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project brief This studio took place in Berlin, Germany and primarily focuses on how the millennial generation views health and wellness, an obvious decision when working for our sponsers Johnson & Johnson. Our goal was to infiltrate Berlin sports culture, and develop a strategy on how we will create a new product and brand experience that authentically speaks to them. This was my first group project, and result of this project could not have been achieved without my partners, Terry Carr and Brandon Kim.

WE HAD TO FIGURE out what made these people tick. In order to do this, we had to completely immerse ourselves into their lives. Do what they do, go

experience it

where they go, and play

We played what they played, drank where they drank, and watched what they watched. Actually participating was the best way to research sports, because we put ourselves in their shoes and created connections.

what they play.

research observe it Sometimes it was as simple as watching them, looking for design opportunities, and taking in as much information as possible.This way, we can see how the people act without any outside influence.

site visits This included everything from grocery stores which sold medicine, sports shops, and potential event locations. The park also became a weekly spot, for research, and for hanging out. Communicating with our user or Urban Sportser was also done through all processes. This allowed us to hear their voice, gather information off of a truely authentic source.

talk to them

WE WERE GIVEN A small room as our studio, and we completely emerged ourselves into the Berlin world of sports. We continued designing through more brainstorming, sketching, 3d modeling, physical modeling, and more research.


sketching After 3 weeks of research and soaking in Berlin, the first step was dumping all that information we gathered into tangible form. This took form through mind mapping, physical mapping, and creating a visual language around our topic

modeling Physical and 3d models were used to get a quick feel for the form, and to take photographs for overlaying sketches.

brand decision From a list of 9 brands, we chose Tylenol, Aveeno, and Listerine. Tylenol being the obvious choice, we also chose 2 wild cards. After SWOT analysis and talking to Johnson & Johnson, we ended up going with the brand Compeed.

OUR FINAL PITCH was a rebranded Compeed, along with an advertisement campaign leading up to an event held throughout Berlin.

the pitch brand



Combined, these 2 products create Compeed Sports, a high strength flexible and wearable kinetic tape which applies heat to sore muscles.


Our strategy combines Compeed with Tylenol Precise which is a heat cream, applied to muscle aches and strains.

A quick repackaging of their existing colors and imagery shows the impact of our rebranding from a clinical brand, to a sporty one.

before A warm up spray, or cream can be applied to muscles before an intense game, to help warm you up on a cold day to help prevent injuries.

during A kinetic tape like bandiad will aid in compression and tension of your muscles, allowing you to more easily move your body while you are healing.

after Finally, an after workout product will help soothe your muscles after a long day of playing, getting you ready for tomorrow, and the next day of games.

THE STRATEGY WAS TO create a 3 part plan which would introduce our new product to Berlin. This will be done through the first stage: Warm Up, a guerilla ad campaign utilizing all of

Our advertisements utilized Berlin’s infastructure: the popularly used transportation systems of Berlin and we applied our product to 24 hours systems.

Berlin’s landscapes: parks, abandoned buildings, commercial zones, and public transportation systems

the pitch

advertisements Berliners don’t let anything stop them, whether its the time, or the weather, or their geographical location. Whatever they do, they keep moving and keep playing. Our ad campaign is based on this idea, of keeping the Berliners moving, allowing nothing to stop them, just as our new product will allow them to do.

Bikes are very widely used in Berlin, so speaking to them there makes the most sense. We placed these bike pit stops with pumps, and patches, to allow the Berliner to keep on going after a flat.

Potholes and cracks in the roads were also covered up not just for functionality, but to convey the message of helping you get over obstacles.

Our bus stop installation keeps Berliners moving at all times, even when sitting and waiting for the bus. Users can ride the bike pedals to power a heat lamp overhead. This is perfect for an early introduction during the cold rainy season in Berlin before Summer

BERLINERS WILL BE exposed to each new product throughout the Berlin Marathon: a series of events scattered throughout Berlin. There is no route from check point to checkpoint, allowing the Berliner to find their best path

the pitch



2 1

starting line


The first event is a warm up bike ride. It starts in the high profile area of Bikini Berlin, then moves deeper into the true Berlin scene.

The last event is a Compeed party, at Berlin Island. The finish line is a glorious river jump, or a tight rope walk. This event is the final cooling off stage



last event

second event

After scaling the wall, you can go through the building, and jump out the other end, onto a Compeed air mattress, then on to the next event. The second product DURING is received at the bottom of the wall. It helps you keep climbing even though your muscles get fatigued.

first event


WE WERE GIVEN A space on the bottom floor of the studio we


We tore up strips of a taught but slightly flexible fabric purchased at a local fabric store. This material would allow us to span a large distance but allow

worked at and were required to create an environment for our final presentation to J&J and Berlin Partner developers.


This is a progress of our installation.

the pitch plan

The site was the ground floor of Bikini Berlin, a rundown coffeeshop waiting for construction. We painted the walls dark to make the panels pop, and installed projectors in the right places.

test & final The bands represented our product wrapping around the column of the building. These bands became individual projection screens. Coordinating 2 computers to run each side was a challenge, as well as making sure the sequence was in order

Compeed Sports  

Sponsored project with Johnson & Johnson

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