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NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

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The Point - Crown Point

The Letter

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When I think of a high energy, rock and roll band, I immediately think – BEST dance party ever!! If that’s what you look forward to hearing when you go out for a night on the town, then you’ll enjoy watching a show by BAM. This cover band plays songs from artists like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and Tom Petty, and they also throw in some cool, not so Top 40 rock party songs by bands like Bouncing Souls, Joe Jackson, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Cars. “We also have taken some songs that are not so rock and roll and gave them the BAM twist,” said Lead Vocalist Jack Adams. “We’ve done this with songs by Lady GAGA, Peter Gabrial and Johnny Cash – all made to rock! It’s a little harder to do, but they are still danceable party songs.” BAM has been together for 3 years, but collectively have been playing in bands for more than 30 years. Originally, they were known as Boys are Mean but decided to switch to the acronym after a couple of years. “Since we were trying to appeal mainly to a female crowd, (if the women like you, the men will follow) I thought to myself ‘What is something that every girl can relate to?’ Then it hit me, Boys Are Mean - every girl has said it at one time or another,” said Adams. “We went with that name for about 2 years and then we decided to drop that and just go with BAM.” There are a couple places the group plays at that still promote them as Boys Are Mean. “They just want to keep it consistent and not confuse people due to the large following we have gained at those places with that name,” Adams added. And what makes BAM so popular is probably the amazing talent the group brings. Jack Adams amazing vocals and energetic show have made him one of the most sought after front man in Chicago and beyond. Being a part of such touring acts as Sgt. Roxx and Monkey Cocktai, Adams is known throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. His original recordings have received some exceptional critical attention. Then there’s Steve Termini – who over the years has built a rock-solid reputation as

a tasteful guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. He has worked with artists that include Cowboy Helmet and Mike Green Band. Justin Higgins has been playing bass, singing and writing songs for over 15 years. He has played and sung on countless recordings with many groups, and toured with Greenday Tribute Band 86. Rounding out the group is Craig Cutler, who has an acclaimed reputation for playing in multiple genres and styles. He has shared the stage with several bands, including Cowboy Helmet, Even Flow Pearl Jam Tribute Band and Demagin to name a few. His style and precision sets him apart in the industry. All the members of BAM are from Northwest Indiana. They believe their choice of music, and the way they put their own twist on it, sets them apart from a lot of the bands in the area. They recall one of the their proudest moments as a group. “I’d have to say our first gig as BAM,” Adams started. “It was in September around 3 years ago at The Warehouse in Valparaiso. I really wanted to come out big after I had been on a 3 year hiatus from playing in a full band. We really promoted it and it was packed. Great stage, great light show, huge venue. Totally pro gig.” From there, the guys took off and started playing at various clubs and bars around the area. They’ve even played a number of festivals – including the Dyer Hometown Celebration Dyer, Fire Fest in Lake Station, and the Jaycee Fest in Hobart. “We have played in front of some pretty big crowds, mostly at fests,” explained Adams. “Summer Fest at Lake of the Four Seasons was a headline gig for about 2,000 people.” If you want to know about these guys, go to their Facebook page and “LIKE” their page. You’ll be able to find out where and when they are playing. They are always sending out invites to their friends every week! If you want to catch them perform live in February, you can catch them at Buddy and Pal’s Place in Winfield on Tuesday, February 12th for their Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Bash.

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The “f” logo is a trademark/service mark of Facebook, Inc. ©2013 Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Co., Hood River, OR * Milwaukee, WI

11 The “f” logo is a trademark/service mark of Facebook, Inc.

NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

©2013 Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Co., Hood River, OR * Milwaukee, WI

STREETWALKER: Grace Wilkers TASTES LIKE: The day your dad left your family. NICKNAME: “The Sand Box”


STREETWALKER: “My “manager” held one of them contests for his girls one time. I gave birth to twins and won on a technicality. I’m STILL working my way through that 1st prize crate of fireworks!!”

Created by: Sam Mechling

Staying Active this Winter

WINO: Jerry, a telemarketer from Merrillville asks: This Winter, my company is holding a mandatory weight loss challenge in my office and I just quit smoking. Am I screwed?

STREETWALKER: “Yeah, it’s getting crazy out there. Last week, some guy paid me $20 just to blow on his hands.”

“Smoking? What did you smoke? A ham?”


STREETWALKER: “Don’t worry about it, girl. I lost my left leg in the blizzard of ‘88. Best part is; you ain’t gotta shave fake legs… BUT I STILL DO!”

WINO: Bill Knox SMELLS LIKE: two Sasquatch fighting in a sauna. PERSONAL QUOTE: “I’m the Muhammad Ali of grab-ass!”

Stella, a bank teller from Hammond asks: I’d like to keep jogging outside, but I’ve heard frostbite can be a real issue. Is it safe?

Quinn, a vet tech from Munster, asks: I spent $300 on a winter coat, but it’s so cold I’m still freezing. What am I supposed to do?

12 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

“Winter ain’t ALL bad. You should see the moat of frozen pee I made a around my campsite! Fat Jake tried to steal my radio, but he just slipped and chipped his elbow! KABLAM! Hahaha!”

WINO: “Hell if I know! It’s so cold; I can’t even open my trench coat to flash women any more! I just scream what my penis looks like!”

13 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

jason’s - Hammond

14 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

By: Rosemarie Stephens

If you’re looking for a band that plays cool and original music – then the “Fittest Band in the World” The Energy Commission is the band for you! This 9 member band has been playing together since early 2011, but according to founder Jay Weinberg, the idea came about several years before. “The seedling of what we’ve grown into was planted with me getting arrested for protesting fossil fuel from the roof of a gas station back in 2008,” said Weinberg. “I’d been working with Tone and Nick on some stuff for a long time but never needed a band till then.”

the cake are Melissa and Shelisa “Fabalous” – the Energy Commission dancers / hype girls. They come out proudly rocking their trademark hot pink colors and stimulate the crowd with their knockout looks and genuine enthusiasm. 

But once all of the pieces of the band fell into place, it was time to start learning old tunes and cranking out some new ones. “Our music is just the beginning of our expression - we are a creative collective. Our visual identity and artwork, our sense of humor and how we engage our fans is just as important as our songs,” explained Weinberg. “Musically we range from DubStep - Hip Hop tunes about video games or a “Dirty Secret” to lovelorn songs on a pink ukulele in the styling of 1940’s group the Andrews Sisters. It’s like a box of chocolates.”

The Energy Commission plays exclusively at the Franklin House when in Valparaiso, but they play throughout the Chicagoland area. In Chicago they’ve headlined a number of major venues including the Elbo Room, Double Door and House of Blues. Whenever they play in Chicago, they charter their infamous “Beer Buses” and always have them leave from the Franklin House. “We will be playing at the Cubby Bear on the 16th at midnight and this will be our first time that we have to get three 40 person buses,” explained Weinberg. “We sold out of 2 in the first week and a half.”

With such a large team, Weinberg says it’s the sense of community they have that sets them apart from other bands. “We feel like our ‘Commissioners’ are the show,” he said. “We honestly go to shows to see our fans as much as they come to see us. We are a fan of our fans.”

The group says they don’t fit well into genre constraints let alone other people’s songs, adding that their music isn’t so much technical but rather ripe with passion. So with such a spectrum of experience  covered, how in the world did these guys choose a band name that would best describe them? For that, we go straight to the source! “After I got arrested, I was doing a lot of TV and radio interviews about my song ‘Price Gougin’,” Weinberg began. “I got a really strange message on my answering machine ‘This is Colonel Jacob Scott of the Energy Commission. We are shutting down your operation.’ I figured it was probably a prank. But when you’re riding a bicycle donated by Trek from Valparaiso to the front gates of the White House, and you hear them talking about you on Good Morning America, it kinda makes you wonder. I had a middle finger mentality at the time. I thought if anyone was gonna be a Commissioner of Energy it would be us.”

The group is looking forward to the Cubby Bear show and will be playing a 10 song set. “The Man with a Pink Ukulele” will kick off the shenanigans  “I walked into Front Porch Music one day and saw this pink ukulele and knew I had to have it and write a song about it,” he said. The song basically challenges the cliches about what it “means to be a man”. We’ve had contests in the past where we ask guys from the audience to come up and admit the least “manly” thing they’ve done. I’ve always had a vision of myself setting the uke on fire ala Hendrix but haven’t yet had the venue where it would be possible. I’ve smashed about 5 of em to bits on stage though.” And in regards to the whole “pink” thing – it’s kind of become their mantra. “Think Pink! All of our peeps are really getting into wearing it to our shows,” Weinberg said. “We really just hope people get a chance to sit down and take in the full scope of what we do, we’re not a one trick pony. Online we have fans from here to Finland with nearly a million collective You Tube views, but when you come to see an Energy Commission show you’re going to forget yourself. You’re going to forget the mundane day to day routine for a little while and you will leave a “Commissioner”.”

Now that’s an awesome band name! So – who’s make up this group of bad asses?? Well we’ve got the figurehead Jay Weinberg who pretty much does it all! He writes, produces music videos, does vocals and instrumentation, and employs his degree in illustration in setting the band’s image apart. Danielle Cales sings, writes, and plays the guitar and ukulele – always seducing the crowd with her buoyant  performances  and beaming smile. Tony Ussery plays guitar and raps. Nick Esola is the keytar/keyboard player and a major contribution to the production of the recordings. Josva Ibrahim holds down the low end on bass and Shae MacPherson is the groups “drum machine”. Clinton Worthington plays the brushes – meaning he goes with the band to every show and freestyles a painting live in front of all their “Commissioners”. The icing on If you love to go to the bars and rock out to Classic Rock and Modern Metal music, then you don’t want to miss a show by Glitch. A rock/metal cover band, Glitch plays everything from the latest to the greatest. You can find this band playing throughout the region, and it’s a perfect fit for the band – after all they are all from Northwest Indiana. “Myself and Johnny are from Chesterton,” said Lisa Waugaman, Lead Vocalist and Keyboardist of her whereabouts as well as band mate and Guitarist Johnny Desolation. “Then there’s Guitarist Dave DeVries from Merrillville, Bassist Cory Davis Sr. from Lake Station, and Drummer Ron Serczyk from East Chicago.” The current line-up has been performing since April 2008. Most of the members are new to the band, but have been performing in the region with their previous experiences for many years. “Guitarist Johnny Desolation, has been on tour and performed with Road Runner Records when he was involved with “Perfect

Want to know about The Energy Commission? Check out their website, www. and their Facebook page energycommission. Nothing” and” Year of Desolation”,” said Waugaman. When Glitch first got started in 2007 they were known as “Short Changed”, but the name changed as members found their groove and after some unfortunately controversy from another band. “We went through many musicians, and then we had some band down in Virginia send us a threat that they were going to sue us for taking their name,” she explained. “We just thought that we were going through so many glitches in our band, and then it became pretty funny one day when I shared with the guys that I was involved in a garage band named Glitch back in the day. The members said what that’s a name we should call ourselves, and there you have it - simple, but powerful in one word.” This fun loving band is very versatile, and is flexible when it comes to playing the songs their fans want to hear. After all, their philosophy is that the minute a crowd stops listening to

15 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Shift Change Tap

Burns Harbor 295 Melton Rd.

Boondock's Bar & Grill Goodfella's Bar & Grill

Cedar Lake 13118 Lake Shore Dr

Hunley's Bar Three Stooges Town Club Taven Arron's Mortgage Inn El Cantarito Mexican Cuisine

Uncle Joe's 513 Ale House

Amore Ristorante / 109 Lounge Back Court Bar Buddy and Pal’s Buddy and Pal’s Place Too Crown Brewing Diamond Jim’s Fricke’s Martony's Matey's Irish Pub & Grill Mighty Mick's The Great Escape Lounge The Point The Silver Bullet The Super Bowl (Final Frame)

Meyer's Castle Sheffield's Spanky’s Bar and Grill Stadium Bar The Engine Room Vino Tini White Rino Beto’s Bar Good Times Bar & Grill Maple Leaf Bar & Grill Mario's Lounge Arvin Cedar Bar Bamboo Tavern Beer Belly's Black Cherri Lounge Brother’s Lounge Bugsy's Tavern Green Top Tap Hunter Inn


Chesterton 1400 Broadway

The Upper Deck Lounge

Finnegans Pub

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8120 Lake Shore Dr 13111 Lake Shore Dr


Track Lounge

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11200 West 129th Ave 13115 West Lake Shore Dr.

Flannery’s Tavern

The Zombie Club Three Monkey's Bar


219-926-2614 219-929-5570

711 Plaza Dr.

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139 S. Calumet (2nd Floor) 361 N. Calumet Rd. Crown Point 513 N. Main St.

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1206 E. East Summit 10685 Randolph St.

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211 S. East St. 210 S. Main St.

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519 Grant St. 104 South Main St.

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419 N. Grant St. 10727 Randolph

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220 South Main St. 1910 N Main st.

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100 N. Main St. 218 S. East St.

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118 W Clark St 21 W. 112th Ave.

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318 N. Jackson St. Dyer

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1074 Joliet St. 1370 Joliet St.

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1027 Sheffield Ave. 15213 101St.

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1468 Joliet St. 202 Joliet St.


1143 Joliet St. 101 Joiliet St.


East Chicago 1301 E. Chicago Ave.

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503 W. 151st St. 719 W. 151st St. 4720 Indianapolis Blvd. Gary / Miller 4477 Cleveland St. 603 East 39th Ave. 4450 Cleveland 6900 Melton Rd. 5072 Broadway 4489 Broadway 4510 W. Ridge Rd. 3861 Broadway


5115 Broadway


Murphy's House of Pain

5245 E. Dunes Hwy


Paradise Lounge

5004 Broadway


Polekatz NWI

9148 Melton Rd.



5705 East Dunes Highway


The Beach Café

903 N. Shelby


Thumbs Up

620 S. Lake St.


Depot Bar & Grill

520 Main St.


Final Round Sports Bar

105 N. Broad St.


Griffith Town Tap

602 E. Main St.


Set'Em Up

135 N. Broad St.


Shades of Time

1813 W. 45th



840 S. Broad.St.



219-662-0513 219-663-7377

109 Joliet St. 932 South Court St.

1 Buffington Harbor Drive

Milan’s Tavern


219-926-3113‎ 219-728-6962

709 Plaza Drive 125 Calumet Rd.

Majestic Star Casinos & Hotel

219-398-9677 219-398-6405 219-980-9552 219-887-5317 219-981-8400

5th Amendment Pub

6729 Kennedy Ave.

Archor Inn Sports & Ent.

6712 Calumet Ave.

219-844-8267 219-933-4677

Billy Bears Bar & Grill

1225 169th St.


Chuck & Irene’s

6110 Kennedy Ave.


Coach's Corner

6208 Kennedy Ave.


Cozy Tavern

1304 East Summer St.


Dick’s Are you Crazy

1221 E. 150th St.


Dodo’s Firehouse Tap

521 Conkey St.


Don’s Pub

250 East Gostlin St.


Fantasy Gentlemen's Club

3850 179th St.


Flick’s Tavern

6205 Kennedy Ave.


Freddy's Steak House

6442 Kennedy Ave.


Good Time Charlie’s

6023 S Calumet Ave.


Home Plate Pub

3105 165th St.


Hoosier Buddy Saloon

839 169th St.


Industrial Strip

3626 S. Calumet Ave.


Jason's Sports Bar

3949 Hohman Ave.


Just One More

5245 S. Sohl Ave.


Just Toni

5602 Calumet Ave.


Kenwood Lanes

6311 Kennedy Ave.


Kenwood Tap

6247 Kennedy Ave.



4648 S. Sheffield


Miso's Overflow Tavern

6309 Kennedy Ave.



7022 Kennedy Ave.


Old Glory Tavern

6755 Indianapolis Blvd.


Olympia Lanes (Pocket Shots)

4150 S. Calumet


Our Place

1403 East Michigan St.


Pines Tap

7349 Calumet Ave.


Porter’s Tap

6405 Kennedy Ave.


Pudlos Tap

3803 Hohman Ave.


Push (Horseshoe Casino)

777 Casino Ctr. Dr.


Silk Gentlemens Club

2136 E. Summer St.


Spirro’s Country Lounge

4760 S. Calumet Ave.


Sportsman’s Tap

6320 Kennedy Ave.


Vintage 51 (Horseshoe Casino)

777 Casino Ctr. Dr.


Welcome Inn

155 Goslin



219-939-0461 219-980-3333

Beek Geeks

3030 45th st.


219-887-2847 219-980-9546

Bone Dry

3805 Ridge Road



2712 Condit St.




NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Getway Bar Growler’s

1827 W. 45th 2816 Highway Ave.

John’s Place

1613 N. Cline 2045 45th St.

V.I.P Lounge

Cressmoor Lounge End Zone Bar & Grill Hobart Lanes/10 Pin Lounge

Main St.Station Mickey D’s Bar The Depot 219 Bar & Grill Bens Twin Oak Déjà Vu Draft House Dreamgirls El Ranchero Restaurant He Ain’t Here Lounge Kimmies L F Norton Muncie’s Lounge Ray’s Lanes Ruthie’s Lounge Tap House 1233 Beavers Beer Barrel Catch 22 Club 83 Dawg House Pub El Vaquero Bar & Grill Hydad’s Maxim’s Lounge Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant


Sheffield's T.J. Maloneys / Wisecrackers Tilted Kilt Villa Del Sol 3 Floyds Brewing Co. Cheers Foods & Drinks Danny Z's Johnny’s Tap Mark O's Bar & Grill 2 Boomers Curly Joe’s Bar & Grill

601 N. Wisconsin St. 314 Main St. 99 S. Hobart Rd. 6363 Grand Blvd 3617 Michigan 235 Main St.

Lake Station

2491 Ripley St. 4825 Central Ave. 2491 Ripley St. 3559 Michigan Ave. 2661 Decatur St. 2808 Dekalb St. Central Ave. 4106 Central Ave. 3201 Central Ave. 3425 Central Ave. 1233 Central Ave. Merrillville 7505 Talf St. 4717 E. Lincoln Hwy 500 E. 81st Ave. 1506 E. 83rd St. 3790 W. 80th Lane 5031 East 81st Ave. 31 80th Pl. S. W. 7205 Broadway 8011 Broadway 65 W. 68 Pl. 1515 East 82nd Ave. 800 East 81st Ave. 1605 Southlake Mall 2225 Lincoln Hwy Munster 9750 Indiana Parkway 1942 45th Ave. 1860 45th St. 8050 Calumet Ave. 435 Ridge Rd. Portage 2522 Portage Mall

El Cantarito Mexican Cuisine

2528 Portage Mall 6291 Central Ave.

Mood’s Pub & Eatery

2385 Willowcreek Rd. 2548 Portage Mall

Mark O’s Bar and Grill

6245 Ameriplex Dr. 6481 Melton Rd.

Ryan’s Tavern






Stonequarry Lounge


Sunset Lounge


Taco Loco Mexican Brando's


LeRoy’s Hot Stuff


Santiago’s Wagner's Ribs


Whistle Stop Bar &


Alaskan Pipeline

219-962-1575 219-963-0555

Buddy & Pal's

3287 Willowcreek Rd. 6121 Melton Rd. 2596 Portage Mall 5844 US Hwy. 6


5455 US HWY 6


Jalapenos / Woodh

212 Lincoln St. 333 W. U.S. 20





Schererville Lounge


Social 219

1204 W. Lincoln Hw y. 48 East Joliet St.


Spike’s Lakeside Inn

2350 Cline Ave 21 East Joliet St.

Blue 82 Sports, Foo

St. John 8209 Wicker Ave.

219-962-6546 d & Spirits

8101 Wicker Ave.

9623 Wicker Ave. 9165 Wicker Ave.

219-736-9133 Billy Jack's

219-947-1737 219-736-9110

Duffy’s Place Figure Eight Brewin

Franklin House Gaucho's Brazilian

219-795-9520 219-769-7191 219-769-0037



NorthSide Tap Roo


Old Style Inn


Pepe’s Mexican Res


m & Grill t. (Valpo)

Rosewood Restauran




219-922-1325‎ Bulldog Brewing Co.


Center Lounge Clipper’s Lounge


Game Time 2 Bar &

Member's Only Bar

219-763-7300 219-763-0195

Midtown Station




Sportsmen's Corner

The Office


17 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

219-864-8862 219-322-0080 219-322-4812 219-322-5660 219-322-3060 219-322-4444 219-365-1525 219-558-8130 219-365-7880 219-365-5509 219-477-3797 219-462-1057 219-477-2000 219-462-2533


219-759-1100 219-464-0801

597 US HWY 30 1004 Calumet Ave 712 Calumet Ave. 5 Lincolnway 1058 S. State RT. 2 367 W US Highway

219-465-0885 219-916-2086 6

Whiting 1409 119th St. 1312 119th St.


219-322-7788 219-865-3022

58 S. Campbell St.

381 US Hwy. 6 218 East Lincolnway

Tony's Place


Valparaiso 2904 Calumet Ave . 1154 Axe Ave. 150 Washington St.


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1013 W. Lincoln Hig hway 312 W US HWY 30

200 US Hwy. 41 2251 US HWY 41


219 926-7614 219-921-0100

340 East US Hwy. 30

& Grill

Longshots Sports Bar

The Clubhouse

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361 Wagner Road 206 Lincoln St.





e 200 East US HWY 30

El Amigo Mexican

Northwoods Rascal's

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219-769-2351 219-947-2995

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124 Lincoln St.

Bullpen Luxury Bar


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2420 Dombey Rd 6340 Melton Rd.



518 East 3rd St. 1429 W. 37th Ave. 2415 Rush St. 2935 Central Ave.

Quaker Steak & Lub e Red Carpet Lounge Rusty Nail

327 Main St. 620 N. Wisconsin St.

Cressmoor Lanes

Indian Ridge Golf Course

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Agave Mexican Restaurant

Lisa’s Lounge

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219-655-5187 219-659-9695 219-659-1070

Set’em Up - Griffith

Sunday, February 17, 2013 Noon - 4:00 pm

CasH Bar

$10 Donation per person

Monday Amore Ristorante– Crown Point Franco’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria – Highland Pioneer Tap – Hammond The Stadium – Dyer Quaker Steak & Lube – Portage Zodiac Lounge – Crown Point Tuesday Billy Bears Bar & Grill – Hammond Game Time - Hammond Leroy’s “Hot Stuff” – Porter Martinis – Valparaiso Midtown Station – Whiting Murphy’s House of Pain – Miller Beach Pioneer Tap – Hammond Riff Raff’s – South Haven Sunset Lounge – Portage The Point Bar & Grill – Crown Point Shades of Time (formerly Rocco’s) – Highland   Wednesday 219 Bar & Grill - Lake Station Blue Chip (Vegas Baby) – Michigan City Franco’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria – Highland Game Time – Whiting Goodfellas – Cedar Lake The Warehouse – South Haven Northwoods – St. John Pioneer Tap – Hammond Rascals Pub – Saint John Set’Em Up Lanes – Griffith Spirro’s – Hammond The Pines Lounge – Hammond The Stadium – Dyer



Three Monkeys Pub – Crown Point Uncle Joe’s Bar & Grill – Chesterton Romeos Bar – Gary Bull Dog Brewing Company – Whiting

The Stadium – Dyer WhistleStop – Chesterton Just Toni’s - Hammond (1st Friday of the month)

Thursday Back Court Bar & Grill – Crown Point Boomers Pub n Grub – Portage Buddy and Pals – Crown Point Franklin House – Valparaiso Growlers – Highland Jalapeno’s – Schererville Leroy’s “Hot Stuff” – Porter Midtown Station – Whiting Murphy’s – Miller Beach Sportsman’s Bar & Grill – South Haven The Pines Lounge – Hammond The Pub – Hobart The Quest – Schererville Village Tavern – Porter VIP Lounge – Griffith

Saturday Beavers – Merrillville Beer Belly’s – Calumet Township Dodo’s Firehouse Tap – Hammond Draft House – Lake Station Final Frame (inside Super Bowl) – Crown Point Franklin House – Valparaiso Gelsossomo’s Pizzeria) – Chesterton Matey’s Irish Pub & Grill – Crown Point The Stadium – Dyer Westchester Lanes – Chesterton   Sunday Franco’s Sports Bar & Pizzeria – Highland Set Em Up Lanes – Griffith Sunset Lounge – Portage

Friday Alaskan Pipeline – Schererville Beavers – Merrillville Beer Belly’s – Calumet Township Chuck & John’s – Calumet Township Clancy’s – Portage Coach’s Corner – Hammond Dodo’s Firehouse Tap – Hammond Draft House – Lake Station Final Frame (inside Super Bowl) – Crown Point Matey’s Irish Pub & Grill - Crown Point Roadhouse – Valparaiso (Every Other Friday)

18 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

A night out to dinner at Freddy’s Steak house in Hammond turned out to be a night of nostalgia. You see, upon entering the restaurant, I flashed back to the days when I sat on the couch watching Three’s Company – I swear I was at The Regal Beagle and I was expecting to see Jack Tripper sitting at the bar when I turned the corner!As we walked to our seats, I was able to take in the atmosphere- very homey and warm. The dark paneling added to the warmth, and the large mirrors made it feel like the room was much larger than it was – The main dining room sits about 40 comfortably.

NWI Dining at Dusk


By: Emma Kester

After being seated, we were waited on by Debra who was very friendly. We ordered a few beverages, and I waited patiently to meet Martin Gomez, the Head Chef and Jim, the Owner. After sitting and talking with them for a little while, I felt like we had known each other for years. Martin gave me some insight on his culinary background, which includes a Degree from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago. Martin has worked in some of Chicago’s finest establishments such as The Palmer House and Chicago’s famous Signature Room. Jim was enthusiastic when giving me a history lesson about Freddy’s- telling me his establishment is an Indiana landmark that has been around for 51 years! His promise to the community is good food, attentive service, reasonable prices, and a clean and relaxing environment. I would say after my visit at Freddy’s he has met all his promises.

Now, let’s talk food! I was impressed with the portion, price and presentation! Debra brought us out bread with homemade honey butter, a relish tray, soup, and salad. The soup we had was a chicken potato soup. It was a broth with spices and large potatoes – very flavorful. It really hit the spot on such a cold wintery night. After enjoying the soup and other starters –yesthose were just starters - Martin told us he was going to bring out some of his signature dishes! The first was an appetizer, Oriental Chicken Tenders. The chicken tenders were served with pineapple, a flower tomato and a side of teriyaki sauce for dipping. Then we tried Saganaki(fried cheese), a Greek dish prepared in a small frying pan, flamed at the table enjoyed with a side of bread and lemon wedges. At this point in the meal I was feeling full - the portions were large. I knew I had to slow down or my main meal was going home in a doggie bag! After, about 20 minutes of digesting I was ready for the main dish. Martin advised me that the Lemon Caper Grouper was the way to go, so I told him to bring it on. My husband ordered the shrimp and deep fried chicken. When the food arrived I was more than ready to eat. My grouper was colorful, full of steamed vegetables and had a very large piece of breaded grouper on a bed of spinach. The grouper was the best I have ever had! It was cooked to perfection, and the spinach was a great pairing - it brought the whole meal together. My husband’s meal was some of the largest breaded jumbo shrimp I have ever seen, and the chicken was enough to feed two. He told me the batter was the better than Grandma’s (Shhhh, don’t tell Grandma)!! When the meal was over, I was beyond full (and about five pounds heavier!) Just when we thought we were done, Debra came over with a slice of Salted Caramel Cheesecake on a plate with a gorgeous presentation. I wasn’t sure I could eat another bite, but after seeing it and hearing my husband’s “ooh’s” and “ah’s” at the flavor, I gave in. It was amazing! I highly recommend Freddy’s, located at 6442 Kennedy Avenue, for a great meal and fun night out (Thursday night is Jukebox night and the music playing in the background just set the mood!) For a complete look at their menu, go to

19 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

HyDAD’s - Merrillville better prepared for marriage. Men who have pierced ears are ght jewelry. bou They’ve experienced pain and the husband calls home to say The honeymoon is over when the answering machine says it he’ll be late for dinner and is in the microwave. for the woman he loves. Before marriage, a man yearns s silent. After marriage, the “y” become

20 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

21 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

“Crisp like an apple, brewed like an ale” – that’s the slogan of the Redd’s Apple Ale, a new brand from a division of MillerCoors called Tenth and Blake. Redd’s Apple Ale is an apple flavored golden ale with low malty and bitterness cues. With a crisp, clean finish that allows the natural apple flavor to come through, this ale is for those times when you are looking to branch out and try something different. This addition to the Tenth and Blake portfolio, was officially launched on February 1st, and in showing off their newest brew, MillerCoors purchased ad space during the coveted spot of Super Bowl commercials. “We are proud to introduce a refreshingly crisp brew that showcases the natural flavor of apples,” said Andre Zrike, brand manager of Redd’s Apple Ale. “By blending the flavor of apples into a golden ale, Redd’s Apple Ale is the perfect choice for the times when you want a refreshing and sweet alternative to you everyday beers.” Before Redd’s Apple Ale officially came on the market here in Indiana, we at the NWI Entertainer had the privilege of sampling it. I’ve always been a fan of some of the other apple ciders ales out there, so I was really excited about trying this one. At first look, I was surprised by the golden color of the ale

22 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

– I thought it would be darker in color. From that moment I knew this was going to be something unlike I’ve ever had. Next, I decided to bring the bottle to my nose to get a sense of the scent of this ale, and again, I was pleasantly surprised by the mild apple cider aroma. It left me wondering what this was going to taste like. So, without hesitation, I took a sip and was instantly amazed. I was expecting apple juice with a little kick (like I said, I’ve tasted others and had that reaction) but this was totally unexpected. It was a 50/50 taste of beer and apple. Upon first sip, I tasted the appleness of the beer, but as it went down, I felt like I was a drinking a popular brew from the Tenth and Blake. It’s the best of both worlds – light and sweet! If you’re looking for a twist to your favorite brew, Redd’s Apple Ale is exactly what you are looking for! Redd’s Apple Ale is available in 6-pack bottle at 5 percent alcohol by volume and only 165 calories per 12 ounce bottle serving. Learn more about and find out where it is available by visiting and www. This brand is like no other because it is a beer, not a cider – brewed like other ales!

WoodHollow - Schererville

23 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

24 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Social 219

Miso’s Overflow

The Point

Bartender: Zlatka Drink: Loopy Martini Ingredients: 3 Olives Loopy Cranberry, Ginger Ale Quote:“Let’s get Loopy & Socialize”

Bartender: Rachel Shot: Rebeccula Dot Shot Ingredients: Loopy Vodka Or-G Watermelon Puckers Quote: “Sweet, Sweet Candy!”

Bartender: MJ Shot: Cupid Hot Damn, Rumchata Quote:”Its a Love Maker”

Club 83 & Moxie


Bartender: Rachael Drink: Gummy Yummy Martini Ingredients: 3 Olives Loopy Triple Sec, Cranberry Pineapple Quote: “Live Free, Have Fun, You Only Live Once!”

Bartender: Amy Drink: The Big B Ingredients: Rumchata Patron XO Whipped Liqueor Crown Maple Quote: “Holy Breakfast!”

25 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Matey’s - Crown Point

2350 Cline Avenue Schererville, Indiana 46375 Phone (219) 322-3060 SUNDAY $2.00 Miller Lite Drafts and $2.00 Coors Light Drafts and $2.00 Coors Light Bottles. MONDAY $2.00 Miller Lite Bottles TUESDAY $4.00 Three Olives Martinis WEDNESDAY JACK & STEVE’S Acoustic Tequila Party the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Patron Shots $4.00, VeeV Drinks $3.50 Vegas Bombs $3.50 THURSDAY $4.00 Absolut Flavor Drinks and $3.50 Vegas Bombs FRIDAY & SATURDAY $3.50 Vodka Red Bull $3.50 Cheri & Grape Bombs

$4.00 Three Olive Cocktails Everyday in February

Does not include Red Bull

26 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Miso’s Overflow- Hammond

Upcoming Entertainment Fridays 80’s Retro & Dance Feb. 1st

Naked Karate Girls

Feb. 8

P.S. Dump Your Boyfriend


Feb. 15th Hey Jimmy Feb. 22nd Killer Flamingos

Saturdays 80’s Retro & Dance

The evening starts here... then parties into the night! Open for dinner Wednesday - Sunday

Naked Karate Girls

Feb. 9

P.S. Dump Your Boyfriend


Feb. 16th Legendary Rock Stars Feb. 23rd Killer Flamingos

Wednesdays Karaoke Contest $2 Domestic Drafts

2 $30 FOR check-in on

Feb. 2nd


One Appetizer. Two Entrées. One Dessert.

Just $30

Every Sunday from 3 pm to 9 pm


27 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Must be 21 years of age or older with a valid state or government issued photo ID to enter casino, gamble or participate in casino programs or promotions. Don’t let the game get out of hand. For assistance call 800-994-8448. ©2013 Blue Chip Casino

If the cold weather has you down, then warm up with some friends at Sheffield’s in Merrillville. The bar has recently undergone some changes that patrons just can’t get enough of! You see, Sheffield’s took the half of their facility that they had for dining and made it into a game area. They added a pool table, dart machine, shuffle boards, and poker table – everything you need for an ideal game room! “We wanted to give our customers something to do when they came to Sheffield’s,” said Michelle Martinez, General Manager of Sheffield’s. “So now we are just 21 and over. And as always, there is a never cover.” With double the space to hang out with your buddies at Sheffield’s, a night out just got a whole lot better. And in the month of February, they are keeping the party going all week long. With reasons to celebrate like Fat Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras - the bar is offering up some exciting themed nights bar goers won’t want to miss! The first is Fat Tuesday on February 12th. Those coming to the bar are encouraged to dress up and wear masks – anything goes! Sheffield’s will be giving out beads, and they will be doing various games and prizes. There will be a DJ on hand and great specials as well. “We will have some great food – our $1 tacos,” said Martinez. “And as far as drink specials, we will offer $3 hurricane pints, $4 bombs, and $1.75 domestic bottles.” Then on Valentine’s Day, Sheffield’s proves you don’t need to have a loved one to celebrate this holiday! They will be hosting a “Win a Shot of Love of Sheffield’s” where people will be able to compete for a date with two staff members of the bar. “Guys will compete for a chance to win a date with Jessica, one of our waitresses, and ladies will compete for a date with Joe, one of our bartenders,” she said. “It’s kind of like a dating show.” And in true dating show style – what will the contestants

win? Well, besides a date, they will get $100 cash, dinner at Sheffield’s, and two tickets to a Bulls game. The fun gets started at 10pm and those wanting to participate in the game will sign up that night. Anyone who wants to play can! “We’ve done the Win a Shot of Love thing before and it’s worked out really well,” said Martinez. At the Shot of Love event, there will be $3 love potion pints on sale. If you’re wondering what’s in the love potion – I can’t tell you because I don’t know either – you’ll have to come try it out and find out!! There will also be a DJ on hand so it’s a great night for singles to come out and mingle! Two days later, Sheffield’s is hosting their Mardi Gras Party. On Saturday, February 16th, those coming to the bar will enjoy games like a Limbo Contest and of course a contest to see who gets the most beads, Contests will be for cash and prizes! A DJ will be playing all your favorites, and to drink enjoy $3 you call it! And if you want another reason to keep the party going all weekend long, Sheffield’s will be having their first Service Industry Night on Sunday the 17th. Drinks will be half price, and as always a DJ will keep you moving on your feet. There will also be an exciting new promotion the bar will be doing, and Martinez believes it’ll be a hit! “Starting February 10th, we’re going to give a coach purse away on Sunday nights for Service Industry Night,” she said. “Anyone can win the purse, all you have to do is enter into the drawing. You can enter the drawing every night if you like – giving you 7 chances to win the purse. The only thing is that you have to be there on Sunday when they pick the winner.” Sheffield’s Merrillville is located at 1515 E. 82nd Avenue. For more information, check them out on the web, www. or give them a call at (219) 7951005.

28 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

29 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

30 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3


YOU STOP SAYING “THIS IS THE YEAR” Excuses and rain checks were for last year. With only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs, Michelob ULTRA is the perfect reward for each New Year's resolution kept.




©2012 Anheuser-Busch, Michelob Ultra® Light Beer, St. Louis, MO • 95 calories, 2.6g carbs, 0.6g protein and 0.0g fat, per 12 oz.

31 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Roco Tan & Spa By: Stephanie Vega With the dreary gray days winter brings, we are all thinking and dreaming about spring and vacation. But what if you didn’t need spring, or a vacation to enjoy those great effects we feel from fun in the sun. Well, Roco Tan and Spa in Schererville is providing that experience. Unlike other tanning salons, Roco has a true vacation feel because of its spa-like atmosphere! Roco Tan and Spa, located at 719 Main Street in Schererville held a grand opening in January, and Manager Enrique Balerini is excited to bring this new family owned business to the region. “We have a different type of concept here at Roco,” he said. “It’s more of a premiere boutique tanning salon and spa.” What sets Roco apart from other tanning salon is what they offer, like a pura spray tan. This type of spray tan displays great results, and has you in and out in four minutes. “We are the only salon in the area that carries this spray tan machine, in fact it was just released in July” said Balerini. “What’s different about it is the fact that it provides you with a primer, a bronzer and moisturizer at the end. You don’t get that orange color with this machine – in fact you could grab someone who sprays and someone who UV’s and you can’t tell the difference in color. And did I mention that it smells pretty good?!” The results last about a week and a half, and Balerini says every person that does it falls in love with the results. The cost for the Pura Spray Tan is $25 for light, $30 for medium and $35 for dark. You can do a 30 day unlimited pass for $79.99 or you can become a club member and pay only $59.99 a month. Most people go once a week to maintain their glow, and Roco sells products to keep that glow going after you leave the salon. “We have top of the lines lotions and bronzers,” said Balerini. “We also carry a shower gel that will help you to protect your spray tan.” And if you want to just lay down and relax and get a tan, Roco carries European tanning beds which he says are better than the standard American beds. “The difference is that American ones are known for giving a reddish

color since it only tans the first layer of skin,” Balerini said. “The European one tans four layers of skin, giving a deeper UVA and deeper and darker color.” Offering five levels of UV, the salon not only has top notch equipment but also a top notch staff. “Our employees are educated on skin care and have a clear understanding of the services we provide.” And when it comes to the services they provide, it doesn’t stop at tanning. Roco has a hydration station that offers two types of services: Aloe Vera concentrate for skin conditioning and CoQ concentrate for weight loss. It does this through a process called Hydro-Derma. Hydro-Derma Fusion uses radiant heat, steam, and LED lighting to open up your pores and steam your body with vitamins. “It’s like a steam capsule that reaches 118 degrees. It helps release stress in your back, and relieves aches and pains. It’s also great during the winter weather because it helps dry skin glow,” said Balerini. “It’s a neat machine, a great stress reliever! Usually when people get out, they say they have the same relief like a massage.” Then, there’s the CoQ slimming capsule portion which is great for those looking to boost your metabolism and burn some extra calories. “It steams your body at 118 degrees with a metabolism boost, so you’re basically burning calories while you’re in there – up to 500 calories in a 30 minute session.” A session in the hydration station will cost $25 for a 20 minute session and $30 for a 30 minute session. The unlimited monthly package is available for $79.99, or if you become a club member, it’s only $64.99 a month. Now, if that wasn’t enough services, Roco also offers teeth whitening!! It’s enamel safe, and Balerini is a personal fan. “I have sensitive teeth so I’ve never been able to do a lot of the teeth whitening products out there. But our product is great because it uses low amount of peroxide and a high amount of UV,” he said. “You just put it on while you tan and you’ll notice a difference after the first time. I’d say about five to seven shades whiter on each session. And the best part is that it’s also a take home kit, and since it has an LED light works great like when you’re in the bed. You can get a box of 12 uses for just $45, and if you come in this month, you get $5 off for their grand opening special. To learn more about Roco Tan Spa, check out their website or on

32 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

33 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Social 219 - schererville

Growlers - Highland

34 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

35 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

NWI MUSIC By: Rosemarie Stephens

Kane & Able

If you love country music, you are going to love the sounds being played by the cover band Kane and Able. The group is celebrating their one year anniversary this month, but these band members have nearly a century of experience combined. “We have close to 100 years combined experience,” said Bill Catlin, the drummer and vocalist who formed the band. “With a few changes in the line-up, the band has finally found its core members!”

Town, and Travis Tritt (just to name a few) but they also have some fun favorite people may be surprised by. “We cover things like Patsy Cline, Miranda Lambert, Dierks Bentley, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd,” But then you’ll hear us throw in some Judas Priest, B-52’s, and Sir-MixA-Lot! We definitely provide a high energy, variety show! Plus we are a bunch of jokesters and love having a good time!” And when they call themselves a bunch of jokesters, they aren’t kidding! Here’s the response these funny guys gave me when I asked how they came up with the name of their group. “No real reason. I think Rumpelstiltskin was too hard to spell and we have all been hit in the head with a rock or 2!”

Primarily a country band, Kane and Able plays a variety of genres – everything from pop, dance, rock, and blues! They love to please the crowd, so they take on requests every week and they can do so with ease because of the diversity in the group. “I think having a female and male lead singer gives us the opportunity to cover a wider variety of music,” said Catlin. “Mandi and Tom are great together.”

This fun loving group has performed at some great venues, including local festival, clubs, and the Lake County Fair. They are working with promoters on scheduling at the local casinos, and they say their best – perhaps proudest moment comes at the end of the night. “When our equipment is all tore down and the clubs are still PACKED – that’s a great feeling!”

Mandi Faye and Tom Ovanek are the lead singers of the group but they also play instruments, guitar and bass respectively. Then there’s Ricky Frasure on Lead Guitar and vocals, Billy Gaskin on Guitar, and of course Drummer and Vocalist Bill Catlin. Catlin is also the booking agent and promotions guy for Kane and Able and has his group of regioners perform in the area they know and love – and a bit beyond. “We mostly perform in the Chicagoland and NWI area, but the band has also made a couple road trips to Southern Illinois and Southern Michigan,” he said.

Kane and Able is growing and adding more music to their repertoire and are currently searching for a keyboardist / vocalist to add even more to their growing set list. If you want to know more about this band, check out their Facebook page and “like” them. You can stay connected with their future events, see pictures from previous events, and get to know more about this amazing band.

The current song line up for Kane and Able includes performing covers by artists like Martina McBride, Carters Chord, Elton John, Little Big

36 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

37 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

Track Lounge- Crown Point

38 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

39 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

40 NWIE n t e rta i n e r.c o m • F E B 1 3

NWI Entertainer - February 2013  
NWI Entertainer - February 2013