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Leadership Studies Student Ross Allen Named

Truman Scholar

on, and in the spring of 2012 he joined the HandsOn Kansas State team as a Program Coordinator. “I can remember when he interviewed,” said Lynda Bachelor, who is the Project Coordinator for HandsOn programs, “we were all thinking ‘gosh, he’s so intense!” “We were afraid he would scare away some of our volunteers and partners!” Lynda joked. “Really, we could see that he understood service and how that interacts with the community.” “Being part of a community is important, and you have to do it- so he did. He still sustains that type of life, both academically and personally. His ability to channel his intensity and passion is what made him a great candidate for the Truman, and will continue to propel him forward in his life.”

Kansas State University and the School of Leadership Studies are excited to celebrate Ross Allen, a 2014 Truman Scholar. Ross was named a Truman Scholar, an academic honor which “nurtures, supports and sustains the ideals and ambitions of young leaders.” This prestigious scholarship is only awarded to 50 to 60 college juniors across the nation annually and provides $30,000 toward graduate studies. Ross is the 34th Truman Scholar from Kansas State University. Ross, a senior majoring in philosophy and economics, has been a part of the School of Leadership Studies since fall of 2011, when he was a freshman in the honors section of LEAD 212: Introduction to Leadership Concepts. Even in his first semester, many saw Ross’ great potential. “We had a phrase for when something or someone was very passionate or exciting; it was Rosstastic” said one faculty member with the School of Leadership Studies. Ross’ involvement continued


Ross is pursuing the nonprofit focus in the leadership studies minor. Ross says that his focus in nonprofit leadership is important because it offers the opportunity to work in the nonprofit sector, which he is very passionate about. “Nonprofits have the unique opportunity to go beyond merely transactional servant leadership — where an exchange of goods happens from people with resources to people in need — and engage in transformational servant leadership — where both those offering and those receiving resources collaborate and experience meaningful personal development, I’m excited to continue engaging the nonprofit sector and help actualize its capacity to make the world a better place,” Ross said. Ross is involved in many activities on campus as well as being the Program Coordinator for HandsOn Kansas State. Ross is also involved in the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association, Philosophy Club, Chimes Junior Honorary, Student Alumni Board, serves as a 212 class leaders and is the President of Acacia Fraternity.

The Loop - June 2014  
The Loop - June 2014