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September 2016 Volume 104 Edition 01 The Official Publication of the Kansas State Chapter of Since 1913 “Together, Building Exceptional Lives…”

Br. Bill Riley ‘60, Br. Nicholas Meyer ‘15, Br. Scott LaMunyon ‘14, Br. Kyle Fleming ‘15, Br. A.J. Wertzberger ‘15, and Br. Brandon Brunner ’09 with the Malcolm.

Exceptional All-Around Chapter: K-State Wins Malcolm at Conclave For its outstanding overall chapter operations, academic achievement, strong leadership, diversity programming, and commitment to community service, the Kansas State Chapter earned the 2014 – 2016 Malcolm Award, an honor given to the top chapter of Acacia Fraternity. K-State Acacia earned the award, the second time in the last three Conclave sessions, at the 59th Biennial Conclave in Louisville, KY on July 30. Acacia brought home six individual awards: Alumni Programming and Advisory, Campus Leadership, Dining Operations,

Good of the Fraternity, House Management and Officer Organization. Br. Venerable Dean A.J. Wertzberger ’15 recalled his anticipation. “When they were reading about each chapter, I realized that there are so many deserving chapters amongst us. When ‘Kansas State’ was announced, I was speechless.” Three executive council teams spanned the past biennium and worked to make Acacia exceptional. “We are always looking at achieving the next goal, and we get to do it as brothers

By Br. Chris Dolezal

and best friends,” Wertzberger stated. K-State Acacia has thrived at achieving its mission of personal growth, lifelong friendships, and human service in the past several years. Acacia members earn outstanding grades. It marks the seventeenth consecutive semester of placing in the top quartile among fraternities at Kansas State. The chapter members developed personal bonds with each other, and with the diverse student body, using diversity training as a part of the CORE program. (Continued on page 2)

Landscape Improvement Project Comes to Life By Br. Lucas Shivers ‘01 One thing is certain, when the Acacia Mom’s Club This project takes care of many issues: 1) multiple comes together and decides to help the Men of Acacia erosion problems; 2) weedy, unattractive slopes along with a project - it happens! At least that is the case Lee Street; 3) dead and overgrown plant materials; with the Landscape Improvement Project. and 4) drainage issues near the driveway. Visualization of the new Lee St. retaining wall in the plan.

The project started at the Mom’s Club meeting last The landscape improvements design was guided by April when Br. A.J. Wertzberger ’15 outlined the top the following principles: 1) Use existing landscape needs associated with the house and grounds. (Continued on page 2)

The Kansas State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity “We Are Always Looking at Achieving the Next Goal”

The Acacian Newsletter is published biannually by the undergraduate chapter. The newsletter is the responsibility of the Chapter Secretary, Chapter Advisor, and the Senior Men Communications Committee. It is distributed to Senior Men, Men of Acacia, and their families.

Editor: Br. Kaden Littrell ‘15

ACACIA Fraternity Kansas State Chapter 2005 Hunting Ave Manhattan, KS 66502

The mission of Kansas State Acacia “Acacia Fraternity will be a K-State campus leader in the development of men as an established brother hood, dwelling in harmony. We will be guided by our values in the development of each member’s life, while supporting K-State’s mission. An Acacian’s life is a commitment to support the community, university and undergraduate chapter.

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In addition, the past biennium featured a new partnership with the Manhattan Boys and Girls Club and Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority to host the 5K Color Dash philanthropy event. This new event complements the Acacia Claus toy drive and builds on the foundation of the Kansas State Chapter’s strong belief in community service.

consistent philanthropic events over the last two years in the Color Dash and the Acacia Claus,” said Kennedy.

“I’ve seen how excited and committed the undergraduates are to our cause. Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan has created a very strong bond with the communiFurthermore, our undergraduates held multi- ty.” ple campus leadership positions in the Student Kennedy praised the MOA for cultivating lifeGoverning Association, departmental and Uni- long friendships among each other. versity honorary societies, student clubs, and “Brotherhood has continued to be a common design teams. theme. To see the brothers working so diligentFaculty Advisor Br. Cody Kennedy ’12 has ly towards this reminds me of why I joined Acawatched the chapter blossom over the last two cia Fraternity and solidified how proud I am of years, especially in its motto of Human Service. their desire to continue to improve.” “Kansas State has developed successful and

Give a Gift for Landscaping Improvements at 2005 Hunting! elements as much as possible; 2) Low maintenance with plantings and hardscapes; 3) Maintain open, durable lawn area in front for activities; 4) Mitigate the current drainage problems and water run-off issues; 5) Stabilize sloping, erosion-prone areas; 6) Neighborhood compatible design and 6) Enhance the image and excellent brand!

Please consider a gift towards making the Acacia landscape improvements become a reality! The goal is to raise the balance of the funds by October so that the landscape work can be completed by the end of this year. No gift is too small or too large! Please send donation to: ACACIA Landscape Project; 2005 Hunting Avenue; Manhattan, KS 66502; ATTN: Lucas Shivers.

The total cost of the project is $35,000. Fundraising has just started this fall – but the remaining balance to be raised is now down to $21,000 - largely thanks to a lead in-kind gift of retaining wall limestone from Br. Brent Beyer ’80, president of U.S. Stone Industries. Brent has graciously agreed to furnish all the limestone required to build the retaining wall along Lee Street. More info at:

The Acacian

State of Acacia at K-State

Venerably Speaking—Speechless with Top Honors The President’s Message By: Br. A.J. Wertzberger ’15 Brothers, it is an honor to address you again as a member of this outstanding organization. Much was learned from the previous semester, but even more was gained.

At Conclave this summer, we were awarded six individual awards which ultimately lead to us receiving the Malcolm Award. As they were reading the qualities that top chapter should encompass, I thought to myself “man, that chapter sure nailed it. They should be so proud of themselves for achieving in all those areas.”

Our intense approach last semester on all fronts proved worthwhile. The executive officers focused on higher accountability and communication with the chapter through all avenues.

They then revealed that it was us, Kansas State Acacia, that they were talking about and we were speechless. We have already began brainstorming on how we will continue to improve and this conversation started just minutes after receiving the Malcolm. It has been 15 years since refounding, and I could not be more pleased with where we are headed.

The fall semester has started with a larger bang then previous years with a new member class of twenty-one. This only attests to the dedication of our recruitment chairmen and the selfperpetuating success in the chapter. Our new members gained an advantage to most freshman while attending our SAMOS Program, a four day introduction to Acacia and K-State the week before classes started. It was an honor to initiate six new members into our brotherhood August 20th.

Our Internal Team has set some high goals such as: an all house GPA of 3.5, 100% initiation rate, and 10 hours of community service per member. All of which could go with little notice if our communications committee hadn’t set the bar so high. Their daily tweeting, brother of the week posts, and constant website updates keep our views well informed. I am excited for what the future holds, and continuing our development not only as students, but also as brothers—Together, Building Exceptional Lives.

Find the Hum of Joy by Saying “YES” to the Right Things Board of Directors’ Message By: Br. Lucas Shivers ‘01 One of my favorite summer books was “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes. The ‘titan’ writer and TV producer behind several shows undertook a challenge: “For one year, I would say ‘yes’ to all the things that scared me. Anything that made me nervous or took me out of my comfort zone, I’d say ‘yes.'” K-State Acacia is known for saying ‘yes’ to the right things, putting us in the top leadership position among chapters across the continent. Life-long friendships? Yes. Personal development? Yes. Human Service? Yes. Together, Building Exceptional Lives? Yes! The joy of ‘yes’ leads to a ‘hum.’ Acacia has hit the hum. Shonda says: “When I am hard at work, when I am deep in it, there is no other feeling. The hum sounds like an open road, and I could drive it forever. The hum is music, the hum is God’s whisper in my ear.”

Fall 2016

As Acacia celebrates the collective work of so many on the team with the Malcolm Honors, we continue to say ‘yes’ to making ourselves even better. As our members learn to diagnose situations, manage themselves, energize others and intervene skillfully, Acacia continues to refine our positions with leadership. This hum comes into play as we continually improve and grow with even more opportunities. “The real hum is joy,” Rhimes says. “The real hum is love.” Acacia knows the power of finding the ‘hum’ in our community and continuing to say ‘yes’ to all of the core elements leading to our success. Consider taking up the challenge to say ‘yes’ to something that stretches you to experience the ‘hum.’ Join the celebration of the ‘hum’ with Acacia’s joy in the top chapter honors. As we seek the best for others, let us find ways to share our vision for next steps to keep improving with new ideas and making the most of our opportunities.

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The Kansas State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity ——————– UPCOMING DATES —————–— September 17th Purple Pride Cup on-field presentation September 18th Board of Directors Meeting and YMOA Luncheon September 24th Dad’s Day October 22nd 101st Annual K-State Homecoming October 29th Away Game Trip vs Iowa State ——————–

Dr. Wiley Covers Cultural Competency By Br. Lucas Shivers ’01 Cultural awareness; understanding; knowledge; interaction and sensitivity were addressed from Dr. Zelia Wiley, interim associate provost for diversity, who shared the keynote presentation at Acacia Scholarship Dinner on April 17.

“Diversity is cultural and encompasses so much more. We want to have appreciation of inclusion,” Wiley said. “We can do this with our generation.” Cultural competencies are a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come “I’ve always been a first, and others can come together in a system, agency or among profesbehind us,” Wiley said. “I cannot do this as an sionals that enables effective work in crossisland. I need to have connections to others.” cultural situations. Being a part of K-State for 13 years, Wiley beCompetence implies having the capacity to came the first assistant dean focused on diversi- function effectively as an individual within the ty in the College of Agricultural and now works context of the cultural beliefs, behaviors, and university wide. needs presented by their communities. Wiley said most people automatically think “Overall we hope for respect for differences, about ethnicity, but diversity includes but not an eagerness to learn, and a willingness to aclimited to: age, ethnicity, gender, physical abili- cept that there are many ways of viewing the ties, race and job classification. world through sensitivity and awareness.”

2016 Stag Weekend Update & Review By Br. Lucas Shivers ’01 “Together, Building Exceptional Lives”

—————–— LEADERSHIP TEAM —————–— Executive Council Venerable Dean—A.J. Wertzberger ‘15 Senior Dean—Nicholas Meyer ‘15 Junior Dean—Tim McCormick ‘16 Senior Steward—Dylan Fowles ‘16 Treasurer—Will Patterson ‘16 Secretary—Kaden Littrell ‘15 Recruitment—Kyle Fleming ‘16 Recruitment—Shane Torrey ‘16 Elected Officers Junior Steward—Ben Rajewski ‘16 Scholarship—Chadron Koehn ‘16 Risk Management—Karl Wilhelm ‘16 Education—Ben Yarnell ‘16 Social Chair—Jake Chappell ‘16 Philanthropy—Brice Valdez ‘16

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More than 50 gathered for STAG events in Manhattan this year with the poker night, the Sam Unger Golf Classic, and awards dinner on June 3 and 4. Br. Pierce Reinbolt ’14 won the poker tournament. Br. Brent Beyer ’80 and his son, Hank, along with Brs. Conner Beese 15, Matt Keener ’15, and Noah Trapp ’14 won the Sam Unger Golf Classic. Dr. Blake Flanders, the President and CEO of the Kansas Board of Regents, gave the keynote address during dinner following the tournament. After growing up on a farm near Edson, Kansas, Flanders shared about ranching with the tremendous advantage of family, work ethic, and education. "You never had to worry about a summer job on the farm," he said. "It's amazing what you can do with a little work ethic." He shared stories of livestock judging and how the closeness of the judging team allowed Flanders to experience a fraternity-like community. In his work with the Regents, he highlighted the competitive market of engineering, nursing, and other technical fields in industry. "My philosophy is to use the same on-thefarm way of showing up early and communicating with people to understand," Flanders said. He shared about how public funding has

dropped from 50 to 15% for K-State and provided an update on the search for a new KSU president to hopefully be in place by January. "I think there is a tremendous advantage for post-secondary education - part of it is a personal benefit and public benefit," he said.

Br. Matthew Keener ‘15 receives the “golden jacket” from Br. Gary Haag ’90 during the 2016 Stag Weekend.

The Acacian

Undergraduate Chapter News

Acacian and Proud: News Shorts from the ACACIA Winter Social January 24th - To help kick off the Spring semester, Acacia hosted an Old-Fashioned winter social event. All were invited to the Manhattan City Park for an evening of iceskating and socializing with friends. After everyone was finished ice-skating, the social ended with hot chocolate and coffee from Bluestem Bistro. “This event probably my favorite that we do, and it is a great way to welcome everyone back to Manhattan!” said Br. Drew Kohlmeier ‘15. ACACIA Leadership Scholarship Weekend February 6th-7th - One of the most important parts of annual recruiting process. This year 119 of high-quality high school men met with chapter members, toured the chapter house, and competed for a scholarship. Several SMOA supported the event. The winners from this year were Zach St. Clair and Brett Schwarz, both new Young Men this year.

Greek Week with Sigma Chi and Alpha Chi April 9th-13th - Greek Week is a great opportunity to compete in several different competitions. The theme this year was “Survivor” and Acacia was paired with Sigma Chi and Alpha Chi. The pairing finished 1st in the Survivor Games and 5th in the Penny Wars.

K-State Day at the K June 7th - Once again this summer, the chapter attended the annual “K-State Day at the K” which is hosted by the Kansas City Royals. Brothers and new Young Men had an opportunity to reconnect during the summer with tailgating and baseball, this year watching the defending World Champs play the Houston Astros. “Even though the Royals “Luau” Date Party lost, it was a great way for me to meet the April 15th - Milford lake was the site of this guys that I am going to be living with for the semester’s date party. Brothers and their next several years,” said Young Man Drew dates enjoyed an evening out on the lake House. that included a beach volleyball tournament, grilling out, and even some members and Congratulations Spring Semester 4.0’s their dates getting stuck in a canoe out on During the spring semester, Acacia is proud the lake. “Yeah my date wasn’t thrilled to be to have had twelve brothers finish with a stuck out on the lake for half an hour, but perfect 4.0 GPA. Congratulations to Brs. we had a great time regardless at the date Noah Trapp ‘14, Jordan Martin ‘15, Branson party,” said Br. Cody Blocker ‘16. Kocher ‘15, Caleb Niehues ‘14, Nicholas Meyer ‘15, Matt Keener ‘15, William Patterson ‘16, and Chadron Koehn ‘16. Purple Pride Cup Winners! Acacia was awarded the 2015-16 Purple Pride Cup! The Purple Pride Cup is given to the Greek chapter that attends the highest number of K-State athletic events during the school year. The chapter will be recognized before the first home football game this season.

ABOVE: Brs. Jordan Martin ‘15, Branson Kocher ‘15, and Tyler Neufeld ’16 interview one of the 119 ALS candidates.

Super Bowl Watch Party February 6th - A Super Bowl 50 watch party was hosted at the Acacia. Brothers invited ABOVE: Br. Nicholas Meyer ’15 grills a burger friends and classmates over for a night of for Br. Evan Morrical ‘16. Brothers enjoyed tailgate foods, games, and a chance to watch food between volleyball games and canoe trips. the big game. ColorDash 5K Philanthropy Casino Night Formal April 30th - The second annual ColorDash 5K March 4th - The 2016 Spring Formal was for the Manhattan Boys & Girls Club was an Casino Night themed and was hosted at the expansion of the event from last year with Union Pacific Train Depot in Manhattan. nearly 100 runners. The event took place at Brothers and their dates enjoyed a fun even- Tuttle Creek outside of Manhattan. MOA ing of casino games and dancing. “We want- partnered with Zeta Tau Alpha sorority to ed to have a fun twist on casino night com- put on the event that raised more than pared to last year, and I think we did just $2,000 for the Manhattan Boys & Girls Club that,” said Br. Jake Chappell ‘16. which operates at Lee Elementary and other sites in Manhattan.

Fall 2016

Men of Acacia Celebration K-State Acacia would like to congratulate six new brothers, Brs. William McCreight ‘16, Tyler Neufeld ‘16, Justin Patrick ‘16, Stephen Kirkwood ‘16, Gerit Wagner ‘16 and Cody Blocker ‘16. These six were inducted on August 20, 2016. The addition of these six brothers makes the total roll of #1,257.

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Kansas State Chapter of 2005 Hunting Avenue Manhattan, KS 66502

“Together, Building Exceptional Lives…”

Acacians raised $2,000 at ColorDash 5K for the Manhattan Boys & Girls Club this spring.

The ACACIAN Kansas State University Septem ber 2016

ACACIA at k-state Congratulations

Br. Noah Trapp ‘14!

Duncan McPherson Fraternityship AFF Scholarship Recipient 2016 MOA Graduates Matt Taylor ‘13 Trevor Barnes Caleb Ahlquist ’13 Jordan Reisniger ‘12 Mark Hay ‘ 13

K-State Acacia Fall 2016 Newsletter  

The official newsletter of the Kansas State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity.

K-State Acacia Fall 2016 Newsletter  

The official newsletter of the Kansas State Chapter of Acacia Fraternity.