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Culture & Context in Leadership LEAD

Students from the K-State English Language Program (ELP) and the LEAD 350 Culture and Context course came together this past semester for the ELP Collaboration Project. Serving as the highlight of the course for many students, the project paired ELP and Leadership Studies students together to create a meaningful learning experience for all involved. Over two class periods, students shared with one another about their respective cultures, practiced language skills, and engaged in dialogue about various societal issues and norms. This collaboration created an environment for LEAD 350 students to visualize and practice their course content.


Theories of Nonprofit Leadership Every semester LEAD 420 students host the Nonprofit Coffee Hour, an event where they showcase the projects they have been working on throughout the semester. During the course, students work alone or in pairs to create a theoretical nonprofit organization of their choice. The goal of the project is to teach students about the different factors that go into starting a nonprofit organization, the possible challenges that come with starting a nonprofit, but most importantly, that it is possible. Not only is the event an opportunity for students to highlight their hard work, but also for them to network with fellow community members, faculty, and alumni, as well as receive feedback and alternative ideas on their projects.



Senior Seminar in Leadership LEAD

As part of the fall 2013 LEAD 450 Senior Seminar course, students worked in small groups to conduct an analysis of a leadership case study and present their findings to the class. Each section of LEAD 450 then chose one group to represent their class in the semiannual Senior Seminar case competition, where students made their presentations to a panel of faculty judges. The winning student team was selected from Dr. Irma O’Dell’s class and included: Jill Bergling, Family Studies and Human Services; Kayla Day, Marketing; Ursula Kamanga, Family Studies and Human Services; Austin Nichols, Journalism and Mass Communications; and Joney Wong, Psychology. To celebrate their success, Dr. O’Dell and students enjoyed lunch at the President’s Residence with First Lady Noel Schulz.

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