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Media Release: Discontents By James Wallace Birch .:.

James Wallace Birch announces the release of Discontents available for all eReader platforms. On sale Now for $.99!

Emory Walden is a talented writer at odds with the corporate America of his twenty-something peers. He can’t remember how he ended up hospitalized needing a risky surgery to save his life. Someone tried to kill him. He suspects his involvement with the enigmatic Fletcher Spivey in a plot to spark a political uprising in the U.S. has been infiltrated. But he’s not sure who the nebulous adversary is. If he can uncover the infiltrator before the surgery, he can find out who wants him dead and warn Spivey in time to save the movement. But the deeper he digs, the less certain he is that anything is as it seems.

James Wallace Birch is an award-winning author of short fiction. He has published a number of articles in newspapers and journals. Discontents is his debut novel. James is a twenty-something from Northern Virginia (NoVa), outside our nation's capital.

Available for all eReaders from the following major eBook distributors.

Coming Soon: Apple iBooks, Diesel, and others! ISBN: 978-1-4661-8516-6

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Discontents Press Release  

Press Release announcing the launch of Discontents in eBook format