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Visit Sixth Street, Horseshoe Casino’s newest tavern, for live music every Friday and Saturday night. Friday, March 1, 2013 Mark Rodenkirch

Friday, March 8, 2013 SRO

Saturday, March 2, 2013 Josh Holmes

Saturday, March 9, 2013 Chad Clifford

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW at Horseshoe Casino, online at or by phone at 1.800.745.3000.




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budweiser Black Crown 22 Killians Irish Stout 32

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Track Lounge- Crown Point d tron in a bar an the only other pa to up les mb stu A man buy him a drink. asks if he could comes the reply. “Why of course,” are you from?” en asks: “Where th d man. The first man ,” replies the secon I’m from Ireland too! , “I’m from Ireland say n’t do nds: “You The first man respo round to Ireland.” r Let’s have anothe the second man. are you “Of Course,” replies n then asks: “Where in Ireland ma st fir e th Curious, from?” e reply. n. “Dublin,” comes th says the first ma blin.” it,” other drink to Du “I can’t believe an ve ha t’s Le o! to blin Du om “I’m fr the second man. “Of course,” replies s and the first man asks: ike Curiosity again str u go to?” yo n. “What school did es the second ma pli re ,” y’s ar M “Saint ‘62.” “I graduated in says. ” !” the first man ble va lie be un is uated in ‘62, too! wn “This ad gr I d Mary’s an sits do d an s lar gu re “I went to Saint e th in comes one of About that time bartender. at the bar. on?” he asks the twins “What’s been going es the bartender. “The O’Malley pli re ,” ch “Nothing mu are drunk again.”

Good Times Start at Stadium 1468 Joliet St Dyer, In

(219) 322-6500


Kitchen Kitchen Open Open Late Late 2 Pool Tables Dart Boards Board Beer BeerPong Pong Karaoke Karaoke Mon/Wed/Fri Mon/Wed/Fri and and Saturday Saturday Nights Nights

Beer Garden opening in spring with live entertainment outside every Wednesday night. Bean Bag leagues now Forming. Outdoor Bar, Bags, Bleachers and full Menu.

6 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

Back court Bar - Crown Point Wall Great English ish , one

Scottish, are English, and one Ir e on ys, gu e Thre er one day. They the beach togeth ng alo ing alk w out pops out of it. “I rn and a Genie te lan l”, a ss ro ac come ree wishes in tota one wish, that’s th ch ea u yo e giv will a says the Genie. rman, my Dad’s ys, “I am a fishe sa y ill gu w h n tis so ot Sc my The an and ad was a fisherm all fisherman, his D full of fish for ns ea all the oc t an e w th I ! o. to OM e FO be on s eye blink of the Genie’ a ith w , So y.” nit eter ing with fish. oceans were team id, “I want a wall amazed, so he sa as w t n ma ish gl En The at no one will ge otecting her, so th pr e d, ey an s gl ie’ En en G nd e arou of th ain, with a blink Ag y.” nit er et d. all r an in fo nd Engl a huge wall arou re POOF! there was Please tell me mo . us rio “I’m very cu , ks 0 as 15 n t ma ou ish ab Ir s The “well, it’ e Genie explains, Th at .” th all w so is th d t an abou g Engl et thick, protectin feet high, 50 fe in or out.” nothing can get ater.” “Fill it up with w ys, The Irishman sa

7 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

The Jeweler

e of O’Malley m na e th by , An Irishman rick’s Day. He at P . St on rl gi is proposed to h etic diamond. h nt sy a h it w er gave her a ring showed it to h ss la g un yo d te it The exci ok one look at to e H r. le el w je father, a t real. and saw it wasn’ it wasn’t real ng ni ar le on ss She The young la future husband. er h to ed return out his cheapness. ab y tl en em h ve d proteste Patrick’s Day, ‘he . St of r ou on h ‘It was in smiled. am rock.’ ‘I gave you a sh

8 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

Matey’s - Crown Point

others the girl he loves to meet histefall mmilye,. lass, Irish IrM ish lad take rlfriend, “So,

A young asks the gi of the family The matriarch e.” occupation?” I’m a prostitut what is your Mrs. O’Malley, sness, l, ou el ci “W ns , co ys g sa antly regainin er ft A . ts in The girl hesit fa r heard you e lad’s mothe on’t think I d I e. ri Immediately, th ea d e, n, “Forgive m she asks agai pation?” cu oc ur yo is t prostitute.” correctly. Wha ’Malley, I’m a O . rs e I thought “M , ys sa a moment ther r fo e, Again the girl ri ea d y, ughs, “Oh m The mother la ant!” ere a Protest w you said you

9 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3


SHOULD KNOW Ron Szumelda By: Rosemarie Stephens

Serving Northwest Indiana is something Ron Szumelda has been doing for decades. In fact, for 30 years he bartended at more than 20 different venues including nightclubs, sports bars, banquet halls and restaurants. To say Szumelda has seen it all when it comes to intoxicated drinkers is an understatement, and it’s why he decided to start a business where he could teach others servers how to be more educated in knowing when not to serve those who’ve had too much. “Three years ago I started saving lives with my business,” Szumelda said. “I’ve trained over 3,500 people on the difference between tending bar and being a professional bartender.” Alcohol Training Day, LLC is owned and operated by Szumelda. He’s an Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC) approved trainer for the state-mandated alcohol server training program. What he does is certify bartenders and waiters to be able to serve liquor, and he comes to your establishment to do it. “I go all around Northwest Indiana to different restaurants and bars and teach their employees the proper skills needed,” he said. “The course is about an hour and a half long, and it focuses on areas like handling intoxicated people, how to spot a fake ID, how to tell if someone is mixing drugs and alcohol, and how to handle the different mood swings an intoxicated person has.” As a server, it can be difficult to tell what your customers are up to at all times, that why it’s so important to learn these potential lifesaving skills. Szumelda’s PowerPoint presentation goes over a wide array of symptoms and signs of intoxication, and how to tell the difference between some commonly known causes. “Someone can have red blood shot eyes but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are intoxicated, they could just be tired or have allergies,” he said. “My job is to teach these servers and bartenders that there are multiple signs of intoxication, and it’s important to know what they all are.”

The course offered by Alcohol Training Day, LLC certifies servers in accordance with Indiana State Law and upon completion is valid for 3 years. The training is actually mandated by the state, and when you take the course with Szumelda, you learn everything you need to know without even realizing you are taking a class. “I put a dash of humor and bring my experiences to the table during my presentations; people like my props and my approach on the topic” he said. “I consider myself to be the most educated and recognized trainer in the industry.” And since Szumelda will travel throughout the region, restaurant and bar owners can take comfort in the fact that their employees are being trained properly in the confines of their own establishment. “Face to face training is the best way to protect your business,” he said. “And protecting their business is exactly what these owners are doing because I’m educating their staff on a lot of valuable information they might not get from another class.” The course is broken down into specific sections covering the following concepts: - Understanding your legal responsibilities and liabilities as a server. - Reviewing Indiana’s specific laws and rules regarding alcohol service, sale and consumption. - How to recognize and question the authenticity of forms of identification. - Understanding how alcohol affects the body and its implications. - Recognizing the signs of intoxication. - Skills for handling situations involving intoxicated persons. For those servers who started working after January 1, 2011, this course must be completed within 120 after employment. If you are server who needs to take this course, Szumelda will work on finding a class and time that works for you. He does about three classes a week, and has seen people drive in from as far as Rensselaer and Lafayette. For more information, or to schedule a training session, visit www. or call Ron Szumelda at 219.743.1815.

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Growlers - Highland

11 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

12 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

TASTE IS A LAGER HANDPICKED BY THE PEOPLE Introducing the new Budweiser Black Crown – a smooth and distinctive, golden amber lager with 6% alc./vol. Born from the collaboration of twelve Budweiser brewmasters. Tasted, chosen and handpicked by 25,000 people at bars and festivals across the nation. Here’s to taste. Here’s to our kind of beer.


©2013 A-B, Budweiser® Black Crown Lager, St. Louis, MO

13 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

14 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

NWI MUSIC Acoustic Night with Allen Wronko Who doesn’t love to listen to some good music while they are out with their buddies at the bar – I know I do! When you can sing along after a few beers, you feel like your night is complete. One popular song many like to sing along too as they recall on their college days is Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith. The lyrics say it all, “Red Solo Cup, I fill you up, let’s have a party, let’s have a party…” and that’s exactly why the Allen Wronko Band loves to perform the song. “I think most of us can relate to a time in our life where we experienced fun times with the red solo cup,” said Allen Wronko, Lead Singer and Acoustic Guitar player of the Allen Wronko band. “So that’s why we love performing the song. It’s a fun time and everyone loves a song they can sing along too. One of times we performed, we gave out red cups and we had a conga line going. It was awesome!” The Allen Wronko Band is looking forward to performing this and other songs like it during their shows at Boomer’s in Portage. This modern country band, that’s been together for about four years, cover artists like Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and of course, Toby Keith. “We do the new modern country,” explained Wronko. “We’re doing stuff that’s popular, and we perform just as ourselves; casual in a laid back environment.” And these casual guys will take to the stage at Boomer’s twice a month as they’ll be performing their regular act, and then an acoustic at. “We’re going to be the house band at Boomers,” said Wronko. “So one week we’ll do an acoustic gig and then then two weeks later our full band will perform. And we’re excited to be playing at a bigger place because when we play as a band, we pack out the place. Plus, I love having a bar that we can call home.” Acoustic night is something Boomer’s has just started doing on Thursday nights, and for Wronko it’s a way to show some variety in the band. “When you do acoustics you can do such a variety on the main stage like rock and roll,” he said. “People like to hear variety, and in this type of open forum, we can stick with our grassroots stuff but also do other things people can relate to.” Boomer’s Sports Bar and Grill is located I the heart of Portage’s downtown district - 2522 Portage Mall in Portage. They are a full service sports bar offering a full menu and live entertainment every weekend! They have 7 big screen TV’s and a 10 foot big screen. In addition, you’ll find four pool tables, darts, indoor/outdoor bags, horseshoe pits, outdoor patio seating, arcade games. And for you bikers, Boomer’s offers front row motorcycle parking. For more information on Boomer’s, and the acoustic acts they’ll have performing at Acoustic Night, call 219.763.7300 or check them out at Want to know more about these guys? Visit them on the web at or like them on Facebook at

15 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

Shift Change Tap

Burns Harbor 295 Melton Rd.

Boondock's Bar & Grill Goodfella's Bar & Grill

Cedar Lake 13118 Lake Shore Dr

Hunley's Bar Three Stooges

219-374-8100 219-374-6700

11200 West 129th Ave 13115 West Lake Shore Dr.

219-374-9520 219-374-9835

8120 Lake Shore Dr

Town Club Taven Arron's Mortgage Inn El Cantarito Mexican Cuisine Flannery’s Tavern Hooligans The Upper Deck Lounge Uncle Joe's 513 Ale House

Amore Ristorante / 109 Lounge Back Court Bar Buddy and Pal’s Buddy and Pal’s Place Too Crown Brewing Diamond Jim’s Fricke’s Martony's Matey's Irish Pub & Grill Mighty Mick's The Great Escape Lounge The Silver Bullet The Super Bowl (Final Frame) The Zombie Club Three Monkey's Bar


219-926-3113‎ 219-728-6962

1400 Broadway 709 Plaza Drive

219-926-2614 219-929-5570

125 Calumet Rd. 711 Plaza Dr.

219-929-1040 219-926-1814

139 S. Calumet (2nd Floor) 361 N. Calumet Rd. Crown Point 513 N. Main St.

219-310-8416 219-662-0088

1206 E. East Summit 10685 Randolph St.

219-661-0088 219-463-6551

211 S. East St. 210 S. Main St.

219-663-7665 219-663-0529

519 Grant St. 104 South Main St.

219-310-8436 219-663-8155

419 N. Grant St. 10727 Randolph

219-662-2244 219-661-1811

220 South Main St. 100 N. Main St.

219-663-7700 219-661-9015

218 S. East St. 118 W Clark St

Track Lounge Finnegans Pub Meyer's Castle Sheffield's Spanky’s Bar and Grill Stadium Bar The Engine Room Vino Tini White Rino Beto’s Bar Good Times Bar & Grill Maple Leaf Bar & Grill Mario's Lounge Arvin Cedar Bar Bamboo Tavern Beer Belly's Black Cherri Lounge Brother’s Lounge Bugsy's Tavern Green Top Tap Hunter Inn Majestic Star Casinos & Hotel

219-662-8272 219-662-7000

21 W. 112th Ave. 318 N. Jackson St.



219-865-9896 219-865-8452

1074 Joliet St. 1370 Joliet St.

219-322-5808 219-365-6635

1027 Sheffield Ave. 15213 101St.

219-322-6500 219-865-2424

1468 Joliet St. 202 Joliet St.

219-322-9185 219-864-9200

1143 Joliet St. 101 Joiliet St. East Chicago 1301 E. Chicago Ave.

219-397-8247 219-397-8810

503 W. 151st St. 719 W. 151st St. 4720 Indianapolis Blvd. Gary / Miller 4477 Cleveland St. 603 East 39th Ave.

219-398-9677 219-398-6405 219-980-9552 219-887-5317 219-981-8400 219-939-0461

4450 Cleveland 6900 Melton Rd. 5072 Broadway 4489 Broadway 4510 W. Ridge Rd. 3861 Broadway 1 Buffington Harbor Drive

5245 E. Dunes Hwy

219-980-9667 219-427-1006

Paradise Lounge

5004 Broadway


Polekatz NWI

9148 Melton Rd.



5705 East Dunes Highway


The Beach Café

903 N. Shelby


Thumbs Up

620 S. Lake St.


Depot Bar & Grill

520 Main St.


Final Round Sports Bar

105 N. Broad St.


Griffith Town Tap

602 E. Main St.


John’s Place

1613 N. Cline


Set'Em Up

135 N. Broad St.


Shades of Time

1813 W. 45th



840 S. Broad.St.



219-662-0513 219-663-7377

109 Joliet St. 932 South Court St.

5115 Broadway

Murphy's House of Pain



13111 Lake Shore Dr Chesterton

Milan’s Tavern

5th Amendment Pub

6729 Kennedy Ave.

Archor Inn Sports & Ent.

6712 Calumet Ave.

219-844-8267 219-933-4677

Billy Bears Bar & Grill

1225 169th St.


Chuck & Irene’s

6110 Kennedy Ave.


Coach's Corner

6208 Kennedy Ave.


Cozy Tavern

1304 East Summer St.


Dick’s Are you Crazy

1221 E. 150th St.


Dodo’s Firehouse Tap

521 Conkey St.


Don’s Pub

250 East Gostlin St.


Fantasy Gentlemen's Club

3850 179th St.


Flick’s Tavern

6205 Kennedy Ave.


Freddy's Steak House

6442 Kennedy Ave.


Good Time Charlie’s

6023 S Calumet Ave.


Home Plate Pub

3105 165th St.


Hoosier Buddy Saloon

839 169th St.


Industrial Strip

3626 S. Calumet Ave.


Jason's Sports Bar

3949 Hohman Ave.


Just One More

5245 S. Sohl Ave.


Just Toni

5602 Calumet Ave.


Kenwood Lanes

6311 Kennedy Ave.


Kenwood Tap

6247 Kennedy Ave.



4648 S. Sheffield


Miso's Overflow Tavern

6309 Kennedy Ave.



7022 Kennedy Ave.


Old Glory Tavern

6755 Indianapolis Blvd.


Olympia Lanes (Pocket Shots)

4150 S. Calumet


Our Place

1403 East Michigan St.


Pines Tap

7349 Calumet Ave.


Porter’s Tap

6405 Kennedy Ave.


Pudlos Tap

3803 Hohman Ave.


Push (Horseshoe Casino)

777 Casino Ctr. Dr.


Silk Gentlemens Club

2136 E. Summer St.


Spirro’s Country Lounge

4760 S. Calumet Ave.


Sportsman’s Tap

6320 Kennedy Ave.


Vintage 51 (Horseshoe Casino)

777 Casino Ctr. Dr.


Welcome Inn

155 Goslin



219-980-3333 219-887-2847

Beek Geeks

3030 45th st.


219-980-9546 219-980-9866

Bone Dry

3805 Ridge Road



2712 Condit St.




NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

Getway Bar Growler’s

1827 W. 45th 2816 Highway Ave.

V.I.P Lounge

2045 45th St.

End Zone Bar & Grill Hobart Lanes/10 Pin Lounge

314 Main St. 99 S. Hobart Rd.

Lisa’s Lounge

6363 Grand Blvd 3617 Michigan

Indian Ridge Golf Course

219 Bar & Grill Bens Twin Oak Déjà Vu Draft House Dreamgirls El Ranchero Restaurant He Ain’t Here Lounge Kimmies L F Norton Muncie’s Lounge Ray’s Lanes Ruthie’s Lounge Tap House 1233 Beavers Beer Barrel Catch 22 Club 83 / Moxie Dawg House Pub El Vaquero Bar & Grill Hydad’s Maxim’s Lounge

235 Main St. 518 East 3rd St. 1429 W. 37th Ave. Lake Station 2415 Rush St. 2935 Central Ave. 2491 Ripley St. 4825 Central Ave. 2491 Ripley St. 3559 Michigan Ave. 2661 Decatur St. 2808 Dekalb St. Central Ave. 4106 Central Ave. 3201 Central Ave. 3425 Central Ave. 1233 Central Ave. Merrillville 7505 Talf St. 4717 E. Lincoln Hwy 500 E. 81st Ave. 1506 E. 83rd St. 3790 W. 80th Lane 5031 East 81st Ave. 31 80th Pl. S. W.

Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant

7205 Broadway 8011 Broadway


65 W. 68 Pl. 1515 East 82nd Ave.


T.J. Maloneys / Wisecrackers Tilted Kilt Villa Del Sol 3 Floyds Brewing Co. Cheers Foods & Drinks Danny Z's Johnny’s Tap Mark O's Bar & Grill 2 Boomers Curly Joe’s Bar & Grill El Cantarito Mexican Cuisine

Mark O’s Bar and Grill Mood’s Pub & Eatery Quaker Steak & Lube


Ryan’s Tavern






Stonequarry Lounge

620 N. Wisconsin St. 601 N. Wisconsin St.

Cressmoor Lounge

The Depot

Red Carpet Lounge Rusty Nail

327 Main St.

Cressmoor Lanes

Mickey D’s Bar



Agave Mexican Restaurant

Main St.Station

219-924-1717 219-924-0245

800 East 81st Ave. 1605 Southlake Mall 2225 Lincoln Hwy Munster 9750 Indiana Parkway 1942 45th Ave. 1860 45th St. 8050 Calumet Ave. 435 Ridge Rd.

Sunset Lounge


Taco Loco Mexican

219-962-4550 Brando's

219-942-0730 219-947-5194

LeRoy’s Hot Stuff Santiago’s


Alaskan Pipeline

219-962-1575 219-963-0555

Buddy & Pal's Bullpen Luxury Bar


El Amigo Mexican


Jalapenos / Woodh

6291 Central Ave. 2385 Willowcreek Rd. 2548 Portage Mall 6245 Ameriplex Dr.

5844 US Hwy. 6 5455 US HWY 6



1013 W. Lincoln Hig hway 312 W US HWY 30



Schererville Lounge


Social 219

1204 W. Lincoln Hw y. 48 East Joliet St.


Spike’s Lakeside Inn

2350 Cline Ave 21 East Joliet St.

Blue 82 Sports, Foo

St. John 8209 Wicker Ave.

219-962-6546 d & Spirits

8101 Wicker Ave.

9623 Wicker Ave. 9165 Wicker Ave.

219-736-9133 219-756-4220

Billy Jack's

219-947-1737 219-736-9110

Duffy’s Place Franklin House

219-795-9520 219-769-7191

Gaucho's Brazilian Steakhouse Martinis


NorthSide Tap Roo


Old Style Inn


Pepe’s Mexican Res

m & Grill t. (Valpo)

Rosewood Restauran





Tony's Place Bulldog Brewing Co.

219-922-1325‎ 219-712-0912

Center Lounge


Clipper’s Lounge Game Time 2 Bar &

Member's Only Bar


Midtown Station




Sportsmen's Corner


The Office


Valparaiso 2904 Calumet Ave . 1154 Axe Ave. 58 S. Campbell St.

597 US HWY 30

1004 Calumet Ave . 712 Calumet Ave.

5 Lincolnway 1058 S. State RT. 2

367 W US Highway 6 381 US Hwy. 6 218 East Lincolnway


219-762-7305 219-764-9464

17 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

219-440-7008 219-865-8377

340 East US Hwy. 30

& Grill


The Clubhouse

219 926-7614 219-921-0100

e 200 East US HWY 30

200 US Hwy. 41 2251 US HWY 41


219-926-6211 219-762-2113

361 Wagner Road 206 Lincoln St.


Longshots Sports Bar

Northwoods Rascal's

219-762-6065 219-734-6744

333 W. U.S. 20 124 Lincoln St.


219-769-2351 219-947-2995

219-762-0509 219-762-5812




219-763-7771 219-762-2113

Porter 212 Lincoln St.

Whistle Stop Bar &


219-762-7485 219-850-4675 Rd.

6121 Melton Rd. 2596 Portage Mall

Wagner's Ribs

Portage 2522 Portage Mall 2528 Portage Mall

6340 Melton Rd. 3287 Willowcreek



6481 Melton Rd. 2420 Dombey Rd


1409 119th St. 1312 119th St. 1225 119th St. 2062 Indianapolis

219-864-8862 219-322-0080 219-322-4812 219-322-5660 219-322-3060 219-322-4444 219-365-1525 219-558-8130 219-365-7880 219-365-5509 219-477-3797 219-462-1057 219-462-2533 219-759-1100 219-464-0801 219-465-0885 219-916-2086 219-465-0205 219-763-2282‎ 219-762-4099 219-464-1018 219-655-5284 219-659-4080


219-659-5006 219-473-0239


219-473-0000 219-659-7530

1414 Calumet Ave . 1928 New York Ave

2235 New York Ave . 1200 120th St 2008 Indianapolis

219-322-7788 219-865-3022


219-655-5187 219-659-9695 219-659-1070

Monday Decoys Bar & Grill – Michigan City Franco’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria - Highland The Stadium – Dyer Quaker Steak & Lube – Portage Tuesday Billy Bears Bar & Grill – Hammond Decoys Bar & Grill – Michigan City GameTime III - Hammond Jason’s Bar & Grill – Hammond Leroy’s “Hot Stuff” – Porter Midtown Station – Whiting Murphy’s House of Pain – Miller Beach Sheffield’s -- Merrillville Sunset Lounge – Portage The Point Bar & Grill – Crown Point Jalapenos/ Woodhollow After Dark Schererillville Billy Jacks - Valparaiso Wednesday 219 Bar & Grill - Lake Station Blue Chip (Vegas Baby) – Michigan City Decoys Bar & Grill – Michigan City Franco’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria – Highland Gametime II – Whiting Northwoods – St. John Pepes - Merrillville, 61st ave. Rascals Pub – Saint John Set Em Up Lanes – Griffith Sheffield’s -- Dyer Spirro’s – Hammond The Pines Lounge – Hammond The Stadium – Dyer Uncle Joe’s Bar & Grill – Chesterton

Romeos Bar – Gary BullDog Brewing Company – Whiting WestPoint Lounge -Westville

Just Toni’s - Hammond (1st Friday of the Month Only) Griffith Tap - Griffith

Thursday Decoys Bar & Grill – Michigan City Franklin House – Valparaiso Growlers – Highland Leroy’s “Hot Stuff” – Porter Mark O’s Bar & Grill Portage, In Midtown Station – Whiting Murphy’s – Miller Beach Sheffield’s -- Merrillville The End Zone - Downtown Hobart The Pines Lounge – Hammond The Pub – Hobart The Quest – Schererville

Saturday Alaskan Pipeline, Schererville Beaver’s - Merrillville Beer Belly’s – Calumet Township Chuck & John’s – Calumet Township Decoys Bar & Grill – Michigan City Draft House – Lake Station Final Frame - Crown Point Franklin House – Valparaiso Matey’s Irish Pub & Grill – Crown Point Sportsmans Bar & Grill The Stadium – Dyer Westchester Lanes – Chesterton

Friday Alaskan Pipeline - Schererville Beaver’s - Merrillville Beer Belly’s – Calumet Township Chuck & John’s – Calumet Township Decoys Bar & Grill – Michigan City Draft House – Lake Station Final Frame - Crown Point Finnegan’s Pub - Dyer Matey’s Irish Pub & Grill - Crown Point Pines Lounge- Hammond Sheffield’s -- Dyer Stadium Inn – Michigan City The Rusty Nail - Portage The Stadium – Dyer VIP Lounge – Griffith West Point Lounge -Westville Whistle Stop – Chesterton

Sunday Chuck & John’s - Calumet Township J&B BBQ Shack – Michigan City Franco’s Sports Bar and Pizzeria – Highland Pepe’s - Merrillville Sunset Lounge – Portage Danny Z’s - Munster

18 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

By: Rosemarie Stephens The Rusty Nail Sports Bar and Grill, located at 2420 Dombey Road in Portage, has been providing bar goers a good time since they opened their doors this past December. Owners Russ and Scott wanted to open a neighborhood that had an inviting feel, and they knew that meant they were in for some work when they choose the location they did. “We really wanted this spot because it’s surrounded by a neighborhood and it has an amazing beer garden,” said Russ. “The only problem was that it was in really bad shape.” So Russ and Scott new first things first – change the look- and that meant full remodel! “We added windows, painted the place and hung on the walls neon signs with different sports team,” they said. “We also put up 7 TV’s and we just put up a big screen. We can offer our guests the NFL Network, all the Cubs and Sox games, and we’ll also be showing UFC fights.” And at the UFC Fights, they will be raffling off a flat screen TV – hot dog! It’s definitely a sports theme over at The Rusty Nail, and they keep people busy by offering four dart boards, a pool table,foosball table, and juke box. But it’s what they have outdoors that’s going to bring people back again and again during the warmer months. “The beer garden is about 50 foot by 30 foot wide, complete with an outdoor band stage with roof,” they said. “Out there we have a tiki bar, four horseshoe pits, a golf green, and a chipping green. We are also going to do a bagstournament and a beer pong tournament, only our beer pong is going to be played with 50 gallon drums of water and a volleyball.” The beer garden will be open during the summer months only, and will host a slew of bands for some outdoor shows. When the beer garden opens up, it will be open all night long, and they will be able to book parties and benefits. But perhaps what they are really looking forward to is a big party they are throwing on the first day of summer – a bash to kick of the summer season. “On June 21st and 22nd we’re going to have a Rusty Nail Summer Bash,” the guys said. “On Friday, we will have a DJ playing all night long and then on Saturday we are having three rock bands playing for an all day festival.” The bands that will be performing at the Rusty Nail Summer Bash include Tramp Stamp, Chains, and Mas Kaos. Those who come out to this event will enjoy great food – a summer cookout

with all the fixins! “We haven’t finalized the menu yet, but we’ll definitely have hamburgers and brats,” said Russ. “And of course, lots of beer.” The beer will definitely be flowing at the Summer Bash, but it already is on a daily basis at the Rusty Nail. The bar currently has eight beers on tap, four of which are craft brews. When ordering a draft, you’ll find choices like Sam Adams, Three Floyds, and Frontier. And if an import is what you crave, the bar has a great variety. The Rusty Nail offers up daily drink specials, but as of yet hasn’t coined a signature drink. “We are working on a bar shot that we are going to call the Tetanus Shot,” said Russ. “We are still working on it, so it hasn’t been released to our patrons.” What has been released to bar goers are the great specials they will run all month long. They include: $1.75 wells, $2.50 craft and import pints, 3 for $10 all bombs Now, this establishment is called the Rusty Nail Sports and GRILL so let’s briefly talk about the food. The bar offers all your pub favorites like wings, hamburgers and roast beef sandwiches, and they serve up pizza from JJ’s Pizza. So what can you can look forward to in March at the Rusty Nail? Well, they will be having an all-day St. Paddy’s Day Dart Tournament on Friday, March 22nd. There will be an entry fee – contact the bar for more details. Also, you’ll find like entertainment. They will have a DJ on Friday and Saturday, and they will also feature some live bands. The Rusty Nail is open Sunday through Saturday from 11:00am3:00am and their kitchen is open until close. If you want to know more about the happenings at the Rusty Nail, check them out on Facebook at Rusty Nail Sports Bar and Grill. Every 100th Facebook fan gets a $50 gift card for the Rusty Nail. For more information on the St. Paddy’s Day Dart Tournament Bash, call 219.850.4675. The Rusty Nail is 21 and over.

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WoodHollow - Schererville

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21 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

When I was told my assignment this month was to sample a new variety of beer by Budweiser I was intrigued. I’ve been drinking Budweiser products for over a decade (just since the age of 21 of course) and it has always been one of my go to beers. An ice cold bud light bottle on a hot summer day is something I enjoy; something that really quenches my thirst. And when I go out to dinner with the husband, and order some wings or burgers, a pint of Budweiser always compliments the dish. OK – so to the task at hand. Budweiser has created new masterpiece called Black Crown. According to the label, the company challenged their 12 Budweiser brew masters to create a new masterpiece. Six unique beers were crafted and sampled across America. One was chosen. This amber lagers toasted caramel malt notes and smooth finish earned it the black crown and it was properly named that. Rooted in Budweiser’s rich heritage and authenticity, Budweiser Black Crown delivers a smooth and distinct flavor you’ve come to expect from the King of Beers. Brewed with toasted caramel malt and a variety of American Hops, this drinkable golden amber lager is finished over beechwood chips for a smooth and distinctive flavor. This new brew is 6% alc./vol. and definitely packs a punch. Alright – let’s get to the taste test. When I opened the bottle, I put it to my nose so I could get an appreciation of what the aroma was like. It immediately reminded me of the traditional Budweiser notes I’ve come to know and appreciate, but it had a faint hint of sweetness – must be the toasted caramel. I decided to pour it in my chilled pint glass so I can get an appreciation for the beer and really see its color. A true golden amber color is what filled my glass, with a thin off white head on the top. Now that the beer has been properly analyzed, it was time to taste it! As soon as it hit my lips I knew it was going to be a beer I loved. I immediately noticed the familiar taste of a Budweiser beer, but I was hit with something else. The more I drank, the more my palate was able to pull the hints of craft brew. As I finished the glass off, I realized – this beer could be dangerous. Why – because it was so darn good, I could see myself polishing off a 6-pack with no problem! In my opinion, it’s the best beer to come out of the Budweiser brand, and this will definitely replace that ice cold beer I have on a hot summer day, and you can bet you’ll find Black Crown at my backyard parties this summer!

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HyDAD’s - Merrillville

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Social 219


Bartender: Amanda Drink: Purple Rain Martini Ingredients: 3 Olives Purple Cranberry, Soda, Sour Quote: “Everyone here is treated like a Prince, so enjoy our Purple Rain Martini!”

Bartender: Kelly Drink: Climax Ingredients: Vodka, Amaretto, White Cream de Coco,Grenadine Splash of Pineapple Rocks Mix Quote: “Cum down to Boomer’s and try a Climax with Me!”

Jason’s Bartender: Nichole Drink: Juicy Fruit Ingredients: 3 Olive’s Bubble Gum Peach Schnaps, Orange Juice Pineapple Juice, Grenadine Quote: “To make your day sweeter!”

Back Court Bar & Grill

Miso’s Overflow

Bartender: Michelle Drink: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Martini Ingredients: RumChata, Stoli Vanilla Quote: “Better Then Breakfast!”

Bartender: Melissa Drink: Sweet Melissa Ingredients: Vodka Cranberry. Peach Schnaps Quote: “Leg’s Wide Open!”

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Chuck & Irenes - Hammond Going Deaf

shman who had a On Saint Patrick’s Day, an Iri driving home from little to much to drink was ng violently all over the city and his car was weavi r. the road. A cop pulled him ove “Where have you , ver dri the “So,” said the cop to been?” of course,” slurs the “Why, I’ve been to the pub drunk. like you’ve had quite “Well,” says the cop, “it looks a few to drink this evening.” s with a smile. “I did all right,” the drunk say , standing straight “Did you know,” says the cop chest, “that a few and folding his arms across his out of your car?” intersections back, your wife fell drunk. “For a minute “Oh, thank heavens,” sighs the af” there, I thought I’d gone de

2350 Cline Avenue Schererville, Indiana 46375 Phone (219) 322-3060 SUNDAY $2.00 Miller Lite and Coors Light Drafts. $2.00 Coors Light Bottles. MONDAY $2.00 Miller Lite Bottles TUESDAY $4.00 Three Olives Martinis

Watch all the big games on one of our many big screen televisions. And dont forget to get something off of our Brand New Menu. We have the BEST FOOD IN TOWN.

WEDNESDAY JACK & STEVE’S Acoustic Tequila Party the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Patron Shots $4.00, VeeV Drinks $3.50 Vegas Bombs $3.50 THURSDAY $4.00 Absolut Flavor Drinks FRIDAY & SATURDAY $3.50 Vodka Red Bull $3.50 Cheri & Grape Bombs

$4.00 Three Olive Cocktails Everyday in March

Does not include Red Bull

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Miso’s Overflow- Hammond

Upcoming Entertainment Fridays 80’s Retro & Dance Mar. 1st

Libido Funk Circus

Mar. 8

Radio Tokyo


Mar. 15th The Hot Sauce Committee Mar. 22nd Afrodisiacs

The evening starts here... then parties into the night! Open for dinner Wednesday - Sunday

Mar. 29th Dick Diamond & the Dusters

Saturdays 80’s Retro & Dance Mar. 2nd

Almost Famous

Mar. 9th

Greatest Band Ever

Mar. 16th Sugar High Mar. 23rd Spazmatics check-in on

Mar. 30th Dick Diamond & the Dusters

Wednesdays Karaoke Contest $2 Domestic Drafts


Must be 21 years of age or older with a valid state or government issued photo ID to enter casino, gamble or participate in casino programs or promotions. Don’t let the game get out of hand. For assistance call 800-994-8448. ©2013 Blue Chip Casino

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: RoseMarie Stephens

For three years, people have come out in droves to participate in a night of high rolling. Fancy cigars, top of the line liquors, and exquisite food is just a sampling what you’ll get when you attend the Annual Midwest Smoke Out. This is the 4th year for this event, and there’s already a buzz. The event is America’s second biggest cigar expo and got started here in Northwest Indiana by Diversified Marketing President Andrea Pearman after Chicago pulled the event from the area. “There used to be a big event in Chicago called the Big Smoke,” she explained. “But when Chicago went smoke free, event planners pulled out of this area. We were without the event for quite some time and even though I knew nothing about cigars or any of this I thought we should just try it here. Because we are event planners I thought- if we build it, they will come!” And people sure did come out for this extravaganza - in fact 300 tickets were sold before vendors were even set for the event. It was evident that people in the region were waiting for something like this. Now they only have to wait a little bit longer. The 4th Annual Midwest Smoke Out is set to take place at the Horseshoe Casino on April 25th from 5:00pm-10:00pm. Premium admission tickets are $150 which include the sampling of about 15 premium cigars. General admission tickets are $95 and do not include cigars. “We expect to sell 2,000 tickets,” said Kara Morton, Event Extraordinaire with Diversified Marketing. “Tickets will not be available at the door because we sell out every year. If any remain, we will make them available at the door.” The General Admission Ticket is something new the Smoke Out is offering this year. With this ticket, people can still enjoy the food, spirits, beer, entertainment and givea-ways. “Tickets are being sold at a faster rate this year than ever before, so we expect to sell out quickly,” said Morton. “I think people like the option to come to the event if they don’t want to participate in the cigar portion of our event.”

28 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

And whether you have a Premium ticket or General Admission ticket, you’ll have the opportunity to sample dozens of different varieties of alcohol. Here’s a look at some of the brands that will be on hand: - Macallan Spirits - Jack Daniel’s - Patrón Spirits Company - Remy Cointreau - Goose Island Now that’s a line up! You can enjoy those beverages with some quality food, including vendors from Fahrenheit 212, Quaker Steak & Lube, Tilted Kilt, Gino’s Steakhouse, and El Cantarito Mexican Cuisine, which is new to the line-up this year! With food in your belly, and the drinks flowing, you’ll probably be ready to partake in some activities! If this sounds like youyou’re in luck. The Midwest Smoke Out will feature live gaming, a DJ, prizes, and some great eye candy. “We will have luxury cars on hand for people to take a look at as well as some luxury giveaways,” Morton said. “If you want to see who’s going to be there – you’ll have to buy a ticket!” Remember, only 2,000 tickets are available to this event and can only be bought at For more information, call (888) 226-0330. Don’t forget to “like” Midwest Smoke Out on Facebook and follow them on twitter @ midwestsmokeout to learn about what’s new for the event.

IF YOU GO: Midwest Smoke Out April 25th from 5pm-10pm The Venue @ Horseshoe Casino Premium Tickets - $150 General Admission - $95

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Last Words

an accident had been killed in ife w ’s an m ish Ir An e questioning him. and the police wer ed?” asked hing before she di yt an y sa e sh id “D the sergeant. the forty dn’t shut up for di e Sh ... ah ye ell “W ried” years we were mar

30 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3


NWI BAR By: Rosemarie Stephens

If you’re looking for a night of dancing, and don’t want to spend the night club hopping, then a stop at Club 83 and Moxie is the place to go. The 30,000 square foot building in Merrillville holds two night clubs in one building. The owners are Dana and Ed Malone who are no stranger to the nightclub industry. “We have been in the nightclub and bar business for over 21 years and in this Merrillville location for over eight years,” Dana Malone said. “We have done extensive remodeling to both sides and the building in the eight years we have been here. Club 83 is on one side of the building and is a 12,000 square foot nightclub with four bars, dance floor and a separate VIP area. There state of the art sound and lighting system sets them apart from the rest. Club 83 has an upscale atmosphere, with a plush VIP room and ultra lounge area that can accommodate larger groups. Moxie Lounge occupies the other side of the building and is 7,000 square feet. Moxie is a little more upscale club with two large bars, dance floor and VIP couch sections. “Moxie is in the space that was formerly the underage club, Voltage,” Dana said. “We did a complete remodel over the summer and opened Moxie at the end of August.” When Dana and her husband tossed around the idea of having two night clubs under one roof, they thought giving customers a variety at their establishment would be a great idea – they were right! Now they have two hot night clubs that offer a full service bar which means we carry all types of liquor, domestic and import beers.  Right now, Moxie is open on Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:00pm.  Thursdays are Ladies Night and cover is free for ladies all night long. Then on Saturdays, ladies are free till midnight and get to enjoy a variety of drink specials. Club 83 is open on Fridays for Soul Fridays which is a R&B, Hip Hop style music night.  Doors open at 10:00pm. Then, starting on March 16th - and every Saturday afterwards - Club 83 will feature a Latino night with live music and salsa dancing. “We’re really excited to start having Club 83 open on Saturdays,” Dana said. “We will really have a lot to offer to the people of Northwest Indiana.” In addition to the Latino Night on Saturday, March 16th, the club will also be hosting a St. Patty’s Day Eve Get Lucky Glow Party – talk about one stop shopping! Another event going on in March is the Moxie Male Review. On March 6th, doors will open at 7:30 for a ladies only show. The performance will take place from 8:00pm-10:00pm and costs $10 at the door, $5 if you buy your ticket in advance. Dress code at both Club 83 and Moxie is dress to impress, and does not allow hats of any kind, hoodies, sports apparel or baggy clothing. Both clubs are 21 and over only! The clubs have new events and different monthly specials. To keep up to date with all that’s going on, get more information or to book a party, you can check them out on Facebook: Club 83 address:  1500 E 83rd Avenue, Merrillville Moxie address:  1506 E 83rd Avenue, Merrillville

31 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

By: Rosemarie Stephens With St. Patrick’s Day just a few weeks away, many are getting ready to celebrate the luck of the Irish. Whether you are planning on heading out to the bars, or have a party at home, drinking some good Irish beer is at the top of the “to do list”. And I know when I think of good Irish beer, I think of Killian’s. Killian’s Irish Red is a beer we keep regularly stocked in our fridge, so during the St. Paddy’s festivities it’s something already have on hand. But during this great beer drinking holiday, the people who bring us Killian’s Irish Red bring out the big guns and release their holiday brew Killian’s Irish Stout. But now, there’s great news for people who love the Irish Stout – it’s going to start being sold year round. According to MillerCoors, “Killian’s Irish Stout’s fullbodied flavor and dark brown color has been attracting fans for the past seven years when it was brewed annually for a festival in Dublin, Ohio.” George Killian’s Irish Stout was originally brewed in Ireland in 1864 and brought to America by Miller Brewing Company, now MillerCoors, in 1981. This beer –which pairs best with hearty meats such as pot roast and steak – is the perfect example of an authentic, allnatural Irish stout brew.


This month, I was given the job of reviewing this beer for our readers, and I thought, “What a great treat!” I’m not a big stout drinker, but I do crave it every now and then. Stouts are typically known as heavy beers, but the Killian’s Irish Stout is not your typical stout. Don’t get me wrong, when you pour it in your glass, its boldness can be detected immediately by its rich, dark brown – almost black in color brew with its caramelcolored foam head. It’s a nice looking beer – there’s no denying that!! And then, when you bring it to your nose you immediately get the aroma of malt flavors along with a hint of chocolate. But it’s when you bring it to your lips, you know it’s a taste beer drinkers have come to know and love from a traditional Irish stout – a slight coffee flavor without being overly bitter or too heavy, topped off with a smooth lingering chocolate finish that will leave your taste buds wanting more. For me, the Killian’s Irish Stout has a lighter finish that other stouts and doesn’t sit as heavy. The Killian’s Irish Stout has an ABV of 4.9% and is sold in 6 packs and 12 packs. It also available on draft at a bar near you! To learn more about this brew, and find out where it’s sold near you, go to https://www.

NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

r ” w , . s k o e g o e t , t e s

d t d .

33 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

34 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

St.Paddy’s Day

Luck of the Irish – or Myth? The beloved holiday where we drink green bar and wear shirts that say “Kiss Me I’m Irish” has been a tradition shared by millions for centuries, but did you know this Irish celebration didn’t originate in Ireland. It’s been discovered that the first St. Patrick’s Day was actually held in New York. You see, St. Patrick’s Day was not traditionally celebrated in Ireland in the same way it is here in the US – they most certainly did not drink green beer!! In the old country, St. Patrick’s Day was first and foremost a religious celebration. And when it came to all the green colored stuff – that wasn’t even right! The color most associated with St.

Patrick was actually blue, the color of the Old Irish Flag - chew on that! Now, since we are talking about St. Patrick – did you know that he wasn’t even Irish? According to natives, he was actually born in Roman Britain. At the age of 16, he was captured and carried off as a slave to Ireland – food for thought?

And speaking of food – that traditional meal that has become a staple in Irish culture is actually not a true Irish tradition. Every March 17th, you can smell the corned beef and cabbage at homes and restaurants all over the country, but what many don’t know is that when it came to corned beef – the Irish never ate the stuff!! Beef was corned in and around the Cork region of Ireland from the late 1600’s (when the English took control) to the early 1800’s, but this was almost exclusively for export and was not commonly eaten by the natives. Many in Ireland say corned beef first appeared in cans during the War. One thing the Americans did get right – the cabbage!! Whether or not you believe in the nay sayers or mythbusters, one thing is certain. St. Patrick’s Day is the time of year everyone is Irish, everyone shows camaraderie towards one another, and is just a joyous occasion – and that’s the TRUTH!

35 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

NWI MUSIC By: Stephanie Vega

For more than a decade, the six-piece band known as Highway has played together in bars throughout the region where the group originated. Over the years, the group has changed a couple of members, but has always risen to the challenge; delivering powerful onstage shows week after week, year after year. Highway has tapped into the primal source of rock music, the blues, and followed its evolution through seminal bands such as The Allman Brothers Band, The Rolling Stones and Cream. Their original music acknowledges their musical debt to these bands without sacrificing passion and freshness. The group consists of David Varella on Lead Vocals & Percussion, John Bonick on Rhythm, Lead & Slide Guitar & Backing Vocals, Jim Bonick on Lead, Rhythm & Slide Guitar & Backing Vocals, Rich Ficek on Piano, Organ, Saxophone & Flute, Tim Dailey on Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals, and Glenn Miller on Drums & Percussion. “We’ve all been friends for a long time and have played in a variety of bands,” said John Bonick. “Plus, Jim and I are brothers so we’ve played music together for many years.” Highway is based out of Crown Point, and performs at bars like The Silver Bullet, Gators, Duffy’s Place, Buddy and Pals in Winfield and pretty much anywhere good soulful music is appreciated. Over the years, Highway has made a name for itself by playing at places like the GABBAfest in Macon Georgia. “We have shared the stage with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jackyl, Steppenwolf, Foreigner and Styx and have played at Chicago’s Tweeter Center and Charter One Pavilion,” the band said. “Our original songs have been aired on 93.1 WXRT and 97.9 The LOOP in Chicago, 103.9 X-Rock in Valparaiso and KOOL 101.9 in Indianapolis.” When you catch a live Highway performance, you are in for a show full of passion and soul. Your first impression is that there is no star in Highway – in truth, every member of the band is a born rock star. Vocalist David Varella sings with the passion of BB King, Ray Charles and Gregg Allman. David’s voice is powerful and mesmerizing. Brothers John and Jim Bonick blaze on guitars. Blending their two instruments into one, they invoke Keith Richards and Brian Jones on those great early Stones’ records or even Duane and Dickie from the early Allman Brothers’ performances. In addition, these guys love playing their favorite tunes for their fans. “We play songs from artists like The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers Band, The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder,” the guys said. “And let’s not forget the original songs to satisfy our die-hard fans.” All of the band members work together on writing music, and the group plays together like a well-oiled machine. Talented and hardworking, Highway is a good-time rock and roll band and a Highway show is always a party! So where can you catch Highway playing in March? Well, on March 9th, they will be at Gators in Winfield and then on March 23rd you can find them at Tequila Restaurante in Lowell. To learn more about these guys, and to stay up to date on where they’ll be performing, check them out at: or

36 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

37 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

Aries – March 21 through April 20

You have a handful of planets moving through Aries this month. They are boosting your self-confidence, encouraging you to stand tall and to not allow others to put you into a box or to shame you into “playing it small”. Most of the time, this is working out wonderfully for you. However, an authority figure in your life is really unhappy about the “new you” that you are trying to showcase. They might be right that you need to fine-tune your presentation or they could just be a control freak that is threatened by your sense of personal power. The trick is for you to figure out which is the case without burning any bridges. Read more about what this month holds for Aries. Taurus – April 21


May 21

You and a partner are still feeling social and adventurous. As the month progresses, you find yourself wanting to bust out of the various restraints real and imagined that seem to be holding you back, keeping you down, or just putting a wet blanket on your happy day feelings. You are in a great place for letting go of negative attitudes, self-destructive behaviors, and/or delusional ideas that have kept you from achieving your goals. You are also ready to thumb your nose at bureaucratic dramas and society’s rules and regulations. You are feeling a bit rebellious, but it is still mostly a private inner world where you are entertaining these ideas. Still, you are not going to tolerate anything that feels stifling or dysfunctional. Read more about what this month holds for Taurus. Gemini – May 22 through June 21

The month starts out with you still focusing on all of the good news coming from your professional life. You are able to get a lot accomplished, earn bigger profits, and take on leadership roles. You are still occasionally upset about how a boss or high profile client is treating you, but you are still moving forward in a positive direction. The end of the month has you focusing on your social life, teams, club memberships, committee meetings, networking projects, ecommerce, and/or Internet activities. You are coming across as a very smart, fun, and tenacious team player. This is great for your professional life, social life, and commercial activities, but it is not good for your love life or your finances. Try to avoid mixing your social life with your romantic and/or financial activities. Read more about what this month holds for Gemini.

a child, pet, lover, hobby, vacation, and/or some other playtime activity is clashing with your desire to increase profits and bring more romance into your life. Read more about what this month holds for Virgo. Libra – September 23


October 23

You have a lot of drama happening in the area of your chart that governs partnerships and rivalries. The bad news is that your home, parents, roommates, retirement plans, housing situation, and/or household chores are causing this partner or rival to get really angry. The good news is that the two of you are doing extremely well when you focus on academic, legal, political, religious, cultural, travel, and/or relocation projects together. You are also still doing quite well at work and are finding ways to improve your financial situation while working on your residential and professional projects. Read more about what this month holds for Libra. Scorpio – October 24


November 22

You have the planets in charge of genius, wealth, optimism, and tenacity all traveling through your work sector. They are taking turns connecting with the good luck planet in your profits sector. This could be an excellent time for you to brainstorm lucrative ideas that boost productivity, employee morale, and the bottom line. You also still have some of last month’s playtime and fun energy still encouraging you to take time to smell the roses per se. You do not appear to have any trouble juggling your playtime and professional activities. Read more about what this month holds for Scorpio. Sagittarius – November 23


December 21

During the first half of the month, you are mostly focused on your home life, parents, retirement planning, or real estate deals. Despite your partner or rival’s occasional complaints, these home related activities seem to be going quite well for you. During the second half of the month, your focus changes to playtime. You are in the mood for romance, hobbies, creativity, vacations, fine dining, music, theatre, spending quality time with pets and children, laughing, dancing, sports, etc. It is as if you got your house in order, and now you are ready for some much deserved rest and relaxation. Read more about what this month holds for Sagittarius. Capricorn – December 22


January 20

You and a partner are having a lovely time together. The two of you are enjoying broadening your horizons. You are also questioning some of the injustices, stupid rules, and political dramas that you are learning about. You are also spending quite a bit of time this month working on your professional goals and taking on leadership roles. Your partner is not too happy about it, but you are still meant to take advantage of the positive energy flowing through your professional life. Read more about what this month holds for Cancer.

There is a lot of excitement happening in your private life. It could be your parents, roommates, houseguests, retirement plans, home improvement projects, landscaping, real estate deals, or anything else home related. Most of the time, this is an awesome development. Professionally, it is working out quite nicely for you. However, there are times when you get really annoyed at how it is playing out. Chaos is a natural part of this activity or personality within your home life, but you are not really in the mood for chaos and the controlling side of your personality is uncomfortable. Read more about what this month holds for Capricorn.

Leo – July 23

Aquarius – January 21

Cancer – June 22



July 22

August 23

You have a smart, fun, and enthusiastic bunch of planets moving through the area of your chart that promotes traveling and getting involved in legal, political, religious, academic, media, and/or multicultural activities. You are in the mood to broaden your horizons. These planets are also receiving positive energies from Jupiter in your Internet, social networking, friendships, and teamwork sector. This is a great time for road trips, college classes, church gatherings, joining political parties, and other fun ideas for combining your social life with your need to explore the world. Your career is clashing with these ideas, but that does not mean that you are not still meant to find ways to get more involved in these topics. Read more about what this month holds for Leo. Virgo – August 24


September 22

You have a handful of planets moving through the area of your chart that governs our ability to trust others and how much we share with others. Therefore, things like fidelity, loyalty, greed, joint assets, investments, commissions, and profit sharing are all part of that section of your chart. Most of the time, these planets are able to help you bring more financial and romantic security into your life, especially when your career and public life are concerned. However, your focus on these topics could be making it difficult for you to have fun. It is also possible that


February 18

You have a wonderfully fun and clever energy promoting the idea that you and your relatives, neighbors, and local community members should be enjoying good times together. You cannot help but feel as if you are meant to be happy and to follow your bliss. Unfortunately, your finances are not cooperating at all. And to make matters worse, there are addictions, dysfunctional relationships, bureaucrats, secrets, gossip, and/or hidden agendas that are putting a dark cloud on everyone’s ability to really feel good about the situation. Read more about what this month holds for Aquarius. Pisces – February 19 through March 20

You are still clashing with your roommates, parents, or housing matters. However, your financial sector and your home sector are getting along beautifully throughout most of the month. Maybe you should just throw money at whomever or whatever it is in your home or private life that keeps upsetting you. You are also still in a good place socially and are having a great time learning new things and expanding your horizons. Read more about what this month

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do On St. Patrick’s Day Via: Cracked.Com

When it comes to drinking, St. Patrick’s Day is the ultimate amateur night. Follow these five, easy steps and you’ll be able to celebrate the world’s greatest holiday the way it should be celebrated. 5. Don’t Cover Yourself In Promotional St. Patrick’s Day Sh*t This isn’t Halloween, so leave the ridiculous costumes at home. St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Ireland’s heroic ability to drink, don’t turn it into a cartoon by showing up at a bar in a plastic green bowler hat, a lime green “F*** Me, I’m Irish” shirt and six pounds of green beads. How would you feel if the rest of the world dressed up as a bunch of fat, ignorant slobs who don’t believe in evolution every July 4th? Exactly. If you must, add a subtle touch of green to your regular wardrobe and hit the bar. 4. Stop Telling Everyone You’re “Actually Irish” Just because your great-great-great Grandmother’s second cousin was from Donegal does not make you Irish. Hate to break it to you, but you are American. So stop trying to tell everyone that this is “your holiday.” You’ve never even been to Ireland. 3. Don’t Get As Drunk As You Possibly Can This one is a little hard to understand, but it’s very important. While Paddy’s day is about drinking, it’s not a free pass to get pants-shittingly wasted. No one wants to hold their freind’s hair as he pukes up 13 green beers all over the sidewalk. That’s kind of a downer and it usually means the evening is over. If you’re not a big drinker, don’t try to go beer-for-beer with your friends who drink all the time. Instead, have 1.5 beers/drinks every hour. It sounds like a pain in the ass to keep track, but by midnight you will be at peak drunkenness and thankful for it. Another tip: Paddy’s Day is a great opportunity to hook up with the opposite sex. And girls usually don’t sleep with guys who are so wasted that they are either puking their guts out. (Usually.) 2. Don’t Drink Any Non-Irish Booze Don’t have one Guinness and then go back to drinking Amstel Light for the rest of the night. Show some respect to the country that gave you this holiday and stick to actual Irish spirits like Jameson (if you want whiskey) or Guinness and Harp (if you want beer) or Potcheen (if you want to die.) There are very few Irish vodkas and gins, so you’re probably going to have to do without your girly, flavored cocktails tonight. 1. Stop Speaking In The World’s Worst Fake Irish Accent It wasn’t funny the first time you said, “Let go of me Lucky Charms!” It also wasn’t funny when you yelled, “Erin Go Bra-less!” or “Aye, you weee lass!” 50 times in a row. Your Irish accent sounds more like Corky from Life Goes On than Colin Farrell. So just stop. Instead, why not befriend an actual Irish person and buy them a beer for giving us an entire holiday that makes it OK for everyone to get tipsy on a work night.

40 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

Social 219 - schererville


r n a



e s

e -



, e y


41 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3


ST PATRICKS DAY BASH Every year, T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub in Merrillville hosts the region’s biggest and longest St. Patrick’s Day celebration – and this year is no different! For the 8th year in a row, TJ Maloney’s is gearing up for a celebration NWI won’t soon forget – and this year it’s going to be four fun-filled days. Like in years past, each day will have a different theme, and will even feature special guests from a little ole reality show called America’s Got Talent.

Ok…so now that you made it through the fun filled festivities leading up to the big – think you’re ready for the main event? Well, hold on to your seats, it’s going to be jam-packed with activities all day long. Start the day off with a 10am Maloney’s Weekend Brunch and a performance by the Mayer School of Irish Dancers. Throughout the day and night, you will see performances by Lake County Pipes and Drum, and Good Clean GREEN Fun Music. There will even be a special appearance by “Tom & Maggie O’Little”. And the best part – there’s no cover charge!!

So what’s in store for the week leading up to the big event? Here’s a breakdown of the weekday festivities:

So now that we know a little about the food and entertainment, let’s get to the important part of St. Paddy’s Day – the drinks!! Well, you can make any of T.J. Maloney’s draft beer green for free all day long – you can even get it in a souvenir cup. And let’s not forget the great drink special from the previous days - $3 pints of Guinness and $4 Jameson shots.

Thursday, March 14th – Green Sweater Day - A special whiskey tasting sponsored by Bushmills Irish Whiskey, as well as an inspired menu. That menu, which is being dubbed “Bushmills Appetizer Flight” costs $ and includes tasteful treats like Pulled Pork Biscuit Tart, Honey-Whiskey Tempura Onion Ring and Grilled Whiskey Glazed Shrimp skewer. Stephens Green will perform in the evening. This event is open to the public - reservations are strongly recommended. - $3 pints of Guinness and $4 Jameson shots.

For more information on the T.J. Maloney’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, and to book tickets in advance for the Bash on the 16th, visit or

Friday, March 15th – Eve of the Eve - Corned beef and cabbage dinner buffet. Reilly will perform in the evening. - $3 pints of Guinness and $4 Jameson shots.

T.J. Maloney’s Authentic Irish Pub is a signature restaurant of the Star Plaza. A Midwest landmark for four decades, Star Plaza is distinguished for its longstanding, thoughtful approach to hospitality.

Saturday, March 16th – St. Pat’s Bash Corned beef and cabbage dinner buffet. Mayer School of Irish Dancers, Lake County Pipes and Drum, and New Element will perform throughout the day and evenining. Special midnight countdown and appearance by “Tom & Maggie O’Little”. Cover charge” $10 presale, $20 at the door. To book, visit www. - $3 pints of Guinness and $4 Jameson shots.

42 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

jason’s - Hammond

43 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3




APRIL 25, 2013 5-10 PM

TICKETS INCLUDE: Premium cigars / Gourmet Foods / Entertainment / Giveaways / Fine Spirits, Beer & Wine / Luxury Vehicles / Membership to Cigar Rights of America.

GENERAL TICKETS (NO CIGARS) $95 TICKETS INCLUDE: Gourmet Foods / Entertainment / Giveaways / Fine Spirits, Beer & Wine / Luxury Vehicles

W W W. M I D W E S T S M O K E O U T. C O M

44 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

45 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

ping Irish Grocery Sha op bar and ordered

martini o McCarthy walked int and e removing the olives after martini, each tim filled When the jar was . jar a in em th g placin , he the drinks consumed all d an s ve oli ith w started to leave. zzled customer, who was pu “Excuse me,” said a that d done. “What was ha y th ar cC M t ha w over all about?” out “my wife just sent me “Nothing,” he replied, for a jar of olives.”

46 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3




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NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

48 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • MA R 1 3

NWI Entertainer - March 2013  
NWI Entertainer - March 2013