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You Need: 1 egg Two pieces of bacon chopped Butter Milk Salt and Pepper

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Melt a little butter in mug first. Then add egg, bacon, and a dash of milk to mug and whip with a fork. Microwave for 1-2 minutes and add salt and pepper and eat. mmmmm!

Student Voice Treat Tragedy. According to the Treat Tragedy construction journals of the architect Treat hall is a mysterious structure firm Jackson and Betts Treat hall is to the students of Johnson & Wales made mostly of stone the first University. Many people know the construction involving wood and nails did not occur until January 25, vague history of Treat Hall as the 1894. On this day the entire east wall Denver Women’s College back in 1909. On this 100th anniversary of the collapsed killing twenty four Buildings completion the gory back construction workers and wounding story to this mystifying building has seven others. It was a tragic day and when the financier James Robert been revealed. The construction of Treat Hall started Mandoval heard the news in 1889 and it took twenty years for it immediately cut his funding. Since this incident stories of to be completed. There are two reasons for this. First the architects paranormal activity have been spread Jackson and Betts lost funding and around . One incident involved a had to stop construction. The second Johnson & Wales employee who reason which very few people know walked into the basement and found shattered glass and a pool of blood on of is called the Treat Tragedy of the floor but no evidence of a person 1894, which is the reason the anywhere. There is also a rumor that architects lost funding. the last brick laid in treat hall Historically Denver is a cultural contained the ashes of Manuelito as hotspot for the Native American Community. The Navajos were very to get rid of the haunting. Many people believe Treat Hall is haunted populous in the area that today is Denver. According to the sketches of but until now no one has know why. Thomas Moran a western pioneer and artist the spot where the Denver Woman’s College was built was an old Native American cemetery. Back when the land was first decided to be constructed upon there was an appeal to the requested permit in City Hall. A Navajo War Chief of the name Manuelito went to the City of Denver and requested that the area not be built upon. The city denied his request and Manuelito was quoted by the 1888 Greely Post “ The day you hammer the fist nail will be the day I die and with me I will take many more.” The day Manuelito Died on January 25, 1894 which is the same day as the

Who Really Ever Listens to can get a Gyro melt which is top going on, going to happen, or on the recommendation list. If what did happen you go to Mom My mother always told me that you want an instant sugar rush Pete’s. It will probably end up go for the cinnamon rolls you that you will find out what you never go out after two in the will do before you go to Pete’s morning because nothing good will be able to replace any ever happens after two. This is addiction with these monsters. A tomorrow night. This is not the very true for almost anything, half pound of dough and frosting normal diner, but it has the atmosphere to fool you. Pete’s but the one and only exception makes the whole thing tastes like the center of the cinnamon Kitchen is the result of the to the rule is none other than Pete’s Kitchen. This diner that rolls your mom used to make. If insomnious late night eaters over you like a cup of coffee and are history seared with the Greek never sleeps is a Greek crazy sick of the normal over heated culture of the city of Denver to night instigator. Like there burnt cup of tar. Go here with a make some great food and an saying says Pete’s Kitchen is awesome destination for those “The best place to go after the waitress that calls you awake to try it. Just don’t call bars close” and this is the truth. sweetheart after she tops you off. This cup of coffee is Mom this late or she might freak On a Saturday night Pete’s is out and you will be spending filled with drunken bar hoppers, smooth, tasty and your mug college students, red eyed grave never seems empty. The best is you next few Saturday nights yard workers, clinically insane saved for last if you are looking back home. for a breakfast burrito that will street walkers, and the occasional transvestite. This is make your hunger commit suicide. Then hire the Burrito the only restaurant in Denver where the food tastes better after Supreme which is eggs bacon, gyros and all the meats they midnight. The food here is something your serve along with rice beans and all the things that boys like mom can’t cook. The menu topped with green or red chili covers all the essential diner food made to perfection mixed that floods the plate. Pete’s food with authentic Greek cuisine and is an addiction that after a long a dash of kick ass America. The night of partying just happens to Gyros are the spot light of this come scratching. historic Denver landmark. You If you want to find out what is

What to Do Tonight bad idea but if you head to 7th ave. it’s 10pm- Tea at Saint Marks is a cool place the safest neighborhood around. Its fun to chill and have a cup-a-tea 2019 E 17th when the moon is out. 11 pm- Hookahs: there are a lot of places 4am- Get your freak on! At least 30 to go and here is a few. minutes of exercise every day. Not recommended on 7th ave. Exhale is where you want to go if you want to hang out shoot some pool 4:30am- after you workout you might be and have fun. Check out there website hungry again. If you can make it for discounts and special events. Bad Jerusalem is open till 5am on Friday and news is it’s far away. 7575 W. Florida Saturday. The food is good good good. Ave 1890 E Evans Ave. If its past 6:30am head to Snooze AM eatery its Da Bomb Marrakech Café- its alright can for Breakfast food. 700 N Colorado be fun with a big group. Bumpin music Blvd. and packed on weekends. Not the best quality. 2266 South Colorado Boulevard GO TO BED Underground Hookah-Amazing hookah, but kind of dead on weekdays. Try Friday or Saturday. Big dance floor and good music. 67 West Floyd Ave 12pm- No Parties in Denver Cruise the streets of Boulder. Walk around the college and get together are everywhere 1am- Pete’s Kitchen is the best place in town to eat after midnight. If there is a line wait Mamas Dinner across the street is sketchy!!! 3am- Go for a walk: This sounds like a

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