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Overview Catholic Regional College, Melton is a Catholic, Co-educational, Secondary College, situated in Bulmans Road, Melton. In 2012 it will welcome its first Year 12 cohort. It provides education for the Parishes of St Bernard’s Bacchus Marsh, St Dominic’s Melton and St Anthony’s Melton South. The College is part of the Catholic Regional College Federation, which includes campuses at Caroline Springs, North Keilor, St Albans and Sydenham. The College is administered by the Catholic Regional College Council, with Father John O’Reilly as Chairperson, and Mr Mark Sheehan as the Principals’ Representative.

The College was officially opened in 1980 with Sister Helen Reed as Principal. Sister Reed was from the order of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Scared Heart. This order of sisters was founded by Mary MacKillop who was a passionate believer in education for all. Reflecting the Orders habit, our College uniform was initially chocolate brown. In 1990 the new uniform of maroon, gold and navy was gradually phased in.

In March 1980, the College relocated from its temporary location at St Dominic’s Parish Hall to its permanent site in Bulmans Road, Melton. In 1982 another junior campus at North Keilor was opened as was the campus at Sydenham. At the end of 1984, Sister Helen Reed completed her term as Principal. In 1985, Mr Frank Fitzgerald began his term as Principal until 1995. In 1996, Mr Paul Daffey commenced in what eventuated as a 13 year period of service. In 2009 Mr Mark Sheehan began his term as Principal.

Principal's Message Welcome to Catholic Regional College, Melton. Warm greetings to all families who may be considering CRC Melton as a secondary school for their child. CRC Melton, which was established in 1980, is a welcoming, friendly community where all staff, students and parents are valued and their spirituality nurtured. The College provides a broad curriculum, designed to engage students in a way that promotes excellence and builds self-esteem. Our Pastoral Care program is based on Gospel values and has been recognised in the wider community for developing resilience in our students as they progress through their secondary schooling. After three decades as a Year 7-10 Campus, CRC Melton embarks on its new journey as a Year 7-12 school in its own right. We are nourished by our rich heritage of providing quality Catholic education in the Melton and Bacchus Marsh region. We look forward to our new journey as a VCE and VCAL provider with many pathways for students with diverse talents and abilities. We will continue to embrace new technologies and demonstrate contemporary learning pedagogies in the classroom. Our teaching and learning strategies are complemented by the school’s building program, which has seen five major projects completed in recent years. Catholic Regional College, Melton will continue to strive in providing the best quality education for families in the Parishes of St Bernard’s Bacchus Marsh, St Dominic’s Melton and St Anthony’s Melton South. I look forward to meeting your family as you embark on the journey to Catholic secondary education.

Mark Sheehan College Principal

Catholic Regional College Melton


Mission Statement Catholic Regional College, Melton,

While respecting individual

Educational Goals

is a Catholic school serving the

differences, we challenge each

In this Catholic College, our

Parishes of Bacchus Marsh, Melton

other to use our talents in the best

goals are:

and Melton South.

way possible. Catholic Values

The mission of the College is to

We encourage personal excellence,

To provide an environment that

nurture the personal, spiritual and

self-discipline, and a sense of

nurtures and encourages

academic growth of each individual

responsibility, which is displayed

Catholic Values.

in this community in an atmosphere

in our respect and concern for the


wellbeing of all.

Community Responsibility To lead students to see that

ENCOURAGEMENT. Through this community of

they have a responsibility to

We aim to foster the growth of

purpose, Catholic Regional College -

the broader community and

personal worth and to develop the

the students, parents and staff - will

so encourage them to become

gifts of each individual through

be a sign of God’s presence in the

members of society who are:

the pursuit of prayer, knowledge,

local community.

• active

communication and service to

• worthwhile

each other.

• effective


Catholic Regional College Melton

Lifelong Education

Relevance of Programs

Building Self Esteem

To recognise that while at CRC

To enrich learning, teaching and

To develop in the student a sense of:

Melton, students are receiving only

school experience by making

• personal worth

one part of their lifelong education

the curriculum:

• achievement

which began at home with their

• challenging

• self confidence

families and involves primary,

• relevant

secondary and further education.

• varied

This will enable them to express

• accessible

their individuality in appropriate

Critical Thinking

ways, and to explore and participate

To encourage in students the will

To take students beyond the

comfortably on their own or within

and capacity to:

boundaries of the known to a

a group.

• develop a sense of responsibility

broader range of knowledge

for their own learning

and skills.

To provide a supportive

• to think independently

environment where students are

• to analyse critically

challenged and inspired to recognise

• to make choices that are informed

and maximise their potential: • spiritually

Learning through Experience

• academically

To acknowledge that effective

• creatively

learning takes place both within

• socially

the classroom as well as through

• physically

significant activities outside formal classes, so that the students are provided with opportunities to express their creativity and to explore options in order to apply their knowledge and learn through experience.

Catholic Regional College Melton


Student Information We expect students in a Catholic College will be characterised by the respect they show for others, and for the property of others. The students at this College are expected to act with courtesy, with concern for their own and for others’ safety, and with common sense. To live this out in practice, the following is expected of students: 1. That they have a serious attitude to study. 2. That they care for the College and its surroundings. 3. That they show care and courtesy when travelling. 4. That they are punctual. 5. That they remain inside the College boundaries during the day.


Catholic Regional College Melton

6. T hat they bring a note from parents to explain absences or parents contact the College on the day students are absent. 7. T hat they wear the uniform correctly. 8. T hat they participate in celebration days, reflection days and sports carnivals. In 2011 the College revised its Welfare and Discipline Policy so that student expectations inside and outside the classroom are clearly defined. This policy has been adopted by the whole College community and is enforced by all staff.

Behaviour of Students Secondary School students are at a stage of rapid physical development and mental change. From time to time, a great deal of guidance is needed, and on some occasions, corrective action is necessary. Parents are encouraged to support the College’s advice and decision in any discussion with their children. The College Welfare Policy has been implemented to encourage students to conduct themselves in accordance with the goals of the College.

Parent Information The College tries to establish very close links with parents as the educational process is developed. Meetings are held to discuss the educational program and review the students’ progress. The College would also like to provide faith development experiences for parents. Parents are invited to our Eucharistic Liturgies and whole College Masses. Efforts are made to inform parents of events via written communication, or direct contact. Parent Involvement Program The Executive Committee of the Parents and Friends Association consists of those parents who wish to act in a leadership function in the Parent Involvement Program. While there is no set number of positions in this group, elections will be held for the key positions as the need arises.

All parents are asked to participate in the life of the school by means of the Parent Involvement Program. One, or either of the parents will therefore be expected to register as a participant in one of the following activities: • Canteen • Grounds and Maintenance • Executive or Committee of Parents and Friends • Sport Support - especially at our Sporting Carnivals • Working Bee • School Production and Cabaret • Uniform Shop

Working Bees Each year the parents and staff join together to clean, repair, paint and maintain the College. Your involvement in this activity is highly encouraged. Records are kept of Parental Involvement, so that the College is kept informed of the active participation by many families. The College is very appreciative of the work done by parents.

Staff involvement in one of these areas is strongly encouraged, as it provides an excellent opportunity for informal and helpful mixing with the parents.

Catholic Regional College Melton


Curriculum Overview Catholic Regional College aims to provide a comprehensive curriculum that caters for the individual needs of all students. The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) is used to provide our curriculum framework from Year 7-10. Over the next two years we will phase in the National Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science. There is a strong emphasis on achievement and all students are expected to complete a range of assessment tasks in order to demonstrate mastery of the concepts taught. The College offers an extensive range of VCE subjects and VCAL. Many aspects of the curriculum reflect the College’s highly developed sense of community. The annual dramatic production and cabaret provides an ideal opportunity to showcase our students’ talents as performing artists, chefs and waiting staff to the broader community.


Catholic Regional College Melton

Catering for Individual Needs The College has developed a whole school approach to literacy designed to create individualised learning for students. Students who are more academically able are invited to attend our MASP (More Able Students Program). This program aims to deepen student understanding and skills in areas such as problem solving, collaborative learning and creativity. The two curriculum areas targeted by MASP are Mathematics and Humanities. The program has enjoyed considerable success over the years with groups participating in the finals of Future Problem Solvers. Students who have been identified as having additional needs in learning are assisted by the Student Support Group in the case of funded students and are invited to attend Literacy classes in place of LOTE. The College has also adopted a whole school approach to literacy

by focusing on subject specific literacies. The text types used in each subject are a focus so that students are not only learning about content but how to deliver that content in appropriate ways. A reading program is offered from Years 7 to 9 for students requiring additional support. Religious Education The Religious Education Program is central to the life of students, parents and teachers of the College. Prayer is celebrated each morning in homeroom and reminds us daily how a community based on the Catholic Ethos should live each day endeavouring to model ‘Christ like’ behaviour. Liturgy is celebrated at the College each week in the chapel. Also there are numerous other celebrations of the Eucharist throughout the year, including ‘Back to Parish’, Opening School Year, Advent and Graduation Masses. All parents are welcome to attend and join in such important celebrations.

Priests of the local parishes are an integral part of our community, providing much of their time to our special celebrations and programs.

The ICT program at the College includes iPads for senior students, and up to date computer access for all students.

The College holds a Reflection Day, generally off-campus, for each year level. This is an opportunity for our students to put their studies aside and focus on some of the big issues in their lives such as family, relationships and their future. The College also takes this special opportunity to highlight aspects of the spiritual side of life for our youth within our Catholic ethos. The Reflection Day program culminates with an overnight 'Retreat' for our Year 12's early in their final year.

In the area of sports, we have modern grass basketball, tennis and soccer facilities.

Resources The College is constantly updating its resources. In 2011, we opened the VCE centre which contains a lecture theatre and facilities to vary the learning environment. The Food Technology wing was also opened. New Year 7 facilities are currently being built and will be open for the beginning of the 2012 school year.

Assessment Policy Reports are published at the end of each term and followed up by parent/student teacher interviews. In addition, parents are free to contact the College at any time to arrange further interviews. Extra Curricular Programs The College is also strongly committed to ensuring that all students have ready access to a variety of extra-curricular sporting and outdoor activities. The College is a member of the Sports Association of Catholic Co-educational Secondary Schools and through this association we compete in many events including athletics and swimming carnivals, cross country, volleyball, tennis, netball, football, cricket and golf.

Premier League also allows students to compete in a competition over a longer period of time. The annual production and Cabaret allow students from Year 7-12 to demonstrate their artistic and creative talents. Hospitality students plan, cook and prepare the evening’s four course meal. Year 7 Students at Year Seven are offered a diverse program that introduces them to subjects across all the domains. Whilst there is no choice as to what students will study, there is a strong recognition of the individual needs of all students and based on testing conducted at the end of Year Six and teacher recommendations, some students will be offered places in Student Support Group, Literacy or More Able Students Program. As part of the transition process, only a small number of teachers are assigned to work with each class. Each class is assigned two homeroom teachers, both of whom

Catholic Regional College Melton


Curriculum also teach the class. The Year Seven camp also assists with transition. Finally the Octagon program rewards students for positive social behaviour. Year 8 The Year Eight program continues to offer range and scope across all domains in recognition of individual learning needs. The College continues to limit the number of teachers working with one class, but not to the same extent as Year Seven. A number of programs designed to cater to the emergent social conscience of Year Eight students are introduced. As part of Science, students participate in a Water Watch program. The Star program focuses on rewarding positive social behaviour. Students also explore issues such as bullying and conflict resolution. Early in Term One, students attend a surf camp.


Catholic Regional College Melton

Year 9 Our program acknowledges the increasing need for independence experienced in the Middle Years. Hence the Year Nine program gives students a range of choices in the Arts, Technology and LOTE Electives. This gives students a chance to select studies according to their interests, talents and needs, whilst still providing them with a comprehensive base on which to build their Year Ten and VCE programs. Thus Year Nine students will have the opportunity to begin developing pathways. The program seeks to ensure student engagement in a range of academic and practical ways. For example programs such as Child Care and Sports and Leadership are specifically designed to cater for the needs of all students. Students will also be given the opportunity to experience TAFE tasters.

At Year Nine we endeavour to connect students to their community and develop self esteem and resilience through participation in whole day events such as the Circus Day. Further, in recognition of the fact Year Nine students will shortly embark on senior studies, there is a strong emphasis on career and vocational education within the Humanities curriculum. Students can elect to attend Mittagundi Camp. They are also given the opportunity to attend a snow camp.

Curriculum Year 10 In order to cater for the individual learning needs of all students, two distinct pathways are offered at Year Ten. One is an academic pathway leading to the completion of the VCE. The other is a vocational pathway leading to the completion of VCAL. This has a very practical and hands on approach to learning. The Year Ten academic program has a firm focus on the fact that students will soon enter the post compulsory phase of their schooling. Hence, whilst Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Physical Education remain core subjects, there are a large number of options within this core to best cater for individual learning needs and to acknowledge the growing desire for students to take control of their own education. The Year Ten curriculum is aligned with the VCE curriculum to allow students to complete accelerated subjects.

Students participate in programs designed to introduce them to life beyond school. These include the Melbourne Experience which allows students to explore the city of Melbourne and Work Experience. VCE/VCAL The College offers a wide range of VCE subjects designed to meet all tertiary entry prerequisites whilst at the same time catering for the diverse needs of students.

that students have access to many accelerated VCE subjects. Pathways and transition programs are a feature of the VCE/VCAL at the College. Lots of work is done by the Pathways team and the Pastoral Welfare team to ensure that students make fully informed decisions.

For VCE students a small range of VET subjects which are run at the College are also offered. These include; Office Administration, Music and Furnishings. VCAL students can select from over 30 VET options. Individual student pathways are well catered for. The College offers Program Support for students requiring a modified VCE program. The vertical alignment of the curriculum from Year Ten to Year Twelve means

Catholic Regional College Melton


Financial Matters Tuition Fees for 2012 (no GST)

Year 7-10

Year 11&12

Higher Annual Fee per student





(only applies to families not contributing to Parish Sacrificial Campaign)

Normal Annual Fee per student (applies to families who contribute to Parish Sacrificial Campaign)

Parents and Friends Levies (per family, per year) Parents and Friends Levy $15 Service Levy


(Families will be credited the Service Levy for the following year if they have completed at least 5 hours of voluntary service during the year.)

Family Deduction

Year 7-10

Year 11 & 12

Where there are two students from one family



Where there are three students from one family



Where there are four students from one family




Catholic Regional College Melton

Enrolment Enrolment Policy The criteria for processing applications for enrolment into Year 7 at CRC Melton will be as follows: 1.Catholics who live within the Parish boundaries of Bacchus Marsh, Melton and Melton South, and who attend one of the following Catholic primary schools; St Bernard’s Bacchus Marsh, St Dominic’s Melton, St Catherine’s Melton and St Anthony of Padua, Melton South. 2. Catholics who live within the Parish boundaries of Bacchus Marsh, Melton and Melton South, and who attend Government Primary schools. 3. Other students within the Parish boundaries of Bacchus Marsh, Melton and Melton South for whom there are pastoral considerations.

Enrolment Process Enrolment for Year Seven students begins in the November that the students are in Grade Five. The parents of students who seek enrolment at CRC are requested to: 1. Attend an enrolment meeting and complete an application for enrolment form where an enrolment fee of $50 is payable. 2. New families may be contacted by the College to arrange an interview with a senior staff member. New families will also be required to arrange an interview with their Parish Priest during February. 3. Applicants are notified by mail during the first week in May of the result of their application.

4. Families wishing to accept their offer of a place are required to confirm their acceptance by completing the Enrolment form and returning it to the College with a $100 deposit which is deducted from the first term fees. This deposit is non-refundable. Enrolment for students in other year levels involves: 1. Completing an application for enrolment form where an enrolment fee of $50 is payable. 2. Return the application for enrolment form with a copy of the student’s most recent full school report. 3. Attend an interview with the Principal and local Parish priest when contacted by the College.

Catholic Regional College Melton


Catholic Regional College Melton 109 -141 Bulmans Road, Melton West Ph: 03 9743 6522 Fax: 03 9743 1190

CRC Melton Prospectus  

Enrolment information for Catholic Regional College Melton

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