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Cloud File Server: Perfect Data Storage Solution

Manage Your Files Smartly The internet file server gives you the power to access, share and manage your files from anywhere on this world you happen to be! With the online file server in hand, you can stay protected from investing large amounts on expensive technologies and IT staff and operations management. This simple yet affordable technology simplifies the storage and management of all content whether it is a document, an image or an audio/video files, You can access them anywhere, anytime from your laptop, smart phone, Tablet, Internet café, or any other web enabled device! What Does A Hybrid Cloud Server Exactly Do? In simple words, the cloud file server can be viewed as the ultimate storage solution for every business regardless of its size! It delivers one secure, convenient, quick, reliable and of course affordable storage solution by addressing the three major business needs; online file storage, file sharing and collaboration, and computer backup. •

The cloud file server creates and organizes numerous layers of folders for all the content above one or many storage clouds and information silos.

You can easily store and instantly view the stored documents, videos,, PDFs, images and much more.

Because of the cross cloud in-built search engine in the web file server, you can easily and quickly find any file. You can further view and share them as well from your smart phone or the mobile device.

You can assign a backup to a primary cloud and keep your data backed up in another cloud for peace of mind and security.

Is The Online File Server Safe? Security is always of paramount concern in the Cloud and it is the one thing most users bring up as being concerned about. The SaaS storage cloud and on-premise are designed to be used over HTTPS (SSL) for encrypted data traffic from all devices, and also encrypt user passwords. The file information itself can be encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption using public/private key technology in which only the user will now the private key. On top of this the solution is integrated with GEO location software to track all upload and download locations as well as log IP addresses. The,

One can easily and securely integrate the business applications with the cloud storage appliances. The technology’s easy setup and affordability makes the hybrid cloud server the groundbreaking solution for small business data access. To learn more about how individual professionals, businesses and resellers and ISP’s have benefited using the Cloud File Server, visit SMEStorage at now, and specifically the Cloud File Server home page at: For more information contact at: SMEstorage Email Us @ 07092207207

Cloud File Server  
Cloud File Server  

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