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I am writing you to let you know that I am applying for the Smoky Hill math position that is currently posted. As you may remember I am a Smoky Hill graduate and my mother, Joyce, worked at Smoky for a number of years. I am well invested in this feeder area as I have taught at Laredo for 8 years and coached at Smoky Hill for those 8 years. I have been teaching robotics for the last 4 years and been SASfor the last 3 years. My passion is teaching and I love math and technology which I believe is a good combination. I have been tier 1 trained in MYP math and have worked thoroughly with the technology design cycle. I have been coaching at Smoky Hill since the spring of 2003 and have been the Head Coach of the Boys’ tennis team for 3 years and Head Coach for the Girls for 2 years. Being a teacher at Smoky Hill would give me a greater flexibility and increase my opportunities to communicate with and see my players eliminating the conflicts between coaching and teaching that I am experiencing at Laredo. I have discussedwith Carla this possible move and she is supportive of my desire for change.


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