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February 2016 Volume 103 Edition 02 The Official Publication of the Kansas State Chapter of Since 1913 “Together, Building Exceptional Lives…”

Acacia Pairing Finishes 4th in 100th Homecoming

Acacia Claus Raises $5,200.00 Worth of Toys By Br. Kaden Littrell ‘15

By Br. Kaden Littrell ‘15 During 2015 homecoming celebration, Acacia pairing finished in 4th place with Pi Beta Phi and Delta Chi . The overall theme this year was “100 Years of Coming Home,” and each pairing was given a specific decade to use as a consistent theme throughout all of the events. Acacia highlighted the 70s. “We really worked our way to our 4th place finish, and most importantly, a better relationship with our partners,” said Br. Nicholas Meyer ‘15, homecoming chair. Homecoming week kicked off with Pant the Chant and Wildcat Request Live. The Pant the Chant routine was based off of the “That ‘70s Show” and Wildcat Request Live featured to music from the 1970s. The final event was the Homecoming Parade. During the parade, all chanted and sang as they walked behind the float, finishing second. “Homecoming was a great opportunity for us to promote the K-State Spirit with the community throughout our homecoming activities,” said Br. Ben Yarnell ‘16, homecoming chair.

ABOVE: Brothers Ben Yarnell ‘16, Chris Francis ‘15, Branson Kocher ‘15, and A.J. Wertzberger ‘15 volunteering outside of Walmart during the ACACIA Claus event.

Once again, the Kansas State Chapter held the annual “Acacia Claus” Toy Drive fundraiser to receive toy donations. The event has had success in years past, but one

of the goals from Br. Matthew Keener ‘15, Philanthropy Chair was to make the event bigger. (Continued on page 4)

Br. Max Moss ‘61 Receives Kansas State Sports Hall of Fame Honors By Br. Larry Weigel Max Moss, former Wildcat great and captain of Kansas State’s 1964 final four team was inducted into the Kansas State Sports Hall of Fame during the halftime of the men’s basketball game with Ole Miss. Moss was presented by Ernie Barrett, former K-State athletics.

Moss was president of his senior class and a member of the Big 8 conference AllAcademic team with a 3.5 grade point average in veterinary medicine. Moss was a member of the 1964 Academic All American team. In addition to playing against Coach John Wooden’s first UCLA national championship team, Moss played an important role along with teammates, Sammy Robinson, Jeff Simons, Willie Murrell and Roger Suttner in defeating #5 nationally ranked Wichita State

on their home court in the NCAA Midwest Regional finals and a trip to the final four in Kansas City. Moss married the former Penny Heyl, a member of the 1964 K-State cheerleading squad. Following a long career as a practicing veterinarian in Wichita, Max and Penny retired there, and continue to provide financial support to the university and attend K-State home football and basketball games as loyal season ticket holders. (Continued on page 4)

The Kansas State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity

Venerably Speaking: Leadership’s New Level The President’s Message By: Br. A.J. Wertzberger ‘15 I am excited for the opportunity to serve Acacia as the 2016 Venerable Dean. This position really means a lot to me and I plan to bring enthusiasm to the house this next year! With that, I would like to reflect on all the great things we have done this last semester. We finished 2015 with an overall house GPA of 3.25. We continue to hold scholarship to the utmost importance, and our brothers take pride in their school work. Our intramural football team made it

to the playoffs, and many brothers did well in individual sports. This year’s homecoming, a “Century of Coming Home”, went smoothly. Lastly, we are proud welcome our 15 new brothers!

more often. Some easy suggestions were an annual flag football game, or a tacky tie exchange which I think would be a lot of fun and allow our members to have more interaction with alumni members.

I attended the nationwide Venerable Dean’s Summit over Christmas Break. There I learned from many different Venerable Deans about how they lead their chapters. It was reassuring hearing that other chapters have had success with our suggestions from years past at conclave. I was able to bounce ideas off the other chapter leaders about how they continue to improve their chapter relations and alumni involvement. I want to see our active chapter participate with our alumni

My main goal is that I want our brothers to really cherish the brotherhood bond. I think we can easily get caught up in the moment and nitpick our various degrees of success. Where as I think we need to enjoy the investment we have made with our fellow brothers. I want people to say that their time in the house was one of the most challenging times but also the most rewarding times of their life because of the brothers they got to share the experience with.

2016 Executive Council: Introductions and Goals

Junior Dean: Br. Tim McCormick ‘16 I am from Shawnee, KS. I am currently a fresman majoring in Electrical Engineering. I'm very excited to be able to take up the position of Junior Dean. I am looking forward to having a positive influence during my time with Acacia. I'm striving to put Acacia's name out in the community in a greater way than ever before through events such as excellent social gatherings, date parties, philanthropies, and community service, to name a few. I am making it a point of mine to make serving the community a more crucial goal than ever before. I plan to go above and beyond in ensuring that, as Acacians, we do what we can for ourselves and others. We know how great Acacia is, and I want everyone else to see how great it is too!

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Senior Dean: Br. Nicholas Meyer ‘15 I am looking forward to growing brotherhood and friendship. I hope to continue a focus on hard work to achieve exceptional academic standing as a chapter. My goals for the upcoming semester are to provide a space to develop brotherhood, strengthen our academics, and bring about positive changes in the house. I am looking to schedule at least 3 brotherhood events this semester that have at least 60 percent attendance. I hope to reorganize our academic resources, i.e. the textbook exchange and library resources.

Senior Steward: Br. Dylan Fowles ‘16 I am a freshman in mechanical engineering from Clay Center, Kansas. I come from an agricultural background. I have been elected senior steward for 2016. My main goal is to keep the house functional. I will post regular cleaning duties and do my best to respond quickly and correctly to breakdowns and other problems that will occur throughout the year. In my first semester at Acacia I noticed that one improvement I could make was on a couple of the doors. There are two doors in particular that do not seal very well and need to have weather stripping added to them. This should help significantly as far as heating and cooling.

The Acacian

Executive Council 2016

Fierce Conversations: Strategies to Advance Leadership with Bold Discussion Board of Directors’ Message By: Br. Lucas Shivers ‘01 Reflecting on the past semester and looking ahead to the upcoming year, Acacia accelerates with more potential and connections thanks to the leadership ability of strong communication. The boldness of our leaders to be engaged in classes, clubs, campus and the community results from our members learning and applying key skills in taking action to courageously build teams and execute the vision of common good. In reading a classic booked called "Fierce Conversations," I'm reminded of how to take a solid look at engaging and taking

initiative to make a positive difference. To define the key term, a fierce conversation is one in which we come out from behind ourselves into the conversation and make it real. These types of interactions provoke learning to tackle tough challenges and enrich relationships. The seven principles of fierce conversations include: 1.

Master the courage to interrogate reality;


Come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real;


Be here, prepared to be nowhere else;


Tackle your toughest challenge today;


Obey your instincts;


Take responsibility for your emotional

wake; 7.

Let silence do the heavy lifting.

These concepts relate well to the major projects like the cross cultural outreach and diversity investments. We seek members who are ready to thrive in the changing demographics of our world and navigate the landscape of the future. It will take these principles to allow long-term success like our members who are making their communities better than ever. Join us in stepping up to have fierce conversations with your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and others in your circles of trust.

Treasurer: Br. Will Patterson ‘16

Secretary: Br. Kaden Littrell ‘15

I am excited to serve as Treasurer. I am currently a freshman in Animal Science and Industry, Pre-Vet option. In the coming year, I will work to ensure proper record keeping, financial accountability, and increasing security. I will put an emphasis on paying bills on time and keeping members informed of the financial standing of the house. I plan on giving reports at chapter of the income and expenses for the week to allow for more transparency. One of my biggest goals is to have us stick to our budget. I will make sure that that each committee is informed of their remaining budgets and keep them accountable for their spending.

I am excited and proud to once again be directing all information within and outside of the chapter as the Secretary. One of my major goals for my second term is to continue to improve communication between the active chapter and our alumni. Things began headed in the right direction during last semester with the new implemented e-letters. My goal for these eletters is to have one sent out at the beginning of every other month, starting in February. Other goals that I have include continuing to keep the chapter website up-to-date and sharing information about events through Facebook and Twitter. I love Acacia, so the least that I can do is continue to serve as a leader in the house.

Recruitment Chair: Br. Kyle Fleming ‘15 I am Junior in Business Administration. I want Acacia to focus on making recruitment a high priority. It is nice to have a full house, but we need a full house of people who will serve our brotherhood and work to improve it. One of my main goals is to "market" our fraternity. I would like to see our alumni help recruiting by showing their communities why Acacia is great, including developing great men. I want a waiting list to get into Acacia. I am interested in creating an ALS Day in the Kansas City or Wichita area. I also want to focus on making our recruitment events the best that they can be. This includes more time for activities and time at the house. I also would like to potentially expand into experience days in either Kansas City or Wichita.

Spring 2016

Recruitment Chair: Br. Shane Torrey ’16 I am a freshman in Finance and Pre-Law. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve the house as Recruitment Chairman for this upcoming year! The incoming fall semester will have a YMOA class smaller than last year’s, which will give us a lot of potential to be selective and bring in men that can make a positive impact on Acacia for years to come. Additionally, I hope to explore the possibility of hosting Acacia recruitment events in areas outside of Manhattan that traditionally bring in large numbers. It is essential that I make a concerted effort to promote diversity experiences amongst our members. Acacia should continue to expose its members to different socioeconomic, geographic, religious, and cultural backgrounds.

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The Kansas State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity ——————– UPCOMING DATES —————–— February 7th Super Bowl 50 Watch Party March 5th Acacia Formal April 7th Annual Acacia Board of Directors Meeting April 30th ColorDash 5K for the Boys & Girls Club ——————–

“Together, Building Exceptional Lives”

—————–— LEADERSHIP TEAM —————–— Executive Council Venerable Dean - A.J. Wertzberger ‘15 Senior Dean - Nicholas Meyer ‘15 Junior Dean - Tim McCormick ‘16 Senior Steward - Dylan Fowles ‘16 Treasurer - Will Patterson ‘16 Secretary - Kaden Littrell ‘15 Recruitment - Kyle Fleming ‘15 Recruitment - Shane Torrey ‘16 Elected Officers Junior Steward - Ben Rajewski ‘16 Scholarship - Chadron Koehn ‘16 Risk Management - Jordan Martin ‘15 Education - Ben Yarnell ‘16 Social Chair - Jake Chappell ‘16 Philanthropy - Brice Valdez ‘16

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Moss Starter During 1964 Final Four Run Their fifty one years of marriage produced two daughters. Heather lives in Kansas City with her husband Paul and their two children Kyle and Faith. Allison lives in Derby, KS. with husband Trent and their children Calvin and Gabrielle. Friends can reach Max at: or 316-733-8162: 14024 Pinnacle Dr. Wichita, Ks 67230 “With the experience of a brotherhood, you develop a strong bond between each-other who have the same principles and strong Christian values as you do. Relationships are important no matter what endeavor you are going in to, whether it be basketball or business. Overall, Acacia prepared me a lot to be successful in my life.”

ABOVE: Final 4 Starters: (Top L to R) Simons, Suttner, Robinson, (Bottom L to R) Murrell, and Moss.

Acacia Claus with Gamma Phi Beta Success One of the ways this was done was by increasing the number of donation locations from one to three. In addition to taking donations at the Walgreens in Manhattan. Walmart also allowed for us to take donations at their location. Being able to set up at Walmart gathered for foot traffic for the event. “Being able to expand to Walmart was a big part of helping increase the success of this event,” said Keener. The event sought to get more of the fraternity and sorority communities involved. For the first time in recent years, Acacia partnered with a sorority for the Acacia Claus event. Partnering with the Gamma Phi Beta sorority was a big help. “Working with Gamma Phi Beta helped make this years event as successful as it was,” said Br. Noah Trapp ‘14. T-shirts for the event were given to members and were sold to other Greek houses to help further promote the event around K-State. The Central Oklahoma Acacia Chapter even contrib-

uted by ordering twenty-five shirts.” Overall, the event was a major success. $5,200.00 dollars worth of toy and monetary donations were raised this year for Salvation Army. “This year was awesome, and I hope next year’s event will feed off of the success from this year,” said Keener.

LEFT: Young Man William McCreight holds a sign at Walmart during to attract customers ABOVE: Br. Noah Trapp ‘14 and Br. Matthew Keener ‘15 pose with the toys raised from the event.

The Acacian

Undergraduate Chapter News

Acacian and Proud: News Shorts Fall 2015 At-A-Glance: A review of the semester’s notable events SAMOS Week August 17 – This school year’s Acacia activities started off with the twenty-one new YMOA going through SAMOS Week. Named after the birthplace of Pythagoras, SAMOS week is a way for the YMOA to learn about Acacia rules and history, tour campus and find where their classes are located, and meet and bond with members of their class, as well as with the other actives. Activities included swimming at Pillsbury Crossing, practicing for serenades, and workshops led by actives and Senior Men. Back-to-School BBQ August 22 - As per tradition, the 2015 school year started off with the annual Acacia “Back -to-School BBQ,” hosted for all students and community members at the house. This year saw the event’s highest ever attendance with nearly 500 guests. "It was an awesome time to reconnect with friends across campus, and I was really pleased with the number of people we had attend," said Br. Ryan Haefke ‘15. Dad’s Day September 19 - Acacia held a “Dad’s Day,” giving members an opportunity to enjoy a Saturday with their dad. Members and their dads enjoyed activities during the day, including a house-sponsored tailgate and watching the triple-overtime thriller against Louisiana Tech. Date Party: The Amazing Race September 25 – “Heroes and Villains” was the theme of this year’s “Amazing Race” date party. Members and their dates dressed up in costumes of their favorite super-heroes and super-villains and raced around town, following clues leading them to different locations around Manhattan. “It was ‘super’ great,” said Br. Noah Trapp ‘14

ABOVE: Brothers and dates enjoyed a night of costumes and competition during the date party.

Spring 2016

Brotherhood Trip to Oklahoma State October 3– For this year’s annual “Away Game Brotherhood Trip”, brothers attended the K-State Wildcats football game against Oklahoma State in Stillwater. “Spending time with guys that I hadn’t had the chance to bond with much was one of my favorite parts of the trip to Stillwater this year,” said Br. Will Patterson ‘16

ABOVE: Even though the ‘Cats lost the game, brothers enjoyed the chance to travel to another school and the chance to bond together.

“Breakout KC” Semi-Formal November 11 - K-State Acacia held a semiformal event outside of Manhattan. Brothers and their dates went to Breakout KC, where each group had one hour to solve various puzzles in order to break-out of the room. Acacia Christmas at Mom Ann’s December 7 - Each year, Mom Ann invites all of the Men of Acacia to her house to enjoy an evening of holiday cheer. The highlight of the night was the Secret Santa gift exchange, where each person was given the name of someone to buy a present for. “It's always fun going to Mom's house for food and brotherhood,” said Br. Connor Henley ’14. “Everyone is relaxed and enjoying the moment along with Christmas spirit even though finals are about to hit us.”

“Operation Greek” and the importance of safety with alcohol. Many more CORES are on schedule for the remainder of the semester. K-State Athletics Purple Pride Cup K-State Athletics hosts a competition amongst all Greek houses. The fraternity that attends the highest number of K-State Athletic events wins a prize at the beginning of the next school year. As of February 1st, Acacia has a strong hold on first place. Acacia Celebrations The K-State Acacia Chapter celebrated the initiations of Brothers Shane Torrey, Zach Sliefert, Will Patterson, Tim McCormick, Collyn Fouard, Ben Rajewski, Evan Morrical, Ben Yarnell, Dylan Fowles, Seth Shriwise, Brice Valdez, Chadron Koehn, Patrick Davidson, Jake Chappell, and Karl Wilhelm during this past semester.

ABOVE: K-State Acacia welcomed fifteen new brothers.

Fall Semester Grades Report For another semester, K-State Acacia was ranked in the top quartile in grades with a GPA of 3.256. This marks the 26th of the last 27 consecutive semesters that the chapter has ranked in the top quartile. We also had eight members finish the semester with a perfect 4.0 GPA. Congratulations to BrothCORES ers Mark Hay ‘13, Ryan Haefke ‘14, Jordan CORE is one of the most important parts of Martin ‘15, Branson Kocher ‘15, Shane Torweekly chapter, giving members an opportunity to develop themselves as a leader. So rey ‘16, Tim McCormick ‘16, Will Patterson far this semester, COREs have been present- ‘16 and Chadron Koehn ‘16 on receiving a 4.0 GPA during the semester. ed from Housemother Mom Ann on True Colors about the importance of different personality types, Bryon Williams about the importance of cultural diversity, Sarah Barr about the judicial process, and the Riley County Police Department presenting

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Kansas State Chapter of 2005 Hunting Avenue Manhattan, KS 66502

“Together, Building Exceptional Lives…”

The ACACIAN Kansas State University February 2016

ACACIA at k-state Spring 2016 Semester

LEFT: Br. Will Patterson ‘16 helps during Homecoming week by pomping one of the panels used to create the float.

TOP-RIGHT: Brothers Tim McCormick ’16, Brice Valdez ’16, and Young Man John Riforgiate show off their scores following the mini-golf brotherhood event.

BOTTOM-RIGHT: Acacia shows that it is “K-State Proud” during its annual PROUD Chapter.

K-State Acacia Spring 2016 Newsletter  

The official newsletter of the Kansas State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity.

K-State Acacia Spring 2016 Newsletter  

The official newsletter of the Kansas State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity.