Yarra. And it has an unassuming shopfront, yet somehow inviting you in through the calming smell of coffee. Bayano the Rebel is a coffee shop with just a few seats, but again, one of the friendliest baristas are there to fill your day with your favourite random convos. Entering the door, you would be greeted by the rawness of the interior, but with the perfect colour combination of copper, concrete and shades of greens. Always up for some magical coffee adventure with their hand-thrown ceramic cups that always add an extra touch to your daily coffee intake and serving only the coffee you love, Bayano the Rebel easily becomes your favourite stop in the neighbourhood. (02/41 Ellis St, South Yarra, VIC 3141)

photo courtesy of Josie Withers


Dandenong and Beyond

Cherry blossoms have been quite the talk of the town lately and I’ve been wanting to go photo-hunting since last spring, of course with the usual crew - Ryan and Jess. Sadly because of the extremely high demand, most places we checked were all booked out. Jess did find some other places though, but it didn’t work out. So long story short, I gave up on this year’s cherry blossoms quest. Then last Saturday, when the weather was good - sunny with clouds and still a bit chilly under the shades, we decided to go on a day trip to Dandenong. Dandenong isn’t that far from our house, a less than 2-hour drive. First stop was morning coffee grab from Kettle Black, a gorgeous cafe from the crew of Top Paddock, which is just a block away from our house. It was an unplanned trip, so we didn’t bring any snacks with us (we ALWAYS have food when we go on a trip). We were starving and decided to have lunch at Miss Marple’s Tearoom. Believe it or not, it was my first time going there although it was not my first trip to Dandenong. We didn’t get a table and they said to come back in one and a half hour. Wow. Just wow. Didn’t think that it was going to be that busy. Well we were thinking maybe it was the goodweather-weekend kind of thing. Regardless, we put down our names on the wait list. You know what it feels when you’re so hungry ‘til you finally feel you’re just as full? Weird but it’s true in my case. While we wait, we went shopping for teas next door, bought some for home, and had a walk around the town doing some window shopping. Oh and fyi, the tea shop is called Tea Leaves Sassafras, it has an incredibly wide range of teas, if you’re a tea lover, then you definitely shouldn’t miss this shop! Fast forward to an hour later, we got our table and placed our orders: Food (don’t judge, we’re starving): The famous fingers: Smoked Salmon, Chicken Cottage Pie, Fish and Chips, Quiche Lorraine Drinks: Banana Milkshake, Iced Coffee, Teapot of Taylors Thumbs up for the quiche and the smoked salmon fingers! The quiche looks the least pretty, but texture-wise it was so fluffy, just the right consistency and flavour, with lots of bacon to cut through the eggs. Pastry was fantastic too, it didn’t overpower the filling, which is really nice. Another good thing about Miss Marple’s Tearoom is that the decor of the the restaurant looks right out of a storybook. It was like your typical grandparent’s house and it gave me a sense of comfort just by being there.

After filling up our hungry tummies, we headed to Rhododendron Gardens nearby. We took the long road and arrived there at 5pm, and they were closing at 6pm. Oh well, we came in still. The good thing is, we did find cherry blossom trees and I was so happy with how the photos came out. The lighting during the time of the day was perfect, the garden was so pretty, it could have been better if we went there earlier. If you haven’t already been to this heavenly place, I totally recommend going here during the spring season. It was truly a sight for sore eyes. Yes, it was Eden on earth. Tea Leaves Sassafras - 380 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Sassafras VIC 3787 Miss Marple’s Tearoom - 382 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Sassafras VIC 3787 Rhododendron Gardens - The Georgian Rd, Olinda VIC 3788


A Letter to My Everything

To the Moon, It’s going to take another decade or more for us to be able to meet. So, meanwhile just take care while I’m not there beside you. And just know that I’ll be shining somewhere along with wherever you might be though distance may set us apart. And I love you no matter how many lifetimes we have to get through to be able to meet again.

Yours truly, The Sun.


Even if it Rains

My past few days have been gloomy. So gloomy that Melbourne’s skies are also turning grey as the week pass by. Leaving is without a doubt one of the hardest things you’d ever experience in life. And at this stage, I am leaving Melbourne for good (but don’t worry, I’ll be visiting frequently). Too many things have happened here, a bittersweet kind, which was indeed a hell of a rollercoaster ride. I used to think that perhaps some people are exaggerating when they say they are extremely saddened by their departure from one place to another. Well, experiencing it now, it all seem right, no one is exaggerating. Even now I couldn’t help myself from thinking about the smallest things I’d miss and there’s no place like Melbourne. It’s one of those feelings when you feel you are really sad to leave the place you are able to call home for the past few years of your life, but also one of those excitement that will leave you wondering what will happen next. It is exciting especially when you know someone’s waiting for you at the end of the road. Enough said, now back to what I was about to tell you all: Sault. Sault is my favourite restaurant in Daylesford. It’s a restaurant that is quite big that they have their own lavender garden - definitely a perfect place for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Food in Sault never fails, it’s one of those restaurants that the menu is thought carefully and cooked to perfection. And if it’s on the menu, then they’ll make it to perfection. In Sault, all menus are seasonal, they kept on changing depending on the ingredients and how they would like to cook them. We had the wagyu beef sourdough parcels as the starter. The beef melt right after it enters your mouth and the mushrooms compliment the dish by giving it a different texture to your palette. As for the mains, we had 6 other dishes, which I thought the dish of the day was the grilled barramundi served with quinoa. It tasted like yin & yang - perfectly balanced between the sweet and savoury. The quinoa made it even better to add more crunch to the fish. And the scallop was incredibly fresh and perfectly cooked, topped with fish roe, which balancing the smooth texture of the scallop. While other dishes were also served to perfection, I can’t help but to argue that the beef and fish were the absolute winners. Moving on to desserts, we had the special (rice pudding), berries and roses, and the white chocolate fondant. No wonder the rice pudding became the special since it tasted so pretty. I have no other words to explain the taste of beauty. The rice pudding was not your typical rice pudding you might have in mind since it had a different representation of the rice pudding, as a blanket. The rice blanket with edible flowers in it covered the sweet fruits underneath it. Protecting the freshness and flavours of the dish. That sums up this week’s short trip to Daylesford, and Melbourne, you’ll surely be missed.


House in Mind an architectural interpretation

Entering a large wooden door, you will be greeted by a night-blue-coloured double height space with nothing in it except another door at the end of the room, which you can barely see. No windows on all sides of the wall, only a skylight is present at the ceiling right in the middle of the room. The walls are rather weird looking, acute angled making the room like an upside down trapezium. Not aware of the surrounding, you start to notice the sound of water dripping but you can’t tell where the source of the sound is. Everything you see is almost pitch black except the ceiling that has a skylight on it reflecting the light came through it. Wanting to move forward, you look down to make sure that you’re walking on the right path towards the other door opposite of where you are standing, you notice that the floor is uneven and the part where you are currently standing is a stone in a grey colour. Adjusting your eyesight to the dark condition, you see that there is a black coloured surface, which is somehow moving but you are not so sure of. You bend down and touch that surface and realise that it is cold and you know it’s a type of liquid. Not so far from it, at about less than a meter, you see the very same stone you’re standing on. Scared to move forward, but that seemed like the only way to go through the door at the end of the room, you hop on to the stone. It doesn’t move and you feel safe, you start searching for the other stones until you finally reach the door. The door has the same colour with the walls around it and a small fluorescent knob. Turning the knob and opening the door, you see an extremely bright white light coming into the dark room, which lets you see that the sound of the water came from the pipes from the ceiling. Walking through the narrow corridor you see in your left and right are wooden doors with brushed metal in golden brown coloured handles. The corridor has bright natural colours with uneven rough stone floors almost like a ramp which goes up towards the end. After you reach the end of the corridor you found a staircase in an L-shape, which gets narrower at the end. The staircase is made out of grey washed oak hardwood, and it has a recessed handrail on one of the sides, while having no support on the other side leaving you to have a sense of carefulness when going up the stair. Arriving at the upper level, you see a large room with extremely white environment. On the left and right of the room, you see small rectangular windows on the floor allowing light from the ground floor illuminates the space you’re in. The windows allowed you to see the rooms along the corridor on the ground floor. The rooms are apparently a living room connected to dining and kitchen areas, and a bedroom on the other side. The room which you’re standing in has an undulating ceiling somehow almost like a wave made out of timber. These uneven undulating timber ceiling give the room a different height at every point you’re standing. This ceiling elongates the room which then brings you to the opposite side, which you see a quadrangle shaped hole that has a staircase to the ground floor in it. The stair leads you back to the starting point of where you were before in the corridor. Then you enter the door on your right adjacent to two other doors that looks similar. This door leads you to the living room which has a warm tone colour to it making you feel warm and homey. From there you can see the rooms adjacent to it, which is the dining and kitchen areas. Above it, you see a skylight, which was not a skylight but the rectangular window you saw earlier from the upper level. Then you head towards the dining and kitchen areas but as you get closer, you noticed that you can’t go directly from the living room, you have to go through another door from the corridor. However, as you go through one of the doors, you notice that this time it’s not glass, but they are really connected one to the other. The long kitchen bench sits right in the middle of the room, creating an imaginary axis in the room. The bench is narrow at one end and wider at the other end, as wide as a dining table would be. That wider part has a function of the dining table. The 5m long kitchen bench has different height as well, the basin is higher than the dining table. The floor of the kitchen and dining room is made of marble reflecting the lights on the ceiling which creates a pattern on the floor, somehow like dancing.



The promises he made, she still remembered his face, his eyes, and the way he looks at her. I’ll be there for you and won’t leave you.

Taking a deep breath, closing her eyes, letting darkness seep in, she looks up with eyes still shut. “Pull me in close,” she said to the first star she saw — somewhere far from all the noise as I might collapse anytime soon hearing all these. “But baby, you’ll burn if you get closer.”


Commissioned: Caption Writing

“complementing visuals with textuals, bridging photographers, writers, and the audience.“


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Beneath the Best Cups







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written, not forgotten.  

a writing portfolio by Kezi

written, not forgotten.  

a writing portfolio by Kezi