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Krasimira Georgieva and Sergey Georgiev

English translation: Zornitsa Petkova Proofreader: Angel Petrov ŠKrasimira Georgieva

Text: Krasimira Georgieva and Sergey Georgiev Illustration: Krasimira Georgieva

Katy woke up and sat on her bed. The sun was shining through the window into her eyes. She blinked, stretched her hand and gave a hug to Monty. -What a perfect day for an adventure. What are we going to do before breakfast? Monty was looking blankly at her with his sad eyes. -I know! - said Katy - I always wanted to live in a big palace and to have‌ She could not finish as the room turn around, something shined, a sound of wooops‌

‌ and Katy fall over onto the biggest bed she had every seen in her life. She was still holding Monty tightly in her hand. She looked around. She was in the middle of a big room, and on the messy floor was full of many toys. One of the walls around was a huge window and she could see through it a green garden with a beautiful fountain. There were many balloons tight up on the bed moving around from the morning breeze.

- Wow! - she screamed and started jumping onto the bed. - I wanted to live in a big palace and here I am in the biggest play room in the world. - Monty, did you do that? Are you able to grant wishes? - said Katy out of her breath and took Monty’s hands. Monty was silent as always but if one looked carefully one could see the playful flames in its eyes. Of course, Katy didn’t notice anything as she was out of her breath from the jumps. - I want… I want a bicycle… and ice cream… and I want to fly! Nothing happen! There wasn’t no bicycle, nor an ice cream…and Katy was still in her bed holding Monty in hands. But Katy would not give up so easily. - OK, then I want to… And at that moment she’s heard her mom’s voice calling her: - Come on Katy, lazy-daisy! It is time to wake up!

The door opened and Katy’s mom came in. But instead in her usual jeans and t-shirt she had a beautiful baby blue dress. Katy looked with her eyes wide opened. - Come on, get dressed! Vihar can’t wait! - Vihar! Who is Vihar? - It is your horse, silly-billy! Are you sure you are ok? Haven’t you got temperature?and she put her hand on Katy’s forehead. - No, I am fine - quickly excuse herself Katy. - I am just still a little sleepy. - She could not wait to meet her horsey. She took Monty’s hand and stood up in front of her mom: - I am ready. Let’s go! - First, you have to put your riding equipment and then have a breakfast. - Can I do that afterwards? - No, you can’t. You need some energy, come on let’s go for a quick breakfast! Katy had a pancake with a glass of milk, muttering when she get big, she will never ever have breakfast! - Shall we go now? Katy’s mom smiled and after that wiped the milk from Katy’s mouth she took her through the palace.

End of the simple Kindle book. ŠKrasimira Georgieva

Katty and the raibow _ preview_EN  

A children's book by Krasimira Georgieva

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