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Professional football  players  encourage  healthy  eating  and  physical   activity  at  annual  camp     HILTON  HEAD,  SC  –  Youth  obesity  rates  are  escalating  and  the  Centers  for  Disease  Control   and  Prevention  predicts  by  2020,  42  percent  of  the  U.S.  will  be  obese.  Statistics  like  these   has  called  Practicing  With  The  Pros  Football  Camp  to  get  campers  active  and  educate  them   on  the  importance  of  eating  healthy  now  in  order  to  excel  at  many  things  in  life  at  their   annual  camp  this  month.       "This  will  be  the  best  one  yet,”  said  Nevin  McCaskill,  co-­‐founder  of  Practicing  With  The  Pros   Football  Camp  (PWTP)  and  currently  in  off-­‐season  training  for  the  Washington  Redskins.     PWTP  will  give  aspiring  football  players  the  skills  and  drills  need  in  two  camp  sessions.   Campers  will  have  the  opportunity  to  work  directly  with  professional  athletes  and  learn  the   knowledge  and  skills  to  play  the  game.       This  year  PWTP  will  hold  two  camps  for  interested  participants.  On  Friday,  June  29  youth   ages  10-­‐13  can  have  one-­‐on-­‐one  interaction  with  professional  and  college  level  athletes  at   the  Youth  Camp.  The  following  day,  Saturday,  June  30  campers  ages  14-­‐18  will  have  their   chance  to  learn  and  practice  with  the  pros.  More  details  on  the  camps  are  below.       Youth  Camp  (ages  10-­‐13)   Friday,  June  29th     8  a.m.  -­‐  12  p.m.   Beaufort  High  School   84  Sea  Island  Parkway   Beaufort,  SC  29907   $30  Pre  Registration/  $40  Walk-­‐Up       High  School  Camp  (ages  14-­‐18)   Saturday,  June  30th     8  a.m.  -­‐  3  p.m.   Beaufort  High  School   84  Sea  Island  Parkway   Beaufort,  SC  29907   $45  Pre  Registration/  $55  Walk-­‐Up       Interested  participants  can  register  online  at    


Practicing With The Pros heads back to South Carolina Coast!  

Professional and collegiate football coaches provide youth ages 10-18 with the skills and training as campers, 'Practice With The Pros.' Cam...

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