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January 2013 Division 10 North / Region 13 Cali-Nev-Ha District / Issue 09

KE Y C LU B the turtle times january 2013

division 10 north / region 13 / cali-nev-ha district / issue 09

A Letter from the LTG Hello Ninja Turtles, Happy holidays! The year has gone by really quickly, and it has been amazing serving all of you. Just think, in a few weeks, it will be the New Year! Here’re some stats to keep track of what we’ve accomplished so far: 1. $600 for UNICEF* 2. $900 for PTP* 3. $1691 total funds raised 4. 1677 Hours of Service *approximate and not finalized

LISTEN TO ME: LTG Jeffrey Xiong in action! So COOL!

With that brings many new things, but many old things will stay the same. Take the time to be grateful for everything that you take for granted, and also reach out to people that have been close to you during this holiday season. Don’t be afraid of change, try and stick to those New Year’s resolutions, and enjoy the remainder of the year! I’ll see you around and I hope you continue to stay active in service. What you do truly does mean a lot. P.S. If you are reading this, then the world will most likely not have ended.

Love, Jeffrey

CONTENTS - - down to bees-ness - a letter from the LTG 01 message from the editor 01 save the date! 02

Message from the Editor

- - features - san marino car wash 02 feeding the homeless 03-04 november dcm 04

The world didn’t end!

- - fun stuff - holiday poll results 05 santa maze 06 fact of the month 06 contact us 06


Happy New Year’s everyone! My New Years Resolution is to maintain decent grades without being affected by senioritis. What are yours?

THUNDERSTICKS: Proud to be a ninja turtle! (photo by Alex Hua ng)

I hope to see you in future events! Keep on rocking and volunteering! Fun!

Love, Christine

down to bees-ness / features January Sun M 6




































article by Yoon Lee

> Jan. 12th > Jan. 19th > Jan. 26th

Conclave Region Winter Formal January DCM

> February 24th Firecracker 5/10K Run

captions and visuals by Sonny An

San Marino Car Wash The car wash at San Marino High School on December 8th was a revolutionary car wash. We, present Key Club members, were at a disadvantage: low supplies, insufficient number of workers, and most importantly, no “Car Wash” signs during critical moments. I remember it was roughly 4 P.M. when our allies had dropped off fresh supplies of paint and poster papers. I knew at this moment that God was watching over us, and victory would surely prevail. Without a moment of hesitation, I came up with a revolutionary idea! Instead of using paint brushes, I used my hands and fingers. I named this skill “Finger Painting.” Furthermore, as soon as I dispatched my poster, the amount of customers tripled in roughly less than an hour! It is believed that the SMHS car wash event was successful, because of Jeffrey’s eminent presence or Jason’s car washing skills. But I know for a fact that it was my poster that had brought us victory on that day.


1. LTG WASHING: LtG Jeffrey Xiong, setting an example for his fellow Key Clubbers. 2. RIDER: Jason Wang, equipped with his bike, begins an advertising expedition... 3. VOLUNTEERISM: Diane Huang utilizing effective techniques to dry cars. 4. 2 IS BETTER THAN 1: Flora Leung & Mariela Carrillo scrubbin’ automobiles under the afternoon sun. 5. POSTER CHILD: Yoon Lee makes a bold advertising statement by jaywalking through the street.




5 4

features ng

visuals by Alex Hua

features Feeding the Homeless


The holiday season is a time of breaks, sleep, Christmas music, and of course, giving back. One way Key Clubbers decided to help out this season was by attending the Lake Avenue Church’s Feeding the Homeless event, which takes place every Sunday in the Pasadena church. Many San Marino Key Clubbers bonded over their mutual love of volunteering and respect for those who are less fortunate. From 2 to 6 p.m., Key Clubbers first helped set up tables with cute forks and plates and cook delicious food! When the time came for people to eat, these volunteers scooped out heaps of food and poured drinks for them. Helping the homeless produced joyous feelings of happiness, for Key Clubbers know that the work they have done will impact the lives of everyday people. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding experiences one can ever have.

article by Alex Huang

1 2

Do you have any articles, photos, or any random Key Club related material you want to send it? Don’t hesitate! Email to for it to be in the next newsletter.

November DCM captions and visuals by Sonny An 1.LOST IN THOUGHT: All is not sound at Live Oak Park, to which Betty Wang is soon to realize. 2. BOSS: LtG Jeffrey Xiong flashes a brilliant smile as he announces the elimination of PTP in China. 3. SMILES: Mariela Carrillo, eager to help combat against PTP globally through local projects. 4. SWEET TREATS: Delicious brownies courtesy of Betty Wang! 5. CLOSE-UP: With a smirk on his face, Sheldon Choi proudly joins the league of Nikon users.


5 4

fun stuff Holiday Polls

What holiday activities do you enjoy?

In the spirit of the holiday season, Key Clubbers were polled on their favorite holiday happenings on the Division 10N Facebook group. Results are shown on these following graphs. Unsurprisingly, volunteering is one of the top holiday activities one would prefer to do this Christmas! This just goes to show how awesome D10N Key Clubbers are!

surveyed by Christine Situ

Which holiday foods do you like?

Which you would prefer this Christmas?

fun stuff fact of the month Key Club members interested in being a candidate for a District Officer Position (Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, or Technology Editor) or being endorsed by the district to run for an International Officer position (President, Vice President, or Trustee) should try to attend the Candidate Training Conference (CTC).

CONTACT US > Jeffrey Xiong

Lietenant Governor

(626) 466-7618

Michelle Ho

Executive Assistant (626) 825-5613

Patricia Cridland – Region Adviser (909) 391-6244.

James Seto

Executive Assistant (626) 710-2842

Christine Situ

Newsletter/Tech Editor

(626) 226-7775

The Turtle Times (JANUARY 2013)  

Division 10 North Newsletter for the month of January!

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