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Office Manager Dana Robertson

The 2013 EPAC Oil & Gas Investor Showcase publication was produced by EPAC and JuneWarren-Nickle's Energy Group

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Profiles Birchcliff Energy Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Cequence Energy Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Crescent Point Energy Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Crew Energy Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Crown Point Energy Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12


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Hemisphere Energy Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Long Run Exploration Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 NAL Resources Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Paramount Resources Ltd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Petromanas Energy Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Pine Cliff Energy Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Raging River Exploration Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 RMP Energy Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Rock Energy Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Surge Energy Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Tallgrass Energy Corp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Trilogy Energy Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Yoho Resources Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

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Pajak Engineering has been providing engineering expertise, project management services, well-site supervision and peace of mind for our clients since 1966. We are committed to the training and qualification of the skilled consultants we represent, and are proud to work with many of Canada’s most respected operators.

The seven ARC Energy Funds represent $3.7 billion of capital and are focused exclusively on investment in the Canadian energy sector. Areas of investment encompass growth strategies to explore, acquire and develop crude oil, oil sands and natural gas reserves and production, and companies that provide supporting services and equipment.


Canada’s leading energy-focused private equity investor

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Managing your regulatory, to help you grow.

Providing the upstream and downstream petroleum sector with regulatory and safety products/services to allow companies to properly manage their regulatory affairs. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES - AUDITS, INSPECTIONS, APPLICATIONS & RELAXATIONS Corporate Emergency Response Plan (D071) Corporate Health andregulatory, Safety Manual Managing your to help you grow. Pipeline Inspections (D066) Pipeline Operations & Maintenance Procedures Manual & Integrity Plan (D066) Resource Applications (D065) Facility Inspections (Manual 001) Managing your regulatory, to help you grow. Managing your regulatory, to help you grow. Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring (D060) Upstream Oilfield Waste Management (D058)

Energy Development Applications (D056) Storage Requirements for Upstream Petroleum Industry (D055) Application Audit Responses Application Relaxations (D049, D017, D004) Injection and Disposal Well Applications (D051) Revised Program to Reduce Benzene Emissions from Glycol Dehydrators (D039) Drilling Rig Inspection (D036)

Service Rig Inspection (D037) Measurement and Accounting Reviews (D17) Suspension Requirements of Inactive Wells (D013) License Liability Rating (LLR) Program (D006 & 011) Regulatory Field Inspections Regulatory Training Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

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Managing your regulatory to help you grow.


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1060-717 7 Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 0Z3 P: 403.269.3454 F: 403.269.3636 E:

On behalf of the Board of Governors and members of EPAC, Canada’s Oil and Gas EntrepreneursTM, I invite you to attend our Oil & Gas Investor Showcase at Calgary’s Metropolitan Conference Centre on Wednesday, June 12, 2013. As Calgary’s only industry association–hosted investment conference, the Investor Showcase connects leading E&P companies with an audience of industry analysts, fund managers, investors, media and oil industry players in a first-class, neutral setting. EPAC is delighted to have the support of our presenting sponsor, KPMG, as well as all our valued sponsors who help us produce this key event on Calgary’s business calendar. The Investor Showcase commences at 9 a.m. with an opening keynote presentation by Mr. Josef Schachter, principal of Schachter Asset Management Inc. Mr. Schachter will provide his insight on issues and trends affecting your oil and gas investment decisions. Following the opening plenary session, the Investor Showcase kicks into gear with concurrent corporate presentations being delivered in either the lecture theatre or ballroom at the Metropolitan Conference Centre. EPAC’s Oil & Gas Investor Showcase is the only investment conference focused on the exploration and production sector this year in Calgary. We hope your attendance provides you with useful and timely information on the diverse investing opportunities in Canada’s oil and gas sector. We invite you to visit to get the latest presentation schedule and program details. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, June 12. Sincerely,

Gary C. Leach President EPAC, Canada’s Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs™

THE Explorers and Producers Association of Canada

Introduction and Session Sponsors

The Explorers and producers association of canada (Epac) represents a leading group of independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, from emerging juniors to mid-cap producers, that operate in canada, the united states and around the world. our member companies are key contributors to our nation’s oil and gas industry; they invest billions of dollars each year to find and develop conventional and unconventional resources while providing the north american market with secure, reliable energy. on behalf of our member companies, Epac advocates for sound government policy and regulatory and fiscal frameworks that promote a thriving and prosperous oil and gas industry.

AbOUT ThE EVEnT Epac’s investor showcase has become a key event on calgary’s business calendar. calgary’s only industry association–hosted investment conference, the investor showcase connects leading E&p companies with an audience of industry analysts, fund managers, investors, media and oil industry players in a first-class, neutral setting. The investor showcase commences at 9 a.m. with an opening keynote presentation on trends and issues affecting oil and gas investors. This year, the opening keynote guest speaker will be Josef schachter of schachter asset Management inc. following the opening plenary session, the investor showcase kicks into gear with concurrent corporate presentations being delivered in either the lecture theatre or

“Seems like regulations are increasing as fast as demand.” People who know Natural Resources, know BDO.


The Natural Resources Practice at BDO.

ballroom at the Metropolitan conference centre. To locate these rooms and the presentation you want to attend, you will find floor plans and a program guide at the event’s registration table. refreshments such as water, juice, coffee and soft drinks are available along with a selection of pastries in the second-level strand/Tivoli meeting room. in this location, you will also find corporate tables staffed by representatives of presenting companies, with individual print material from the presenters also available. CORPORATE PRESEnTATIOnS Each company at the showcase will give a 20-minute presentation about their plans and prospects. Each session will include a brief Q&a period if time permits.

As a proud supporter of EPAC, McMillan’s Energy Group provides nationally and internationally recognized Calgary-based energy expertise. For information on the services McMillan’s Energy Group can provide, please visit our website,, or contact Jeff Geib at

Operating at the center of multiple political debates, the industry faces unique challenges. BDO’s Natural Resources practice combines deep industry knowledge and technical experience to help you navigate this tumultuous landscape both at home and abroad. Our professionals provide swift resolution of technical issues and questions through partner-led client service teams and a global network spanning over 100 countries. Assurance | Accounting | Taxation | Advisory Services BDO Canada LLP, a Canadian limited liability partnership, is a member of BDO International Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, and forms part of the international BDO network of independent member firms. BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms.


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You can view a corporate profile of our presenting companies on our event website at KEYnOTE SPEAKER Epac is pleased to have Josef schachter, principal of schachter asset Management, deliver the opening keynote presentation. schachter asset Management provides oil and gas research coverage for small to mid-cap energy companies to Maison placements canada inc. for their institutional clients. schachter has over 40 years of experience in investment management. Before he set up his own investment advisory business, schachter was richardson Greenshields of canada ltd.’s market strategist from 1991-96 and was also its director and a member of its investment policy committee. He holds the

chartered financial analyst and certified Management accountant designations, and is a past chairman of the canadian council of financial analysts. schachter is a frequent guest on Business News Network. He is a frequent speaker at corporate and investor conferences such as the World outlook financial conference. He is regularly quoted in news and financial reporting publications, and was awarded Business Edge News Magazine’s stock picker of the Year in 2003, 2004 and 2007. ARChIVED WEbCAST OF PRESEnTATIOnS audio and slides from the keynote presentation and presenting company sessions can be found on our website ( at the end of the day on friday, June 14.

Building relationships, creating value

Contact: Scott Althen Junior Oil & Gas Leader 403 509 7490

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About EPAC The Explorers and producers association of canada (Epac) advocates on behalf of its member companies for sound government policy that promotes a thriving independent oil and gas sector. canada’s junior and midsized companies are a critical component of our nation’s oil and gas industry; they invest billions of dollars each year to find and develop new energy reserves, while providing the north american market with a secure, reliable energy source. Epac was founded in 1986 as the small Explorers and producers association of canada. Today, the association represents a wide spectrum of independent oil and gas companies, ranging from start-ups to junior and mid-sized producers that operate in canada, the united states and around the world. Most Epac member companies are engaged in conventional oil and gas production, but you will also find Epac companies among the leaders exploring for new reserves and applying innovative methods and technology in rapidly developing areas, such as the production of oil and gas from shale formations or in situ bitumen production. Epac’s core producer members are supported by a strong contingent of associate member companies supplying technology, products and services to the upstream oil and gas industry. our association’s mission is to: • advocate to governments, policy makers and regulators to ensure that the interests of our members are reflected in a fiscal and regulatory framework that encourages investment and supports a prosperous oil and gas industry; • communicate essential industry news, events and information to our members and communicate our association’s views and perspectives on oil and gas issues to the public, to community leaders and to the news media; and • Educate canadians about the important contribution the junior and mid-sized oil and gas producers make to ensure canada’s present and future energy 8 JUNE 2013 – EPAC OIL & GAS INVESTOR SHOWCASE

needs are met while creating jobs and investment in the communities where our members operate. bOARD OF GOVERnORS Epac’s board members are senior executives representing the full spectrum of our member companies, from small private producers to publicly traded independents. The members of the board are elected for oneyear terms by the membership at the association’s annual General Meeting. The members of the board meet 10 times a year to provide policy guidance and strategic direction to the president of the association on a wide range of issues—from government policy and regulation or royalties and taxation to the association’s own communication strategies. individual members of the board will, from time to time, chair board committees that address particular issues in detail and make recommendations to the full board. MEMbERShIP bEnEFITS our goal is to preserve and enhance the fiscal, regulatory and operating environment for our member companies and to help shape government policies, which will support a thriving and prosperous upstream oil and gas sector. our work is concentrated in the following areas: • Government relations: The key focus of Epac is to advocate on behalf of our member companies. Epac works with federal and provincial governments and regulators to develop public policy and a fiscal and regulatory framework that supports a thriving junior and mid-sized oil and gas sector. Epac meets regularly with federal and provincial cabinet ministers and other politicians, as well as senior bureaucrats and regulators, to ensure that the views and perspectives of our members are understood. We work collaboratively with other industry associations to advance the upstream oil and gas industry’s interests, and we act independently on issues that are uniquely vital to our members. • Public relations: Epac is proactive in our media approach and our policy is to respond promptly to media inquiries. our

goal is to assist the media in acquiring the facts and insight they need to present a balanced and accurate picture on issues affecting our sector. from time to time, Epac will engage in public speaking opportunities or contribute articles to publications that afford the opportunity to present our views to a wider audience. • Membership communications: Epac distributes a frequent newsletter by email to member companies, providing relevant information and events for junior and mid-sized oil and gas producers. Epac also publishes the Explorer magazine twice a year, in the fall/winter and spring/ summer. The Explorer examines issues and trends affecting canada’s junior and mid-sized oil and gas producers as well as companies that do business with our sector. Epac’s website provides relevant information about the business of oil and gas, from commodity prices and financial markets information to news items about Epac companies and government announcements. The members-only section of our website provides additional resources, including archived newsletters and Explorer magazine editions, our associate member’s products and services directory, Transportation of dangerous Goods permits and other member tools and information. • EPAC events: Epac’s signature event is the investor showcase. This event is held in downtown calgary in late spring. The showcase features a lineup of canada’s most dynamic junior and mid-sized oil and gas producers who present their plans and prospects to an audience of oil and gas analysts, investors and media. in March 2014, Epac will host its first annual Epac awards luncheon in collaboration with JuneWarren-nickle's Energy Group. Epac also hosts speaker series events that feature leading speakers on a variety of oil and gas topics. These events are great opportunities to network with other Epac members. Epac holds its annual General Meeting and members’ reception once a year.

• Reserves Assessment • Appraisals • Resource Assessment • Economic Forecasts

• Sensitivity Analysis • Reservoir Simulation • Petrophysical Evaluation • Mineable Tar Sand Evaluations

• SAGD and CSS Evaluations • Geological & Geophysical Studies • Unconventional Resource Assessments • Technical Training


Your Competitive Advantage


Our Professional Team

DeGolyer and MacNaughton Canada Limited Tel: 403.266.8680

Contact: Doug Christie - DALLAS • HOUSTON • CALGARY • MOSCOW

BV Land Corp. (BV Land) is a diverse land service company with over 50 years of combined expertise within the Peace River Region of Northeastern British Columbia and Northwestern Alberta. Our level of knowledge and experience within the BV Land team allows us to continue to provide our clients with the services they need to ensure their success. We can provide a multitude of services that will meet the needs of your company. In combination with our environmental team, we can provide complete and comprehensive land acquisition, consultation, and environmental services in the venues of agriculture, mining, oil and gas, and power.

Office: 250-785-6340 Fax: 250-785-6151

FSJ Cell: 250-261-1802 Calgary Cell: 403-860-9634


CORPORATE SUMMARY 2010 Average Production 2011 Average Production Q2/2012 Average Production Estimated Current Production 2012 Estimated Exit Production

13,079 boe/day 18,136 boe/day 22,039 boe/day 25,500+ boe/day 26,000 boe/day

CONTACT Suite 500, 630-4 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0J9 p: (403) 261-6401 f: (403) 261-6424 e:


CONTACT Suite 3100, 525-8 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 1G1 p: (403) 229-3050 f: (403) 229-0603 e:


Unconventional natural gas resource player Unconventional light oil resource player

Cequence Energy Ltd. is an exciting natural gas and oil resource play–focused company with current production of approximately 11,000 boe per day. In addition to its large inventory of prospects and exceptional Deep Basin expertise, Cequence’s financial strength provides flexibility to react to changing market conditions. Cequence will be strategic in executing its capital spending program in the current environment, and is well positioned to pursue a liquids-rich, gas-weighted resource play strategy in the Deep Basin.

Key Data Production—current


Shares outstanding


Market cap.

375 million

Gas weighting






























0 01


Crescent Point’s production



p: (403) 693-0020

Our activities in 2012 aligned with our overall strategy and have laid the groundwork for continued operational excellence, not to mention a portfolio depth that should allow for significant organic growth. We believe that the properties we acquired in 2012—be they consolidation acquisitions or our new Uinta Basin resource play—are all pieces of a much larger puzzle. We have assembled a strong portfolio with a mix of assets—all of them high-quality, large oil-in-place assets with plenty of upside potential. In the near-term, we plan to focus on organic production growth across all of these plays.


Head Office Suite 2800, 111-5 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3Y6

Production (boe/d)


In 2012, we continued to implement our long-standing business strategy of acquiring, developing and exploiting high-quality, large resource-in-place assets and managing our risk through our hedging program and the strength of our balance sheet. We were active on the acquisitions front, while continuing to both develop our core resource plays and to test and refine new concepts. We also bolstered our risk management program by building rail facilities in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and by increasing our oil shipments to other markets. By shipping oil via rail, we are able to hedge against volatile oil price differentials and we view such shipping as a growing component of our business.

Crew Energy Inc. (“Crew”) is a growth-oriented oil and natural gas producer, committed to the pursuit of sustainable per-share growth through a balanced mix of financially responsible exploration and development, complemented by strategic acquisitions. Crew’s activities are concentrated in Alberta, northeast British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and focus on the development and expansion of its core oil and liquids rich natural gas properties and exploration of its large undeveloped land base. Crew’s operations are divided into four main operating areas: Princess and Deep Basin in Alberta, Septimus in northeast British Columbia, and Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

Annual Production Growth (boe/d) 30,000 Oil & NGL Gas


Production per diluted share



250 22,452

R in e CAG ar 1 3 % t io n / s h uc prod


200 Sold 1,700 boe/d for $126 million









Production Per Diluted Share

Suite 800, 250-5 Street SW Calgary, AB T2P 0R4 p: (403) 266-2088 f: (403) 266-6259

Total Production (boe/d)


5,768 4,093

5,000 1,500




0 Sept 2003












CONTACT Suite 1600, 700-6 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0T8 p: (403) 232-1150 e:


e n e r g y c o r p o r at i o n

CONTACT 570-789 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6C 1H2 p: (604) 685-9255 e:


San Jorge Basin—el valle • Low risk multi-zone light oil • Q1 production 402 bbls/day • Reviewing viability of secondary recovery programs

PrOPerTy Overview Austral Basin—Tierra del Fuego • Low risk natural gas and oil development • 51,000 net ha. • 1,600 boe/d • New Gas Program price of $7.50/mcf • Development drilling to commence in Q3/2013 Neuquén Basin—Cerro de Los Leones • High reward conventional exploration • Vaca Muerta shale oil upside



• Canadian oil company with producing oil assets in Jenner, AB

PrOved PLuS PrOBABLe reServeS (Sproule at Dec. 31, 2012)

550 boe/d (94% oil and NGL)

(Jan. 1–9, 2013)

• Experienced management team (200+ horizontal wells)


• 100% success in drilling 11 horizontal oil wells in Jenner


(10 months ended Dec. 31, 2012)

• Building a low-risk drilling inventory on a large land base • Facility ownership, control operating costs

1,265.1 Mboe $37.33/boe ~53,000 net acres

AverAGe dAILy PrOduCTION 400



Oil & NGL



• Continue rapid growth through drilling and executing strategic acquisitions


• Focus on projects with most attractive economics to maximize funds flow


• 124,000 net acres—100% WI • 3D and 2D seismic shot in Q4/2012 • Seismic being interpreted to delineate drilling targets • Drilling commencement Q4/2013

Crown Point Energy Inc. (CWV-TSXV) is a junior international Oil and Gas Company with a strong cash flow, production and opportunity base in the three largest producing basins in Argentina. Growth is through low risk natural gas and oil development drilling combined with some highly focused high-reward exploration at Cerro de Los Leones in the Neuquén Basin. Crown Point is a natural gas weighted company and is leveraged to benefit from the $7.50 New Gas Price Program in Argentina on its Tierra del Fuego assets.

408 27





150 100



33 2


12 months ended Feb. 28, 2011


12 months ended Feb. 29, 2012

10 months ended Dec. 31, 2012


LGX Oil + Gas Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta–based junior oil and natural gas company engaged in the exploration and development of resource-type oil and natural gas opportunities primarily focused in southern Alberta. LGX is dedicated to delivering growth in reserves and production for its investors through land acquisition followed by exploration and development of its oil and gas resources. LGX’s management is a highly motivated and experienced group of petroleum industry professionals. With its extensive land holdings in the multi-zone southern Alberta Bakken fairway, LGX has the opportunities, the financial strength and the management team to build value for shareholders.

AlberTA bAsiN bAkkeN PlAy


• LGX owns 167,000 net acres on play fairway • Deep Basin tight oil resource play

Suite 4400, 525-8 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 1G1 p: (403) 441-2300 f: (403) 441-2017 e:

• Bakken oil system—Banff/Exshaw/Big Valley formations • Additional prospective light oil targets include the Second White Specks, Barons, Mannville and Nisku formations • Key 1979 Big Valley producer (10-30) adjacent to Joint Venture lands • Two operated Big Valley horizontal wells and one vertical well drilled to date; both were successful oil wells • Plans to drill two wells late summer 2013


The visiON

Core Areas

• Focus on operational efficiency and ingenuity • Maximize ‘bang for the buck’ with targeted capital spending • Maintain a reasonable balance sheet • Provide growth through development of tight oil and natural gas, strategic acquisitions and resource targeted exploration

CONTACT 400, 250-2nd Street SW Calgary, AB T2P 0C1 p: (403) 261-6012

• Create a strong, balanced, mid-cap oil and natural gas exploration company

average annual boe per day


• Current production of ~8,500 boe/d (60% oil) • Drilled 60+ wells from August 2011 to Q1/2013 • Waterflood upside potential • Estimated average OOIP of 6–8 MMbbl/ sec with 7–10 m pay

viking – Redwater • Current production ~4,500 boe/d (90% oil)

PROduCTiON 30,000

Montney – Normandville/ Girouxville

• Viking oil horizontal multi-frac/multilateral play

Natural Gas

Oil & Liquids

• 40,000 net acres (62 sections) of horizontally undeveloped land


• 68 wells planned in 2013

15,000 10,000 5,000







2013 (forecast)



HigHligHTs Demonstrated technical proficiency ENERGY LTD.

• Operational success in 2012 has set the stage for 2013 • Extensive inventory of high rate of return oil opportunities at Michichi and Lloydminster

Production (March 2013)

2,323 boe/d

2013 production guidance

2,400 boe/d

Exit production guidance

2,700 boe/d

Net undeveloped land

~147,000 acres

Reserves Proved (59% oil & NGL) Proved plus probable (61% oil & NGL)

6.49 MMboe


Balance sheet stability

1700, 500-4 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 2V6 p: (403) 384-0000 f: (403) 265-0073

• 2013 capital program capable of generating strong growth


• Non-core asset divestiture program underway


• Debt of $47 million drawn on $70 million bank line



11.95 MMboe


Combination of value and growth 1,000

• Significant discount to NAV


• Concentrated asset base with operated high working interests High-impact, low-risk oil assets

500 Gas




1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 c/1 an/1 eb/1 ar/1 pr/1 ay/1 un/1 Jul/1 ug/1 ep/1 ct/1 ov/1 ec/1 an/1 eb/1 ar/1 J F M A M J A S O N D J F M

NAL Resources Management Limited (the “Manager”) was established in 1990 and provides management services to NAL Resources Limited (“NAL Resources”), a private oil and gas company. The Manager previously provided management services to NAL Energy Corporation (TSX:NAE), which was managed by the Manager from 1996 until it was acquired by Pengrowth Energy Corporation, effective May 31, 2012.

CONTACT 600, 550-6 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0S2 p: (403) 294-3600

NAL Resources continues to own and operate over 18,000 boe per day of production in its core areas of southeastern and southwestern Saskatchewan, and central and northwestern Alberta. NAL Resources remains focused on its strategy of growing through the drill bit, and through corporate and property acquisitions, while also managing investments funds on behalf of third parties. With more than 250 dedicated team members working in Western Canada, NAL Resources brings expertise in all areas of finding, development and the management of oil and gas assets. NAL Resources and the Manager are both indirect wholly owned subsidiaries of Manulife Financial Corporation (TSX:MFC). 2013 Sales Volume Outlook (boe/d)

2013 Sales Volume Split by Product

2% 59%

36% 64%






Oil & Liquids

Natural Gas



• Strong production growth history, 98% crude oil production weighting

• Shares outstanding (basic/diluted)— 63.9 MM/69.0 MM

• Targeting new pools and increasing recovery factors in old fields

• Year end 2012 reserves – 1P: 5,579 mboe $83.9 MM PV 10% BTAX – 2P: 7,920 mboe $126.8 MM PV 10% BTAX

• Focused on low operating cost, high netback heavy oil production

• Credit facility—$52 MM

• Significant land and prospect inventory

• Net debt (Q1/2013)—$42 MM


• Current production estimate— 2,600 boe/d (98% heavy oil)

• Prospect inventory— 140 heavy oil locations

• Capital expenditures—$24 MM


Oil Base Gas Base


• Undeveloped heavy oil land— 33,988 net acres

2013 caPiTal PRoGRaM & Guidance


• Tax pools (Q1/2013)—$92 MM

asseT Base









• 2013 average production guidance— 2,700–2,800 boe/d






Production/Share (thousands) (boe per million weighted average shares)

600, 840-6 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3E5 p: (403) 209-5710 f: (403) 228-7992 e:

caPiTal sTRucTuRe

Production (boe/d)

Oil & Gas Corporation

Heavy oil focus


Paramount Resources Ltd. is an independent, intermediate publicly traded Canadian energy company. The Company explores for and develops upstream petroleum and natural gas prospects and pursues longer-term non-conventional exploration and predevelopment projects.

CONTACT 4700, Bankers Hall West 888-3 Street SW Calgary, AB T2P 5C5 p: (403) 290-3600 f: (403) 262-7994


The Company’s principal properties are located primarily in Alberta and British Columbia. These properties are divided into four Corporate Operating Units (COU) as follows: the Kaybob COU, which includes properties in West Central Alberta; the Grande Prairie COU, which includes properties in the Peace River Arch area of Alberta; the Southern COU, which includes properties in Southern Alberta; and the Northern COU, which includes properties in Northern Alberta and Northeast British Columbia. Strategic Investments include: (i) investments in other entities, including affiliates; (ii) investments in exploration and development stage assets, where there is no near-term expectation of production or revenue, but a longer-term value proposition based on spin-outs, dispositions, or future revenue generation, including oil sands and carbonate bitumen interests held by Paramount’s wholly owned subsidiary Cavalier Energy Inc. and prospective shale gas acreage; and (iii) drilling rigs owned by Paramount’s wholly owned subsidiary Fox Drilling Inc. Paramount has adapted to a multitude of operating climates over the past 34 years and continues to record sustainable growth in value for shareholders. JUNE 2013 – EPAC OIL & GAS INVESTOR SHOWCASE 15


Petromanas Energy Inc. (“Petromanas” or the “Company”) is a Calgary-headquartered international oil and gas company focused on the exploration and development of assets in Albania, France and Australia that possess world-class resource potential. The Company’s shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “PMI.” Petromanas, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, holds three Production Sharing Contracts (“PSCs”) with the Albanian government, two exploration permits in the Aquitaine basin of France and additional exploration acreage in the Canning basin of Australia. Under the terms of its exploration contracts, Petromanas holds in excess of 3.3 million gross acres (2.9 million net acres) of exploration lands, including 1 million acres in Australia, where it has been identified as the preferred bidder.

CONTACT Suite 1720, Life Plaza 734-7 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3P8 p: (403) 457-4400


Assembling a Portfolio of High-Return Assets for Long-Term Value Pine Cliff Energy is a public company engaged in the exploration, development and production of natural gas, crude oil and liquids. The company’s focus is on innovatively pursuing opportunities to acquire additional high‐impact assets for future growth.

CONTACT Suite 901, 1015-4 Street SW Calgary, AB T2R 1J4 p: (403) 269-2289 e:


Pine Cliff’s strong balance sheet and management team have positioned the company well to capitalize on its growth strategy and maximize value for shareholders.

Value experience energy





ContaCt 710, 400-5 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0L6 p: (403) 387-2950

Raging River Exploration Inc. is a junior oil and gas producer currently focusing on the Kindersley area of Saskatchewan. The experienced management of RRX has had a successful track record of building four previously successful oil and gas production companies including Wild Stream Exploration and Wild River Resources, both of which were sold to Crescent Point Energy Corp. RRX commenced active operations with the closing of an arrangement agreement with Crescent Point on March 15, 2012. The company’s shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol: RRX.

Company highlights: RRX currently controls 150 net sections of oil prone Viking lands • Quality of the drilling inventory is increasing • 1,300+ identified development drilling locations (10+ years of drilling) • Focused on oil only • One core area and one play allowing efficiencies and area expertise • EOR potential testing ongoing

2013 produCtion guidanCe: • Average production (95%) oil: 4,750 boe/d • Exit production (95%) oil: 5,600 boe/d


RMP Energy Inc. is a well-managed, junior oil and gas producer based in Western Canada. Its portfolio of high-quality assets is strategically positioned with solid growth potential. Its focused and experienced team has the capital and business acumen to manage its assets and deliver on its possibilities.

CONTACT 1200, 500-4 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 2V6 p: (403) 930-6300 e:

RMP’s oil and gas exploration and production base is West Central Alberta's Ante Creek, Waskahigan, Grizzly, Kaybob and Pine Creek areas. It has also established land positions in Alberta's Ricinus area, as well as Big Muddy in S.E. Saskatchewan. RMP's current focus is a significant light oil resource drilling program at Ante Creek and Waskahigan. During the first quarter ended March 31, 2013, RMP produced 6,727 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), weighted 55% light oil and NGLs. RMP's leadership team possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge involving operating large and small capitalized petroleum companies. Its common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "RMP". STrONg PrOduCTiON grOwTh: SigNifiCANTly iNCreASed lighT Oil weighTiNg



Rock is a growth-oriented Western Canadian energy producer that is focused on building a portfolio of oil and natural gas producing assets with predictable cash flow. Rock’s current assets are primarily heavy oil properties in the Plains area and Southwest Saskatchewan. During the first quarter of 2013, Rock’s average daily production exceeded 3,200 boe per day.

ROCk’s COmpeTiTive sTReNgThs iNClude:

gROwTh sTRATegies: • Utilize the existing asset base as a foundation of production and cash flow to finance the growth of the company

• Clean balance sheet with minimal debt

CONTACT Suite 800, 607-8 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0A7 p: (403) 218-4380

• Strong foundation of oil production (85%) and cash flow

• Deploy proven technologies early in the life of Rock’s current producing fields to add value by improving recovery factors and lowering decline rates

• An asset base that is amenable to the application of secondary and tertiary recovery techniques aimed at extending reserve life, lowering decline rates, and improving recovery factors • New pool discovery at Mantario that has the potential to double the Company’s reserves • Approximately 90,000 acres of undeveloped land with numerous exploration leads we’Re gROwiNg Boe/d


• Discover or acquire new pools that have significant oil-in-place, and are amenable to the application of enhanced recovery techniques • Build a suite of assets that can provide a solid platform of predictable cash flow with a long reserve life and low decline rates

Q2/2012 Q3/2012 Q4/2012 Q1/2013 Q2/2013 Q3/2013 Q4/2013 2,159 2,242 2,678 3,200 Forecast Forecast Forecast 2,900 3,300 3,400

In just three years, Surge has assembled a high quality, light and medium gravity crude oil asset base. The Company has approximately 90 percent of its assets located in three key producing assets in the Valhalla, Nipisi and Silver areas of Alberta. These core operated assets are characterized by large DPIIP reservoirs with low recovery factors, and significant upside from infill and step-out development drilling and successful water flood implementation. Surge management has delivered excellent per share growth in reserves, production and cash flow each year of the Company’s existence on a cost effective basis. Surge’s 2012 year-end independent engineering report (effective December 31, 2012) provides an estimated net asset value of $8.21 per basic share for its Proved plus Probable (“P+P”) reserves. Surge recently announced changes to its business model, which include the following principles:


• Target growth in reserves, production and cash flow per share;

2100, 635-8 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3M3 p: (403) 930-1010 f: (403) 930-1011

• Focus on lower risk infill and step-out development drilling opportunities and waterflood activities, on the Company’s existing crude oil assets;

• Opportunistically identify and acquire high quality, large DPIIP light and medium gravity crude oil assets with low recovery factors;




• Continue to utilize current up-to-date technology to drill and exploit the Company’s assets and increase recovery factors;


• Utilize hedging techniques to lock-in cash flow to fund capital expenditures;




• Aggressively manage and protect the Company’s balance sheet; and • Aggressively manage the Company’s cash costs and its 2012 general and administrative costs per boe.


Additionally, Surge’s Board and management are considering a strategic conversion to a moderate growth/dividend business model.











CONTACT Suite 1540, 700-6 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0T8 p: (403) 262-0315

Tallgrass Energy Corp. (“Tallgrass” or the “Company”) is a 525 boe per day (>70% oil & NGL) producer focused on light oil in its core area: the Bigoray-Niton area of Alberta. Tallgrass is opportunity rich, having identified 66 potential drill locations in its core, of which only 7 have been booked to its reserve report. The Company has licensed two wells and is in the process of licensing two more. Tallgrass has developed a 3 year plan to build to 3,000 boe per day using only 38 wells of its inventory, which the Company is planning on building through more identified opportunities. Tallgrass produces from and has opportunities in the Cardium, Belly River, Nisku, Pekisko, Ellerslie and other formations.

Tallgrass is land rich, is rationalizing its portfolio and intends to monetize its non-core assets, which consist of: 120 sections of Duvernay rights in the east shale basin, which also have some interesting conventional plays in the same land base; 134 sections of Nordegg (plus some Montney rights); East Central Alberta operations producing about 115 boe per day; and 27 sections of Bakken rights in the Coleville-Dodsland area of Saskatchewan.

Tallgrass has 23.7 million shares outstanding and trades on the TSXV under the symbol TLC.


CONTACT 1400, 332-6 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 0B2 p: (403) 290-2900 f: (403) 263-8915


Since converting from a Trust to a growth-oriented energy Corporation in February 2010, Trilogy is anticipating that its production will increase from 19,780 Boe/d (80% natural gas) in 2009 to an estimated 40,000– 42,000 Boe/d (46% liquids) in 2013. Trilogy’s geographically concentrated assets are primarily high working interest, lowerdecline properties that provide abundant low-risk infill drilling opportunities and good access to pipelines and processing facilities, many of which are operated and controlled by Trilogy. The Company has significant resources in its current Montney oil and gas properties, as well as extensive exposure to the emerging Duvernay shale play. Advances made in horizontal drilling and completion techniques have provided Trilogy with the opportunity to exploit additional tight oil and gas reservoirs on its acreage at attractive finding and development costs.

Trilogy plans to continue its strategy of capitalizing its core assets, focusing on tight and unconventional reservoirs where horizontal technology can be used to add low-cost reserves and grow production efficiently. 2013 Forecast Production 11%



Natural Gas: 126 MMcf/d Oil:

14,485 Bbl/d


4,493 Bbl/d 40,000 Boe/d



Yoho Resources Inc. is a Calgary-based oil and gas exploration company operating within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin focusing its activity on two areas: west central Alberta and northeastern British Columbia.

CONTACT Suite 500, 521-3 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3T3 p: (403) 537-1771

KAybOb DuverNAy


Yoho now has eight horizontal wells producing from the Duvernay at Kaybob. Results from these wells confirm Yoho’s expectations that the Duvernay would be a liquids-rich, world-class resource play with excellent reservoir parameters. Economics for this play look very positive due to the high condensate and liquids content of the gas, along with a favourable Crown royalty structure. Yoho now holds interest in 57 sections (21.75 net) located in the thickest and some of the best quality reservoir of the Duvernay, yielding 60 to 160 barrels of liquids per MMcf.

Yoho currently holds 100% interest in 29 gas spacing units that are prospective for both the Upper and Lower Montney. Yoho has two horizontal wells at Nig on production. Horizontal development drilling will be utilized to efficiently extract liquids-rich over pressured tight gas from a 35 to 55 metre thick Upper Montney section at depths approximating 1,500 metres below surface. Additional upside exists in the Lower Montney as well.


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Resettable frac isolation on coiled tubing + Grip/ShiftTM sleeves

The unique resettable frac plug grips and shifts the sliding sleeve and isolates the frac zone.

Frac ports

Plug-and-perf and ball-actuated sleeves are brute force frac methods that bullhead fluids and sand down the casing with no feedback about formation response, no recourse in the event of a screen-out, and no way to manage water and chemicals usage. Both methods limit the number of stages and usually require post-completion drill-out of composite plugs or ball seats.

the coiled tubing/casing annulus; smaller, low-rate fracs can be pumped through the coiled tubing.

The Multistage Unlimited system overcomes those limitations and drawbacks using coiled tubing as a work string and circulation path to the frac zone.

• reduce water and chemicals requirements up to 50%

Fast frac isolation, mechanical sleeve shift The work string operates the Multistage Unlimited resettable frac plug, a dual-function tool that 1) isolates frac zones and 2) grips and shifts the sleeves. With no pump-down plugs and sleeve-shifting balls, time between fracs is only about 5 minutes. Large-volume, high-rate fracs are pumped down

Circulation path adds capabilities The circulation capability allows operators to: • monitor actual frac-zone pressure for better control of sand placement • recover quickly from screenouts by circulating excess sand out of the well • use sand-jet perforating to add stages in blank casing, without tripping out of the hole It all adds up to unlimited stages and spacing, streamlined frac operations, better frac control, lower-cost completions, less environmental impact, and no drillouts. Call, email, or visit our website for more information. Canada: 403.969.6474 US: 281.453.2222 ©2012, NCS Energy Services, Inc. All rights reserved. Multistage Unlimited, Grip/Shift and “Leave nothing behind.”are trademarks of NCS Energy Services, Inc. Patents pending.

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