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February 2013 Division 10 North / Region 13 Cali-Nev-Ha District / Issue 10

KE Y C LU B the turtle times february 2013

division 10 north / region 13 / cali-nev-ha district / issue 10

A Letter from the LTG CAN’T RESIST: A shot of LTG Jeffre y Xiong at Winter Board 2013.

Hello Division 10 North! We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the Key Club year. 4562 hours later, 3643 dollars fundraised later, here we are. It’s a time for transition. New officers are being elected, I’ve given birth to a baby girl, and DCON is quickly approaching. Save the tears for then - but for now, keep on serving your communities!

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We’ve gotten past finals, gotten past first semester, and - nearly - another Key Club year. So while my term is ending, I will continue to do my best to ensure that these last 2 months are memorable. Continue to sail with me through these waves of service. We’ve accomplished a lot, and there’s so much more yet to be done!

Love you all, Jeffrey

Message from the Editor Hello everyone! Happy February! Can you beeeelieve that DCON is just next month? This will be my first time going to DCON. I’m so so excited to see our entire district gather together, attend many workshops, and see who will be on the 2013-2014 Executive Board. And the Governor’s Ball of course!

THUNDERSTICKS: Proud to be a ninja turtle! (photo by Alex Hua ng)


Are you going to DCON? I hope so! Let’s show CNH how awesome D10N is!

Love, Christine

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ATTENTION Do you have any articles, photos, or any random Key Club related material you want to send it? Don’t hesitate! Email to xtine.situ@gmail. com for it to be in the next newsletter.

down to bees-ness / features February Sun M


































SAVE THE DATE! > Jan. 26th

January DCM

> February 23th LA Regional Food Bank 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. > February 24th Firecracker 5/10K Run 6 a.m. – 12 p.m. @ Chinatown > TBD Divisional Banquet


Rose Float Building


captions and visuals by Sonny An




1. FLOWER POWER: Man-Kit Tsay arranges flowers with careful precision, keeping count as he goes. 2. SIDE SWEEPER: Michael Ho will sweep you off your feet! 3. TRASH IS TREASURE: James Seto on trash duty, given the opportunity to display his fine, muscular arms. 4. SCISSOR WORK: Simon Chau enthusiastically cutting flowers for decoration! Yippie! 5. ARTSY: Annie Lu using tough-to-remove oasis glue and dried leaves to imitate snake scales.


CALL TO DCON Why are YOU going?

Why should YOU go?

DCON was such a great experience the first time around! I’m going because I wish to relive DCON and be surrounded by the great key clubbers of the CNH and just be in “Key Club mode” for a whole 3 days.

You should go to DCON because it’s such a great experience. The whole experience is so fun and you learn a lot about leadership and Key Club in general. It’s a really great time and you won’t regret it!

I’m a first timer yet to go to DCON to get my Key Club cray on (get it? G-Dragon reference holla) and meet fabulous key clubbers from across CaliNev-Ha. I’m also in it for the memories because I’ve heard so much positive feedback from those who went.

You should go to DCON so that our cute division will exhibit more strength in numbers (lawl) and to have a good time with those who love Key Club as much as you do.

- Jane Le

- Patricia San Pedro

I am going to DCON because of the amazing time i had last year. I got to spend final key club moments with our previous president and with our current president, as well with the other officers! I remember listening to Patrick Mower and he was such a great speaker. I really enjoyed all the workshops too. I’m going because of Jeffrey and food.

- Mariela Carrillo

- Jane Le

- Patricia San Pedro

YOU (yes you) should go to DCON because Jeffrey will be there You should also go because it’s an amazing opportunity to learn about what key club is about and have fun while doing so. You meet a lot of great people and form genuine friendships. Also, the food is really good there!

- Mariela Carrillo

Look forward to... I’m looking forward to riding the million waves of service at DCON! I’m excited to see Key Clubbers from all over the District and see the bright spirit and energy on everyone’s face!

- Jane Le

I’m looking forward to meeting new cray cray people who think like me at DCON, and to as well have a blast at the weekend I’ve been anticipating since I first became involved in Key Club.

- Patricia San Pedro

I’m looking forward to the installation of our LTG elects because they really are amazing people and i’m so happy for them! I’m also looking forward to the workshops because they really are informative and you get an opportunity to gain a new skill. I’m also looking forward to Jeffrey and food.

- Mariela Carrillo

features/fun stuff Feeding the Homeless @ Lake Ave Church San Marino Key Club members went to Lake Ave Church and served up a particularly special holiday turkey dinner to over 100 homeless people. Along with setting tables, bagging popcorn, and plating mashed potatoes, Key Clubbers sang Christmas carols like O Come All Ye Faithful and Silent Night. The singing was just a spur of the moment suggested by Than, the event organizer. We didn’t sound great, but it got everyone together and singing. When the ballads ended, the pastor shared a few words of thanks and invited everyone to share a moment of silence to respect those lost in the Connecticut school shooting. After everyone had finished eating, club members brought out Lake Ave Church’s special Christmas gifts: Jesus Bags, canvas bags holding basic clothing and toiletries for every homeless in attendance. Clubbers helped clean the dining hall as the dinner came to a close. Than and the other volunteers thanked us, and we left. Serving up a special Christmas dinner to the homeless was a fun and unique experience perfect for welcoming the holiday season.

fact of the month The theme is this year’s DCON is “A Million Waves of Service.” A Million Waves of Service was inspired by a metaphorical ripple effect that is started with one good act of service (i.e. Park Clean up, Can Food Drive, etc.) Each act of service done by proud volunteers will build this ripple effect to an eventual wave that spreads beyond the community. Inspiration is a KEY component to keep these volunteers hungry for bigger waves of service to surf on.

article by Alex Huang

CONTACT US > Jeffrey Xiong

Lietenant Governor

(626) 466-7618

Michelle Ho

Executive Assistant (626) 825-5613

Patricia Cridland – Region Adviser (909) 391-6244.

James Seto

Executive Assistant (626) 710-2842

Christine Situ

Newsletter/Tech Editor

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The Turtle Times (FEBRUARY 2013)  

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