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Godfather’s Pizza Rebranding Campaign Project Book

Section 1 Research Section 2 Brand Strategy Section 3 Styles Manual Section 4 Solutions Section 5 References

Table of Contents

Section 1 Research

1.1 Abstract 1.2

The Problem

1.3 Competition 1.4 SWOT 1.5

Campaign Goals

Rebranding Campaign Abstract

Godfather’s Pizza is a national restaurant chain

The choice of media will be a choreographed

that is having difficulties staying competitive in

process that will include social media, web presence,

the market due to external factors and the public

and an email campaign to keep the consumer up to

projections of the brand. For this project, the

date with news, offers, and philanthropic progress in

values of the brand are to be at the forefront of

the community. This project outlines the argument

the public projection across a series of media, and

for this consumer-oriented strategy and the variety of

are the brand’s differentiation amongst the market

new and traditional media advertising. The updated

place. These values, when pared with Maslow’s

projection to the target market and loyalists of the

Hierarchy of Needs, will focus on a target market

Godfather’s Pizza brand will better demonstrate

looking to provide a nourishing meal for groups of

these values and relays heavily on clearly aligning

people and families. By focusing on a consumer-

the brand with the company mission.

oriented strategy, the brand will generate on aura or personality that will reflect upon the product in a

With the strong emotional connection to pizza in

way that will showcase who the brand is and why

American culture, it is the intention of this campaign

or how they interact as a part of today’s society.

to utilize these relationships in hopes of raising the

This personality and presence in the community,

satisfaction levels of the consumer. By appealing

through the use of the company’s philanthropic

to the needs of nurturance and affiliation within

mission, will build trust in the brand and eventually

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Felton, 2006), it

build a presence, which will develop into new

is the intention to emotionally connect with the

markets across the country and perhaps globally,

target market through a message focused on the

by generating a higher return on investment and

consumer’s needs and the satisfaction that the

product value as perceived by the consumer.

Godfather’s Pizza brand could provide.

1.1 Abstract

YouGov Brand Index

“We need to lower tax rates for everybody, starting with the top corporate tax rate.” -Herman Cain

From 1973 to 1996, Godfather’s Pizza was governed by a CEO named Herman Cain. Cain had a great deal of success as CEO of the corporation, and since 1994 has started on a relatively successful political career.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics’ database of political money, no The You Gov Brand Index rated the one from Godfather’s Pizza has donated brand based on quality, value, reputation, to the campaign for Herman Cain. Large impression, satisfaction, and willingness organizations and their members often to recommend. The survey found that support candidates running for political the scores noted by those aligning as office; Pizza Hut for example has donated In the recent 2012 US presidential Democrats where steadily decreasing over $316,000 since 2008 to different election, Cain ran for the Republican political campaigns (Williams, 2011). candidate of the presidency but conceded over the duration of the sample being conducted. Though Cain’s affiliation had defeat to Mitt Romney (Creed, 2011). ended with Godfather’s Pizza over 16 Since the start of Cain’s political career, years ago, the brand continues to suffer The stance of the corporation is the Godfather’s brand has noticed a fall from that connection (Forbes, 2011). in satisfaction levels in a relatively large clear based on the actions of the demographic. brand. However despite this stance, a relationship has been made and proves to not be a profitable one for the Godfather’s As a matter of addressing this issue, Pizza Company. the Godfather’s Pizza website notes that they are taking no stance on the political agenda of any candidate, but do thank Mr. Cain for his contribution to the company.

1.2 The Problem

The greater the insight into the competition, the greater the competitive edge. Positioning the company in relationship to the competition is both a marketing and a design imperative.

(Wheeler, 2009)

Within its placement amongst the competition, Godfather’s Pizza satisfaction levels have been falling and the number of locations reside currently to be less than 1/10 the number of locations of the brand’s major competitors. Within the category, the major competitors include Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s Pizza.

Between these efforts, and the case studies of other competitors such as McDonald’s, the Godfather’s Pizza campaign goals would do well to address new markets and change the perception of the brand in the mind of the consumer by utilizing similar methods of interaction.

Additional competitors (outside of pizza establishments) include: other fast food restaurants, the frozen pizza industry, and other ethnic dining options.

Domino’s has become the trendsetter for the pizza industry in transparency, and adoption of new and social media to elevate the brands’ presence in the community. This competitor has been very influential in identifying new opportunities and trends in the market.

1.3 Competition

Mood Board and SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Strengths

We a k n e s s e s



T h re ats



Sustainable J a m e s Z o l y n s k y 1 0 .13 .12



The Strengths area showcases the brand as a likable family environment where you will receive the highest quality food and service. This organization has taken a stance in assisting and educating the youth by supporting local school programs and the Boys Town National Hotline. With an increase in health awareness over time, the brand has started offering pizza with 0g trans fats and even a gluten free option.

The image of the Asian family was used in the Weaknesses panel to demonstrate a change in the idea of the American family. As the iconography of the Italian Mob Boss “The Godfather� was once symbolic of Pizza culture, current trends may suggest appealing to a more diverse market through connection to pizza as an American experience might give the consumer the experience they are seeking. New technologies, social networking, and other forms of new media have become the standard in the food industry; the brands lack of quality presence reflects poorly upon the value of the product.

Opportunities In the Opportunities board the brand looks to healthier, locally grown produce, free from pesticides and maintaining other green and sustainable efforts. Focusing on American culture and taking advantage of new and interactive media will provide an opportunity to unite the brand name with the core brand value of fun. With the greater demand for healthier living across the food industry, alternative menu items for differing lifestyle choices should have greater precedence. The image of the US map points out the branch locations of the brand and a perspective on underutilized regions.

Threats Herman Cain ran for the Republican seat of the Presidency in 2012. Since this announcement, the brands levels of satisfaction have fallen. The major competitors of the brand have adapted new technologies and platforms to interact with the target market, and through this have utilized more efficient methods for ordering and interacting with the loyalists of the brand.

1.4 SWOT

“Profitability has been the traditional yardstick used to measure the success, or failure, of a business. As a result of using such a yardstick, the interests of society become secondary to monetary goals. Proponents of corporate social responsibility argue that companies should earn profits in an ethical manner that respects people and communities. They also suggest that companies ought to promote sustainability through careful stewardship of our natural resources and the environment.� (Levens, 2010)

Defining Success Remove the relationship between Godfather’s Pizza and Herman Cain

Add 500 locations across the country in malls, airports, grocery stores, universities, hospitals, movie theaters, and sports arenas.

Reach new markets and regain falling satisfaction levels

1.5 Campaign Goals

Section 2 Brand Strategy

2.1 Moodboards 2.2

Communication Strategy


Logo Development

Nurturing Communal Joyous

Godfather’s Pizza

The best ingredient for a better community

Sensible Natural Fresh Local R171,G159,B106 C32,M31,Y70,K2

R215,G255,B235 C15,M5,Y3,K0

R142,G1,B18 C23,M100,Y100,K18


R190, G148, B87 C19, M43, Y78, K1

R124, G29, B32 C23, M100, Y100, K31

Family Institutional

R74,G92,B114 C80,M59,Y38,K17

R193, G194, B188 C24, M18, Y23, K0

Society Stable

A merican

R86, G131, B199 C76, M41, Y0, K0


Opulent Savvy Luxurious Cultured Fashionable

Religion Trusting


Godfather’s Pizz a The Best Ingredient for a better community

Education American Government Made

R-210 C-17 G-201 M-16 B-159 Y-42 K-0

R-138 C-24 G-15 M-100 B-17 Y-100 K-20

R-216 C-8 G-169 M-35 Y-85 B-17 K-0

Godfather’s Pizza the best ingredient for a better community

Natural / Nurturing Directive This board covers the idea of nurturance as a directive from the standpoint of high quality ingredients being used to feed our families, and a care for the community and environment would supply the need for ‘nurturance’ as proposed in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Healthier options and better ingredients that are locally grown in a socially responsible manner, and enjoyed likewise, is the subtext to the nurturing and natural narrative.

Institutional / Neoclassical

Opulence / Luxurious

The Institutional board came from the idea of the brand taking on a more Neoclassical feel, and embracing the need for consistency and affiliation within Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This led me to cover some of the philosophies of Theodore Roosevelt and how the founding father’s branded America in Neoclassicism (National Endowment for the Humanities, 2010). It was the intention of this board to present the brand as an institution for the greater good of the community it serves.

The opulence board was an attempt to access the principle of algerism in a time when the economic state of the nation is in need of a pick me up. Traditionally, this principle has been focused on lower socioeconomic classes, and would do well to regain the falling satisfaction levels of those who align themselves as democrats. Where this strategy failed however, was in maintaining the loyalists of the brand.

2.1 Moodboards

“Making a difference has become essential to building a brand. Consumers are shopping their values, and businesses are rethinking their value proposition. The triple bottom linepeople, planet, profit- is a new business model that represents a fundamental shift in how businesses measure success.� (Wheeler, 2009)

Sustainability Transparency Social Responsibility

In this campaign, creating a healthier product made from the ingredients grown on American farms, which are working in ways to better their community and planet, is the proposed strategy for communicating the value of the brand. Additionally, being able to demonstrate and follow through with the promise presented by the brand feeds into its transparency. Without this follow through, the likelihood of the consumer becoming a brand loyalists diminishes, and social media could have negative effects on reaching new customers.

2.2 Communication Strategy

Simple Memorable Timeless Versatile Appropriate

The logo development process went through many different variations before reaching the present conclusion that is presented. Early in the process, there was consideration on which direction the logo should go, and eventually settled on the idea of a stamp (or single color mark). After drafting up some of the options that have their influences in 1800’s signage and seals, it became apparent that I had not worked with letter-forms to create a logo mark. As this process became more refined through the time spent working on it, the final idea for the logo fulfills the criteria for a successful logo more than any of the others.

2.3 Logo Development

Section 3 Styles Manual


Logo Usage

3.2 Typefaces 3.3 Colors 3.4 Imagery

2-Color Logo

1-Color Logo

Logo Mark

Logo Type


Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

2-Color Logo

1-Color Logo

The corporate logo is used on official documents and may only appear on a white background. The space surrounding the logo may not contain any visual imagery, or typography within the distance spanning the size of the lower case “a” present in the word “Pizza” in any direction of any portion of the logo.

The 2-color logo follows the same rules as the corporate logo, but exists as a less formal version to be used on commercials and signage.

The single color variation is the dominantly used design for any screen printed materials, or for the need of a logo that would exist on anything other than a white background. This logo can be displayed in blue, and as a white knockout.

Logo Mark

Logo Type

Tagline Use

The logo mark can appear in its full color version if presented on a white background, and in the specified colors shown (as needed by the designer) over images, textures, or in any other situations that the designer deems fit to express the values of the brand. If the background color is the specified blue-hue of the campaign, the logo mark must be presented in white.

The logo type can be used in locations that do not have the room to support the vertical format of the single color logo variation, such as the sides of the product packaging. This variation, unlike all others, can also appear in black if not accompanied by the tagline.

The use of the tagline on the single color variation of the logo is always used unless the width of the logo is less than 1.5 in. in print, or 108px in a digital environment.

3.1 Logo Use

Merit ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Arial ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Arial- Narrow ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Arial- Black ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz



The slab serif developed in Italy in response to a perceived decreased standard in type-design started by the published works of Giambattista Bodoni five years after his death in 1813 (Loxely, 2006). Keeping with this expectation of typesetting for the category, and creating a less dramatic shift to the brands presence, is a tribute to the loyalists of the brand and the category to continue using a slab-serif face for the header type. The subtitle typeface of choice is Arial. The anatomy of the Arial face is of a sans-serif family with thin strokes and stems, and aesthetically does well with large amounts of kerning. All of these attributes play to the light visual weight to the type, which translates upon the emotional impression and fits with the original concept proposed in the moodboard.

3.2 Typefaces

C80 M59 Y38 K17

R74 G92 B114

Hex #4A5C72

C32 M31 Y70 K2

R171 G159 B106

Hex #AB9F6A

C23 R142 M100 G1 Y100 B18 K18 Hex #8E0112

C55 M38 Y89 K18

R115 G119 B68

Hex #737744

C15 M5 Y3 K0

R215 G225 B235

Hex #D7E1EB

Color Palette The color palate was chosen to be rooted in nature. Blue being the dominant color and expressing the credibility, dependability, and traditional aspects of the company. The other color of dominance in the presentation is a neutral tanish-yellow color. This color is to express a softness, and classicism to balance the potential authoritative look to the blue. (Eiseman, 2000) The first subordinate color choice is of a light blue so to keep with the thought of being natural while also appealing to the clean, and consistent nature of the product. The second of the subordinate colors is a green. This color was chosen to make a connection in the mind of the viewer to natural foliage, and thus making a statement once again, about the product that the brand serves. The last color that is occurring in this palette is of an accent color. This accent of red is being used for two major reasons: to allow for flexibility, and to keep the brands presence inline with what the audience is expecting out of there pizza experience due to generations of Italian culture.

3.3 Colors

Imagery The strategy for this directive is very much focused on the product, how it was grown, and the people that made that happen. Images of friends and families together, uniting in the goal of healthier living in a globally conscious and fun lifestyle, will help bridge the mental gap of the consumer to the benefit of the product.

3.4 Imagery

Section 4 Solutions


Instagram and Other Social Media

4.2 Website 4.3

Mobile Application


Commercial Series


New Media Ordering


Guerrilla Marketing Game

Social Media Instagram, as a social media platform, can demonstrate the brands values by showing the consumer what goes on behind the scenes, where and how their food is grown, and the lifestyle that the brand represents. Contests will be used to help the consumer interact with the brand by asking them to live up to the company values and post images of that lifestyle. Live feeds from both Instagram and Twitter will be hosted on the website, and facebook is used to advertise the other platforms.

4.1 Instagram and other Social Media

New Website Improving the website to clearly communicate the value proposition of the brand, and presenting the consumer with a variety of ways to interact with the brand will increase brand recognition and return users. Making up 30% of all pizza orders across the country, having a website is no longer an option but rather a standard.

4.2 Website

Mobile Application In addition to having the ability to order online, the mobile app provides information on where and how the ingredients were grown through the video series, as well as consumer testimonials on the philanthropic mission of the brand. Additionally, the app tracks the consumers points through the loyalty program, and even quantifies their contribution to the philanthropic mission. To display these materials for this project, pages will be made for the ordering process, video series page, loading page, and home page.

4.3 Mobile Application

Commercial Series Documentary Style Video Series on the social responsibility of how the food is grown and the efforts being used to reduce the carbon footprint of the farm and brand. The video will interview the farmers of each of the ingredients around the country. The series will also show the social media presence of the brand, while also directing the target market to the website.

4.4 Commercial Series

Build Your Own Pizza





Apple TV icon logo + tagline

Ordering The new methods of ordering work with Apple TV, Roku, Play Station councils, Xbox councils, and Blue-Ray players. The market most likely to interact with these devices are under the age of 44, and middle to lower class. From the device, the consumer has the ability to customize their order for delivery using their remote control and have it billed to the card on file.

4.5 New Media Ordering

Guerrilla Marketing Game The games are going to be in movie theaters, college campuses, airports, malls, grocery stores, and sports arenas. These are also where I would hope to add locations. When faced with the question as to which option of dining to choose, the game should provide some recognition of the brand in a fun way. Additionally, the game (if won) provides a voucher for a free slice, and a map from your location to the nearest restaurant.

4.6 Guerrilla Marketing Game

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5.2 Research

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