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Alternative to bottled water + campaign for Dubai, UAE Jyotsna Lakhiani

Prototyping Senior Thesis Fall 2011 Paul Carlos

The UAE currently has the highest bottled water consumption per capita in the world

And according to the Globe-Net Market Reports: The UAE has one of the world’s highest levels of domestic waste. UAE: 725 kilos in Dubai per capita and USA: the average is 710 kilos per capita

Water: A basic necessity to which 1.1 billion people lack access to.The global water crisis is the leading cause of death and disease in the world, taking the lives of more than 14,000 people each day. Also, UAE is the largest per capita consumption of bottled water. Tap water is clean and safe to drink, yet people are dissuaded by the thought of it. Considering our high consumption of bottled water, we should consider drinking from the tap. People have a misconception that it is not fit for human consumption. Demand for bottled water in the UAE remains high despite the fact that tap water is desalinated, a process that consumes large amounts of energy, into a highly pure product. Where many parts of the world do not have access to clean water, other countries do not utilize their resources fully. I wish to create awareness about these issues by integrating messages in the urban landscape using my graphic art in Dubai in both interior and exterior space to target urban dwellers. Urban dwellers have access to water constantly and do not realize the scarcity of water in other parts of the world nor their high consumption in terms of production for example. They would also include ways to conserve water Using mediums that are non-related and that have to do with water flow but also water consumption, the messages would seek to suprise and inform the viewer to eventually take an action of conservation or suggest alternatives for water consumption. Using the city as my canvas, interior spaces and facts will combine to create the message. I wish to create a sustainable flask that would sell with tap water in it. The nozzle would allow to fit into the refilling station dispensers and use the bottle for life. These stations would continue in the streets, petrol pumps, supermarkets and gyms by creating refilling stations which have a filter. Along with spreading awareness, this system would be placed to encourage consumers in Dubai to reduce consumption of bottled water. With the right look and feel, I wish to change consumers opinions about bottled water, make them aware of how we can use our own tap water, and understand scarcity, a step forward to a more sustainable city. Parts to this campaign would include an motion information piece event to promote using tap water, stickers, website that would allow people to download posters/stickers to be part of the campaign too, iPhone app and purifying tablets


To resonate with pure water, freshness, natural spring and desert

Oasis Oasis Water Bar/Aqua Bar Oasis Flask/ Oasis Bottle/ Bottle for life Go to any water bar and refill your bottle for life


Experimenting with water droplets and arabian architectural elements

Ww w

oasis water bar bottle for life

aqua bar

oasis oasis oasis oasis oas s oasis oasis oasis oasis bottle for life

aqua bar


water bar



oasis oasis oasis oasis oasis oasis SS

aqua bar

bottle for life

bottle for life

aqua bar



A report by Food And Water Watch says that almost half of all bottled water is derived from tap water

The production of water bottles uses 17 million barrels of oil a year, and it takes three times the water to make the bottle as it does to fill it


Aluminum 2 layers, vacuum in between Recyclable and reusable

Recycling aluminum consumes 95 percent less energy than does producing aluminum from ore—and that means lower emissions associated with production of the metal

Mixture of plastic polypropylene & recyclable plastic OR

Aluminum Option

indent grip

Special plastic Option

information on keychain

Tips to conserve Opt for water coolers rather than buying bottled water – a 5 gallon bottle contains nearly 19 litres, meaning you will only use a fraction of the number of plastic bottles over the course of a year. Cover your pool in the summer. An uncovered pool loses up to 3,785 litres of water per month through evaporation. Create your own desert oasis and choose native plants for your back yard to cut down on the volumes needed for daily watering.

HYDRATION STATION Sensors & lights for night Visible water flow -stand alone- kiosque -tall - normal height - recessed into a wall - for home Possibilty of recycled water bottles part of station


visible water flow tall station

recessed into wall station

horizontal station


visible water flow glass bar/kiosque station



Nearly 1.1 billion people lack access to water


Guerilla-awareness & alternatives Posters- billboards, street stands

Millions of women spend several hours a day collecting water

Children play in areas saturated by raw sewage and take their drinking water from disease-ridden water sources

Some 250 to 500 mil lion mÂł of water gets drinking lost in man y mega citi each year. es Saving this amount co provide an uld additional people wit 1 0 to 20 million h drinking water in e ach mega city.

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Car washes are more efficient.

By replacing an old toilet with a low-volume model, you cut the amount of water your house uses by more than half to 8 gallons per day

(interior of bathroom cubicle)

Other medium ideas: aquarium helipad highway billboards recurrence streetpole flags mall floor building facade


Website iPhone app Motion Piece Stickers Event Purifying Tablets Posters for bottle for life - aqua bar system

Find your closest refilling station

Stickers, Buttons, T-shirts

Purifying tablets packaging

Go to any water bar and refill your bottle for life

Event to serve tap water



People want it to be simple, sleek, elegant People want information on the bottle People want display stands in supermarkets to have the information too Information on refilling station as well


Prototype of bottle Renders of refilling stations Logo finalize Finalize mediums for ads + messages Motion storyboard iPhone app wireframes Website wireframes Packaging ofpurifying tablets Promotional event - invitation and general setup Stickers Photos of current existing stations Explore recylced bottled water art

Demand for water from the UAE's growing population means that natural water sources are being depleted faster than their rate of replenishment. Sustainable, efficient and equitable urban water management has never been as important as in today’s world

Think outside the bottle

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Jyotsna Lakhiani  

Thesis Project. Awareness on water scarcity Alternative to water consumption