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PI 34 Synopsis Wisconsin Quality Educator Initiative: Restructuring Educator Preparation and Licensing

Restructuring Educator Preparation: Guiding Principles   

Improved student learning Career-long educator preparation Collaboration between higher education, P-12, and DPI Community of Learners

Performance based program approval and licensure Shared vision of what educators should know and be able to do Diversity and equity


Wisconsin Rule Changes    

PI 34 replaced PI 4 (program approval) in 2000 PI 34 replaced PI 3 (license requirements) in 2004 PI 34 applies to students completing programs after 8/31/2004 PI 34 licensing renewal options will be available for veteran teachers, pupil services personnel, and administrators Veteran educators may participate in mentoring and professional development planning for initial educators 3

The Wisconsin Educator Standards 10 Teacher Standards 7 Pupil Service Standards 7 Administrator Standards Each Standard has 3 parts Knowledge (Content) Dispositions (Attitudes) What the educator knows

Performances (Skills) What the educator can do


New License Stages   

Initial Educator Professional Educator Master Educator


Initial Educator Stage ď Ž

Initial Educator Means: An individual who has successfully completed an approved program after August 31, 2004 and who is issued an Initial Educator License by the Department for the first time in a particular category (Teaching, Pupil Service, Administration). 7

Initial Educator Stage (cont).  

 

Length of license is 5-year non-renewable, minimum 3 years. Requires a Professional Development Plan (PDP) addressing 2 or more standards for license advancement to Professional Educator stage Requires a PDP Review Team for plan approval and for plan verification Pre-service portfolio (if applicable) may be used to inform the Initial Educator’s development of the PDP. Initial Educator License may be renewed if the individual has not been employed as an educator for at least 3 yrs. within the 5-year period. 8

Initial Educator PDP Review Team Includes: 1. 2.


A peer of the same license *category (not the mentor). An administrator designated by the district administrator and subject to approval by the school board. An Institute of Higher Education (IHE) representative *Teacher, Administrator, or Pupil Services


Initial Educator PDP Review Team Convened by the Initial Educator  Must complete DPI PDP Review Team training (online component, full day)  Must perform review for PDP Goal Approval  Must perform review for PDP Verification of Completion in final year plan 


Initial Educator License Cycle Recommended Timeline Year 1: Year 2:

Years 2-4: Year 5:

Reflection and work with mentor. Submit plan with checklist no later than January 1 to PDP Review Team for approval of goal. Submit PDP Goal Approval Form to DPI. Document an annual review by June 30. Submit documentation of PDP completion to PDP Review Team by January 15. Submit DPI license application, application fee, and PDP Verification Signature Form to DPI – June 1 11

Wisconsin PDP: CESA #9 Online Tool     

Web application for complete PDP licensure cycle requirements “Creating a Quality PDP” training Online review team members available to any educator Email reminders, electronic DPI required forms, simple to use Compensation provided to each reviewer 12

Wisconsin PDP Demo


School District Requirements for supporting the Initial Educator   

Provide collaboratively developed, ongoing orientation to Initial Educator Provide Support Seminars reflecting the professional educator standards Provide a qualified, trained mentor to the initial educator (“Qualified” means holding an appropriate license) Provide access to an administrator on the Initial Educator PDP team 14

Mentor Qualifications 

The mentor Is an educator and a colleague;  Is trained to provide support, assistance and feedback to the Initial Educator;  Is not part of the formal employment evaluation process;  Is not part of the Initial Educator’s PDP team. 


Professional Educator Stage  

 

5 year renewable Professional Educator License Requires a Professional Development Plan (PDP) addressing 2 or more standards for license renewal PDP Review Team need to verify PDP completion Current educators are grand-parented as professional educators and may renew license using 6 credits or PDP 16

Professional Educator PDP Review Team Includes 3 peers licensed in the same category (teacher, pupil services, or administrator)  Completes DPI PDP Review Team training  Reviews and verifies completion of the PDP in the final year of the PDP 


Professional Educator License Cycle Guidelines Year 1: Reflection and creation of PDP. Years 2-4: Annual reviews are required years 2, 3, and 4. Due by June 30. Year 5: Submit completed PDP documentation to the PDP Team by January 15. Year 5: The PDP Team will review and verify the PDP by April 1. Clarification of discrepancies between the PDP Team and the candidate will occur by June 1. Year 5: Submit DPI license application, fee, and PDP verification signature form to DPI to obtain another Professional Educator License – June 1.


Master Educator Stage  

Voluntary 10 year renewable license available by completing: Wisconsin Master Educator Assessment Process 

Portfolio assessed documenting mastery of Wisconsin Educator Standards • • • • OR

Professional Contributions Improved student learning Assessed by DPI-trained WMEAP team Master’s degree

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification 19

Appeals of Decisions Made by the 3-Member Team ď Ž

PI 34.17 and PI 34.18 ď Ž ď Ž

Appeals shall be made to the state superintendent. For teachers and pupil services personnel, the professional standards council may establish procedures to hear appeals referred. If the professional standards council agrees to hear an appeal, it shall, upon completion of its deliberations, make a recommendation to the state superintendent. The state superintendent shall issue a decision concerning the appeal. 21

For Updates on PI 34, Go To:

CESA #9 License Renewal Support Center


PI 34 synopsis  

overview of pi 34

PI 34 synopsis  

overview of pi 34