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IMPORTANT DATES 14-Jun OPEN MORNING Year 8 and 9 examinations conclude 18-Jun Young Writer’s Workshop – Year 8 English Students 19-Jun Primary Parent Partnership Coffee Morning 8:45am – Advanced Numero - LEC Year 10 AFL School Boys Cup excursion - all day Year 12 Stage 3 History - The John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library - 8:45am – 1:45pm 21-Jun Primary Speakers’ Challenge 1:00pm - Chapel 24-Jun RAC Driver Education Parent Seminar - 6:00-7:00pm - Chapel 28-Jun Red Nose Day (Ramsden House Charity Event) 29-Jun P&F Quiz Night 01-Jul Year 12 Stage 2 and 3 English Conference- Curtin University 03-Jul Secondary Colours Assembly – 8:40 am BDISC 04-Jul Instrumental Recital. VMAC 3:15pm-4:15pm 05-Jul Primary Merit Assembly Term 2 concludes for students and staff

TELEPHONE NUMBERS Administration 9495 8100 Early Learning Centre 9495 8166 Primary School 9495 8118 Secondary Absentees 9495 8111 Secondary Student Reception 9495 8113

2013 TERM DATES Term 2 08-May to 05-Jul Winter Uniform Term 3 24-Jul to 27-Sep Winter Uniform Term 4 15-Oct to 11-Dec Summer Uniform

Centre Road, Camillo, WA 6111 Tel: [08] 9495 8100 Fax: [08] 9495 1504 Email: Web:

MISSION STATEMENT “We help our students discover their passion and direction in life and make a positive contribution in the world.” CORE VALUES: We are a nurturing Christian community, basing all we do on the values of: RESPECT for ourselves, for others and the environment. RESPONSIBILITY for our actions. HONESTY in our interaction with others. COMMITMENT to achieve our best in all we do.

FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Parents The School has enjoyed a successful first half of the term with a highlight being the visit of His Excellency Malcolm McCusker the Governor of Western Australia and Mrs Tonya McCusker to the Primary Assembly on 24 May. Accepting an invitation from Acting Deputy Head of Primary Mrs Currey, the Governor spoke about his role and answered a diverse range of questions from the students. Mrs McCusker then spoke about their "Kids Who Give WA" initiative which encourages young people to give back to their communities with the goal of making our world a better place. The children demonstrated our culture of taking action through the Year 3 Magpie class item which focused on sustainability and the prudent use of natural resources such as wood and water. Presentations from several students from Years 1 to 6 who explained action they had taken on a class or individual basis to address the needs of others concluded the assembly. The guests were most impressed by the students and the work they are doing through the Primary Years Programme to encourage the practical demonstration of care, responsibility and respect for mankind. SUPPORT OUR INSPIRATIONAL TEACHERS Nominations for the National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) for 2013 are now open. Initiated in 1994, this is the only independent national awards programme where school communities - individual parents, school councils, committees of management, parent associations, secondary student councils and community organisations - can publicly acknowledge and reward their inspirational educators. Nominated teachers receive a congratulatory NEiTA Certificate of Nomination and become eligible for NEiTA State and National Awards. It is easy to nominate. Forms are available at ELC, Primary and School Administration or can be downloaded or completed online at or requested from the NEiTA Secretariat by telephoning freecall 1800 624 487. Nominations close on 31 July. EXAMINATIONS AND REPORTING Mid-term is always a demanding time for students and staff with examinations in the Secondary School and academic reporting for all years. Students have been encouraged to prepare thoroughly and do their best. AUTUMN CHILLS AND ILLS The onset of cooler weather has seen a rise in absenteeism with a large number of students unwell. Many are battling illness and struggling through the school day. Whilst family circumstances may make it difficult to keep children at home, it is preferable to do so not only to hasten their recovery but also to minimise the risk of infection. Staff are increasingly being asked to provide work for sick students, even for absences of one or two days. This is impractical, with the child often unable to complete the task. It is our preference that students focus on recovery rather than struggle to complete work at home when they are unwell. Please note in future that work will not be provided by staff for short term absences. For absences exceeding five days, staff will provide work and general guidance as required. I seek your support in this regard. P&F QUIZ NIGHT The forthcoming Quiz Night on Saturday 29 June promises to be a terrific occasion. With a James Bond theme, Brendan Kilmartin as Quiz Master, a silent auction, a few surprises and great prizes to be won, I urge you to book your table and support the P&F. All monies raised will directly benefit our children. With good wishes for the remainder of the term


FROM THE ACTING HEAD OF PRIMARY COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS As I started to write about the events that have been occurring in the Primary School over the past few weeks, it became very clear that there was a common theme of ‘Community’ coming through. Communities can take many shapes and forms, but at all times they are vital in developing a sense of belonging, connectedness and feelings of being valued. KIDS WHO GIVE WA This term we had the pleasure of welcoming His Excellency Malcolm McCusker, Governor of Western Australia, and Mrs McCusker to one of our Primary assemblies. They were invited out to the School to talk about the “Kids Who Give WA” project. The programme has been designed to acknowledge those students and schools already contributing to their communities and to inspire others to become involved. This linked in perfectly with the PYP and our focus on taking “action”. The Governor spoke about his role and duties and Mrs McCusker shared different ways in which young people can contribute to society. They were very keen to hear about “giving” projects currently happening at John Wollaston. Two of our Year 1 students shared their decision to collect items for the less fortunate people, the children from the Manila Arts and Crafts club spoke about the items they are making for our two secondary students to take when they go on the Reach Out Manila pilgrimage and the Year 6s spoke about the PYP exhibition and taking action. They were most impressed with what they heard and added that they were looking forward to hearing more about the activities being undertaken at John Wollaston. We hope this visit will have inspired our children to continue to look at ways in which they can make valuable contributions to the community. JELLY BABY DAY On Friday 31 May the children came to school in a variety of very colourful outfits. The Captains helped to promote Jelly Baby Day and everyone was encouraged to dress up as their favourite jelly baby colour and bring in a gold coin donation. A colouring competition was also held and the winner from each class received a small prize. The winning entries are on display in the Library Resource Centre. We raised a wonderful total of $611, which will go towards research into Juvenile Diabetes. Thank you to Mrs Haylee Godfrey for coordinating the event again this year. YEAR 1 COMMUNITY WALK The central idea for the Year 1 Inquiry this term was ‘Communities are structured to provide different services.’ The students went on a community walk around Armadale and this included visiting the Fire Station, the Police Station and the local shops, where they had the opportunity to meet many members of the community. They had also baked some gifts to give to the community workers to show their appreciation of the services that they provide for us. ECUMENICAL SERVICE Our Year 6 Captains were invited to participate in an Ecumenical Service at Hale School. The invitation was extended to independent schools to come together and share in a thanksgiving service. The homily focused on dreaming, believing and acting. The students were encouraged to think about what they could do to help make a difference to the lives of others. After the service the students from all the different schools had the opportunity to mix with one another. The challenge was put out to meet as many other students as possible and learn about the crest on their school uniform. Our Captains were great ambassadors for the School. YEAR 7 TRANSITION The Year 6 students recently had the opportunity to experience life in Year 7. Over two days they went to a variety of Specialist lessons and enjoyed having lunch in the Year 7 area too. They came back with huge smiles on their faces and excitedly told everyone about all the lessons they had experienced. They spoke about making key rings in Woodwork, cupcakes in Food and Technology and blowing things up in the Science rooms! A few of the reflections included: “When I went to Year 7 I had a lot of fun in the workshop with Mrs James. I made a key chain and I feel more comfortable about going to Year 7.” ‘I really enjoyed making a dry ice bomb in Science with Mr Winter.” “The Year 7 Centre itself is really cool. It even has heated floors!” “Meeting our teachers was very exciting. They were really inspiring, fun and friendly. I can’t wait to learn with them!” DISCO The disco is always a highly anticipated event on the calendar each year. The children from Pre-Primary to Year 7 danced the night away to their favourite songs and enjoyed the opportunity to dance with their teachers, too! Thank you to Mrs Del Nash and the P&F for organising another successful event. UPCOMING EVENTS The Advanced Numero coffee morning will be held on Wednesday 19 June in the LEC at 8.45am. The ELC and Year 3-6 Cross Country Carnivals are on Thursday 20 June. We look forward to seeing you at these events and having the opportunity to come together as a school community. FIONA SHAND ACTING HEAD OF PRIMARY

FROM THE DEPUTY PRINCIPALS YEAR 7 2014 Our current Year 6 students had a great time experiencing what life as a Year 7 might be like next year whilst the current Year 7 students were on camp in April. There was a session of learning about how the Transition year worked, with the students enjoying a panel discussion and some games in the Year 7 Centre with the Year 11 Peer Support Leaders. They also had a taste of at least two sessions of Science, Foods, Drama and Workshop, returning to their Year 6 classrooms brimming with enthusiasm for what lies ahead in 2014. Thank you very much to the Secondary teachers for their exciting, fun-filled lessons and to the Year 7 teachers and students who allowed us into the Year 7 Centre for the morning. We hope to hold more sessions for the Year 6 students later in the year. YEAR 7 CAMP A wonderful time was had by all Year 7 students, teachers and parents who attended the four day camp at Fairbridge Village. There were many physical and emotional challenges for the students but they took them on board and made the most of their time. Thank you to Mr Crawford for organising the camp and also to other staff and parents for contributing their time. CLUBS The end of Term 2 will see the completion of most secondary Clubs for the year. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have enjoyed the wide variety of activities on offer. Thanks are extended to the teaching staff for offering interesting and challenging sessions and also to the parents who rearranged transport and other out-of-school commitments to fit around the Clubs programme. I attended a Positive Education Conference in May at which data was provided showing that extra-curricula activities such as our Clubs Programme greatly enhance a student’s connectedness with teachers and have a positive impact on academic progress and attendance. Students who participate in extra-curricula activities are less likely to smoke and take drugs, have better social skills and are more likely to complete post-secondary qualifications. The wonderful optional Clubs programme in Primary will continue until the end of Term 3. AMY COOMBE We are very fortunate in being able to secure the services of Amy Coombe for a day, thanks to the support of our P & F. Amy is a young woman who draws on her experiences as a troubled teenager to deliver uplifting talks to young people and adults. She spoke to our Year 11 and Year 12 girls in Term 1, receiving extremely positive feedback and great connectedness with many individuals. On her next visit Amy will speak to a number of student groups and the whole staff. This will be followed by a parent evening. The date for this visit is 20 August and I urge parents to set this night aside. Amy will be available after the talk to enjoy a ‘cuppa’ with you and is always willing to follow up with email/phone contact. She has been featured on a number of current affairs programmes and in newspaper articles. If you wish to get any further information, Amy’s website is PARENTING WA GUIDES Guides for parents, carers and organisations working with young children and teenagers are available at: Teenage parties, teenage eating and dieting, talking sex with teenagers, family violence and parenting in single parent families are some of the topics covered.

THE JOHN WOLLASTON ANGLICAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL EQUESTRIAN TEAM at the State Inter-School championships in April 2013 Ciara De Groot, Ashleigh De Groot, Nicola Lachenicht and Michelle Lachenicht BRONWYN TWINING DEPUTY PRINCIPAL (PASTORAL CARE)

FROM THE BUSINESS MANAGER PRIMARY CAFÉ LUNCH PURCHASING Parents are requested to ensure that when ordering your child/children’s lunches: Order from a current menu, available on the website;  Correct money to be enclosed (credit will not be given);  Telephone orders direct to the Café will not be accepted. Please order on-line through Flexi Schools. GAILENE SHORE BUSINESS MANAGER


CAFE The Café EFTPOS facilities are now available at the CAFÉ, effective immediately on purchases over $5.00. In order to assist the Café with lunch orders, please will parents in the ELC be sure to check the Café menu before placing orders. For practical reasons, ELC children are not able to order ice-creams with their lunch orders. Please click on the following link to open the current Café Menu. Term 2 Café Menu

COMMUNITY NOTICES Dear Parents John Wollaston Anglican Community School is participating in the National Child Oral Health Survey. The Survey is led by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health at the University of Adelaide, and they are seeking you and your child’s help. Some children will be selected, through a process of random selection, to be part of the survey. If your child is selected, you will receive an information pack about the survey and what you can do if you want to help by participating in the survey. This is only the second time in 25 years that a national survey of children’s dental health is being done in Australia and your help by being part of the survey will greatly assist in finding out about the dental health of children in Western Australia and the rest of Australia. If after reading the information pack you have any questions or would like more information you can call toll free on 1800 733 284 or contact the WA Project Coordinator (Vicki Gatsos) on 1800 068 096 or email

COMMUNITY RELATIONS The second general Open Morning was held on Friday 14 June and was well attended. The second last Open Morning for the year will be held on Friday 6 September. Once again, if you know of anyone who is interested in enrolling their children or finding out more about the School, please inform them of this date. NICOLE LAU COMMUNITY RELATIONS OFFICER

FROM THE CHAPLAIN “Living Water!” It has been lovely to see the refreshing rain that we have had over recent weeks. The rains have led me to think about the importance of water for us here in WA. I have reflected on the changing rainfall patterns and on the fact that the climate seems to be becoming drier. When the land becomes parched, the water table drops, the dam levels drop and we are really made aware of the indispensability of water to sustaining our lives. Water is for us, a “life blood.” In the absence of water, there is drought … and potential death. In a similar way, we can also experience spiritual drought in our lives. We sometimes find ourselves in a desert of doubt and apathy. Nothing seems to be the way we want it to be, and frankly, it may be that in those times we really don't care. We wonder if God is listening; all we hear is the echo of our own voices as we cry out to what we perceive to be an absent God. I would suggest that just as water is necessary to sustain life and that its absence brings drought and ultimately death, so too, God's loving touch is necessary in our lives in times of spiritual drought to reinvigorate life. The climate in Palestine in the time of Jesus was also dry. He used the importance and scarcity of water to teach the message of the gospel. In one incident, Jesus met a Samaritan woman at a well and asked her to draw some water for him. Having done so, he said to her:

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again. But anyone who drinks the water I give will never be thirsty again. The water I give people will be like a spring flowing inside them. It will bring them eternal life.” (John 4:13-14) Jesus was telling us that the ‘water’ that he offers us is a “living water’ which quenches the spiritual thirst in our lives and brings our drought to an end. There is no tap that supplies this water. This water comes from a desire to receive it from God. The ‘water’ is received simply by asking for it from Jesus and then by searching it out further in his “living word” – the Bible. I have seen pictures of a desert landscape being changed into an horizon-to-horizon bed of flowers simply by one shower of rain.

Jesus’ living water can do the same for us. My prayer is that you may find this living water from Jesus and that your lives may blossom as a result. God bless REVD DAVE CHAPLAIN

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