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January 19

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Playing Three Classic Albums

March 8

March 16 TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW at Horseshoe Casino, online at or by phone at 1.800.745.3000. Be sure and visit Sixth Street, Horseshoe Casino’s authentic craft beer bar and sip on savory beer selections while enjoying some of the finest local entertainment!



ovember 23


Must be 21 years or older to gamble. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-9-WITH-IT. ©2012, Caesars License Company, LLC.


December 20

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Front Cover Photo Taken at Social 219

The Point - Crown Point

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Social 219 - schererville

A New Year’s Wish On New Year’s Eve, Marilyn stood up in the local pub and said that it was time to get ready. At the stroke of midnight, she wanted every husband to be standing next to the one person who made his life worth living. Well, it was kind of embarrassing. As the clock struck - the bartender was almost crushed to death.

6 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Chuck & Irenes - Hammond

Ten Indications of a New Years Hangover • You get it into your head that chirping birds are the Devil’s pets. • Trying to gain control of the situation, you continue to tell your room to “Stay still.” • Looking at yourself in the mirror induces the same reaction as drinking a glass of fresh paint. • The bathroom reminds you of the fairground cry, “Step right up and give it whirl!” • You’d rather chew tacks than be exposed to sunlight. • You set aside an entire afternoon to spend some quality time with your toilet. • You replace the traditional praying on your knees with the more feasible praying in a fetal position. • Your catch phrase is, “Never again.” • You could purchase a new fridge on the proceeds from recycling the bottles around your bed. • Your new response to “Good morning,” is “Be quiet!”


 

            



   


     

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Every weekend throughout the region, bands take the stage and perform their hearts out. But how many of them can say they’ve been around for four decades? Well, Oscar and the Majestics can! A cover band that plays all rock and blues, these guys also play some softer, more mellow dance music. “We can play the hard rock dance music, mellow blues, and softer slow dance music,” says Oscar Hamod, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, and song writer for Oscar and the Majestics. “We are very versatile. However, we are not a cover band that specializes in copying one performer or group. All the popular well known songs we perform are done in “Oscar and the Majestics” style.” And that style is something these guys have really perfected over the years; after all, they’ve got 40 years under their belt together. “We have been performing, uniquely with the same members, since the 1960’s,” says Sam Hamod, Bass, Lead Vocals and songwriter of the band. “We enjoy entertaining and we want people to enjoy our music. It is something you are born with which is what led Oscar to form the band.” And when Oscar formed the band with Sam, Bob, and Walt he knew he wanted to incorporate his name as well as his love from a family trip. “Oscar is his real name and it is famous because of the Academy Awards, ‘Oscars’ - refers to the best,” says Hamod. “And the Majestics refers to the beauty he found at a family trip to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore which he described as majestic.” All four guys of the band are from NW Indiana and consider themselves the original region rockers, but these guys are known much further than in the region. “Oscar and the Majestics are known worldwide and British rock magazines refer to us as “garage rock heroes” because we are still performing today with the same members and our recordings are known worldwide,” says Hamod. “We appear on seven worldwide rock compilation albums.”

Compilation albums aren’t the only place you’ll hear these guys songs. They have their own worldwide fourteen song hit album, “No Chance Baby”. It was in the top 5% of sales on Amazon when it was released in July, 2011. “Our music is played and requested worldwide,” says Hamod. “We even receive emails and requests from all over the world, such as England, Spain, British Columbia, and Japan.” Currently, the guys are performing at numerous venues mostly throughout Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. They tend to not stay at one location, when they get a request and they like the venue, they perform there. Over the years, Oscar and the Majestics have performed at many large venues and have had many memorable moments. “One of the largest and most memorable was when we appeared alongside Chuck Berry, The Cyrcle, and the Rivieras for an audience in the thousands,” they said. “Also, Oscar and the Majestics have performed for enumerable jam packed standing room only audiences.” So what songs are these guys performing? Well, if you like the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Who, Credence Clearwater Revival, Kinks, Steve Miller, BB King, Ray Charles, and James Brown to name a few then you will like their music. “We play a great variety, but we play them in our own style,” says the band. “Oscar and the Majestics does not “copy” anyone. Of course we play our own original music as well, such as Soulfinger, Got to Have Your Lovin, Baby Under My Skin, No Chance Baby, and our worldwide hit the hard rockin’ “I Can’t Explain”.” With over 40 years of 100% satisfaction, Oscar and the Majestics is extremely proud of the success they’ve achieved, most recently with the worldwide hit “No Chance Baby” album and their hit single “Baby Under My Skin”. Did I mention they have another worldwide release coming in 2013? These guys are still going strong! “We have many bookings coming up in 2013,” says the band. “Let’s rock and have fun...the best is coming in 2013!! If you want to know where the band will be performing, be sure to check out their website, www.oscarandthemajestics. com and their Facebook page.

8 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Set’em Up - Griffith

tmare A Man’s Worst Nigh

, pulled love, Danny rolled over g kin ma of ht nig g After a lon for his lighter. his jeans and searched out a cigarette from had one at asked Sheila if she he it, d fin to le drawer,” Unab e matches in the top som be t gh mi ere hand. “Th she replied. ble and found a er of the bedside ta aw dr e th ed en op He d picture atly on top of a frame ne g tin sit es tch ma box of of another man. ur husband?” n to worry. “Is this yo ga be y gu e th ly, ral tu Na he inquired nervously. snuggling up to him. “No, silly,” she replied, all,” she said, he asked. “No, not at “Your boyfriend then?” ear. d guy. nibbling away at his manded the bewildere de ?” en th he is o “Well, wh operation.” “That’s me before the Calmly, Sheila replied,

9 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Schererville, Indiana

said Alavanja. “Our cocktails specials are subject to change.”

Going out for a night on the town is something we all enjoy doing. Whether it’s grabbing a quick drink with some friends - or planning a big night out for a birthday or bachelorette party - we are always looking for something new and different to try. Now if you’re looking for a new place to try, that has a Chicagoesque feel without the big city prices, than a trip to Social 219 should be on the top of your list. Located at 2350 Cline Avenue in Schererville (at the crossroad of US 30 and Cline Avenue in the South Cline Plaza), Social 219 has been serving its patrons since April 19th, 2012. Sasha Vukas, Chris Kounelis, and Lazo Alavanja, all of which are from the Schererville area, are the three owners of this bar, and Vukas described to us the ambiance of this bar. “There’s lots of beautiful stonework, sleek black granite, high blacked out ceilings with exposed rafters, dimmed suspended lighting, rustic painted floor, wall mural painted by local artist, and an ample amount of flat screen televisions,” he said.

And if you want to order something to eat while you drink, Social 219 has a great selection of quality bar food on the menu. Dishes like burgers, wraps, wings, hot sandwiches, salads, nachos, spuds, fried apps and much more! Soups and Loaded Chili are also available, but those choices are seasonal.

A sleek and sophisticated place, right in our backyard – how exciting is that? In keeping with the ambiance of this bar, Social 219 has a lounge area with built in cushioned bench seating, large ottoman, lounge chairs, and free wi-fi. “You make me feel comfortable here!” isn’t something seldom said at Social 219 by regular patrons, said Vukas. Now once you’ve picked your spot in the bar where you want to spend the night – or at least a couple of hours before moving on to another area of the bar – it’s time to decide what to drink. Social 219 offers up eight beers on tap, a large variety of bottled beers, and a great quality of mixed drinks patrons keep coming back for (include the $3.50 Three Olives Cocktails served everyday). “Our daily specials include $2 Lite drafts and Coors Lite bottles on Sundays and $2 Miller Lite bottles on Mondays,”

“The menu offers some variation on typical bar food,” said Vukas. “For example, instead of mozzarella sticks, try the cheddar and pepper jack balls.” Enjoy the great food and drinks while you listen to some great tunes you get to choose! Social 219 has a large Touch Screen Jukebox which is a favorite amongst bar goers, with a variety of choices to choose from. Thirsty for some live entertainment? Well, Social 219 has a DJ every Friday and Saturday night, and they bring in live acoustic music every other Wednesday. And don’t forget, this establishment is only 21 and over – and the best part - never pay a cover charge! Want to have your next big event there? Well, the bar offers up that possibility as well, and has already hosted a slew of different events. “We had a Girls Night Out which was a big success,” said Vukas. “It was an event consisting of light shopping, cocktail specials and mixology, and drawings for free prizes. There were about 10 vendors and it was a great success!” The bar has also held golf outings, birthday parties, company parties, and holiday parties. If you want to know more about Social 219, be sure to “Like” them on Facebook www.facebook. com/Social219Bar. There, you’ll find drink specials and a look at what’s going on at Social 219. Also, a complete look at their menu will be coming soon to their Facebook page.

10 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Growlers - Highland lour and tells the tattoo A woman goes into a tattoo par too of a turkey on her artist that she wants a tat ni line. She also wants right thigh just below her biki ng” under the turkey. him to put “Happy Thanksgivi comes out looking really So the guy does it and it ts him to put a Santa good. The woman then instruc up on her left thigh. tattoo with “Merry Christmas” es out looking good, too. So the guy does it and it com ssed to leave, the tattoo As the woman is getting dre could you tell me why artist asks, “If you don’t mind, tattoos on your thighs?” you had me put such unusual my husband complaining She says “I’m sick and tired of g good to eat between all the time that there’s nothin Thanksgiving and Christmas!”

11 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3


STREETWALKER: Sasha Dukas TASTES LIKE: a balloon filled with clown spit. NICKNAME: “Mane n’ Tail”

STREETWALKER: “Who says you need teeth to eat a hot dog? Do what I do, and gobble that thing like a pelican!”

Created by: Sam Mechling

WINO: Paddy Manker Taking care of your elders. SMELLS LIKE: an outhouse made of gingerbread. PERSONAL QUOTE: “You ever seen dingleberry dreads?”

Paul, a drug counselor from Hammond asks: Sadly, my mother lost her teeth last year. Her favorite food was hotdogs. How can she continue to enjoy them?

STREETWALKER: “Who needs a condom? She’s 90 years old! What’s he gonna do, catch polio?!”

“Teeth? I just have Old Jack chew my hotdog and “baby-bird” it into my mouth. That’s what friends are FOR!”


STREETWALKER: “Girl, you should see these nails flail when I’m havin’ a nightmare! My pimp makes me sleep in a sleeping bag.”


Ellen, a student from Schererville, asks: My grandpa’s doctor says I have to cut his nails so he doesn’t scratch himself in his sleep. Is that enough to keep him safe?

Katherine, a piano teacher from Lansing, asks: Recently, a nurse informed me my dad was having sex with a 90 year old woman at his nursing home. Should I warn him about STD’s?

12 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

“I bet your grandpappy never got arrested for “sleep wanking” in the 90’s! I’ve been sleeping with oven mitts on my hands for 15 years!”

WINO: “You gotta be careful. Last Summer, a park ranger busted me plowing my old lady in the forest preserve. He said we looked like two zombies playing leapfrog!”

13 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Track Lounge- Crown Point

14 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

If you love to go to the bars and rock out to Classic Rock and Modern Metal music, then you don’t want to miss a show by Glitch. A rock/metal cover band, Glitch plays everything from the latest to the greatest. You can find this band playing throughout the region, and it’s a perfect fit for the band – after all they are all from Northwest Indiana. “Myself and Johnny are from Chesterton,” said Lisa Waugaman, Lead Vocalist and Keyboardist of her whereabouts as well as band mate and Guitarist Johnny Desolation. “Then there’s Guitarist Dave DeVries from Merrillville, Bassist Cory Davis Sr. from Lake Station, and Drummer Ron Serczyk from East Chicago.” The current line-up has been performing since April 2008. Most of the members are new to the band, but have been performing in the region with their previous experiences for many years. “Guitarist Johnny Desolation, has been on tour and performed with Road Runner Records when he was involved with “Perfect Nothing” and” Year of Desolation”,” said Waugaman. When Glitch first got started in 2007 they were known as “Short Changed”, but the name changed as members found their groove and after some unfortunately controversy from another band. “We went through many musicians, and then we had some band down in Virginia send us a threat that they were going to sue us for taking their name,” she explained. “We just thought that we were going through so many glitches in our band, and then it became pretty funny one day when I shared with the guys that I was involved in a garage band named Glitch back in the day. The members said what that’s a name we should call ourselves, and

there you have it - simple, but powerful in one word.” This fun loving band is very versatile, and is flexible when it comes to playing the songs their fans want to hear. After all, their philosophy is that the minute a crowd stops listening to what they want to hear, they stop having fun and then they go away - before you know it, you are playing for the crickets. “It’s something that no band ever wants to have happen, but we’ve all been there at some point,” Waugaman said. “We wouldn’t be playing out in bars if a crowd didn’t exist, so it’s because of them that we get to do what we love. It’s got to be a win/win/win for the bar owner, fans and us.” Currently, Glitch performs in all kinds of bars and venues in the NWI region. The biggest crowd they’ve played for was a “Street Car Chaos” at US 41 International Drag Way. They played there in the summer of 2011 for a crowd of about 500 plus people. So what kind of music can you expect to hear at a Glitch show? Well, some of the artists include Neil Young, Heart, Scorpions, AC/DC, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne, System of the Down, Iron Maiden, Rage Against the Machine, Seether, Volbeat, Faith No More, and Black Label Society. “We go out of our way to please fans,” she said. “We had a fan out one night, screaming out to play Iron Maiden. So we went back to practice, learned two songs from Maiden and we will be performing them in January.” And when you see this group perform you get that sense they go above and beyond, and do everything for their fans. “We all have a ton of fun and you definitely can tell this on stage too,” the band said. “It’s not very often you can have a band with four dudes and one chic, and all act as one unit. We have a huge amount of talent, experience, and sarcasm, because in life, who wants to take everything too serious.” If you want to catch Glitch performing live this month, they will be at 219 Bar in Lake Station on January 4th, and at JJ Kelly’s in Lansing on January 5th. To learn more about the band, and keep updated on their performances, check them out on Facebook, Glitch_Band NW Indiana.

15 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Shift Change Tap

Burns Harbor 295 Melton Rd.

Boondock's Bar & Grill Goodfella's Bar & Grill

Cedar Lake 13118 Lake Shore Dr

Hunley's Bar Three Stooges Town Club Taven

11200 West 129th Ave 13115 West Lake Shore Dr.

Hooligans The Upper Deck Lounge Uncle Joe's 513 Ale House Amore Ristorante / 109 Lounge Back Court Bar Buddy and Pal’s Buddy and Pal’s Place Too Crown Brewing Diamond Jim’s Fricke’s Martony's Matey's Irish Pub & Grill Mighty Mick's The Great Escape Lounge The Point The Silver Bullet The Super Bowl (Final Frame)

Dragon's Inn Finnegans Pub Meyer's Castle Sheffield's Spanky’s Bar and Grill Stadium Bar The Engine Room Vino Tini White Rino Beto’s Bar Good Times Bar & Grill Maple Leaf Bar & Grill Mario's Lounge Arvin Cedar Bar Bamboo Tavern Beer Belly's Black Cherri Lounge Brother’s Lounge Bugsy's Tavern Green Top Tap

219-374-9520 219-374-9835 219-374-9898


Flannery’s Tavern

Track Lounge

219-374-8100 219-374-6700

8120 Lake Shore Dr 13111 Lake Shore Dr

Arron's Mortgage Inn El Cantarito Mexican Cuisine

The Zombie Club Three Monkey's Bar


1400 Broadway 709 Plaza Drive 125 Calumet Rd. 711 Plaza Dr.

Crown Point 513 N. Main St.

4720 Indianapolis Blvd. Gary / Miller 4477 Cleveland St. 603 East 39th Ave. 4450 Cleveland 6900 Melton Rd. 5072 Broadway 4489 Broadway 4510 W. Ridge Rd.

Thumbs Up

620 S. Lake St.


219-924-3181 219-924-5009


840 S. Broad.St.



219-397-8247 219-397-8810

503 W. 151st St. 719 W. 151st St.


1813 W. 45th

219-322-9185 219-864-9200

101 Joiliet St.

903 N. Shelby

Shades of Time


East Chicago 1301 E. Chicago Ave.


The Beach Café


219-365-6635 219-322-6500

202 Joliet St. 1143 Joliet St.


5705 East Dunes Highway

135 N. Broad St.

219-865-8452 219-322-5808

15213 101St. 1468 Joliet St.

9148 Melton Rd.


Set'Em Up

219-864-3400 219-865-9896

1370 Joliet St. 1027 Sheffield Ave.

Polekatz NWI



275 Joliet St. Suite 130 1074 Joliet St.


602 E. Main St.

219-662-8272 219-662-7000

318 N. Jackson St. Dyer


5004 Broadway

Griffith Town Tap

219-663-7700 219-661-9015

118 W Clark St 21 W. 112th Ave.

5245 E. Dunes Hwy

Paradise Lounge

219-926-2614 219-929-5570

219-661-1811 219-779-9711

100 N. Main St. 218 S. East St.

Murphy's House of Pain


219-663-8155 219-662-2244

220 South Main St. 1910 N Main st.


105 N. Broad St.

219-663-0529 219-310-8436

419 N. Grant St. 10727 Randolph

5115 Broadway

520 Main St.

219-463-6551 219-663-7665

519 Grant St. 104 South Main St.


Milan’s Tavern

Final Round Sports Bar

219-662-0088 219-661-0088

211 S. East St. 210 S. Main St.


Depot Bar & Grill

219-663-7377 219-310-8416

1206 E. East Summit 10685 Randolph St.

1 Buffington Harbor Drive

219-926-3113‎ 219-728-6962


109 Joliet St. 932 South Court St.

3861 Broadway

Majestic Star Casinos & Hotel


219-929-1040 219-926-1814

139 S. Calumet (2nd Floor) 361 N. Calumet Rd.

Hunter Inn

219-398-9677 219-398-6405 219-980-9552 219-887-5317 219-981-8400 219-939-0461 219-980-3333 219-887-2847

5th Amendment Pub

6729 Kennedy Ave.

Archor Inn Sports & Ent.

6712 Calumet Ave.

219-844-8267 219-933-4677

Billy Bears Bar & Grill

1225 169th St.


Chuck & Irene’s

6110 Kennedy Ave.


Coach's Corner

6208 Kennedy Ave.


Cozy Tavern

1304 East Summer St.


Dick’s Are you Crazy

1221 E. 150th St.


Dodo’s Firehouse Tap

521 Conkey St.


Don’s Pub

250 East Gostlin St.


Fantasy Gentlemen's Club

3850 179th St.


Flick’s Tavern

6205 Kennedy Ave.


Freddy's Steak House

6442 Kennedy Ave.


Good Time Charlie’s

6023 S Calumet Ave.


Home Plate Pub

3105 165th St.


Hoosier Buddy Saloon

839 169th St.


Industrial Strip

3626 S. Calumet Ave.


Jason's Sports Bar

3949 Hohman Ave.


Just One More

5245 S. Sohl Ave.


Just Toni

5602 Calumet Ave.


Kenwood Lanes

6311 Kennedy Ave.


Kenwood Tap

6247 Kennedy Ave.



4648 S. Sheffield



7022 Kennedy Ave.


Old Glory Tavern

6755 Indianapolis Blvd.


Olympia Lanes (Pocket Shots)

4150 S. Calumet


Our Place

1403 East Michigan St.


Pines Tap

7349 Calumet Ave.


Porter’s Tap

6405 Kennedy Ave.


Pudlos Tap

3803 Hohman Ave.


Push (Horseshoe Casino)

777 Casino Ctr. Dr.


Silk Gentlemens Club

2136 E. Summer St.


Spirro’s Country Lounge

4760 S. Calumet Ave.


Sportsman’s Tap

6320 Kennedy Ave.


Miso's Overflow Tavern

6309 Kennedy Ave.


Vintage 51 (Horseshoe Casino)

777 Casino Ctr. Dr.


Welcome Inn

155 Goslin


Highland Beek Geeks

3030 45th st.


Bone Dry

3805 Ridge Road




NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3


2712 Condit St. 1827 W. 45th

Getway Bar Growler’s

2816 Highway Ave. 1613 N. Cline

John’s Place Sal’s Bar & Lounge

327 Main St. 620 N. Wisconsin St.

Cressmoor Lounge End Zone Bar & Grill Hobart Lanes/10 Pin Lounge

Indian Ridge Golf Course

Mickey D’s Bar The Depot 219 Bar & Grill Bens Twin Oak Déjà Vu Draft House Dreamgirls El Ranchero Restaurant He Ain’t Here Lounge Kimmies L F Norton Muncie’s Lounge Ray’s Lanes Ruthie’s Lounge Tap House 1233 Beavers Beer Barrel Catch 22 Club 83 Dawg House Pub El Vaquero Bar & Grill Hydad’s Maxim’s Lounge Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant



601 N. Wisconsin St. 314 Main St. 99 S. Hobart Rd. 6363 Grand Blvd

518 East 3rd St. 1429 W. 37th Ave. Lake Station 2415 Rush St. 2935 Central Ave. 2491 Ripley St. 4825 Central Ave. 2491 Ripley St. 3559 Michigan Ave. 2661 Decatur St. 2808 Dekalb St. Central Ave. 4106 Central Ave. 3201 Central Ave. 3425 Central Ave. 1233 Central Ave. Merrillville 7505 Talf St. 4717 E. Lincoln Hwy 500 E. 81st Ave. 1506 E. 83rd St. 3790 W. 80th Lane 5031 East 81st Ave. 31 80th Pl. S. W. 7205 Broadway 8011 Broadway 65 W. 68 Pl.

T.J. Maloneys / Wisecrackers

1515 East 82nd Ave. 800 East 81st Ave.

Villa Del Sol

1605 Southlake Mall 2225 Lincoln Hwy

3 Floyds Brewing Co.

Munster 9750 Indiana Parkway

Tilted Kilt

Cheers Foods & Drinks Danny Z's Johnny’s Tap Mark O's Bar & Grill 2 Boomers Curly Joe’s Bar & Grill El Cantarito Mexican Cuisine

1942 45th Ave. 1860 45th St. 8050 Calumet Ave. 435 Ridge Rd.

6291 Central Ave.


6340 Melton Rd. 3287 Willowcreek






Stonequarry Lounge


Sunset Lounge


Taco Loco Mexican



219-942-1000 219-942-0730

LeRoy’s Hot Stuff Santiago’s


Wagner's Ribs Whistle Stop Bar &

219-963-6053 219-962-4398

Buddy & Pal's


Bullpen Luxury Bar


El Amigo Mexican


Jalapenos / Woodh

6121 Melton Rd. 2596 Portage Mall

333 W. U.S. 20 124 Lincoln St.



Schererville Lounge


Social 219

1204 W. Lincoln Hw y. 48 East Joliet St.


Spike’s Lakeside Inn

2350 Cline Ave 21 East Joliet St.

Blue 82 Sports, Foo

St. John 8209 Wicker Ave.

219-963-7987 d & Spirits

8101 Wicker Ave.

9623 Wicker Ave. 9165 Wicker Ave.

219-793-9625 Billy Jack's

219-756-4220 219-947-1737

Duffy’s Place Figure Eight Brewin

Franklin House Gaucho's Brazilian

219-736-9110 219-795-9520 219-769-7191



NorthSide Tap Roo


Old Style Inn


Pepe’s Mexican Res


m & Grill t. (Valpo)

Rosewood Restauran




219-201-4457 219-922-3565

Bulldog Brewing Co.

Center Lounge Clipper’s Lounge

219-712-0912 219-836-9218

Game Time 2 Bar &

Member's Only Bar


Midtown Station




Sportsmen's Corner

The Office

17 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

219-864-8862 219-322-0080 219-322-4812 219-322-5660 219-322-3060 219-322-4444 219-365-1525 219-558-8130 219-365-7880 219-365-5509 219-477-3797 219-462-1057 219-477-2000 219-462-2533


219-759-1100 219-464-0801

597 US HWY 30 1004 Calumet Ave 712 Calumet Ave. 5 Lincolnway 1058 S. State RT. 2 367 W US Highway

219-465-0885 219-916-2086 6

Whiting 1409 119th St. 1312 119th St.


219-322-7788 219-865-3022

58 S. Campbell St.

381 US Hwy. 6 218 East Lincolnway

Tony's Place


Valparaiso 2904 Calumet Ave . 1154 Axe Ave. 150 Washington St.


219-440-7008 219-865-8377

1013 W. Lincoln Hig hway 312 W US HWY 30



219 926-7614 219-921-0100

340 East US Hwy. 30

& Grill


The Clubhouse

219-926-6211 219-762-2113

361 Wagner Road 206 Lincoln St.


200 US Hwy. 41 2251 US HWY 41


219-762-6065 219-734-6744

Porter 212 Lincoln St.

Longshots Sports Bar

Northwoods Rascal's

219-762-0509 219-762-5812

5844 US Hwy. 6 5455 US HWY 6




219-763-7771 219-762-2113


e 200 East US HWY 30

Alaskan Pipeline


219-764-9464 219-762-7485




219-763-3779 219-762-7305

6245 Ameriplex Dr. 6481 Melton Rd.

Ryan’s Tavern

Portage 2522 Portage Mall 2528 Portage Mall

Red Carpet Lounge


3617 Michigan 235 Main St.

2385 Willowcreek Rd. 2548 Portage Mall

Quaker Steak & Lub



Cressmoor Lanes

Mark O’s Bar and Gri ll Mood’s Pub & Eatery


2045 45th St.

Agave Mexican Restaurant

Main St.Station

219-924-0245 219-838-4490

9521 Indianapolis Blvd.

V.I.P Lounge

Lisa’s Lounge

219-838-3330 219-924-1717

1225 119th St. 2062 Indianapolis

219-762-4099 219-464-1018 219-655-5284 219-659-4080


219-659-5006 219-473-0239


219-473-0000 219-659-7530

1414 Calumet Ave . 1928 New York Ave

2235 New York Ave . 1200 120th St 2008 Indianapolis

219-465-0205 219-763-2282‎


219-655-5187 219-659-9695 219-659-1070

jason’s- Hammond se working outside on the fire A fireman is at the station hou girl next door. The little girl is truck when he notices a little e ladders hung off the side. in a little red wagon with littl and has the wagon tied to a She is wearing a fireman’s hat e girl. What are you doing?” dog. The fireman says “Hey littl ding to be a fireman and this The little girl says “I’m preten is my fire truck!” take a closer look. “Little girl The fireman walks over to s k!” the fireman says. “Thank that sure is a nice fire truc er clos e fireman looks a littl mister”, says the little girl. The the dog to the wagon tied has girl and notices the little by it’s testicles. “I don’t want to tell you how “Little girl”, says the fireman, e if you were to tie that rop to run your fire truck, but er.” fast go ld k you cou around the dog’s neck I thin bably right mister, but then I The little girl says, “You’re pro wouldn’t have a siren!”

Monday Amore Ristorante– Crown Point Franco’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria – Highland Pioneer Tap – Hammond The Stadium – Dyer Quaker Steak & Lube – Portage Zodiac Lounge – Crown Point Tuesday Billy Bears Bar & Grill – Hammond Game Time - Hammond Leroy’s “Hot Stuff” – Porter Martinis – Valparaiso Midtown Station – Whiting Murphy’s House of Pain – Miller Beach Pioneer Tap – Hammond Riff Raff’s – South Haven Sunset Lounge – Portage The Point Bar & Grill – Crown Point Shades of Time (formerly Rocco’s) – Highland   Wednesday 219 Bar & Grill - Lake Station Blue Chip (Vegas Baby) – Michigan City Franco’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria – Highland Game Time – Whiting Goodfellas – Cedar Lake The Warehouse – South Haven Northwoods – St. John Pioneer Tap – Hammond Rascals Pub – Saint John Set’Em Up Lanes – Griffith Spirro’s – Hammond The Pines Lounge – Hammond The Stadium – Dyer

Three Monkeys Pub – Crown Point Uncle Joe’s Bar & Grill – Chesterton Romeos Bar – Gary Bull Dog Brewing Company – Whiting

The Stadium – Dyer WhistleStop – Chesterton Just Toni’s - Hammond (1st Friday of the month)

Thursday Back Court Bar & Grill – Crown Point Boomers Pub n Grub – Portage Buddy and Pals – Crown Point Franklin House – Valparaiso Growlers – Highland Jalapeno’s – Schererville Leroy’s “Hot Stuff” – Porter Midtown Station – Whiting Murphy’s – Miller Beach Sportsman’s Bar & Grill – South Haven The Pines Lounge – Hammond The Pub – Hobart The Quest – Schererville Village Tavern – Porter VIP Lounge – Griffith

Saturday Beavers – Merrillville Beer Belly’s – Calumet Township Dodo’s Firehouse Tap – Hammond Draft House – Lake Station Final Frame (inside Super Bowl) – Crown Point Franklin House – Valparaiso Gelsossomo’s Pizzeria) – Chesterton Matey’s Irish Pub & Grill – Crown Point The Stadium – Dyer Westchester Lanes – Chesterton   Sunday Franco’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria – Highland Set Em Up Lanes – Griffith Sunset Lounge – Portage

Friday Alaskan Pipeline – Schererville Beavers – Merrillville Beer Belly’s – Calumet Township Chuck & John’s – Calumet Township Clancy’s – Portage Coach’s Corner – Hammond Dodo’s Firehouse Tap – Hammond Draft House – Lake Station Final Frame (inside Super Bowl) – Crown Point Matey’s Irish Pub & Grill - Crown Point Roadhouse – Valparaiso (Every Other Friday)

18 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3


NWI Dining at Dusk

Now Open, Portage Indiana

By: Stephanie Vega

Saturday until 2:00pm. “Those Early Dine specials include a 6oz. Sirloin Steak, 10oz. Road Kill Chopped Steak, Grilled BBQ Chicken, Country Fried Chicken, Chicken Critters Dinner, Pulled Pork Dinner, Grilled Pork Chop (Single), and Chicken Caesar Salad,” said Giltrap. “These specials are really popular with our guests.”

Great food and great drinks is something we all look forward to when we go out for a night on the town. Well, if you’ve been looking for a new place like this to try out – you’re in luck! Texas Roadhouse - famous for their Hand-Cut Steaks, Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs, Made-From-Scratch Sides, and Fresh-Baked Bread – just opened a new location at 6130 E. US Highway 6 in Portage (next to Menard’s). The restaurant held a Grand Opening on Monday, December 17th, and it was quite the success. “We’re excited to be opening a location here in Porter County,” said Douglas Giltrap, Managing Partner at Texas Roadhouse. “We’re a sit down family casual restaurant and we take pride in the fact that we put the best quality of food on our plates for a great price.”

If you want to start your meal off with an appetizer, Texas Roadhouse offers 10 different selections, including Fried Pickles, Cactus Blossoms and Rattlesnake Bites. They even offer an appetizer of Killer Ribs, which includes their award-winning ribs served in a basked with steak fries – YUM! The rest of the menu consists of salads, burgers and sandwiches, hand-cut steaks, chicken specialties, country dinners and dockside favorites.

This jeans and a t-shirt family establishment is the perfect place to go out to dinner and not worry about making a mess; after all, Texas Roadhouse is also known for their peanuts on the floor. With a bucket of peanuts at every table and a barrel in the waiting area, those coming to the restaurant are encouraged to grab a handful and toss their shells on the floor. It adds to the ambiance and “fun” atmosphere at Texas Roadhouse. This new location is just the second in Northwest Indiana, despite the fact that Indiana has the second most locations in the whole country. With over 400 locations throughout the US and locations overseas, Texas Roadhouse has really grown since they opened their first location in 1993. What many may not ever realize is that this chain originated in the Hoosier State. “We started it all in Clarksville, Indiana,” said Giltrap.“The goal of owner Kent Taylor was to own not just a family restaurant and not just a steak restaurant, but a place where everyone of all ages could come and have a great meal and great fun for a great price.” Texas Roadhouse is a dinner-only restaurant from Monday through Friday, opening their doors at 4:00pm, but the restaurant serves up both lunch and dinner on the weekends. They offer an Early Dine special for $8.99 which you can get Monday through Thursday until 6:00pm and on

And if you’re looking for something cold and frosty to wash down your delicious meal, Texas Roadhouse offers a variety of beers on tap, in bottles and their legendary margaritas. “We are a full service bar with nine beers on tap,” said Giltrap. “We are also known for our margaritas – the best you can get in town. We put Patron it, so they aren’t getting the cheap stuff.” Texas Roadhouse has signature margaritas which feature multiple tequilas, blended with triple sec and their signature sweet and sour mix. They have so many margaritas to choose from, they have a separate margarita menu. Texas Roadhouse also has six TVs around the restaurant and bar area for anyone looking to watch the game. And in keeping with the country western atmosphere, Texas Roadhouse plays really loud country music. They even offer up line dancing in the restaurant – how fun is that?. If you want to know more about Texas Roadhouse, their menu, and specials, go to


NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

20 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

21 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

embossed transfer rings have been included around the neck fo the bottle. These rings kept the bottles on the conveyor track as they were moved around the brewery. And as a final touch, 1919 is stamped into the neck of the bottle to recall the year that beer was banned – pretty cool huh?

For centuries, beer lovers have been enjoying the crisp, refreshing taste of an ice cold brewski! But in 1919, all that came to an end when beer was banned. The prohibition sent people into a frenzy! Barrels were broken – breweries went belly up. Drinking a beer became an act of protest against those in power. When beer became legal again 14 years later, it was never the same.

So, when I sat down with this brew (after staring at the bottle for a while), I decided to pour it into a nice frothy pint glass, to get a true pub feeling. The color was a deep golden color, with rising bubble and a nice light white head. The aroma was light and refreshing, and was reminiscent of an amber lager. When I finally put the glass to my lips, I immediately felt transformed to October. Batch 19 really reminded me of an Oktober beer in flavor and since that is my all time favorite beer, I was thoroughly excited!!

Why the history lesson on the prohibition? Well, to remind people that beer changed in many different ways from how it was originally made, but also to give them hope of tasting what that beer was once like. That’s because the people at Coors brewery have found a recipe deep in the archives dating back before Prohibition. It’s called Batch 19, and it’s inspired by the last batches of beer brewed before 1919. Pre-prohibition style lager – bring it on! I always wondered what it was like to drink a pint of beer in the early 1900’s, now I don’t have to travel back in time! Batch 19 is a bold, hoppy lager and it’s no surprise because this recipe is combined with a rare combination of hops. For all you brew makers out there, Batch 19 is made with Hersbrucker hops (which provide herbal notes) and Strisselspalt hops (which deliver notes of black currant).

Ok, so where can you find this delicious brew? It’s sold in liquor stores, and served at the bar, and it will be hard to miss if it’s on tap because of the totally cool tap handle it has. The eyecatching tap handle plays up the brand’s rebellious personality. On top of the handle you’ll find a sledgehammer smashing a barrel – recalling the untimely demise of the last batches of beer.

Now, before I describe the beer in more detail, let me tell you about the cool bottle it comes in. The bottle truly evokes the spirit of an earlier time. From what I’ve read, pre-prohibition bottles were characterized by their no-frills appearance and simple embossing. So, in tribute to this era,

Batch 19 has an ABV of 5.5% and pairs great with prime rib, lamb chops, specialty burgers, cured meat and strong cheeses. To learn about this pre-prohibition style lager, go to

22 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

WoodHollow - Schererville Actually Keep New Years Resolutions You Can Read less. on at least 30 pounds. I want to gain weight. Put ets at a luckier store Stop tick ery I will start buying lott exercising. Waste of time. ing some good stuff. Watch more TV. I’ve been miss inition Watch less T.V. in standard def The Biggest Loser. Watch on get Gain enough weight to more movie remakes. after I use the restroom. Start washing my hands Procrastinate more. more deodorant. I will do less laundry and use e relieving the past, instead I I will no longer waste my tim the future. will spend it worrying about Drink. Drink some more. Ebay, because QVC has better Stop buying worthless junk on specials Start being superstitious. Spend more time at work. e: I should eat out more.. Stop bringing lunch from hom smoking! Take up a new habit: maybe

23 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

24 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3



Set’em Up Lanes

Bartender: Mauricio Drink: Chocochata Ingredients: RumChata Vanilla Vodka White Chocolate Liqueur Quote: Perfect Holiday Treat!

Bartender: Breanne Drink: Pineapple Upside down Cake Ingredients: Three Olive Cake Rumchata, Orange Juice Grenadine, Ready Whip, Cherry Quote: Let them Drink Cake

Bartender: Alyse Drink: Falcon Punch Ingredients: Blueberry Vodka Raspberry Vodka, Bacardi Limon Blue Curacao, Lemonade, Sprite Quote: “Pwns Newbs”


The Point

Bartender: Heather Drink: Carrot Cake Ingredients: Bailey’s Butterscotch Hops, Goldschlager Quote: “Try this for dessert!”

Bartender: Diona Drink: HALF-HALF Ingredients: Zivio Quote: “It’s all about the Eastern European in you!”

25 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Matey’s - Crown Point

2350 Cline Avenue Schererville, Indiana 46375 Phone (219) 322-3060 SUNDAY $2.00 Miller Lite Drafts $3.50 3 Olives Bloody Marys, $7.95 Burger & Fries. Includes Draft or Bloody Mary MONDAY $2.00 Miller Lite Bottles TUESDAY $3.50 Three Olives Martinis WEDNESDAY JACK & STEVE’S Acoustic Tequila Party every other Wed. Patron Shots $4.00, VeeV Drinks $3.50 Vegas Bombs $3.50, Titos Vodka $3.00 THURSDAY $4.00 Absolut Flavor Drinks FRIDAY & SATURDAY $3.50 Vodka Red Bull $3.50 Cheri & Grape Bombs

$3.50 Three Olive Cocktails Everyday in January

Does not include Red Bull

26 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Miso’s Overflow- Hammond

27 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

By: Stephanie Vega

All White Parties... Every Friday at Blue Chip Casino By: Rosemarie Stephens

For years, P. Diddy has done it - now those in the region will be able to experience it as well. Those infamous White Parties in the Hamptons is something we’ve all heard about, and now the Blue Chip Casino is taking a stab at this fun idea. For the first time, the It’s Vegas Bar! nightclub will offer an All White Party, every Friday night in January. “We’ve never done anything like this before,” said Jack Elia, Assistant General Manager at Blue Chip. “I came up with the idea because I wanted to do something different, something that would get people excited.”

Here’s a look at the live entertainment you’ll enjoy during those Friday night All White Parties: January 4th – Radio Tokyo January 11th – Your Villain My Hero January 18th – Afrodisiacs January 25th – TBD

If dressing u p in all white doesn’t get you excited, how about the chance to win some cold hard cash? If you dress in all white at any of those Friday night parties, you’ll be entered in to a pretty amazing promotion. “The winner will receive a one night stay at Blue Chip as well as a $100 gift card,” said Elia. “Second place will win $50 and third place will win $25. And the best part – a winner is awarded every week!”

It’s Vegas Baby! is the party all-night hotspot with the sights and sounds of glamorous Las Vegas. As the sun goes down, Blue Chip puts the life back in nightlife as It’s Vegas Baby! hosts the best in live entertainment featuring an eclectic group of bands, singers and performers from across the country! Entertainment hours at It’s Vegas Baby! is Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00pm2:30am. For more information on the Blue Chip Casino, and it’s entertainment venues, go to entertain.

So put together your best white outfit, and get CREATIVE!! There is no admission to get into the All White Party, and doors open at 10pm.

And at the All White Party, you can bet the drinks will be flowing!! On special those nights will be bottles of Peroni for just $2.

28 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

29 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

HyDAD’s - Merrillville

30 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

31 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

Enclosed heated smoking area with bar.

32 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • J a n 1 3

NWI Entertainer - January 2013  
NWI Entertainer - January 2013