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Updates to the Leadership Studies Minor The School of Leadership Studies has always been student focused, and student feedback is what keeps our minor continually adapting and improving. In April, the School of Leadership Studies made changes to the leadership studies minor which affect both the standard and nonprofit focus. The changes were driven by an interest in providing students with a deeper look at the ethical dimensions of leadership curriculum. LEAD 502: Ethical Dimensions of Leadership has been of such value to students, that components of the curriculum will remain a fixture of the minor as they are embedded into LEAD 450: Senior Seminar in Leadership. With this change, every leadership minor will engage in learning through the ethical dimensions of leadership curriculum. The curriculum for Ethical Dimensions of Leadership was developed by the expertise of Dr. Bob Shoop. Bob’s career in understanding legal and ethical issues in schools led to the implementation of this beloved course that moved students through exploring the ethical dimensions of their own leadership challenges. Before his retirement, Bob spent time with the SLS faculty reimagining the ethical dimensions of leadership curriculum as a foundational piece of LEAD 450: Senior Seminar in Leadership. With student support, Bob’s vision, and the pressing societal need for more graduates to understand the ethical dimensions of their own personal and professional work, the minor changes began to solidify. The minor, both standard and nonprofit focus, will now be 16 credit hours with LEAD 450: Senior Seminar in Leadership as the capstone course. This course will include ethical dimensions of leadership and increase to three credit hours.


In addition to their core coureswork, standard track students will take six credit hours of electives chosen from an elective list that incorporates the interdisciplinary learning that is central to the School. The nonprofit focus students will take LEAD 420: Theories of Nonprofit Leadership and LEAD 499: Internship Seminar as their designated electives. The School is excited to introduce this new curriculum, effective in fall 2014. SLS has been working with students since April to assist them in a smooth transition to the new curriculum.

The Loop - June 2014  
The Loop - June 2014