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Warrior Nation

The Nation May 2010

Volume 1, Issue 4

Interview with a Black Ops Recon is a new structure which many have misgiving and confusion about. Contrary to popular belief, they are not the bringers of death to section or its leadership. Quite the opposite seems to be the case! So. this month we had our Combat Journalist, WNxWolf, go out and interview a member of the Recon Black Ops to get the real story about what they do. Some questions have omitted. WNxWolf: What is Black Ops? awp666: Black Ops is the Heartbeat behind Recon so to speak, we are the ones that are on the frontlines and in the sections with the game leaders and organizing recruiting events helping with recruiting. WNxWolf: What do the Recon Black Ops do? awp666: Recon black Ops go into sections that have fallen below 15 Primaries and we try to help the game leader get some activities going such as recruiting and other various contests. For example when I was monitoring DoD, I had a recruitment contest and a 1v1 contest going with some cool prizes to help get the members active in the section again and wanting to play their game and go out and try to recruit for their section. Black Ops also have

threads for each section they are supporting, which majors can view, where we talk with all the other black ops from our genre and our colonels about how its going if our ideas are working or not, what other ideas we can come up with. WNxWolf: Why did you choose Black Ops? awp666: I chose Black Ops because I always wanted to give back to WN and help out other sections and what better way to give back and help out other sections in their time of need? WNxWolf: When are you called in? awp666: Ww monitor rollcall results of all the games in our genre and we keep an eye out on the ones with low numbers and once they fall low enough we pick up the game and start from there. WNxWolf: Have you been successful? awp666: I would like to think so. So far at least, there are sections that are harder then others though. WNxWolf: Do you think that some sections require more help than others? awp666: Yes, every section is different the section I’m supporting now for example needs more help then my previ-

ous section. WNxWolf: do things sometimes get difficult in Black Ops? awp666: Yes, I would say our job is hard all the time to be honest. It’s a lot of work trying to get a sections numbers back up and make sure the recruits coming in our quality recruits and up to WN standards. It’s hard work but rewarding work in the end when you see the section back on its feet and out of Recon support. WNxWolf: What kind of person do you have to be in Black Ops? awp666: You have to be a leader, you really do. If you can’t be a leader then you Black Ops isn't for you. You need to be able to take control of situations and get people supporting you so you can better the section and get it back on its feet in its time of need.

Air Rivals Air Rivals had yet another fun filled month as April was full of fun and fighting. Unfortunately the sections numbers have decreased by no less than two primaries, placing the total at nineteen members. With the decrease in numbers one has to think ahead about the section and realize that recruitment is going to be vital in the coming months. The sections kill the Major event was successful and as WNxKingPin said ”we

laughed, we died, WNxBlackfearair tasted some dirt...” All in all the event was a success with all the winning members receiving their prizes and bragging rights. Word on the street says that Air Rivals may be receiving some brand new mods. Not the type of mod that gives characters boosts but nice visual enhancements. Everybody can thank Gigabyte and his crew of game modifiers who have been working lately on these new installments.

A screenshot from Air Rivals.

The Nation

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Area 51

Battlefield Heroes ing a new ability and brand new cloths.

Battlefield Heroes banner.

Losing Members - This month for the section has been somewhat counter productive. The section lost three of its primary members. This brings it to only thirteen primaries. So do you have what it takes to be a battlefield hero? Check it out at Recruitment Drive -With special in game rewards there has been the new Recruit -a-friend drive. The section is going to strive to gain new members and if they do they get nice in game benefits. New Way To Play -The section has also been informed that the game is coming out with an all new game mode similar to king of the hill. They are also receiv-

Mug Shot Signature - This month has also brought forth a new competition. The section is currently busy with everybody making their own signatures that are moving avatars. The coolest of which will receive something rumored to be something like a Dr. Pepper code. So lets see if you can make something cooler than the rest, check out the competition in the Battlefield heroes section.

Future In Doubt - The Area 51 section is moving along at a slowly decreasing rate. Last month they lost three primaries putting them at twenty with no secondary’s to back them up. This raises the question will area 51 be around to stay? We will have to wait and see. Awards, Promotions & Celebrations WNxThanatos and WNxFemmeFatale were promoted to the rank of Sergeant

“The coveted member of the month award goes to WNxRedDog this month for his loyalty lasting for almost three years…” Major and have been warmly applauded by their peers. The coveted member of the month award goes to WNxRedDog this month for his loyalty lasting for almost three years and being an overall good guy. In other news, WNxPlexy celebrated his birthday last month leaving suspicion as to how old he really is.

Call of Duty: United Offensive (EU) Members Galore - Despite United Offensive being an older Call of Duty game they have no shortage of members and that number keeps growing. This month alone they recruited 14 new members, and it does not look like their flow of recruits will be slowing down any time soon.

Call of Duty: United Offensive

members what can you do to keep all those people happy? Events, as always, is the answer and they have had more than their share this month. They have had six game nights, four trainings, and a new 2v2 tournament starting this month.

Rollcall & Events - With 33 primary members signing this month, 14 new members, and a constant flow of new Page 3

Volume 1, Issue 4

C&C Renegade This month has been both busy and fulfilling for C&C Renegade. The section now has up to 3 servers and shows that the aging section is not only kicking but here to stay. New Servers - The Death match server was under maintenance for nearly 3 weeks before it was deemed ready On the other end of the totem pole is the training server fresh out of the oven and ready for use. WNxTiger for the second time is funding the training server. The last server was started over two years ago.

and they look forward to another year of playing together.

A screenshot of C&C Renegade

Old Friends - This month WN celebrates a full seven year alliance with –SoQ-. The alliance dates back to just one year after the sections founding. Long have the two clans been friends and allies

Battlefield 2/2142 The Death Of A Section - This month it is with great sadness that the Battlefield 2/2142 is going to be shut down. The section fell below its minimum number of members and there for is no longer up to the expectations of warrior nation. The section will however be remembered as it was loyal and strong for over four years.

“The section will however be remembered as it was loyal and strong for over four years.”

Call of Duty 2 (PC) New Members & Decent Rollcall - It has been yet another great month for Call of Duty 2, having 50 primaries sign this month. They also had 7 new members join this month and the section just seems to keep on growing.

ment and a capture the flag event. Awards - Also, Congratulations to WNxClimaxx for achieving member of the month for the month of April, as well as to WNxDma and WNxUnborn for your loyalty medals.

New Server & Game Nights - To help with the large number of members WNxSnowy has hosted a new server which went live on the 6th of this month. They also had 6 events this month, including a 2v2 tourna-

The Nation

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Call of Duty 4 (PC)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC) con Captain. This seemed to pose a problem because it didn't really fill the open position, but instead just changed what position was open. So, what was

A screenshot from Modern Warfare 2.

Rollcall and events - As usual the modern warfare games are at the top, with the PC version having 64 primary members sign and 6 new members registering this month alone. In order to keep this section as one of the best in the nation they had a riot tournament, several game nights, and were in game constantly throughout the month. This section is a great example of what all other sections in Warrior Nation should strive to be. Promotions - Modern Warfare 2 had an open Recon spot, so what did they do about it? They decided that WNxCombi had done such an amazing job as MP that they needed to make him the Re-

WNxSwitchblade to do about this? promote the best man for the job of course. And, in this case, the best man for the job was WNxTotallySpies. Congrats to you both on your promotions and keep up the great work

Events and Recruits - Call of Duty 4, as usual, had an amazing month with another 14 new members and a rollcall total of 45 primaries and 17 secondary. They had 14 game nights in order to appeal to these new members as well as a 2vs2 tournament. This means that they averaged one new recruit for every game night they had this month, keep up the great work.

“This means that they averaged one new recruit for every game night they had this month, keep up the great work.�

Promotion - After doing such an amazing job as the man in yellow, WNxozarrr was promoted from MP to ReCon Captain. We all hope to see all he has planned for this section to improve their already great recruiting tactics. However, both Battle Ops captain and MP are now open so hopefully we will see some more great members step up and take on some more leadership.

Dystopia New Members - Despite the lack of both members and activity, Dystopia has not lost all hope just yet. They have had two new members recruited this month, and are still attempting to set up a weekly game night.

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Volume 1, Issue 4

Combat Arms Active & Helpful - This Section has been extremely active in game and on the forums. If you play with them you’ll never even know that your playing a game. The people from the Combat Arms section are very friendly and are willing to help you learn the game and help you gain a higher rank you in the game.

but to counter act these two loses that have had two secondary come in. Things are looking good so far for this section.

Game Nights - They have a game night on Wednesdays and Saturdays which are very successful. They are having a Fire team Contest starting in a week. Useful Information - They have made a thread on the forum to share there highest weapon kill and tell about there best weapon. Members Come & Go - They have had a member or two leave in the past week,

Day of Defeat Clan Merge - Day of Defeat source has had quite the overhaul from the dying section that was seen last month. The section now has a new major, WNxSpoon, who was the main force acting behind a merge WNx had with another Day of Defeat Source Clan known as the 18th ID. While many others thought the section was done for, WNxSpoon was talking with Halliday of the 18th ID about merging with WNx. Although a small clan, their merge has brought Day of Defeat out of probation and headed in

the right direction again.

“Although a small clan, their merge has brought Day of Defeat out of probation and headed in the right direction again”

Promotions - They also have had two captains promoted this month. WNx Silly PunkD was promoted to BO and Halliday, the former leader of the 18th ID was promoted to FO. Activity - Due to the clan merge the section has also upped there in game activity by now having two game nights per week and who knows what else we can expect from the section that has defied all odds and came back strong.

Halo (PC) Returning Members & New Members - Halo as a whopping ten game nights. is doing a good job staying healthy, in order to help them out they have had three members return and one new member sign up for their section this month. Forum Activity - Although they did not have many new members this month they have kept their existing members interested by having lots of forum and in-game activities this month. They had many forum events, in the form of riddles and puzzles, as well

Taking the enemy down in Halo 2!

The Nation

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Left 4 Dead

GoldenEye: Source Awards and promotions - GES has had this brilliant idea to have a competition each month for who can be most active on the servers. The Winner for this month is WNxBigBird with a grand total of 87 hours and 22 minutes.

GoldenEye: Source

Rollcall - Although there were only two new members for the month of April, GES was the fifth largest game in all of WN for the month of April. Events - So, how does a free mod manage to get such a large group of members in Warrior Nation? Events, and they have lots of them. These events included five game nights, four fun nights, a capture the key tournament, and a screenshot contest known as Blazing Guns. The Blazing Guns competition ended in a tie between WNxNalle and WNxFlamberge, congrats to you both. The winner of the Capture the key tournament will be announced in next months issue.

GES also has a member of the month, WNxNozzy. WNxNozzy is active on the boards as well as in game, brought in two recruits last month, and won last months tourney. Congratulations to WNxRaynor2B, GES' very own former Combat Journalist, on being promoted to MP.

Lack Of Captains - Officers are needed in this section, they are missing a FO, BO, Recon Captain. They are accepting applications for these ranks and plan to get at least 3 people, but are expected to have a lot of applications. Events - They are having many events to make the section its best. Game Nights for the section will be held on Fridays. These events are very unique they in-

“These events are very unique they include mutations, and some regular matches!� clude mutations, and some regular matches! Be sure to attend if you can!

WarRock Activity- In game activity seems to be down, but the forums activity is up. Future game nights -They have made a thread so that people may speak there opinions on what they would like to do. Hopefully they will come up with some good stuff for there game nights. Recruits - They have acquired some new recruits in the last week or two. The section seems to be growing.

Page 7

Volume 1, Issue 4

Team Fortress 2 Leave of Absence (LoA) - The section has been very quiet this month due to members sitting there finals, I am sure this section will be back to normal as soon as they are over but we all know real life does come first. Game Nights - The Team Fortress section is no stranger to hosting game nights, they have hosted 5-6 so far taking place on Saturdays and Wednesday, so if you want to join in with some WNx Team Fortress fun you know when to go... Rollcall & Recruiting - Team Fortress 2 has a large number of members, they consist of 37 primary's and 20 secondaries and they still are trying to make the section bigger by recruiting more. An artistic TF2 piece.

Planetside Recruits & New Vent Server - Planetside has had three new recruits in the last couple of weeks, and it’s always great to see new faces in the clan! The section has also opted to purchase its own Ventrillo server instead of using the WN server to help their gameplay!

“’s always great to see new faces in the clan!”

Rose Online Many skill and equipment updates have taken place in recent months. Many of the changes and additions power up classes to better fill their role in party play. An example of this is the Knights receiving an AoE attack, and Clerics receiving party buff ability as an extended skill. If you are curious information on the skill changes can be found here. Due to issues with certain ill received items, Rose Online performed a server rollback on 4/18. They rolled back to

4/15, and have offered help to retrieve lost items through Warportal support. The Warrior Nation Clan in Rose Online, led by WNxRobyn has been busy building Clan Points in the Luna Clanfield. Which is a PvP area where clans can battle each other, monsters and a boss called Astarot for points to raise the level of the clan. One expedition into the area raised 250 clan points alone. With 5000 points needed for level 3 they are already over half way there.

The Nation

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World of Warcraft vote for which team to interview will be open to all

The Runescape Logo.

Jagex has announced its plans for Runefest 2010, and it’s looking to be a major event. Runefest 2010 will feature a variety of attractions including featured talks - some user suggested - from key figures such as CEO Mark Gerhard, as well as creators Andrew and Paul Gower. There will also be insider sessions. These sessions will be opportunities to learn what goes on in the making of Runescape, and chances to create actual Runescape content. For details, and ticket info go here and read all about it. In a similar vein, the first installment of Runescape’s "Video Q&A" series has been voted on, and the first team to be interviewed will be the Runescape Content Team. Members posted the questions to be asked during the interview in a thread that closed April 28th, and once this interview is posted you will be able to see it on the Runescape YouTube Channel. To see some of the questions suggested by members you can go here, and to provide feedback on these questions you can go here. The next

A screenshot from Rose Online.

members, and free players. On a game play note - Darren Lightfinger(NPC) has come to the conclusion that a Thieves Guild is needed, and has acted accordingly. A new set of quests has been created for Rogue Adventurers. Completion of these adventures will provide loot, XP, and start you on a possible lifetime career in the budding thieves’ guild. Are you someone who enjoys skulking in the shadows? If so, go to...Buyers and Cellars.

Having recently revamped their forum to allow more interaction between members on different servers, the Warrior Nation WoW players are looking forward to a more energetic and diverse future. They hope the new forum setup will allow new ideas on game play to be shared by all, and possibly create an even tighter camaraderie. In a more overall view - Registration for

“...the Warrior Nation WoW players are looking forward to a more energetic and diverse future.” the 2010 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament has now started! All participants in the tournament have a chance to earn the exclusive Armored Murloc in -game pet as well as the exclusive “Vanquisher” title. So go get your team together and be ready to take some names. For more information on the 2010 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament, take a look at their FAQ and remember to check back on the News Section for updates.

EVE Online EVE Fanfest Announced – The developers of Eve Online have announced the venue for the 2011 Fanfest. Members of the Eve Online section have already started discussing plans on attending the event at Laugardalshöll Convention Center in Reykjavik, Iceland on March 24-26, 2011.

EVE Online screenshot.

available on May 18th and it appears that most of the Eve Online section is looking forward to adding this server to their game play repertoire.

Tyrannis Expansion Go-Live Date – Eve Online has announced the release of its Tyrannis Expansion. The server will be Page 9

Volume 1, Issue 4

Runes of Magic It has been an exciting month both in guild, and in game. In guild - With an almost constant energetic attack on gatherable ores and herbs, and with prizes for those who gathered the most, members gathered their little hearts out. Congrats to members WNxClearBlaze, and WNxrjftigers01 for being the top gatherers. Also, WNxClearblaze has been promoted to Honor Guard Battle Ops, and WNxrjfTigers01 has been promoted to Recon Black Ops. So Congratulations again to both of them! We're sure you two will do splendidly in your new positions. In Game - The daily chances for siege wars against other guilds have led to many interesting moments in game. Using excellent strategy, the WN RoM

clan has given a good show every time it fights, and although siege wars still has a few glitches, Frogster is working on improving the experience for all. It has been an exciting month in game for those players who had reached max level as well. How? With a raised level

Knight Online Knight Online has had a smooth April, there wasn’t a lot of forum activity but it doesn’t lack activity either, they also had a few game nights last month. The section seems to be slowly recovering members, March roll call had 16 primaries, but April is up to 22. Getting more members is always a good thing, because if they had kept the low primary count, they probably would be on the receiving end of a Black Operation intervention, and no section wants such a

“The section seems to be slowly recovering members…”

thing. Hopefully in the months upcoming they will increase their roll call counts.

cap, of course! There's also a new spring special offer, including exciting new mounts to add to the enjoyment. You can now create a character who can ride a rune disc, a donkey, or my personal favorite - a broom! Just perfect for that female character you've wanted to look just a touch more witchy! Now if only they had a pet cat that could ride on the back. Oh well, Harry Potter eat your heart out! Also enticing more Senior Leveled Citizens, is the opening of The Land of The Ancient Kings. This will be implemented with the first phase of patch 3.0.0 which features the continent of Zandorya, and the city of Dalanis, a new land just ripe for exploration and monster bashing. A great start to what looks to be an excellent update to RoM.

PangYa This section is getting back to the good activity seen in the past. April saw the end of a recruitment event that brought a huge number of new members. A total of 24 new recruits came to the section from this event, which is great. Heading this event was WNxTopDawgwhohad also been promoted to Recon Captain and awarded with the top recruit award because of his efforts of getting 10 new recruits.

Both the forum activity and in-game activity are going good for Pangya's section, they are showing a nice activity on forums, while holding many game nights, and constantly planning future events. This section is on their way to back to the greatness that the section used to experience, so way to go Pangya!

A screenshot from Air Rivals.

The Nation

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Diablo 2

Allods Online Month honors. Congratulations WNxBabyoxide!

Section Released! – Allods Online has been released from development as of 04/23/10 giving the section its own niche within the Warrior Nation gaming world. Through the dedication and hard work of its members, the Allods Online section was able to show WN that it has earned its own spot on the roster. Congratulations on your release from development and welcome to the fray! Member of the Month - Barely out of the gate, the Allods section makes its presence known with its first ever Member of the Month. Because of his efforts in helping fellow members level their characters from the bottom to the top ranks of Allods, his knowledge of the game, and his humorous spin on challenging situations, WNxBabyoxide has been awarded with Member of the

Leadership – With a brand new section, new leadership emerges. WNxOmega has been appointed Grand Master for the Allods section with WNxJoedirt at his side as Honor Guard – Field Ops. Together they should bring great things to the section and continue to show that Allods is a section to be reckoned with and become a mainstay in Warrior Nation.

“Divisions of Diablo 2 are no more.”

MERGED – Divisions of Diablo 2 are no more. In the past the section had become so large that it had to be split into three sections to accommodate the number of members into Diablo 2 East, Diablo 2 West, and Diablo 2 Europe. Over the years one section or another fell behind and sent into development, but then came back stronger than before. Eventually West merged with East, but then West had a sudden burst of activity that lead it into development and back into its own section. After that, Diablo 2 Europe had a severe reduction in activity and was merged with East. In April 2010, the final blow to the Diablo 2 divisions came as Diablo 2 West merged once again with Diablo 2 East. The combination of East, West, and Europe have redesigned the section as Diablo 2, and with the merge comes the excitement of new faces along with old pros in the 10 year old game. D2 Event – With the merge of the sections of Diablo 2, an event was held to “glitch rush” those members wanting to get a character up and running on’s USEast server without having to spend hours getting that character to a level capable of reaching hell difficulty, where most veteran member spend their time. The event went off without a hitch and several members took advantage of the generous offer.

Neverwinter Nights The month of April has been a relatively slow month for Neverwinter Nights, but slow forum activity doesn’t necessarily slow in game activity. As long as the section continues to have enough members to sign roll call, they aren’t in danger of anything. Hopefully they implement a few activities to increase their forum activity and they will be right on track. Neverwinter Nights

Page 11

Volume 1, Issue 4

Guild Wars Guild Wars Beyond – Guild Wars has created a year-long event called Guild Wars Beyond in an attempt to develop the characters of Guild Wars and the storyline between these characters to seamlessly transition Guild Wars fans into the much anticipated Guild Wars 2. Perhaps the questions left unanswered will soon find themselves fully explained. Only time will tell. Promotion – Just after switching to Guild Wars as his primary game, WNxJÏNGØ has been promoted to Recon Black Ops for the RPG Genre. Hopefully this position will enable him to bring more quality recruits to the Guild Wars section, as well as all needy section in RPG.

fort to switch things up from last month’s Fissure of Woe campaign, WNxChild has announced an attempt at the Tomb of the Primeval Kings as a section event on Saturday, May 1, 2010. Last month’s event was a great success and all that participated had a great time hacking and slashing. Will this month’s joint venture prove as fruitful? A screenshot of C&C Renegade

Tomb of the Primeval Kings – In an ef-

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 EU (Xbox 360) Game Nights - The section as a whole has a lot of game nights and there seem to be a lot of people attending them, which is great to see. MP Application - They have are now giving a chance to send in there applications to have a chance of MP for the section. New Game? - By the look of things they have a new game out called Call of

“The section as a whole has a lot of game nights and there seem to be a lot of people attending them…” Duty: Black Ops, so they seem to be informing there members on new games from Activision.

Halo 3 (Xbox 360) Decent Member Count - Despite lack of forum activity, there must be lots of it in game because Halo 3 is holding steady with 17 primaries and a total member count of 24. Event Winner - In order to keep their members happy, as well as active, they have been having regular game nights and have just finished a tournament known as Flag Run. The winner of the Flag Run tournament was WNxZady with times on both

maps used for the event under 2 minutes. Game Developer Merge - In other news related to the section and Halo 3 in general, Bungie and Activision have completed a merge. Let us all hope that any changes that this may cause will be for the better. A screenshot from Air Rivals.

The Nation

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)

MAG (PS3) Recruitment - On April 30th, MAG is having a recruiting night. They are providing information on the smaller maps to help the section have a better understanding of those maps. Activity? Good & Bad - Activity in the section is fine, but the in game activity is a little questionable. They going to have another double XP weekend and are going to play on a new map, this is

Artwork from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Section Overview - The Modern warfare 2 (PS3) section has done extremely well this month as it usually does. The member count has increased with thirteen new secondary and the primary count remaining consistent at a whopping fifty four members. Activities and Promotions - With so many members obviously the section is very active. Some of the big things going on are the recent release of the new maps packs and the double EXP are great things. A new game night to celebrate the recently released map packs will be held most likely on a Friday sometime this month.

WNxPwnstar4hire’s videos are doing great and Machinima are considering giving him a contract. WNxPwnstar4hire has also gone above and beyond by posting instructional videos and taking the time to help out newer players. His actions have actually earned him the rank of Sergeant Major so congrats WNxPwnstar4hire. Also with rumors of a reincarnation of the Warrior Nation Olympics currently in production by WNxBeeJayx the section has had several members show interest.

“...this [Double XP Weekend] is expected to be very successful.”

expected to be very successful. They are having some TK matches, but the times have not been told things should be cleared up in the future.

Valve Games (Xbox 360) The section is a little small but they seem to keep track of some of the other XBOX games. They have posted there numbers are looking good right now, they sections are all pretty big.

Team Fortress 2.

New Major But Still Need Captains & Game Nights - They have appointed a new major for the section, they will still need FO, BO, and Recon Captain. They have not had a game night since the 18th of April. Page 13

Volume 1, Issue 4

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) The Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) section has done increasingly well this month. It has maintained a steady flow of recruits and has brought in nine more just last month putting the section at a incredible eighty two primaries and with the new recruitment drive some wonder if it will break over one hundred members in the coming months. Promotions out the Yazoo - This last month the section received three important promotions. WNxthe will tactic will be the sections official Field operations Captain, WNxLink will be the Recon Captain and the title of Major to WN’s largest section goes to… WNxGStenroos. I’d like to personally congratulate all of you on your promotions. Now use your powers wisely.

Events -The sections new game nights are going very well allowing the section to not only have fun all at once but to bring in even more recruits! Beyond that the constant flow of tournaments remains strong ever testing the thumbs A scene from Modern Warfare 2, Campaign Mode. of our fine gamers. So all is well in the section let us hope it stays that way.

Heroes of Newerth The forum and game activity seem to be up. The section has had three new recruits come in and have lost one. The section has had some new promotions in the field ranks, 26 people were promoted. They now have applications for Battle Operations Captain. There was a poll to see who is going to buy HoN. They are having there game nights every Saturday, which seem successful.

“They are having there game nights every Saturday, which seem successful.”

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II This event was simple because all you had to do was register as much kills as you can in DOW II and the player with the most kills wins. The event finished mid April, with WNxLocklear showing his brilliance placing 1st, WNxAmarines taking 2nd and WNxDreadWolf placing 3rd. The contest was a big kill fest with 12 members participating and 4827 kills in total registered.

capture event where two teams battle it out for an area. There are currently nine people in this event: Team SM contains WNxLocklear as Force commands, WNxDarkRaven, WNxKillJoy and WNxFUBAR whilst Team Chaos contains WNxAbbadon as Chaos Lord, WNxUltimarory, WNxSpecial Person, WNxVioletHeart and WNxZeed.

A screenshot from Air Rivals.

This event just started and it is area

The Nation

Page 14

OGame members formed a new alliance called SITH and lead by Mafia declared war on WN, but WN were pumped up and with some new blood and old veterans ended the war in a matter of weeks in dominating fashion.

WNxFragEmAll has released his annual frag fest event where players must raid others and cause as much Total Damage in the process. As the month passed on, blood and guts were flying everywhere and the 'battle history' sub-forum was destroyed with reports. As the Contest finished, WNxKOTR emerged Victorious on 152 points, WNxDadZilla right behind him with 144 points, WNxFragEmAll taking 3rd with 92 points, WNxWattZ taking 4th with 70 points and WNxAmun~Re in 5th place with 66 points. In total this competition was a huge success with 13 people participating. In early April it appeared that the War Between WN and JEDI was over, as the JEDI was disbanded and existed no more. However, many former JEDI

As past leadership had fallen, more had to step up, WNxKOTR and WNxTrillian recently coming to OGame from Rose Online stepped up. WNxKOTR becoming Recon Captain and WNxTrillian becoming FO Captain. Lead Well! As many new members came to the section, a new program was initiated. The Mentor Program is where the newer players are helped into OGame by the older Veterans. This Program is going well, with already two confirmed mentor-ships started within 2 days of the start of the program.

Battle for MiddleEarth II The Battle for Middle Earth section has taken a beating. Last month they lost two primaries putting them at eighteen. This number is of course dangerously low and the section is in need of fresh blood. So do you have what it takes to fight the war for the Ring? To find out check the Battle for Middle Earth 2 section and try your sword against that of the forces of evil or turn it on the warriors of good.

“The sections game nights continue even through the adversaries and don’t look to be slowing down any time soon.” The sections game nights continue even through the adversaries and don’t look to be slowing down any time soon. With the shortage of numbers the section has started a new competition to see who can earn the coveted top recruiter badge. So with the fate of the section in the balance who will earn this trophy? Only time and recruits will tell.

League of Legends The section has had a huge amount of people come in last couple of days. The activity in the section is good. They are having a 1v1 Tournament coming up pretty soon. Game nights seem to be successful and many people seem to be enjoying them. The results to the last tournament have been posted as well. Call of Duty: United Offensive

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Volume 1, Issue 4

Warcraft 3 NA The Ladder Reset has finally been done after Blizzard delayed it 3 times. Many WN members have starting fighting to try to gain there ranking. WNxPook is at the head of the charge. Currently WNxPook is at the top of WN ranked 134th in solo on USWest and WN as a clan are ranked 37th in solo on USWest. WNxHydrolysis has pleased the leadership in his short time being here both in game and on the forums and has become WC3 NA's next Paladin. WNxHyrdolysis responded by saying "this means more responsibility and more work" let's wish WNxHydrolysis good luck as he leaps into this Paladin position to help with forum upkeep. After a long time, the 1v1 Dota Tournament finally finished, with Gamma The section has good forum and game activity. They do a good job on keeping the section members up to date with in game names and they post combat reports. The section has made a new NonAggression Pact with clan HELLENIC EMPIRE (HEMP).

WNxWeeeooo comfortably taking the Gold, WNxERIC took the Silver and WNxNeru took the Bronze. Congratulations to you three and to those who participated.

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April 2010 - Promotions Major & Grand Master

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WNxShifty - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 EU (Xbox 360) WNxGStenroos - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) WNxSpoon - Day of Defeat WNx Omega - Allods Online

WNxBadger - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC) WNxMurder - Battle for Middle Earth 2 WNxCrim - League of Legends WNx Silly PunkD - Day of Defeat WNxWolf - Halo (PC) WNxMoros - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 EU (Xbox 360)

Field Captain & Honor Guard

Recpn Captain & Honor Guard WNxSilver - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC) WNxBeeJayx - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) WNx4evaWasted - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 EU (Xbox 360) WNxNightSider - PangYa WNxHalliday - Day of Defeat WNxthe will tactic - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) WNxJoedirt- Allods Online

WNxHarakDem - Battle for Middle Earth 2 WNxXeifer - League of Legends WNxCallum - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 EU (Xbox 360) WNxTopDawg - PangYa WNxKOTR - OGame WNxLink - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)

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The Nation - May 2010  

Warrior Nation's new and improved Combat Journalist report, the Nation! Brought to you by the Creative Works!

The Nation - May 2010  

Warrior Nation's new and improved Combat Journalist report, the Nation! Brought to you by the Creative Works!