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Number 1: Inspiration Number 2: Fun Number 3: Sight for sore eyes Number 4: A way with words Number 5: Honesty Number 6: Family Number 7: Luck

I’m writing this, mainly, because I am a gigantic tool. I was once told I’m too reactionary and I know it’s my worst fault: it caught me out again. Still, at least it’s made me reasonably good at apologising. I’ve not sure I’ve ever gone as far as to make someone a booklet before, though. Please don’t laugh at me, or it. It took me ages. Depth over distance every time I’m here, And this tree of ours may grow tall in the wood, But it’s the roots that will bind us here, To the ground. Depth over Distance was all I asked of you, And I may be foolish to fall as I do, Still this strength and the blindness you fear If you’re coming too. So hold on, Though we may be too young, To notice that we’re old

Number 1: Inspiration


lot could be said about the way Sarah Powell makes me feel and has, at certain moments, m a d e me feel. B u t she’s a l ways inspirational. She doesn’t believe it, but I learned a huge amount from watching how Sarah dealt with being head of student media. I’ve never seen a room of people who were so keen to work hard with each other or for one person on something like this, and it’s something I’ve tried to take into my work too. And away from work there isn’t a whole lot wrong with a person who can light up a room simply by being in it. I’ve never understood how she does it but she can really make me smile, and I don’t think I’m the only one who gets the same feeling. It sounds a bit crazy but I have occasionally really tried quite hard to impress her, which would be inspiring in itself had it not always just landed me in a load of bother. It’s the fact she’s worth trying hard for that I’m alluding to. It’s not about getting in her pants, it’s about interesting her, and keeping her interested. It’s a challenge! It’s quite simple; if you make her smile, then it’s a good day and you’ve done all you need to be happy for a while.

Number 2: Fun


od, she’s a lot of fun when she wants to be. I rarely laugh as often or as honestly as I did the night we went to see Friends With Benefits, or the cake debacle. God knows how she does it, because she isn’t funny at all... She does use the word ‘fun’ a lot as well, and that just makes any situation better. It always just seems to be an adventure. So much drama in everything she does makes life a lot more fun, really. We buy icing sugar like Ranulph Fiennes and drive to the cinema like Wacky bloody Races. Oh and she’s bloody good at kissing too.

3 Number 3: Sight for sore eyes

I could write an essay on the way she looks. In fact, as I wrote this, I gave a little sigh with attached smile. She takes a lot of pride in her appearance and much as I hugely respect that, she has

absolutely no need to. She doesn’t need to, she’s just straight up beautiful. From her eyes that always seem to be alive with something (even if it’s sometimes a negative something) right

to her feet, she’s more than any man ever could deserve. I’m not going to describe it all, because that’d be silly and I don’t fancy her anymore. But boy, oh boy, does she have a great bum.

fo Number 4: A way with words

I’m not sure I need to write much here. “What news of Rohan?” “It’s a good thing I just went for a wee, because otherwise I would just have weed on your floor.” Yeah, I needn’t write anything else.


Number 5: Honesty

Sometimes, I think Sarah has told me white lies so I get what I want to hear. But that’s not really the point. The point is that I like to think those days are gone and that if I ask a question, I’ll get the truth. Sometimes it’s brutal and sometimes it’s hard to read, but it’s there. On the flipside, I can trust her with anything. She knows most of my dark secrets and didn’t judge me for any of them, and there’s no greater quality to have than that. I could lie there and talk to her for hours and she’d soak it up and she’d listen to me and be supportive, or encouraging, or whatever I needed. And I like to think we’d still be friends afterwards.

six Number 6: Family

Seeing someone love their family so much really does have an effect on me. I just don’t have that and I love Sarah’s enthusiasm and passion for hers and it puts a smile on my face. It seems crazy but I actually enjoy her family album time. I joke that I’m subjected to it, but I’m kinda lying a little bit. And I’m gutted I haven’t been to

Burton yet. Maybe I’ll get to meet the mystical Carol one day. Also, there’s not many girls for whom ‘I love your sister’ is an acceptable comment, but Georg is great. I’m really happy I’ve met her, because I know that at some point during the day she’s gonna pop up and brighten my day a bit. Did you know...



Number 7: Luck

Every single minute that I spend with Sarah Powell, I am a lucky man. I’m not trying to be soppy, or romantic, or make some kind of stupid point, I’m serious. I’m lucky to have spent a small amount of time with her last year. I’m lucky to have got to know her a little better over the summer. I’m lucky to have been close to her, even if it was for a short time. I’m lucky to have held her. I’m lucky to have tried to support her, even if I’ve often failed. I’m unlucky I can’t turn her heart, but fuck it, I’m lucky to have had a shot. Most of all, I’m really really lucky she’s forgiving, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have even got to the stage where I’m affected enough by someone to write them a magazine. I’ve never felt like this before, I just don’t know what to... do with it. I guess she’s unlucky that it’s her!

Seven Reasons I'm Glad  
Seven Reasons I'm Glad  

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