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Château de Vianges Corporate Events & Meetings EXCLUSIVE, PRIVATE, CATERED EVENTS IN COTE D’OR - BURGUNDY (FRANCE)


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Meetings Groups up to 20 People THE FRESH AIR AND THE QUIETNESS OF THE MORVAN Countryside offers a r e f r e s h i n g s c e n e ry f o r Y O U R c o r p o r at e e v e n t s , b r a i n s t o r m sessions, SEMINARS AND teambuilding WITH GOLDFINg, riding, archery AND JOGA, AS WELL AS “al fresco” drinks receptions. Located near Saulieu, within its own private park, the Chateau de Vianges offers quiet rooms with n a t u r a l d ay l i g h t, w i f i a n d I T facilities and the all the comfort needed to support your teamwork, refreshing mind, body and soul.

Golfing Swing at Chailly Resort HALF AN HOUR DRIVE FROM VIANGEs, LE Château de Chailly - Hôtel et Golf IS AN upscale 16th-century chateau resort AT the edge of the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan. The 18 hole course includes free use of the outdoor pool, the spa, hammam and jacuzzi, game rooms and tennis court. There ARE also 2 restaurants (1 fine dining, 1 casual with a terrace).

Bike Trekking Group Excursions Burgundy boasts nearly 1,000km of signposted and safe cycling trails, the majority of which form part of the itinerary of "Le Tour de Bourgogne à vélo ®” T h i s m a j o r c i r c u i t, a n d m a n y others besides, are made up of G r e e n wa y r o u t e s a n d c y c l i n g routes, usually running alongside canals along the towpaths, but a l s o t r av e l l i n g d o w n f o r m e r r a i lway l i n e s o r a c r o s s s m a l l r o a d s a n d p a t h wa y s t h r o u g h FORESTS, HILLS AND vineyards.

Horse Riding Excursions & Treasure Hunting Ride a well-tempered, experienced horse across the Morvan Park, taking in cool forests, timeless chateaux or exploring the Cote d'Or vineyards. We organize tours and equine amusement from our doorstep or from locations OF PARTICULAR INTEREST WHERE YOU CAN ENJOY Magnificent scenerIES AND unspoilt countryside LANDSCAPE. RIDE ALONG A vast network of trails, M A K I N G L E P A R C D U M O R VA N V E R Y suitable for excursions and treks as well as learning new skills.

Team Building Unwind Outdoors W e o f f e r a va r i e t y o f S P R I NG A ND SUMMER team building events, DEPENDING ON YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS. Each of the activities, games and ideas IS designed to mix risk-free challenges with FUN, RELEASING POSITIVE ENERGY AS WELL AS ENCOURAGING LEADERSHIP. From archery competitions to simple c o m pa n y p i c n i c s , e v e n d u r i n g t h e working week, we give everyone a chance to unwind and get to know each other, creating a b e t t e r u n d e r s t a n d i n g b e t w e e n partners, managers and employees.

Yoga Sessions Train Your Body & Mind WE ORGANISE COURSES SUITABLE for all age groups, FROM beginneRS, intermediate AND EXPERT levels. yoga helps people relax and de-stress in addition to providing fitness benefits. focusing on breathing and posture, it is a form of self control and meditation. Yoga allows your mind to free itself from outside factors and helps you focus on being in the moment, refreshing your ideas. By having a weekly outdoor yoga session, your team will be able to hit the pause button on their lives and work toward bettering themselves as a group.

Your Château in Burgundy The Chateau de Vianges is the perfect HOME to visit Beaune and Dijon, arriving from Paris by high speed train (TGV) to the nearby station of Montbard: catch a high speed train from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (there are 20 trains per day travelling every week) and you can reach Montbard in 3 hours and 49 minutes or in 1 hour and 10 minutes with the fastest line. On an average weekday, there are about 20 trains per day travelling from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (TGV Train) to Montbard. The area around Vianges, including a twenty minute trip to Saulieu - with a world famous 3Michelin StarRED Restaurant Bernard Loiseau (www.bernard-loiseau.com) - is a fascinating natural environment, WITH plenty of historic sites and monuments, including the world famous Hospices de Beaune and the Cluny Abbey, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. After being collected from Montbard, guests can experience the unique atmosphere of tastefully decorated private rooms, enjoy local wines and gourmet produce while relaxing in the 55,000 sq ms of PRIVATE gardens, or explore the surrounding countryside on foot, bicycle or horseback.

Le Château de Vianges The Château de Vianges is a registered French Monument Historique and it is one of the most ancient maisons-fortes (fortified houses) of the Côte-d'Or department.Originally built in the 11th Century, in 1305  it was  officially listed as defensive military post.   Today, after careful restoration, the castle displays both 17th and 18th century facades with large windows, preserved roofs and towers and a characteristic pigéonnier. There are two portals, one facing North and the other, with turrets, facing East. According to the Côte-d'Or Departmental Archives, a local family owned the Château de Vianges until the 13th Century when the Cussigny family bought the property. It was Philippe Saladin de Cussigny who transformed the property from a military structure into a stylish and elegant castle, following the Renaissance architectural taste and fashion of that time.  In 1704, the castle was sold to Claude de Morey who became Marquis de Vianges in 1723 and then Governor of Vézelay.In 1755 the Marquis of Mac-Mahon, by marrying Charlotte de Morey, the young widow of the late Marquis, acquired the property for  its family. The Château de Vianges  remained   in the hands of the Mac-Mahon, then Dukes of Magent, after the homonymous battle and victory under Napoleon III, until 1997 when it was sold to an Italian aristocratic family, who carefully restored and furnished the entire property as their French country seat.

Le Chateau de Vianges and Les Residences

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Chateau de vianges corporate team building 2016 2017  

Corporate Events, Brainstorming and Team Building in Burgundy

Chateau de vianges corporate team building 2016 2017  

Corporate Events, Brainstorming and Team Building in Burgundy

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