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Becky (Sullivan) Fouard, 2011 K-State graduate, returned to campus on October 17 as part of the Leadership Alumni Speaker Series hosted by the School of Leadership Studies. The Leadership Alumni Speaker Series seeks to bring young alumni of the School of Leadership Studies back to campus to connect with students and provide first-hand insight into how leadership practices are carried out in professional settings. Fouard has already begun an impressive career. For two years following graduation, she held various roles at the Kansas Department of Agriculture, including most recently serving as the lead government official for marketing domestic and international products of Kansas food, agriculture, and agritourism companies. Fouard has recently transitioned into a role as the Senior Marketing Associate with Elanco Animal Health in Greenfield, IN. Fouard engaged students, faculty, and staff with her interactive presentation “#LeadershipAsAnAdult” to discuss key aspects of leadership, including building team rapport, expectation management, and execution of a project. The session began with a lively discussion facilitated by Fouard where attendees responded to three questions: 1) What do you expect out of team? 2) What do you expect out of yourself? 3) What does it take to execute a project?

Fouard then shared her insight on how to overcome challenges with empowering buy-in within a team, one of the most difficult parts of leadership she has experienced in the professional world. “In college, you volunteer your time to lead within the organizations you strongly connect to. In the workplace, your team members are paid to be there and may not have that same level of passion and motivation.” Drawing upon her leadership experiences as a student and professional, Fouard reiterated the importance of face-to-face communication, spending quality time with your team to build rapport, learning to effectively manage loss and disappointment to encourage future successes, and leading beside instead of ahead of your team members. When asked what her one suggestion is for current students, Fouard’s concluded with her advice to be strategic. “Choose to invest your time doing the things and with the people that will give you the greatest pay out. Time is the only commodity you will never get back.”


eader-in-Residence Congratulations to this year’s Michael C. Holen Leader-in-Residence: Nabeeha Kazi Hutchins


Nabeeha is a 1996 K-State graduate and serves as Managing Director of Humanitas Global Development, a Washington, DC, based international development agency. Additional professional experience includes working with the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative, UNICEF anti-child trafficking efforts in Romania, and public health program and policy development. The School of Leadership Studies was honored to recognize Nabeeha’s outstanding service to the global community by naming her the 2013 Leader-in-Residence at the Spirit of Leadership celebration. Nabeeha embodies the core tenets of award recipients, including a commitment to serving the common good and engaged leadership and collaboration to address current societal challenges.

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