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Second Avenue Subway Project The Second Avenue subway is a new two-track subway line that will be part of the New York City Subway system. The Subway will run along Second Avenue from 125th Street to the Financial District in Lower Manhattan. It will also connect to the tracks for West Midtown and Brooklyn. The Subway will be built in four phases and phase one, which will include tunnels from 105th Street and Second Avenue to 63rd Street and Third Avenue, is projected to carry over 200,000 weekday riders.

Project Advantages The Second Avenue subway will reduce overcrowding and delays on the Lexington Avenue line, which will improve travel for commuter and provide easier access to mass transit for far East Side Manhattan residents. The new line will include 16 new ADA accessible stations and have a combination of elevators, escalators and stairs. The elevators will run from street-level to the station mezzanines and from there to loading platforms. The new line will reduce the amount of travel time for many residents and result in more accommodating rides because of the pressure it takes off of some lines to carry passengers.

Construction Milestone

The Second Avenue subway reached a new construction milestone in September 2011. The 485-ton tunnel boring machine has completed it second pass from 92nd Street and Second Avenue. The milestone completes more than two miles of tunnels that will provide Q train service from 96th to 63rd Street. With the completion of the tunnel boring, the project is one step closer to completing the project and reducing the overcrowding and delays on the 4, 5, and 6 lines. With the next phases of the project, overcrowding will also be reduced from 125th Street to Hanover Square.

Project Funding

The Second Avenue subway project has received funds that will be critical to completing the new line. The Federal Transit Administration recently awarded $197 million to help fund the first phase of the project. A day after that FTA check was in the mail, officials learned that they will be receiving another $123 million from the federal government. There was doubt about the fate of the project during budget negotiations. The funds will help keep the project on track to carrying more than 200,000 passengers every day.

Second Avenue Subway  
Second Avenue Subway  

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