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Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients ingested through our food are some of the most essential elements ensuring the well-being of our muscular system. Our muscles need to be well taken care of to ensure that they function efficiently. A balanced diet, a healthy mind, freedom from stress, together can all go a long way in keeping us healthy and helping us to build muscle power. Did you know that the heart is actually a muscle? It is the most important muscle in our entire body, running the circulatory system and keeping us alive! Muscles have a far greater role to fulfill than most of us would believe. Not only do they help us in lifting things and adding to the admirable physique of those who maintain a fit body, they are crucial to our everyday lives in a number of ways. Muscles provide support to our internal organs and are useful in helping us perform the most mundane of daily tasks such as sitting, walking, eating, controlling our bladder, etc. It is the work of a number of vitamin and mineral nutrients to keep our muscles in shape and help us build muscle power. Potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium are examples of some of the minerals helping our muscles function efficiently and build muscle power. They are essential in maintaining the ability of muscles to contract and relax with the least amount of friction and stress. They are important for the smooth functioning and well-being of the heart. But even if the heart is considered the most important muscle of the human body, we must not neglect our other muscles which also deserve the same level of attention as they can only work if they function as a group. Vitamin C is another very important nutrient for muscular health. It is essential for the formation of the structural connective tissues of our body, collagen and elastin. These tissues aid in the maintenance of muscle structure and aid us in building muscle power. Vitamin C takes care of the blood vessels supplying oxygen and nutrients essential to the proper working of the muscles too. The Vitamin B complex, important in so many other bodily processes as well, also has an important part to play in muscular health. Vitamin B deficiency gives rise to many muscle complications such as a loss of muscle coordination. These vitamins are also crucial due to their role in the formation of red blood cells required throughout the body. Ensuring that your muscles remain healthy and strong means you have to keep an eye on your diet. You should be consuming all the nutrients necessary for your muscles to function properly. Daily exercise is the other critical element in maintaining the strength and health of muscles. Exercise must form an important part in any attempt to build muscle power. It will help you get rid of excess flab and keep your body fit and trim. Exercise is not only beneficial to your appearance or your muscular strength, but it also affects your overall health positively and this is why it is such an important aspect of any health plan. But don't be in too much of a hurry to rush to your neighborhood gym and start pumping weights. This will cause you more harm than good. Start gradually. If you go from 0-50 pounds in one day, you muscles will suffer a lot of damage and you might not even be able to lift yourself out of bed the next morning. Don't be in such a rush to build muscle power, remember that the road to perfect health is not easy, but deciding to get there is a fantastic first step.

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How To Build Muscle Power  
How To Build Muscle Power  

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