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Leadership Studies David and Ellie Everitt Support a New Initiative in Leadership Since their time as Kansas State University students, David and Ellie Everitt have been inspired to give back to the University in a number of different ways. The Everitts currently live in Marco Island, Florida, and are involved in a philanthropic leadership organization for friends and alumni of Kansas State University as members of the KSU Foundation’s Presidents Club and KSU Foundation trustees. As a student Dave was involved in the College of Engineering and he graduated in 1975 with a degree in industrial engineering. Ellie, also a Kansas State University alumni, graduated in 1973 from the College of Human Ecology with a degree in clothing and textiles (now apparel and textile marketing and design). Dave shared that his favorite memory at K-State was through the co-op program in the College of Engineering, through which he had the opportunity to take what he learned in the classroom one semester and apply it to his work with Caterpillar the next semester. This applied experience connects well to the work of the School of Leadership Studies in identifying practical applications to support and enhance leadership education. The Everitts’ passion for the study


of leadership is what inspired them to make a gift of $2 million towards the School and in doing so, establish the David and Elllie Everitt Endowment for the Leading Change Institutes.

accessible publications and they will work together to share and test ideas that confront the global and everyday challenges we face.

“Every organization faces issues, but it is how those issues are articulated that motivate people to move and find a way to overcome those issues by achieving a goal rather than tasks. Leadership challenges an organization to have a different and a higher expectation. Leadership puts an organization in a place that it can overcome challenges,” says Dave when sharing what inspires him to support this initiative and the School.

Dave shared his outlook on leadership saying, “I love the idea of servant-leadership, an individual that can stand behind their organization serving others in a supportive and motivating role.”

The Everitts’ gift catalyzes the Leading Change Institutes, an initiative set to launch in the summer of 2015. Leading Change Institutes will bring together influential leaders and scholars from around to world whose work focuses on responding to the grand challenges of our times. These leaders will come to the School of Leadership Studies to join an innovative and dynamic environment to think together about responding to these grand challenges. Their thinking will be captured through substantive and

Thank you to the Everitts for standing behind leadership studies and playing a significant role in advancing the School to meet university goals and continue to make an impact at Kansas State, the greater Manhattan community and beyond.

The Loop - June 2014  
The Loop - June 2014