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Stay Competitive! Stand Out! your advertising message reaches over 2,000 print

readers and over 28,000 unique website visitors a year. they


use the canadian oil register

Whether your advertising message is in the book, on the web or both, it sells for you 365 days a year—always keeping potential customers aware of your products and services. They use the Canadian Oil Register to find the information they need. Will they find you?

to find the information they need. will they find you?

Comprehensive corporate information for:



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Companies , Geological

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Data Proces

tractors, Pipeline Con ricator Engineers, Construction & Fab , Designers s

ntal Service



& Investm Financial


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Oil & Gas Producers, Explorers & Developers Service & Supply Companies Consultants – Engineering, Geological & Geophysical Consulting Services Data Processors/Software Developers Engineers, Pipeline Contractors, Designers Construction & Fabricators Environmental Services Financial & Investment Geophysical Data Brokers & Contractors Lease Brokers & Land Agents Manufacturers Oilwell Drilling Contractors Oilwell Servicing Pipeline Companies & Power Distributors Petrochemical Producers – Refiners, Processors, Marketers & Plant Operators Transportation and Oilfield Construction Companies Government Departments & Agencies Associations & Foundations


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Who’s Wh



Every business needs great tools to ensure great performance in marketing, sales and business development. That’s why the best tool for reaching your target market in the dynamic Canadian oil and gas industry is the Canadian Oil Register.

For over 60 years, we’ve done the research for you and brought together key oil and gas information into one handy reference tool. The Canadian Oil Register is designed to provide fast, direct access to comprehensive listings of more than 2,500

companies (more online) and over 10,000 key personnel (more online) participating directly or indirectly in Canada’s energy industry. Published annually, the new print edition of the Canadian Oil Register is released each September.

Company Information Includes

Special Features

• Key personnel names and titles

• Canadian Geographic Index • International Geographic Index • Managers and Acquisitions Index • Products and Services listings • Who’s Who section

• Operational and financial summaries • Addresses for head office, branch and operational locations • Contact information including corporate email and website

who uses the canadian



of Canadian Oil Register users use the book for research. An average of four people access each printed copy of the Canadian Oil Register.

oil register?

Who uses the Canadian Oil Register? BY OCCUPATION 5.3% 6.0% 19.2% 6.0%

70% 75%



of Canadian Oil Register users have been using the product for three or more years.

of users report using the Canadian Oil Register a minimum of once a month.

19.9% 15.2% 9.3% 19.2%


80% 85%



of users report a household income of $70,000 or more.

of users report being satisfied with

Subscribe Today! Every subscription includes a print and online version of the Canadian Oil Register! $349 plus shipping, handling and taxes To order or for more information contact: phone: 1.800.387.2446 email: Or order online:

Human Resources Analyst Sales/Marketing Professional (Engineer, Geoscientist, etc.) Senior Management/Executive Management Business Owner Other

Source: Publisher’s own data gathered in Q2 2010 through independent user surveys.

14.3% 3.2% 7.8% 3.2% 7.8% 8.4% 14.3% 4.5% 4.5% 7.1% 24.7%

Oil and Gas Producer Oilwell Drilling Contractor Oilwell Servicing Construction Financial/Investing Sales/Marketing Consultancy Retail/Distribution Government Manufacturing All Other Responses

Through effective print and online distribution, canadian oil register is delivered to thousands of readers and users annually.

THE Online Advantage A great complement to the print edition, is updated daily and comes complete with several product enhancements. Subscribers to the online edition of the Canadian Oil Register rely on the website for a unique combination of corporate information and oilpatch news, including: • Searchable in-depth corporate profiles • Weekly industry newsletter • Company mergers and acquisitions • Quarterly snapshot of explorer and producer activity

Get a

free online ad with your purchase of a print ad!

• Operational statistics and financial summaries receives over 130,000 page views and 28,000 unique visitors per year.

ONLINE ADVERTISING RATES AND OPTIONS Whether purchasing a stand-alone online ad, or making the most of your advertising dollar and purchasing a print/online bundle, you can take advantage of cost-effective banner advertising opportunities! Increase your revenue, drive traffic to your website and reinforce your company’s position in the energy industry through this effective advertising channel.

Online bonus PRINT AD Home Page your free Online Ad Cover page

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Online rates and print/online bundles Our online advertising is an affordable, effective way to increase your market presence and reach clients. With four different options, you can customize your online presence to meet your needs, or take advantage of our new print/online bundles for maximum savings.


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$280 annually or complimentary with the purchase of a cover page

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$720 annually or complimentary with the purchase of a tab page ad

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$240 annually or complimentary with the purchase of a display ad that is a 1/4 page or larger


2. 2.

3. 3. 4.


$360 annually or complimentary with the purchase of a cover page, tab page, full page, 2/3 page, island or 1/2 page ad

Dimensions 120(w) x 60(h) pixels File format: GIF or SWF Maximum file size: 100 KB Dimensions 468(w) x 60(h) pixels File format: GIF or SWF Maximum file size: 100 KB Dimensions 468(w) x 60(h) pixels File format: GIF or SWF Maximum file size: 100 KB Dimensions 234(w) x 60(h) pixels File format: GIF or SWF Maximum file size: 100 KB

RAT E CARD Agency commission & cash discounts Recognized agencies receive a 15% discount on gross advertising and colour costs. Complete artwork and full payment must be received within 30 days to qualify.

ad submission & specifications For advertising design specifications, please contact our Ad Traffic Coordinator at 780.944.9333, call toll free at 1.800.563.2946 or email production@ Please note: Advertising material deadlines are two business days after advertising sales close unless otherwise stated.

design services

Advertising design and proofing services are complimentary up to 3.5 hours, with revisions limited to two per advertising order. All additional design and proofing time is charged at a rate of $125 per hour. Please note: Our Display Advertising Guidelines are available for download at

Complimentary Subscription for all Advertisers! Receive your FREE copy of the 2012-2013 Canadian Oil Register print and online edition ($349 value) with the purchase of your advertisement!

Edmonton 6111 – 91 Street NW Edmonton, AB T6E 6V6 tel: 780.944.9333 | fax: 780.944.9500 toll free: 1.800.563.2946

Calgary 2nd Floor, 816 – 55 Avenue NE Calgary, AB T2E 6Y4 tel: 403.209.3500 | fax: 403.245.8666 toll free: 1.800.387.2446 JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group is owned by Glacier Media Inc.

Rates effective September 1, 2011, for advertising in 2012.

Display Advertising B & W Full page $2,950 2/3 v or h 2,550 Island 2,300 1/2 h 1,950 1/3 v or h 1,420 1/4 h 1,150 1/6 h 975 Oversized business card 700 Preferred & Special Placement Outside back cover Inside front or back cover 2-sided tab title pages (full colour)

Ad Close: June 1, 2012

1 Colour 3,335 2,935 2,685 2,335 1,805 1,535 1,360 1,085

Full Colour 3,805 3,405 3,155 2,805 2,275 2,005 1,830 1,555

- - -

6,420 5,785 4,500

- - -

Preferred and special placement positions are full colour and non-cancellable.

Avail abl e Ad si z es Full page & cover positions trim 8.25" x 10.875" bleed 8.75" x 11.375" live 7.25" x 10"

island 2/3 v

4.8" x 7.5"

tab title pages

4.8" x 10"

oversize b.c.

1/2 h

4.8" x 2"

7.25" x 4.875"

7.25" x 6.5" 1/3 h 7.25" x 3.25"

1/4 h 7.25" x 2.25"

2/3 H ▶ 1/3 v 2.33" x 10"

1/6 h 7.25" x 1.75"

Subscribe Today! Every subscription now includes a print and online version of the Canadian Oil Register! $349 plus shipping, handling and taxes. To order or for more information, call 1.800.387.2446, email or go online to For a complete look at the JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group Product Catalogue, visit

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ON THE JOB, 365 DAYS A YEARWhether your advertising message is in the book, on the web or both, it sells for you 365 days a year—always keep...

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