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Social Entrepreneur A guide to your project


Key things to know! What is a social enterprise? A social enterprise is a business that trades for a social and/or environmental purpose. It will have a clear sense of its ‘social mission’: which means it will know what difference it is trying to make, who it aims to help, and how it plans to do it. A great example of this is TOMS Shoes: For every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. In this way, the business uses the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good.

What is the big picture of this unit/what are we being asked to do? In this unit you are being asked to work as part of an effective group to come up with your own idea of a social enterprise. This should be a realistic idea that 2

could potentially be implemented to improve something about your school or your community. To do this effectively you must complete two key items:1. A business plan – this will take a number of lessons to complete and will be stored online as an e-book. 2. A video application – This will be a professional video to identify your social cause, who and how it will make a difference, financial costs and why your idea should be considered for funding. Both of these items will be presented to the class. The best idea from each class will go forward to present in an awards ceremony at the end of the unit. The presentations will be to social entrepreneurs and investors from around the country as well as the entire year group.

So what now? You will now begin to look through the lessons and complete all tasks set. Remember, all work you are set is to help you achieve the best possible results – Your enterprise could be the one that really makes a difference! (Now wouldn’t that be something to write on your CV?!)


Social Entrepreneur - Key things to know  

A brief overview of year 9 enterprise - social entrepreneur unit.

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