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DEAN’S REPORT | 2011–2012


Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.


Our vision Think Globally. Lead Responsibly. To be an internationally recognized business and economics school for developing individuals who think globally and lead responsibly.

2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport


am delighted to share with you the many accomplishments that the School of Economics & Business Administration (SEBA) has achieved this past year.

We continue to strengthen our educational mission: to develop business and community leaders who embody global and responsible perspectives, a mission based upon 150 years of Saint Mary’s Catholic, Lasallian and liberal arts traditions and its dedication to social justice. With the above mission in mind, the school has revised and integrated global and responsible perspectives into the courses and curricula of its MBA and undergraduate programs. We have established endowed scholarships in global and responsible business to attract students who have shown a passion for, and leadership in, those areas. Our students have continued to conduct and deliver high-quality consulting projects for not-for-profit organizations to benefit people in such countries as the Philippines, India, Thailand, Rwanda and Kenya. Our faculty has published additional research that focuses on global and responsible business and economic issues, thus advancing the School’s vision of “Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.” You will see more accomplishments of our students, faculty and alumni in this report.

Zhan Li Dean


Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.


year in review 2011–2012


In October 2011,


Dr. Pehong Chen, chairman, CEO and

SEBA established a


Catholic and Lasallian Mission Fellowship to

The Center for Regional Economy hosted “Revolutions of the Arab

president of BroadVision, Inc.

further the understanding of SEBA

World,” a panel discussion that

spoke at the School of Economics

faculty and staff about Catholic

focused on the political, religious

& Business Administration

and Lasallian traditions and how

and economic impacts of the Arab

Executive Speaker Series.

to integrate them into business

Spring around the world.

and economic education and


The 2 Annual Saint nd

Mary’s College Global Economic Forum, titled

“The New Economic Reality: Competitiveness in an Interconnected and Interdependent World,” packed the San Francisco

the student experience. Holly


Dalton, director of admissions and recruitment, was the first

Heaps, Katherine Taylor and

attended the Institute for

Thanh Lan Lu for excellence in the

Administrators in Catholic Higher

pursuit of an accounting degree.

Education Seminar in July.

Commonwealth Club with over 140


China, Latin America and Europe.


SEBA entered a partnership with HSBC, one of the world’s


The Business Administration and Accounting departments

have redesigned their curricula to incorporate the best practices in the field, as well as global and responsible perspectives.

of CPAs honored students Terrence

recipient of this fellowship and

guests, who heard panelists from

The California Society

During the past year, SEBA alumni, students, faculty and friends

contributed more than 500 hours

largest banking and financial

of service to support local

services organizations, for a SEBA

communities in need.

faculty to participate in HSBC’s renowned Sustainability Leadership Program in Oxford, England.


Professor Linda Herkenhoff was selected to represent Saint Mary’s.

SEBA’s Elfenworks Center for the Study of Fiduciary Capitalism

organized “Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment,” a panel discussion featuring three top BlackRock executives.






2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport


SEBA established a chapter of Net Impact, an organization that


SEBA’s Trans-Global program was

inspires a new generation of

featured on a segment of

leaders to put their business skills

NBC’s “Bay Area Proud.” Visit:

to work for a better world.


SEBA presented awards for outstanding performance to the

following faculty and staff:


• Outstanding Staff Award:


the largest single gift for Graduate

Business education in Saint Mary’s history—$850,000 from William L’Heureux—allowing the school to offer a wide array of merit-based scholarships.


Salle Barcelona for their

which included a myriad of lectures and company tours to Chevron,

from such top Executive MBA

Goodwill, Cisco, Benziger Winery

programs as Cornell, Stanford,

and other companies.

discuss the rapid changes in


technology and its integration into

SEBA celebrated its 10 th Annual Graduate Business Golf & Bocce

Tournament at Diablo Country


As part of a partnership

Club in August 2012, with a

with top-ranked Beijing

record-breaking number of

University, SEBA sent a

participants and sponsors.

group of business students to Beijing to learn about business


practices in China, the country’s culture and its impact on the world.

SEBA welcomes five new full-time faculty members: Michael

Hadani, associate professor of

Andrew Ungs SEBA received

MBA students from La

which attracted leaders

EMBA programs nationwide.

Mike Leary

SEBA hosted Executive

EMBA Tech Conference,

• Outstanding Research Awards: Wares Karim Shyam Kamath

• Outstanding Lecturer Award:

nation by MBA Online.

two-week Bay Area study program

Kellogg and USC, who came to

Berna Aksu Mary Coe


MBA is ranked 25 th in the

SEBA hosted the second

• Outstanding Teaching Awards: Roy Allen George Papagiannis

• Outstanding Service Awards:


Executive MBA

The Hybrid Executive


management, Dean’s Distinguished

SEBA held its first Business Idea

Fellow; Kenji Klein, assistant

Competition in which

professor of management;

nine MBA students pitched to five

Kevin Okoeguale, assistant

seasoned investors from the

professor of finance, Trans-

Keiretsu Forum. MBA student

America Fellow; Wenting Pan,

Molly O’Kane, founder of JiTBaby,

assistant professor of operations

a service bringing families together

management; and Kim Clark,

to exchange merchandise for life’s

visiting assistant professor

little changes, won the top prize.

of management.





Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.


GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Helping Ugandan hospitals changes student and African lives

A firsthand experience in another culture is becoming essential for success in an increasingly shrinking world. It can also be life changing, as participants in Saint Mary’s Trans-Global Executive MBA (T-GEMBA) program have discovered through a project at two hospitals in Uganda. One of these hospitals, Holy Innocents Children’s Hospital,

to support both hospitals. Additionally, they recommended

sits on the edge of Mbarara, the nation’s second largest city.

such innovations as using technology to deliver medical

The other, Bwindi Community Hospital, serves the Batwa

consultations to remote patients and developing partnerships

pygmies, traditional hunters and gatherers. In the 1990s, the

with drug companies.

pygmies were displaced from their homes deep in the forest near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo

“We’re creating some very important recommendations

and Rwanda to protect a mountain gorilla habitat.

that can be implemented by people at the bottom of the economic pyramid,” says Linda Herkenhoff, T-GEMBA’s

The health care problems each hospital faces are different—

program director.

malaria, respiratory infections and dysentery among the urban children; tuberculosis, AIDS and alcoholism among the

“The experience helps students apply what they learn in the

pygmies—but the challenge for both is to stay in business.

classroom to real-world organizational situations. They’re

And that’s where Saint Mary’s T-GEMBA students stepped in.

not just showing up and visiting the site, but they complete a real-life case study, which gives them a better

“We’re creating some very important recommendations that can be implemented by people at the bottom of the economic pyramid.” — Linda Herkenhoff, T-GEMBA’s program director

understanding of what they’re doing and why.” Working with the project partners on the ground in Africa taught team member

They visited the hospitals and developed a business plan for

Hendrik Bartel that it’s not just about pouring money into a

them to become financially sustainable, establish operational

country through donations to organizations. “Structured help

excellence and increase the number of people who could be

is much more appreciated,” he says. “It helps them grow in a

served. The students also established a micro-insurance

way that they can self-direct where they need help, how they

plan to create affordable health care for poor patients and

would like to receive it and how that help should look.”


2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport

(top) Ugandan doctor attends to infant in intensive care ward. (bottom - left) Students listen to doctor discussing current challenges with the hospital‘s business models and daily operations. (bottom - right) Mother and daughter prepare to return home after a hospital stay. They most likely have a long journey home to their village. 5

Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.


BARRY ECKHOUSE Professor leads digital dash into the future

Professor of the Year Barry Eckhouse’s office is filled with the latest high-tech equipment, but he wears a windup watch and drives a ’56 Chevy. He spends his days on the frontiers of cyberspace, but his free time exploring the world of vintage fountain pens and the people who collect them. And his favorite fashion statement—a bow tie.


2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport

(opposite page) Professor Eckhouse’s communication skills extend well beyond the classroom. (left) His favorite mode of transport is a ’56 Chevy. (right) Eckhouse was named Saint Mary’s College Professor of the Year for the 2011–2012 academic year.

In some ways, Eckhouse may seem a bit old-fashioned,

As an extension of his leadership and industry knowledge,

but look beneath the surface and you’ll find an educational

Eckhouse created the EMBA Tech Conference in 2010 as the

innovator who is bringing emerging technologies and

first-ever event of its type. The two conferences held so far—

national attention to Saint Mary’s College.

the latest in April—have attracted leaders of the top MBA

His background in rhetoric, one of the original liberal arts, is a discipline that dates back more than 2,000 years but one

Soon after his appointment was announced, the Hybrid Executive MBA Program was ranked 25th in the nation by MBA Online.

that helps students understand 21st-century communication. “For the longest time,

programs, here and abroad, to discuss the rapid change

rhetoricians studied the influence of moving from oral

of technology and how it impacts Executive MBA education.

traditions to script and from script to print. With the advent of the Internet, they started to study the way people interact

Back on campus, he’s busy establishing an initiative in

with something comparatively new,” he says.

digital literacy and proficiency designed to help students excel in the digital world of business. It will begin in the

And it’s in this latest incarnation of the study of rhetoric

Hybrid Executive MBA program with a certification in digital

that Eckhouse is making his mark. He founded the Hybrid

media and spread throughout the school. “No other MBA

Executive MBA program, which combines online and on-site

program is considering this type of thing,” he says, keeping

instruction, and at the beginning of the year was named

SEBA on the cutting edge of tech education.

director of technology and online programs, a new SEBA position. Soon after his appointment was announced, the Hybrid Executive MBA program was ranked 25th in the nation by MBA Online.


Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.

Fulbright Scholar Jyoti Bachani returned to her native India and was hosted warmly by MDI Gurgaon, one of India’s top business schools.


2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport


jyoti bachani Fulbright scholar carries back lessons from India

After earning a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar award, Associate Professor Jyoti Bachani returned to her native India to see what she could learn from this rapidly developing nation that would help her students better understand how businesses in another culture operate in a global economy. She spent nine months at the Management Development

peace and friendship

Institute (MDI) in Gurgaon, a top business school on the

among nations through

outskirts of New Delhi, meeting with academics and

educational exchanges

executives from institutions around the nation, teaching

between the United States

workshops and examining Indian management techniques

and 155 countries.

in a variety of settings. Through her Fulbright These techniques range from “jugaad”—a traditional concept

experience, Bachani

whereby Indians solve seemingly insoluble problems by

saw a multitude of

making do with whatever tools and knowledge they have—

opportunities in the

to the strategic choices facing Indian companies and the way

world’s most populous

their managements put theories from elsewhere to work in a

democracy. “With a

local context.

rapidly growing middle class, an increasing level

Bachani authored two case studies, which will be presented

of disposable income,

at the 2012 North American Case Research Association

and a culture that aspires

Conference and used in her MBA classrooms. One study

for American brands and

focuses on Airworks, a 60-year-old family-owned company

products, India is a market

that maintains, repairs and overhauls aircraft. The other

that business students should pay close attention to both

looks at Sarthak, an organization that conducts employment

now and in the coming years,” she says. And she’s the one

training and placement for people with disabilities.

who can teach them how to do it.

Associate Professor Jyoti Bachani

Her research brings an emerging-economies perspective to management, and her work led to Bachani’s selection as editor-in-chief of the Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies collection. As one of 800 U.S. faculty members and professionals traveling abroad each year as part of the Fulbright Program, Bachani participated in a 60-year-old endeavor that promotes


Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.


2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport


Laycee Alves Class of 2012 valedictorian found Saint Mary’s a perfect fit

It’s not every student who can maintain a nearly perfect GPA while dealing with a mother battling ovarian cancer. But then not every student is Laycee Alves, an accounting major and the valedictorian of the class of 2012. Alves had choices when it came to college, but after four

being a tax preparer for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance in

years on campus she’s convinced that Saint Mary’s and

Oakland, she acted on her concern for others and compassion

the School of Economics & Business Administration

for struggling households.

offered opportunities she wouldn’t have had elsewhere. The financial aid, small classes and a chance to study a practical field leading to a viable career made her college experience exceptional.

“In business and accounting, you constantly have to learn to solve problems. By getting a chance to talk one-on-one with the professors, most of whom have been in the corporate world, you can learn how they did it.” — Laycee Alves

But above all else it was the professors and what she learned

Alves also credits part of her success to the alumni network.

from them that meant the most. “In business and accounting,

“Even within Deloitte (which has hired her as an auditor in

you constantly have to learn to solve problems. By getting a

the company’s Fresno office), the partners who came to

chance to talk one-on-one with the professors, most of whom

recruit were graduates of Saint Mary’s and really wanted to

have been in the corporate world, you can learn how they

hire Saint Mary’s accounting grads,” she says. “It’s a small

did it,” Alves says.

inclusive community and an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

And it was the faculty who came to her support after her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2011. “The professors told me that if I needed anything, they’d be there. It made me realize what a great place Saint Mary’s is and helped me make it through,” Alves says. Outside the classroom, Alves developed her leadership skills volunteering for the Academic Honor Council and as a tutor. Through

(left) As valedictorian, Laycee Alves had the honor of delivering a speech to the Class of 2012 at their graduation ceremony. (right) Alves with her parents at graduation.


Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.


alumni success MBA alumni discover success, give back

Earning a Saint Mary’s MBA not only gives students the knowledge they need to succeed in the business world, but also provides the skills required for ethical and responsible leadership, along with values that will guide them in their professional and personal lives. Just ask Eric Flowers MBA ’04 and Kristine Snow MBA ’90, graduates of the Executive MBA program and new members

“Saint Mary’s offered me the connective tissue to bring all the different aspects of business together—everything from strategic planning to dealing with day-to-day issues.” — Eric Flowers

of the School of Economics & Business Administration Dean’s Advisory Board. Flowers, president and CEO of Ramsell Corp., knew he needed more business knowledge to take over his family’s business. That business began as a drugstore and evolved into a 55-employee company that develops, implements and manages health and drug programs for underserved populations. He chose Saint Mary’s because of its reputation and the flexibility it gave him to work full time and spend 40 hours per month volunteering at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic. “Saint Mary’s offered me the connective tissue to bring all the different aspects of business together—everything from strategic planning to dealing with day-to-day issues,” Flowers says. “It helped broaden my field of view.” It also reinforced the value of helping others and giving back, and future Saint Mary’s students will benefit, thanks to a $50,000 scholarship fund Flowers is creating for African-American students.

In addition to serving as president and CEO of Oakland’s Ramsell Corp., Eric Flowers has devoted countless hours to the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic. 12

2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport

Kristine Snow, president of Cisco Capital, credits her Saint Mary’s Executive MBA education with giving her the knowledge and skills to rise through the corporate ranks. Although her undergraduate degree was in mechanical engineering and she began her career as a systems engineer, she wanted to work in sales. Her tech background and a Saint Mary’s Executive MBA helped move her in that direction and propel her career forward. Now she leads her company’s global captive finance business, which manages more than $8 billion in assets and has a presence in more than 96 countries.

“The EMBA program taught me how to develop a strategy and carry out the execution—to be able to come into a role and have the vision to build an organization or turn it around.” — Kristine Snow “The EMBA program taught me how to develop a strategy and carry out the execution—to be able to come into a role and have the vision to build an organization or turn it around,” Kristine says. “And it taught me the value of being a good citizen, a good employee and a good leader, and making the right choices based on the right principles.” Developing students with the knowledge and ability to lead change in an ethical manner is at the heart of the Executive

Saint Mary’s Executive MBA helped Kristine Snow as she rose through the ranks to become president of Cisco Capital.

MBA program, which is dedicated to helping people like Flowers and Snow make their mark in the business and nonprofit worlds.


Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.


Scholarships Rise in scholarships strengthens student body

With nearly $1 million in endowments raised during the past two years, the School of Economics & Business Administration has created a series of scholarships, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000, that will not only assist in attracting top-notch students, but also help the school carry out its vision to “Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.” The scholarships include awards for those committed to corporate social responsibility and who have demonstrated professional experience in a global setting. “We believe the scholarships will attract high-caliber

Paul Gaffney, president & CEO of AAA Northern California,

students to our school,” Dean Zhan Li says. “The benefit

Nevada and Utah, and member of the SEBA Dean’s Advisory

of the scholarship does not end with the one particular

Board, has encouraged his company to support the school’s

student who receives it; having high-caliber students in

diversity efforts with a

our classrooms means that the experiences and perspectives

new scholarship to be

of these students will enhance the educational environment

given to a graduate

for everyone.”

business student from a traditionally

Veterinary surgeon and Hybrid Executive MBA program

underrepresented minority

student Julie Smith is a scholarship recipient and, with her

background. According

exceptional academic and professional qualifications, serves

to Gaffney, Saint Mary’s

as an example of what these scholarships are set to achieve.

and AAA share similar

“I am impressed that Saint Mary’s has chosen to focus on

missions. “They’re both

bringing more women into the MBA program, and this

committed to diversity,

scholarship reflects that,” Smith says. “I am in a profession

they educate the

that is dominated by women, yet we still face lower pay for

community and have a

the same work and are underrepresented at the ownership

rich history originating in

and professional management level. I am proud to represent

San Francisco,” he says.

the continued work that needs to be done in elevating women to a truer equality in the workplace.”

“Saint Mary’s and AAA share similar missions. They’re both committed to diversity, they educate the community and have a rich history originating in San Francisco.” — Paul Gaffney


Paul Gaffney, president & CEO of AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah.

2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport


Career Gateway New professional development program key to student success

Preparing students for career success is paramount in the School of Economics & Business Administration. From a rapidly expanding internship program and a proactive career center to a new professional development initiative, the school provides the tools students need to thrive in an increasingly complex global economy. The new initiative, known as the Career Gateway Program

To further ensure a career head start, Saint Mary’s has

and launched in the 2012 fall semester, offers a series of

expanded its internship program with a 43 percent increase

workshops to undergraduates on topics ranging from

in the number of internships offered last year over the year

interviewing techniques and time management to résumé

before. Professor Mary Coe, coordinator of academic

writing and business etiquette. Students learn how to

advising and internships, makes sure it all happens.

negotiate salaries and develop job search strategies, among

“We encourage freshmen to get an early start on their résumé

many other skills. As they move through the program, they

and LinkedIn profile so that they will be ready to apply for

earn keys—10 per year—and will receive a certificate upon

the internship that would be a perfect fit for them,” she says.

successful completion at the end of senior year.

“One of the advantages of our school is our strong alumni network, which is very loyal in offering jobs and internships.”

“Career Gateway prepares students to be successful when they enter the workforce and progress through their careers,”

Students have been placed as interns at major corporations,

says Larisa Genin, associate dean of undergraduate programs

including Accenture, Apple, Armanino McKenna, AT&T, Bank

and accreditation. “It will make them polished, confident and

of America, Cisco, Clorox, Ernst & Young, Genentech, Google,

well-rounded individuals, and supplements our innovative

Kaiser Permanente, and SF Giants.

and vibrant curriculum.” One company, UBS Financial Services, has hired several Saint Mary’s students to work as interns in its Walnut Creek office. “Saint Mary’s students have shown to be professional in both dress and interpersonal behavior, and technologically competent in order to hit the ground running at UBS,” says Stephen McCashin, the company’s northern California complex director. And like the UBS interns, every SEBA student who takes advantage of the programs, internships and academic study the college has to offer can hit the ground running wherever they land. Whether it’s in their first job or throughout their career, a SEBA education provides students with the initial gateway to their chosen profession and the keys to their success. Senior Business Administration major Matthew Jaber, pursuing a finance internship with UBS. 15

Sch ool of Ec onomics & Bus ine s s A dm inis t rat i o n Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.


Responsible Leadership Responsible leadership training enriches student development

Teaching students to lead responsibly is not merely a catchy tagline but a cornerstone of a SEBA education. And during the past year, the school has increased its efforts to create responsible leaders through a newly redesigned curriculum and by offering real-life opportunities to apply lessons learned in class. As part of the new curriculum, the Professional MBA (PMBA)

I’ve done so far. You get to make a difference and can see

program has added courses in social entrepreneurship and

the impact of what you’ve done,” she says.

innovation, and features a professional development program that provides seminars on such topics as corporate social

The class had a big impact on others, too. “One of my

responsibility and responsible business leadership.

students decided to switch careers and work as a nonprofit consultant,” Lam says.

“It’s a great opportunity to apply theories and concepts, and they learn discipline, teamwork and responsibility.” — Eric Kolhede

SEBA’s undergraduate classes have consistently focused on bringing real-life case studies from the community into the classroom. For example, Professor Eric Kolhede’s Advanced Marketing class chose to consult for the Contra

Beginning in summer 2014, an overseas immersion with

Costa Chamber Orchestra. The undergraduate students

a responsible business perspective will be required for

conducted focus groups and formal surveys to recommend

the Professional MBA program, and Executive MBA students

that the organization segment its market and deliver different

may participate. The immersion will include exploration of a

messages to resonate with each group. “It’s a great opportunity

country or region’s culture and customs, and corporate visits

to apply theories and concepts, and they learn discipline,

to nonprofit organizations and base-of-pyramid enterprises

teamwork and responsibility,” he says.

operated by entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, opportunities to develop responsible leadership skills continue through practical experience in a variety of settings. In Professor Nancy Lam’s Managing and Leading Contemporary Organizations class, student teams focused on nonprofit organizations, consulting them on management issues to improve their operations. Ginger Sevilla MBA ’13 worked with Meals on Wheels in Walnut Creek. She and her team interviewed nearly every employee to determine solutions for some serious organizational problems that the nonprofit was facing. “The consulting project was one of the most valuable things


Executive MBA students visit the Amcor plant as part of their management consulting project with the bottle manufacturer.

2 0 1 1 – 20 1 2 Dea n’s R eport

School of Economics & Business Administration Dean’s Advisory Board Richard Bechtel

David Kenney

Director of Executive Search, Apple, Inc.

President, Westrux International

Jim Blackwell

Paul A. Larkins

Executive Vice President, Technology and Services, Chevron Corp.

President & CEO, SquareTwo Financial

Ginger Campbell

Jean Henri Lhuillier

Senior Vice President & Area Manager, Kaiser Permanente, Diablo Area

President, P.L. Lhuillier Group of Companies

David Chua

Vice President, Business Development, Chevron Corp.

President, Cathay Pacific Steel

Jay Pryor John Ryan

James “Jay” Como III

President, Brookfield Homes Bay Area

Managing Director, Cash Management Technology, TD Ameritrade

Ron Courtney

Anthony Scolini Managing Partner, Accenture

Chief Executive Officer, Courtney Enterprises, Inc.

Eric Flowers

Kristine Snow President, Cisco Capital

CEO and President, Ramsell Corp.

Darryl Sudduth

Mike Fox

Independent Board Member

President & CEO, Goodwill Industries of Silicon Valley

Craig F. Fourchy

Patricia Sueltz Independent Board Director, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

CEO, Ultra Gro, LLC

Bill Thomas

Robert Freed

Group Head HTS Sustainability, HSBC

CEO and President, SummerHill Homes

Paul Wible

Paul Gaffney

Senior Executive Vice President, Bank of the West

President & CEO, AAA of Northern California, Nevada and Utah

Wayne S. Hill

Song Woo President, Lighthouse Management Group

Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual

C o n n ect with us



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School of Economics & Business Administration Implementing Catholic, Lasallian and Liberal Arts Traditions in Business and Economic Education

US Postage


Oakland, CA Permit Nº 1788


Our mission Think Globally. Lead Responsibly.

Built upon the Lasallian, Catholic and Liberal Arts traditions of Saint Mary’s College, the School of Economics & Business Administration strives to develop business and community leaders with global and responsible perspectives. We prepare our graduates to be professionally skilled, culturally aware, socially responsible and ethically principled. As teachers, scholars and mentors, we offer students a rigorous, innovative and diverse learning experience by leveraging on our practice-relevant, pedagogical and discipline-based research.

School of Economics & Business Administration P.O Box 4230     Moraga, CA    94575-4230

Saint Mary's Dean's Report 2011–2012  

Highlights from the year at the Saint Mary's School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA), 2011-2012

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