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Shouldn’t your son’s yeshiva prepare him for both?

Preparation for Torah life

Preparation for college and career

At Fasman Yeshiva High School, limudei kodesh go far beyond the Beis Midrash and classroom.

Of the Class of 2009, ten percent were National Merit Scholarship finalists, and five percent earned National Merit Scholarship Commendation. The class’ median ACT score was 26.8 (out of a maximum possible 35).

With boys whose backgrounds cover the Orthodox spectrum, from Jacksonville, Palo Alto, Minneapolis and Philadelphia (among a total of 21 cities) to our own Chicago area, our students learn Ahavas Yisrael by living it. “You make friends here from all over the place,” says an FYHS senior. “The beauty of this place is it’s not like one mold. People from all backgrounds and all places coming together – it’s a beautiful thing.” By visiting and volunteering for Yachad, conducting Melave Malkas for young men with special needs, packing Pesach packages for the poor, and collecting more than 60 tons of outgrown clothes in our Novick Bigdei Yisrael drive, FYHS students not only learn, but also live, chessed and tzedakkah. By joyously celebrating Yom HaAtzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim and studying conversational Ivrit for their three-year language requirement, they forge a connection with Israel by living it. Of course, the most important part of preparing for Torah life is what takes place in the classroom. There, what’s different about FYHS is not what we teach, but how we teach it – with extraordinary steps to make sure our students learn not only thoroughly, but also eagerly. FYHS students all learn the same Parshios, the same Nach, Gemara, Halachah and Hashkafah, but on multiple levels, from beginner shiur to advanced. This assures that no boy, regardless of background, regardless of skill level or previous exposure, ever feels in over his head. Placement testing before the start of freshman year determines each boy’s assignment, which is reviewed and adjusted as appropriate throughout the year.. Each class learns with the same Rebbe throughout each morning’s limudei kodesh program. With a student-teacher ratio of just 14:1, each Rebbe can get to really know, bond with, and support each boy in his shiur, helping him to achieve his very best. A recent graduate, from Chicago, agrees. “In all my days of going to school I was never excited, but at FYHS, every day I woke up eager to go to school. I loved shiur, loved all my Rabbis, and developed relationships with them that I think I’ll have forever.” “The Rabbis are phenomenal,” says a student from Denver. “This year, it’s a very difficult shiur, but the Rabbis really care, are on your side and make sure you succeed.” So does learning with students of Hebrew Theological College and our Bellows Kollel, who serve as chavrusas and role models. One measure of this success is how many FYHS graduates go on to further learning in Israeli Yeshivot such as Kerem B’Yavneh, Shaalvim, Yeshivat Hakotel, Netiv Aryeh, Beis Yisroel, Toras Moshe, Mercaz HaTorah, Derech Etz Chiam, Har Etzion, Ohr Yerushalayim, Tiferet Yerushalayim, and Torat Shraga.

FYHS graduates have earned admission to the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University– often with Advanced Placement credit for college work in biology, calculus, computer science, English, government policy, physics, United States history, and for coursework on campus at Hebrew Theological College. From college, they’ve gone on to become successful lawyers, pharmacists, doctors and dentists, to earn MBA degrees, and to earn doctorates in subjects from English to physical sciences. Fasman Yeshiva High School meets Illinois state educational requirements. But FYHS also exceeds those requirements in a way that many other schools do not. And that goes beyond our low, 14:1, student-teacher ratio. For example, each general studies subject, like our limudei kodesh shiurim, offers multiple tracks, geared to helping boys of different backgrounds learn at their own levels of understanding. This system assures that every boy at FYHS has every opportunity to go on to college. At the start of each school year, the nationally normed Explore Test and our own exclusive math test determine which track each freshman will follow. Our low student-teacher ratio allows classroom instruction to include all students, and English and math tutors are on hand throughout the day to help boys master the subject. Our 24-PC computer lab has its own LAN, printer, digital projector and filtered Internet connection for researching and preparing reports and assignments. Our 20-place science lab is equipped for biology, chemistry and physics. And throughout the year, students take part in organized physical education activities at our own softball, football and soccer fields, our lighted outdoor basketball court, our state-of-the-art fitness center, an on-campus gym, and the nearby Bernard Horwich Jewish Community Center. But there’s more to an FYHS education than academics. “You can’t just sit 13 hours a day learning, learning, learning,” the point guard of our varsity basketball team remarks, noting that FYHS “teaches you what you need to be a Jew, but you also have fun.” From bowling trips to ski trips to Shabbatons and Torah Bowl competitions, another student notes, “outside of class, there’s always something to do.” That something can include tennis, stock market club, chess, astronomy, debate, newspaper, music, self-defense, intramural football, softball, soccer and floor hockey, and both intramural and interschool basketball. The captain of our varsity basketball team sees interscholastic competition as something more than fun and games. “When I interact with people from other schools who aren’t necessarily Jewish, I have to represent the Jewish people,” he says. “They’re watching you, and if you act the right way, it’s a Kiddush Hashem.”

Shouldn’t your son’s yeshiva

prepare him for both? Fasman Yeshiva High School is part of the 10-acre Hebrew Theological College campus in Skokie, Illinois, a clean, safe, attractive Chicago suburb with a large Jewish population. The Administration Building, contains a large dining hall, auditoriums, library, dormitory and classrooms, infirmary, bookstore, student lounges, game room, computer center, and science lab. Students also learn in the Beis Midrash building’s large study hall, additional classrooms. auditoriums and lecture halls. Each dormitory room is completely furnished, offering ample work space, private washrooms and showers for each pair of rooms, resident dormitory counselors, and a Torah environment throughout. Torah Studies (taught on multiple levels) Torah – Chumash and commentaries Nach (Prophets and Writings) Gemara – a different masechta studied each year Halachah (Jewish law) Hashkafah (Jewish Thought and Ethics) Ivrit General Studies English – Standard/Honors/Advanced Placement Biology – Standard/Honors/Advanced Placement Chemistry – Standard/Honors Physics – Standard/Advanced Placement Algebra – Standard/Honors/Telescopic Geometry – Standard/Honors/Telescopic Algebra 2 – Standard/Honors Linear Algebra – Honors Pre-Calculus, Calculus – Advanced Placement U.S. Government & Politics – Advanced Placement World History U. S. History – Standard/Advanced Placement *Economics – Honors *Computer Applications *Computer Science – Advanced Placement *Elective

No student is ever turned away from the Fasman Yeshiva High School due to lack of funds. Varied scholarship and financial assistance plans make study accessible to qualified students.

7135 N. Carpenter Road, Skokie, IL 60077 (847) 982-2500 • Website: • E-mail: This brochure was made possible through a grant from Torah Umesorah Hebrew Theological College, a partner in serving our community, is supported by the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation.

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