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Gray hair is caused by many factors such as hereditary, lack of vitamin B, improper diet, smoking, lack of regular exercise, excessive stress, thyroid imbalance and much more. Fact is, the majority of individuals who have experienced gray at an early age is caused by heredity. This happens when you pigment stops producing melanin which is responsible for coloring the hair. Many pharmaceutical companies are fighting day and night to come out with a possible solution to graying all to no avail. Keep reading this article on how to reverse gray hair for more information.  Reversing graying is almost impossible, it might be of help to first of all find out what is the cause before setting out to treat it.  Regular exercising is very important to health, it helps your blood circulation to circulate efficiently as well as keeps you fit.  Combing your hair with brush also helps to increase blood circulation to your hair follicles.  There are several supplements that can be of good help such as vitamin B, yeast and Omega 3. Regular intake of these vital vitamins can help stop or reduce the graying process. You can use dyes to cover you gray, there are many products on this that you can choose from. You would want to take your time to look at the product available and how they work before making your choice. Others who can not get a satisfactory solution to their problem can take care of their hair by washing it regularly and applying cream that makes the hair to look healthy. Graying is very rough and hard, improper care can make you look shabby, ensure you take the time to maintain your gray and you will find it attractive. Sooner or later every one is going to experience it. My discovery came after I read a few books on the anatomy of hair and why it turns gray over time. With that knowledge in hand I was able to create a method to easily turn hair back to its former natural and beautiful color. For more info please visit us below:


Premature Graying Hair  

Most of us do not look forward to our hair turning gray. Whether it is the gray hair we frantically "pluck" at first sighting or the numerou...