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I, Jonathan Vennard, have came up with a plan to help support several of my competitors and friends during this tough economic time in the Motorsports world. Several teams and drivers have been forced to cut back or even park their operations due to financial instabilities. That being said, we also know that as open-wheel drivers we have one of the greatest fan bases going in the Motorsports world. Our fans are absolutely everything that drives us to keep participating in this sport we love so much. Now we’ve developed a program for you the fans to support our efforts without actually costing you any extra money. In most cases it will save you money on many purchases within this program.

I have set up a independent business ownership through Quixtar/Amway Global and all of their partnering stores. Essentially this means I have the ability to bring you the race fan any and all of your daily household goods, basic necessities, or luxury items one may purchase, direct from the store’s warehouses. Saving you money by buying direct rather than through a retail store. Through this IBO account I can manage and delegate funds raised to each individual team or driver that is specified upon your signing up. A list of drivers and teams that have given their permission for involvement is available. If there is a driver or team you wish to cast your support to whom is not on the list, feel free to mention his or her name to me and I will contact those requested to see if they’d like to join this great opportunity. Registering for this program is absolutely FREE!


GET INVOLVED SUPPORTING YOUR FAVORITE DRIVER OR Contact Jonathan for more information about how this program will work. Email: / Phone: 812-881-8938.



This program will work and hopefully will be the boost a lot of open-wheel race teams, drivers, and fans need to give us a great upcoming 2009 season. We hope to hear from you soon!

JVM54, Inc. Driver Support Program  

This is a program designed to help support all teams and drivers within the world of motorsports. Whether it be through means of their fans...