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Spring 2012


The course focused on developing visual languages for the creativity commons. We have develop a wordmark, series of posters for the creativity commons for community scholar day, an exhibition on the community scholar day, and website design for the creativity commons.

DOT and PAPER exercises

This Exercise allowed us to get into our thinking cap on as the semester begins. We are using pure black dots to play with composition with placement and size. Paper exercise allowed us to play with paper’s texture and shapes. The paper exercise later became posters for the creativity commons.

DOTS Exercises

PAPER Exercises


Each student made wordmark designs for the Creativity Common. Every week, the choices are narrow down, and students will refine on the narrow down wordmarks until a Final wordmark is decided.

WORDMARK Exercises

Narrow down



reativity commons

The initial design for the wordmarks looked at different typefaces, weights, and compositions. The narrow down wordmarks are chosen for its clarity and simplicity. The final wordmark is chosen with the school committee, the students then refined the chosen to be the final wordmark.


The poster series are for the exhibition in the creativity commons at the Community Scholar Day. The poster background involved with paper excises that the class did. With the same method, the posters are narrow down each week and refined until 3 sets of posters are decided by the class.

POSTERS Initial design

The initial designs were looking at similar pattern and shapes to bring 4 different theme together, later the use of the paper exeresis is introduced for the poster’s background. The final poster series is chosen by the class.

POSTERS Developed Design

POSTERS Final Design


The class is spread into teams to create ideas for the exhibition. The process start from building models, create prototypes to real size model and layouts for the exhibition. The final exhibition included the best work from each team and was displayed during the community Scholar Day.

EXHIBITION Model & Mock up

Each team started with a model of the room and made designs for the space. Later the teams are combined into new teams with their strength to create new prototypes. My team placed a center pillar in the room along with the exhibition booklet to represent Lesley’s innovation spreading out to the walls of creativity common. T he Final prototype is made from each team are exhibited at the Community Scholar Day.


EXHIBITION Final Booklet


A website design for the creativity common where contain Lesley’s innovation, about the common, common’s events and cases. Design language from the exhibition is used for the website designs. The goal for the website is to expand Lesley’s innovation to students, faulities, parents, and anyone that is interested in the creativity common.

WEBSITE Initial Design

The challenge is to integrate thinking from the exhibition into the website. My ideas to communicate simplicity but also show the complexity of what’s happening in the creativity common.

WEBSITE Developed Design

WEBSITE Final Design

Visual Communication Junxiong Ye Spring 2012

Visual communication  

process for visual communication