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London Eye attracts thousands of tourists every year.

City Profiles •Copenhagen, Denmark: The Ideal Family Vacation Spot....Aggie Bell PG.8 •Petroleum Engineer Reveals Aberdeen....Shawn Conner PG.10 •Eating Exquisitely in Sicily....Leslie McConnell PG.10 •Algae Threatens Stockholm’s Nordic Summer....Jenny Kjellgren

•New Sport Attracts Many Adventure-Seeking Europeans....Adam DeGenova PG.13 •Tight-Budget Travelers Resort to Greek Islands....Diana Chehab PG.14 •Naples Tops Lists as Most Controversial City in Europe....Cos Centanni PG.16



Diana Chehab




Diana Chehab

Cos Centanni



Should the Traditional Sport of Bullfighting be Banned in Spain?


Should Governments Force Companies to Take Steps to Halt Global Warming?

PRO Jenny Kjellgren PG.24

Should the United Kingdom Ban the Sport of Fox Hunting?

PRO Adam DeGenova PG.25

CON Shawn Conner PG.25

Should the Spanish Government Allow the Basque Region to Become its own Country?

PRO Leslie McConnell PG.26

CON Aggie Bell PG.26



Travel Memoirs Beer Creates Adventure....Cos Centanni PG.39 A Traveler Recalls an Experience at a Chocolate Festival....Diana Chehab PG.48

Blood Red Fight Allows Understanding of Basque Separatists.... Aggie Bell PG.39

Watching the Tour de France Leaves Me Inspired....Adam DeGenova PG.54

I am Going to Audrix....Leslie McConnell PG. 43

Hope Prevails the Ruins of Bosnia....Jenny Kjellgren PG.46 4

Notting Hill Carnival Leaves Family Separated.... Shawn Conner PG.57

Book Reviews

Binchy Strikes Again with Her New Novel, Quentins.... Shawn Conner

Phenomenal Sequel to Chocolat is Reviewed.... Diana Chehab PG. 63 Timeline Inspires Readers.... Leslie McConnell PG.65


Tom Stone Recalls His Traveling Experiences in Greece.... Aggie Bell PG. 62

Take a Journey with Arkady Renko to Fight the KGB, FBI, and the NYPD.... Adam DeGenova PG.68 Angels and Demons Exposes Faults in the Catholic Church ....Cos Centanni PG.70

Sunley Captivates the Reader Amidst the Mystery of Iceland.... Jenny Kjellgren PG.72 5


Covering news from across Europe!

Brits in front of Big Ben protest against fox hunting, a sport that was outlawed years ago but still exists.



Taking an in-depth look at Europe’s most interesting cities and places to visit.

Aberdeen - A petroleum engineer reveals this city’s natural beauty, PG. 10 Copenhagen - One of Europe’s most family-friendly cities, PG. 8

Stockholm - Algae threatens this beautiful city’s archipelago, PG. 12

Cornwall - The dangerous sport of landboarding attracts the most adventurous travelers, PG. 13

Sicily - Some of Europe’s most famous food, PG. 10 Kos Island - An inexpensive yet luxurious place to travel, PG. 14


Copenhagen, Denmark: The Ideal Family Vacation Spot By Aggie Bell



see its beauty. Openor the traveler looking for a family air concerts at the castle are also great getaway filled with fun and activities, fun for the family. Copenhagen, Denmark, is the place! From There are three amusement parks to mega swimming pools, it main beaches in the has it all. The city, situated on the islands of city, all less than Zealand and Amager, is ranked the “Most thirty minutes from The Little Mermaid is the most Livable in the World” by the popular magazine wherever you are in photographed statue in the world. Monocle. Copenhagen. Teens The Københavns Lufthavn airport, greatly enjoy activities such as surfing, water usually a one-stop flight from most major skiing, and windsurfing. Boats and kayaks are airports in the US, is only five miles away also available to rent at most beaches. If you from the center of the city. Luckily for tourists, see a blue flag, this is not a warning; it simply Copenhagen is a very compact city, making it means the beach has high-quality clean water. very easy to walk around. But if you do not Watch out for signs saying that the beach is want to walk, buses and bikes are always clothing optional. available. For the more artsy families, museums With a population of about one million, and galleries are easily found everywhere in Copenhagen is home to beautiful architecture Copenhagen. The National Gallery boasts ranging from medieval castles up to the newest works from Picasso, Braque, Léger and modern buildings. For a fun, relaxing time, the Matisse, and there is no entrance fee. The Ny garden in front of the Rosenborg Castle is a Calsberg Glyptotek museum contains Rodin must-see for families. Built in the Renaissance, sculptures and impressionist and postthe garden is the oldest in all of Copenhagen impressionist paintings by Monet, Renoir, and draws about 2.5 million visitors per year to Cézanne, and Van Gogh. The museum is closed on Mondays and Average Monthly Temperatures in Copenhagen has free admission on Sundays. Fun museums Low - ℉ High - ℉ 70 for children include the 70 70 Ripley’s Believe it or Not 66 60 63 61 Museum and the Guinness 50 55 55 54 Book of World Records 52 52 50 Museum. 40 45 45 45 43 Younger children will 37 37 39 36 37 30 32 32 absolutely love the 30 28 20 Dyrehavsbakken and the Tivoli Garden amusement 10 0


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Petroleum Engineer Reveals Aberdeen By Shawn Conner




Scotland, a city dominated by the North Sea Oil I n d u s t r y, i s a l s o a beautiful place to live with everything from parks flourishing with color and picturesque mountains to many malls overflowing with shoppers. According to petroleum engineer, Stephen Conner, who is a half year resident of Aberdeen, the oil business has been very busy in the last few years but has regressed recently. Stephen Conner was very generous to share his first hand experiences of Aberdeen with Destination: Europe.

Stephen Conner’s job as an engineer has moved him from the Cajun, Creole city of Lafayette, Louisiana to the highly

“There are a lot of good restaurants with every type of food.” populated global city, Bangkok, Thailand and finally to Aberdeen, Scotland. Conner shares with us what he enjoys about Aberdeen that his previous hometowns could not fulfill by mentioning that, "Lots of beautiful mountains are nearby with a lot of great places to go

Eating Exquisitely in Sicily

horseback riding." Although the beautiful geography averted his eye, Conner explains that, "it takes a lot of energy to move to a new place and make new friends." However, friend making comes easier with the many activities available in Aberdeen. A b e r d e e n offers many activities including sports, gardens and shopping for teens. Popular pastimes include football, gulf, hiking, fishing and horse riding. Stephen Conner notes that his family of four [wife and two daughters] enjoys, “walking, exercising, [and] horse riding.” The cool climate causes exercising


By Leslie McConnell


urope is home to many different

types of cooking. One of the most well known is Italian. Italian food, while containing many of the same dishes throughout the country, is incredibly varied in the method of preparation. For example, many of the crops used in Sicilian cuisine are grown very close to Sicily. They tend to be intensely flavorful, in part because they are grown in the fertile soil surrounding Mt. Etna. Because of this flavor, they are served with a very simple sauce so that the rich taste of the food will come through. Sicily also has a very Arab influence as they


Pasta con la Sarde is sometimes called the Italian national dish, made with pasta and sardines.

controlled the area for 200 years. This helped it to become known for its desserts, as the Arabs introduced the SEE SICILY, PAGE 17

Beautiful Mountains are nearby with great places to go horseback riding.

” “

One of the most famous granite quarries in the world [Rubislaw] is in the middle of the city.


Algae Threatens Stockholm’s Nordic Summer By Jenny Kjellgren





environmentally conscious traveler, yearning to become educated and motivated on how to make a difference in the world, Stockholm is a must-see destination. The city, built on fourteen glacial islands near the Baltic Sea, is an evolving cosmopolitan centre, the new and the old clashing, yet still existing in profound harmony. Just generations ago, the city was an isolated Nordic community, with fair-skinned, blond and Lutheran natives dominating the city, and with its cultural riches hidden from the international eye. Following waves of immigrants from predominantly Southern Europe and the Middle East, the city has transformed into a hip, creative metropolitan area,

infused with a thriving youth and an influx of foreign cultures. Aside from the city’s u n d e rg r o u n d r e v o l u t i o n , Stockholm’s Nordic history has been perfectly preserved in its magnificent downtown. The cobblestone streets run among the brightly painted 18th century townhouses and down to the waterfront as well as the magnificent royal castle and parliament. Beyond Stockholm lies an archipelago, the Baltic waters enticing bathers and a splendid Swedish summer waiting for one to enjoy. However, threatening this beautiful expanse of virtually untouched islands, is the recent explosion of algae blooming and the ailing Baltic Sea. At the height of the tourism and bathing season, the looming yellowish clouds of algae threaten public beaches and

bathers. In 2005, vast expanses of water were plagued with the algae blooming, turning the crystal clear waters into a soupy liquid. Warm, sunny weather long sought after by Swedes combined with warmer Baltic water is an equation for a disastrous Swedish summer. During the spring, amidst the melting snow and relief from the long dark winters in Sweden, the Baltic waters begin to clear as a result of the blooming of phytoplankton, leaving no nourishment in the water. Earlier during the winter months, the sea has been replenished with nitrogen and phosphorus by precipitation, the melting ice and the degradation of plants and animals. With the coming of the summer and spring sunlight, the plankton algae in

SEE STOCKHOLM, PAGE 18 Right: The magnificent archipelago attracts a number of tourists, but the algae (far right) threatens its natural beauty.


New Sport Attracts Many Adventure-Seeking Europeans By Adam DeGenova

f you are searching for

an extreme adventure in Europe, landboarding is your sport. Landboarding combines kite surfing with mountain boarding and is guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. This extreme sport, also known as KGB (Kite Ground Boarding), was created by snowboarders seeking a thrill in the summer. Before you try to landboard, you might want to master the art of mountain boarding. KGB not only requires the skills needed to ride down a hill on a giant skateboard, but the skill to keep yourself flying while a traction kite pulls you. Landboarding combines the kite windsurfing Mark Parker and and the board from mountainboarding. from Kitevibe, one of the England’s most everyone. Some schools will respected kite schools says, not teach children under the “Learning to control the kite is age of ten, whereas others will 80% of the deal. Like any n o t t a k e c h i l d r e n u n d e r skills-based sport the more you thirteen. This is a sport that practice, the better you’ll get.” will test your athletic abilities, The main point is to stay in so if you have any health what is known as the “power conditions or are simply zone” or the “wind window.” unhealthy, do not attempt to This will pull you along any landboard. Usually a two- hour terrain, ranging from the beach course will cost around €40 to €55 and daylong sessions will to steep hills. If you are interested in cost around €95. If you are an picking up KGB, Mobius Kite adrenaline junkie in search of a School, which is located in the thrill, KGB is definitely countryside of Cornwall, something to look into.



England, is highly recommended for beginners and experts. If you are new to the sport, you will be assigned to an instructor who will teach you the main principles and more of KGB in a one- on- one session. The school will teach you how to self-launch, handle a traction kite; get your first ride, and how to set up safely. Make sure you bring elbow pads, kneepads, and most importantly, a helmet. Always dress in layers and have walking shoes that cover the ankles. Despite the great fun of the sport, KGB is not for

COPENHAGEN, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 parks, the first and second oldest amusement parks in the world, respectively. Despite being approximately eight miles away from the city, it is still easily accessible and is home to the oldest Ferris wheel and roller coaster in the world. Tivoli Gardens is the more popular of the two with rides such as the “Mountain Track,” the intense roller coaster that will have you on the edge of your seat, and “The Demon,” the two-minute ride filled with loops and twists. The world’s tallest carousel also provides fun for the entire family. The last must-see attraction in Copenhagen is Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid. Seventy-five percent of all tourists visiting the city visit the beautiful mermaid statue perched on a rock next to the sea where she watched her true love on the land. She is the most photographed statue in the world. If you are going to take a picture with her, try not to climb next to her, because her color has slowly been worn off as a result of tourists touching her too much. Copenhagen is the perfect place for a family trip! The museums, beaches, parks and more provide a kid-friendly atmosphere. Any family looking for a vacation will never regret the trip to the marvelous and family-oriented city of Copenhagen, Denmark.



Left: Bars on the beaches provided traditional Greek drinks, such as the Ouzo. Below: The Oceanis Beach Resort is a gorgeous and inexpensive place to stay on Kos Island.

Tight-Budget Travelers Resort to Greek Islands By Diana Chehab


hen couples are ready for a

getaway, Kos Island, Greece is the perfect paradise to relax, eat great food, see beautiful sites, and stay on a tight budget. Kos Island is part of the Dodecanese Islands, which consists of twelve islands in the Aegean Sea. With a population of 27,000 people it is the second most populated and the third largest island in the chain. The island is between Kalymnos and Nysiros. The history and beaches are major attractions on Kos and the nightlife attracts younger individuals. Most of the locals on the island speak English and with many British tourists there will always be someone around who speaks English.


The buildings on the island are of ancient, medieval, and modern styles. Its waters vary from blue to emerald and the shores are covered with pebbles, white, golden, or black sand, which differ around the island. The island has many different villages. There is a great deal of vegetation throughout the island along with its various villages. On the northeastern part of the island and founded in 366 B.C., Kos Town is the main village on Kos Island. One of the main ways to reach the island is by flying. About 22 kilometers from Kos Town, Kos International Airport “Hippocrates� is close to the village of Antimachia, which is and provides daily flights to Athens. Most tourists that visit the island rent cars, ride buses or even walk. The buses are reasonable SEE: KOS, PAGE 20


ABERDEEN, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10 to be a favorite interest of the many inhabitants eating out, but for those who cherish their of Aberdeen. Although, be critical when Scottish backgrounds, more traditional meals choosing visiting times on account of Conner such as the lamb, beef and potatoes and “fish acknowledging, “I don’t like the winter days and chips” are a delish choice. when it is cloudy and we don’t get any sun for Aberdeen is otherwise known as “ The several days.” Many people also enjoy walking Granite City” in behalf of the largest man-made in the parks and admiring the landscape whole in Europe, The Rubislaw quarry, which Aberdeen possesses. Two of Conner’s favorite is one of the most famous granite quarries in the sites include, “many old castles and some world. The Rubislaw quarry was opened in distilleries.” If exercising does not sound 1740 and 200 years and six million tones of appealing, Aberdeen contains many shopping granite later Aberdeen gave itself the name centres such as the “The Academy” located on “The Granite City”. The quarry closed in 1971. Belmont Street. However it is clearly visible that the majority of As well as the oil industry, tourism Aberdeen’s buildings are made of granite. heavily aids in Aberdeen’s wealth. Part of Transportation in Aberdeen is easy and Aberdeen’s uniqueness for tourists is the food, affordable. Most pedestrians prefer the healthy the architecture, and the easy transportation. choice of walking. The streets in Aberdeen are Aberdeen’s history of farming, fishing, lined with restaurants, pubs, cafes, and shops, and food production combined with the new so you can never loose interest. Don’t want to international restaurants brought by the growing work up a sweat? That’s okay, taxis are always business forms the city’s reputation for all types available, and the bus service is low-priced and of food and dining. Coincidentally, petroleum hygienic. engineer Stephen Conner himself notes, Aberdeen is a beautiful place to live but “Because the oil industry has brought a lot of if you do not feel like moving why don’t you people from different areas to Aberdeen, there just stop on by, visit a park or two, do some are a lot of good restaurants of every type of shopping, then wander on down to the nearest food.” Aberdeen has it all when it comes to pub. The drinks are on me!

Bite into a little piece of heaven By Godiva Chocolatiers


Naples Tops Lists as Most Controversial City in Europe


By Cos Centanni

The city of Naples, Italy has long been renown for its arts, music and ancient history. Ranging from the ancient wars between the Romans and Hannibal to WWII and the allied invasion of Europe, the city has a long history of being changed by war. This has left the city in chaos for many years and is still seen today. From the moment that one arrives in Naples, the city hits you with the atmosphere of a war zone. Trash is piled in the streets and homeless families are seen deserted on the streets while cars speed by ignoring stop signs and streetlights. Silence is broken by the distant sound of sirens. These are just a few reasons why Naples has toppled the charts as the most controversial city in Europe.

The trash on the streets continue to pile up as the city refuses to fund an incinerator.


In the heart of Naples, one can see the mountains surrounding the city creating a pirates cove of crime and filth. The city has no trash services, since the government will not dig a foundation for an incinerator. The law of Italy prohibits the destruction of ancient artifacts found in construction sites or landfills. The construction of any large building or hole also requires the construction and funding of a museum to house the artifacts, since Naples is home to many ancient cities including Pompeii, Herculean and many pre Roman civilizations. This could cost the city billions of Euros, (the currency in Europe.) The trash collected in the city has to be exported to other parts of Italy, which rarely happens. The result is a city piled high with mountains of trash bags. The Mafia is the only other trash service in Naples, but they pick up the trash only once month and they demand a very steep rate per trash bag. The service is also unavailable for most government officials. For the go with the flow kind of traveler, BEWARE!

Despite the controversial aspects of the city, Naples is a beautiful place to visit.

Naples is well known for the many rip-off artists in restaurants, stores and sneaky travel agents. While in Naples, one must be attentive and be on the lookout for these people. While not everyone there is trying to scam you, one should still keep an eye out for dangers. Another problem is the lack of road security and irresponsible drivers. Italy is the country with the most automobile accidents per year. It is best to take a taxi even if you know the lay of the land because you risk a driver hitting you and not stopping to help. And lastly, the organized crime is currently enforcing a trucker strike in the city. The Mafia, also called the Black Hand in Naples, is the government in Naples. They profit from raising the price for s o m e t h i n g o r comp letely prohibiting it, than selling it on the black market. The trucker strike is preventing the importing of gasoline and many SEE; NAPLES, PAGE 21

•Braccioli di pesce spada: made using grilled swordfish fillets stuffed with cheese and vegetables. •Carciofi ripieni: made using baked artichokes stuffed with sausage, sardines, and cheese. •Melanzane alla siciliana: made using fried and baked eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sauce. •Pasta con la norma: made using spaghetti with eggplant and tomato sauce. •Zite al pomodoro e tonno: made using short pasta tubes with tomato and tuna sauce. Unlike the rest of the world, Sicily still celebrates Saint’s days. Take Saint Joseph’s day (March 19th) for example. Many Sicilians ask Saint Joseph for something, and if their petition becomes reality, they will hold a table for him. Many mothers during World War II prayed to Saint Joseph that if their sons returned alive, they would hold a table for him for the rest of their lives. A table is often made up of different levels. Many of them are truly enormous. The table is covered with pictures of the saint, as well as statues and carvings of him, flowers, and candles. Of course, the table is also covered in food offerings such as bread, cooked dishes, desserts, etc., but no meat, as at the time it is Lent. All in all, Sicily is a wonderful place for the traveling gourmet.


SICILY, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10 use of sugarcane instead of honey long before the concept came to anyone else. The food in Sicily usually contains rich, red tomatoes, lentils, meatballs, sweet pastries, olive oil, capers, tuna couscous dishes, and an abundance of fish. Italian cheeses, Ricotta in particular, are used often in Sicilian cooking, in addition to a fresh glass of Sicilian wine. Popular vegetables include artichokes, broad beans, cauliflower, fennel and onions. Many new ingredients were introduced to Sicily from the New World including corn, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and more varieties of beans. The meats used are usually lamb or goat. Beef is normally ground up and only used to make meatballs. Veal is actually more common than beef. Swordfish, sardines, and tuna are the most commonly found fish, and of them, tuna is considered the best. A favorite dish for Sicilians is pasta with sardines (Pasta con le Sarde). Some would even go so far as to call it the national dish. Another popular dish is the caponata. This dish is normally made using eggplants, tomatoes, celery, olives, and capers. One variation of this dish also includes artichokes and chocolate. Other popular dishes include: •Agghiotta di pesce spada: made using swordfish, tomatoes, pine nuts, raisins, olives, and herbs •Arancini di risois: made using rice, cheese, peas, chopped meat, and tomatoes, which are fried in the shape of meatballs

Important Sectors of Italian Industry (Numbers in Exported Tonnage) 15,000 11,250 7,500 3,750 0








the sea begin to grow. The algae consume all nourishment left in the Baltic, and as a result, there is a devoid of nitrogen, which prohibits algae growth in the springtime. The effect is an explosive growth with a tremendous amount of algae blooming in the Baltic; it is the culprit of a sea in distress. But what makes the algae blooming so explosive? The spring blooming has set th stage for the summer growth. The blooming algae in the spring have died and sunk to the ocean bed, which expands the absence of free oxygen in the seabed. Processes then o c c u r, w h i c h r e l e a s e phosphorus in the water. As a result, there is an abundance of phosphorus in the sediments on the ocean floor. A heavy spring blooming caused by nitrogen may lead to an over abundance of phosphorus in t h e w a t e r, r e s u l t i n g a dangerous cycle of algae blooming. Algae are also cyno-bacteria, and sunlight and warmer water temperatures solely trigger its explosive, destructive growth. Cyno-bacteria also have the ability to utilize nitrogen supplied to the water by the air. The result


is an algae situation spinning out of control. Scientists disagree on how to handle the situation and the fragile, brackish Baltic. For the last fifteen years, Swedish tax payer have spent millions of kroners funding plants which reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the sea. Still scientists argue this plan as wasteful, arguing that the countries on the Baltic coast must work together to reduce nitrogen emissions and ban phosphates in detergents, as well as study all of the elements in the Baltic to better understand the ecosystem. The lack of oxygen in the water has also affected marine life in the sea, leaving a dying Baltic in dire need of immediate action. If traveling to Stockholm, the traveler should be mindful of some small steps that one can take to reduce their impact on the sea. Instead of driving with a rental car, which accounts for one third of the nitrogen pollution in the Baltic, use advanced transportation methods Stockholm has in place like the metro, or tunnelbana, as well as the hourly busses that run to the archipelago. When doing the laundry, use phosphate-free

Using Stockholm’s main transportation system, the tunnelbana, helps prevent even more nitrogen pollution.

detergents, and look for the label, Bra Miljoval, to reduce the impact of the phosphorus in the Baltic. Be mindful when grocery shopping to buy organic foods. Agriculture is the biggest contributor to harmful nutrients that enter the Baltic; organically grown foods use less harmful chemicals and therefore have a lesser impact on the Baltic. A travel to Stockholm and the archipelago is both an eye opening and a magnificent experience. Observing the sea and recognizing its need for immediate action is motivating for those looking to heighten their knowledge and their care for the environment and marine life. Those looking for an enlightening and motivating experience are sure to be pleased with the archipelago where the Nordic sun never seems to set.


Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay





NS 7 O I T A S N E S NALit D.A.N.C.E. Nominanted isfo,rFthraen2ce0,0feel O I T A N R E T IN hh inally from Par g their smas ic song. Orig emark playin Coming to D sic Awards, best electron u MTV Video M t! ea b O the EUR

40€ advaence 50€ at th gate 19


KOS, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 and are on time. The main transportation used by the island residents are little scooters. Kos Island is full of several gorgeous, affordable hotels. In the village of Psalidi just 4 kilometers from Kos Town is the Oceanis Beach Resort. A gorgeous hotel, which tempts many tourists, is the perfect place for a couple on a tight budget. A room with a stunning view of the Aegean Sea is only €73, which is about $96 a night. The beach bar and nightclub are a few of the many extra facilities the hotel has, along with an excellent reputation for food and service. Gaia Garden another wonderful hotel is located in Kos Town near Lambi beach. The property boasts beautiful gardens, palm oasis and a freshwater swimming pool. A deluxe room for two people costs €49 equaling $64 a night, which includes a private patio, a great deal for tight budget travelers. This island paradise not only has appealing hotels; Kos Island also has fun, relaxing attractions. Lido Waterpark


attracts numerous visitors and is an entertaining place to go for a low price. The water park is located near Mastihari village with an adult fee of €17 equaling $22. It was built in 2005 and opens in early April

Kos Island is located in the southeast Aegean Sea, just northeast of Crete.

and closes late in October. The Wave Pool and Lazy River are some of the most exciting rides. For a more relaxing way to spend a day, the Thermes of Kos is a great spot. Located in the town of Agios Fokas, this exotic place is perfect for tranquility. It is a sea pool with hot springs called “The Thermes”. The Thermes is at the end of a 250-meter long pebble beach surrounded by a

rock pool. Here 42°-50°C water mixes with seawater. Discovered by studies, the waters in this paradise heal skin ailments. Kos Island has some of the most beautiful beaches. Tigaki is one of the few beaches with shallow waters. For a beach with smooth white sand and emerald waters with hotels close to the shore, Kardamena beach is the perfect place to go. Sailing, diving, and water sports are especially popular along the beaches of Kos Island. After a long day at the beach, it is always nice to unwind with a tasty meal. The majorities of cafes open early in the morning and are located near a beach. Restaurants such as the Aura in Kos Town serve Greek and international food. Main dishes such as Moussaka and fish and chips are served in many restaurants. Ultimately, Kos Island is the perfect vacation spot for tight budget travelers. From its inexpensive hotels to the cheap dining and beautiful beaches, spending too much money will be the least of your worries.


NAPLES, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16 other products into the city. The ordinary traveler does not normally have connections into the black market of the city and can ruin a trip. So even if one rents a car, be prepared to drive extremely frugally. However, all of these reasons though do not make Naples a terrible city. It is known as one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean coast. Your visit could very well accommodate one of the many beautiful marble villas in and around the city. Naples is also where the world famous pizza was invented and is still home to some of the most delicious pizzas in Italy. Close to the city are the ruins of Pompeii and Herculean, which were buried during the August 24, 79 eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The cities were excavated to find the bodies of the people who lived there paralyzed and buried in soot and ashes. Naples is also known for the song That’s Amore that was written about the city’s beauty. Overall, the city is equally beautiful as it is dangerous. It is still a popular tourist destination for its history and attractions. Just to be one the safe side, one should always take the necessary precautions when visiting Naples, as should be done when traveling to any foreign city.

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Discussing some of today’s most controversial topics in Europe.

Europe - Should companies be required to take precautions to halt global warming? PG. 23

United Kingdom - Should the sport of fox hunting be banned throughout the country? PG. 25

Spain - Should the traditional sport of bullfighting be banned throughout Spain? PG. 24

The Basque Region - Should the Basque region be allowed to become their own country? PG. 26


Should Governments Force Companies to Take Steps to Halt Global Warming? Arguing NO

By Diana Chehab

By Cos Centanni

or numerous decades, global

warming has been one of the most controversial issues challenged by people all over the world. Global warming is the gradual rising of the Earth’s temperature caused by the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the build up of heat in the atmosphere. Earth’s atmosphere is like a greenhouse with gases like carbon dioxide

These two pictures show the change in a arctic glacier in Greenland over the course of twenty years.

and methane as the “glass” that trap the heat inside. While some gases are able to pass through the carbon dioxide and methane, others are not able to go through, which begins the greenhouse effect. The burning of fossil fuels adds to the amount of carbon dioxide release that hardens the “glass”. The greenhouse effect is anthropogenic, which means humans cause it. European leaders should take immediate action to stop the progress of global warming, which will lead to the increase of natural disasters and changes in the environment, more harm of animals and humans, and cause problems for future generations. As Earth’s temperature rises, the natural environment is greatly affected by it. SEE: PRO WARMING, PAGE 32


he effects of CO2 emissions on

Global Warming are true, but the misled media and masses have been fooled to think that this would create an end to the human race. They are petitioning our government to create law that strip our industries and tax our economies in order to keep our Earth “safe.” These actions are absolutely unnecessary and the tell tales that our world is being destroyed are entirely untrue. Scientific surveys say that the heating of the earth is a routine followed by a cooling every thousand years or so. The idea that humans are the fault of this is absurd, and the governments must not take actions to stop our economies and industries on the basis that something unpredictable will happen. The misleading blame would be placed on the media and scientists that do not know what they are talking about. Scientists have said that putting caps on the CO2 emissions will prevent global warming. They have petitioned the European Union officials, with the help of the media to take up worthless causes that might hurt our lives. These scientists were also the same people who predicted that we would run out of food during the 20th century and that people would receive cancer from pesticides. These people also said that the world was cooling in the 1930’s and again in the 1970’s. The media has taken what these scientists say, and have used it as publicity to raise viewer ratings. These stories are not true, and the public should ignore these comments. The warming of the Earth is a normal routine and takes place because of natural



Arguing YES



S h o u l d t h e Tr a d i t i o n a l S p o r t o f Bullfighting be Banned in Spain? Arguing YES By Jenny Kjellgren



p a i n ’s m o s t

Spaniards raise concerns that eliminating bull fighting also eliminates a part of Spanish culture, but this inhumane practice only shines a negative light on Spain. Plazas are filled to the brink when bullfights are announced to begin with those looking for an adrenaline rush watching the matador battle the beast in an ultimately unfair fight. The bull always dies; it is a

ancient and enduring past time is on a rise with no end in sight. The excitement in a plaza for a bullfight is palpable as young Spaniards line the streets just to catch a glimpse of the cultural dance of the matador and the bull. Last year, 800 corridas fought in Spain, up from fewer than 500 a decade ago. The ancient pastime has taken its hold on Spain’s youth. Television is one cause, broadcasting the bullfights from the Ferias into Spaniard’s homes. Raised financial stakes and the instant celebrity of the matadors appeal greatly across a nation Spaniard have practiced bullfighting for hundreds of with a struggling guarantee. economy and at odds with A bullfight is a EU. A wave of nationalism simple affair. The bull is has swept across Spain, the killed in three authorized and life and death business legal steps then sold on the capturing the hearts of those streets of Spain as meat. The in search for Spain’s national bull is also a thoroughbred, identity. raised to enhance its fighting Bullfighting, although abilities to provide more at the essence of the cultural entertainment, but ultimately identity of Spain, is a savage die. The risk for the matador practice based solely on the is great as well. The bull is death of an animal for the programmed to kill, and enjoyment of the spectators.

often a matador may be impaled by the bull’s sharp horn. In 1975, the great matador and national celebrity Franco died in the rink. There is a difference between killing for fun and killing for entertainment. The number of bulls killed in a plaza is a small number compared to the number of bulls slaughtered for meat. It is certain that the bull does not die in complete vain because it is used as meat. Yet, a bullfight is a visual spectacle based on the death and torture of an animal. In a slaughterhouse, the final kill is swift, but in a bullfight, its death is a prolonged ritual. The years. thought that the animal dies painlessly as the matador points his blade between its shoulder blades, slicing the animal’s aorta, is a myth. The mythical dance between matador and bull is in actuality a predetermined death ritual. Amid the roar of the tumultuous crowd the bull is led into the ring. The matador ’s assistant then waves a magenta cape in front of the bull irking it to



Should the United Kingdom Ban the Sport of Fox Hunting? Arguing YES he sport of fox hunting is

currently banned in Great Britain. It originated there in the sixteenth century where it was a prized sport and essential to European culture. In this sport, men, also

This fox is brutally attacked by a dog.

called “master of foxhounds,” would journey through the wood on horseback or on foot following scent hounds or fox hounds. The dogs would track the scent of the red fox, gray fox, coyote, or other quarry leading the hunters armed with shotguns. Once the fox was spotted, it would be killed. However, in November of 2004 a Hunting act was passed that successfully banned the sport throughout England and Wales on February 18, 2005, after a free vote. In 2002, Scotland, which has its own parliament, outlawed fox hunting. Although fox hunting was banned in 2004, the League Against Cruel Sports announced that this law was indeed being broken. In fact the Master of Foxhounds Association announced that there had been 184 hunts since November of 2008. SEE: PRO BANNING, PAGE 29


By Adam DeGenova

ox hunting should never have

been banned in Great Britain in 2004. Hunting has been part of our life style as humans for thousands of years. Without hunting we might not have survived as a species. Why should we reject what is in our blood? Protesters against fox hunting do not see “life” as something to fight for. They also say that there are ways to obtain food without killing or harming something living, but this is once again not true. Even vegetarians kill the plants that they eat. Killing to eat is a natural part of life. All animals that are wild also hunt. If they did not, they would starve and not be able to reproduce, which hurts the whole species. We, as humans, are no different and should be no different. Are we not animals? The only main difference is that we have the ability to have a point of view. Those that appose hunting have somehow drifted away from what is natural as animals. Some say that hunting, in general, is inhumane. However, a hunter never wants the animal to suffer because he or she puts more work on himself or herself to track the animal while it is running. If one hunts for sport, he or she must always obey the local hunting laws. If an animal is going extinct, they should not be hunted, but the foxes in Great Britain are not extinct, so they should be allowed to hunt. A hunter will also never leave behind the body of what they kill. A good hunter will use everything that he or she can that is useful in the kill. As an example, the meat, the fur, and sometimes the guts can be useful for food and clothing.



By Shawn Conner

Arguing NO



Should the Spanish Government Allow the Basque Region to Become its own Country?


Arguing YES

Arguing NO

By Leslie McConnell

By Aggie Bell


asque is a small region in the north

of Spain and the south of France. They speak a different language from the countries surrounding them, and should therefore be a separate country, but unfortunately, they are not. The Spanish government has refused to grant them independence. So can you blame the Basque people for fighting for it? The people deserve their freedom and the Spanish refuse to give it to them. The Basque people are using the only method that seems to get the Spanish’s attention, and they are being punished for a right they have earned and deserve. The leaders of the Basque separatists party, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (hereafter known as ETA), have tried to end the fighting with Spain for the past forty years, on the condition that the Basques get their rightful freedom. Forty years! The Spanish have known for forty years that if they only grated the Basques independence, the fighting would stop; yet they have still refused! All the Spanish have to do is allow the Basque people to govern themselves, and take at least some responsibility off of their shoulders. This should be a good thing for the Spanish. The Basque people have put forth several treaties, the KAS Alternative in 1976 for example, and have tried to have talks with the Spanish like the proposed talk in Algiers (1989) and the weeklong conference in 1996. Despite many changes in power, Basque country remains oppressed. In fact, the Spanish have imposed a state of siege on the Basques, banning many newspapers, increasing arrests, and legalizing SEE: PRO BASQUE, PAGE 28



or several decades, the Basque

separatists have been threatening the safety of Spanish and French citizens. The Basques, also known as the ETA (Basque for “Basque Homeland and Freedom”), founded their

A protestor hold up a sign saying, “ETA killed 2 immigrants, it is enough.”

organization in 1959. Since then, they have been continually demanding that they become their own country to the extent of killing, bombing, kidnapping and stealing from the Spanish. They occupy three provinces in Spain, Alava, Guipuzoco, and Vizcaya, and three in France, Basse Navarre, Labourd, and Soule, all located along the Pyrenees Mountains. The Basque separatists pose serious threats to Spanish citizens, and if they become their own country, they could use their power to hurt even more innocent citizens, wreck the Spanish government, and cause problems for other countries. SEE: CON BASQUE, PAGE 30

Are You A Chelsea Fan?



PRO BASQUE, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26 torture. Not only this, but the Spanish are also planning to adopt a new law that would stop the Basques’ right to freedom of speech. Especially since the 9/11 attack, punishments have been increasingly harsh. On June 11th 1995, the ETA put forth a peace proposal called the Democratic Alternative, one of many treaties. Still, the Spanish refused to consider it. They, and many others, claim that the Basque people are simply too barbaric to be allowed to run their own government. How can this be true? There were many other revolutions like this that many would not dare to call barbaric. Were the Americans barbaric when they fought for freedom against their cruel oppressor, the English? Were the Indians barbaric when they marched for independence, also from the English? No, and no one would dare to say they were. So why do the Spanish refuse to even consider that the Basque people might be able to handle leadership? Has not America become one of the greatest superpowers in the world? Perhaps Basque just needs the chance to join it. The Basques deserves to be free, and they are trying the only method the Spanish seem to notice. But it is still not working. The Basques need more help than what their poor region can muster. They need your help and support. You can help the Basques free themselves from their oppressor. But hurry, the Basques may not last much longer.


CON BANNING, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25 Protestors also say that we hunters discriminate people by their race, sex or have absolutely no concern for the animals’ religion, but it is okay to hate someone only environment. This is far because they own a gun? from true. If we do not This is growing worse care for the animals’ and worse for people environments, the animal who own guns in urban might not survive in that areas because it is now area. If that happens, we not accepted to have a will no longer be able to gun in a city by many hunt that animal in the people. People who are future. If we did not care raised in rural areas do for them in the past, we not see guns as people do would not be hunting in large cities. Those in These dogs hunt down a fox. them now. Animal’s large cities who think that Rights Activists also say that we do kill only guns are only meant to kill people are wrong for pure enjoyment. This is partly true. Not once again. People who hunt, usually does only do hunters take pride in what they kill, not cause murders that happen in the cities. but also they prosper from their actions People who are raised in rural areas see guns instead of going to a store to buy their meat. as a way to gain food and sometimes even Activists against hunting also say that clothing. hunters are no better than murderers. This is Fox hunting is only one aspect in Great prejudice and shows nothing but hatred. Britain that is not tolerated by many people. Hunters obey the law, unlike murderers who We as a country need to become more tolerant kill people out of hatred. Isn’t it wrong to and understanding of people’s interests and discriminate and judge people based on what beliefs. Unless foxes suddenly go extinct, they believe? Somehow it is very wrong to they should be allowed to hunt.

PRO BANNING, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25 not a threat to us, there is no reason to kill over 16,000 of them each year for pleasure. Foxes are one of the brighter animals. They are very intelligent and their opinion matters. Humans are using their ability to think, feel emotions, and act on their thoughts, and they are taking advantage of the fact that foxes lack these talents. Animals have rights and if the hunted could speak out, surly they would protest. Fox hunting not only kills a significant amount of foxes but also kills the fox hounds or the scent hounds participating in this sport. This too, breaks animal rights; we are training these hounds to track down foxes and tear them apart, often killing themselves as well. It is noted that fox hunting kills roughly 900 hounds each year. However, after being wounded by gun or dog, many of the foxes escape from the hunters, going off in the wood to suffer and die. In place of fox hunting, drag hunting is an authorized alternative. Drag hunting is not a blood sport, no animals Foxes Dear are to be killed or harmed when the sport Mink Hares is active. In order to drag hunt, animal Percentages of Animals Killed in Hunts Each Year meats or aniseed oils are dragged on the terrain for the beagles or fox hounds to track. When the dog catches up with the volunteer laying out the scents, the hunt ends. Cock fighting and badger baiting, 6% two blood sports that are cruel to 5% 2% animals, were banned long ago in the UK. Why should fox hunting be allowed? In conclusion, fox hunting has been banned for four years and should not be repealed. If the ban on the sport was repealed, foxes would be at risk for extinction. With so many hunts going on in Great Britain already, once it is legal, who knows how quickly foxes would 88% wipe of the planet. Also, hounds are at a great risk with fox hunting. Fox hunting is an abhorrence of Great Britain’s past; no good would come from permitting it.


Fox hunting is an unnecessary sport that is cruel to foxes, and it breaks animal rights, so it should continue to be banned in Great Britain. Supporters of the sport argue that hunting is natural and animals are unlike humans in the fact that they do not think or feel. They say that hunting is natural and it should be one of the freedoms of humans. Participants of fox hunting ask how human predators are more harmful than animal predators; if they do not kill the animals they will be killed by other means. Many of the hunters go by the words of poet Alfred Lord Tennyson who once said, “Everything is destined to die.” There are many reasons to ban the sport of fox hunting in Great Britain. Foxes are not a threat to us, therefore there is no reason in killing them. Since these precious creatures are



CON BASQUES, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26 The Basques receive their financial For the past fifty years, the Basques support by kidnapping citizens, demanding have taken drastic measures to acquire what ransoms, and taxing businesses illegally within they want without verbal communication. As their region. They use car bombs to kill an independent country, they will surely be in numerous Spaniards, and in one year alone, need of help from the outside. If other they killed 118 civilians – which is almost one countries do not give them what they want or victim for every three days. In total, they have agree to help them, they may even declare war killed 800, kidnapped 70, and robbed with their opponents and create further numerous stores. If the Basques become their problems. Also, any other countries with which own independent country, they have the power the Basques do not agree could be in danger. to do whatever they want, however horrendous The Basques should cooperate with it may be. The civilians could be in danger Spain, the country that has been paying for and under the authority of the Basques. Anyone accommodating them for hundreds and who disagrees with them would face serious hundreds of years. They should not be able to punishment, as has already happened with the throw away everything that the Spanish has Spanish. done for them. Should hundreds of thousands Not only are they dangerous to citizens, of dollars really have been spent on their behalf but the Basques have also received training just so they could turn their backs and leave from terrorists that make them even more Spain? The answer is no. Both Spain and the Basques should come to an agreement and accommodate each other’s desires. Those who disagree say that if the government gives ETA what they want – their own country – then peace and harmony will exist between the two. What they fail to realize is that this organization that has killed hundred of civilians is barbaric and cannot be trusted with a country in their hands. They cannot use their power responsibly and also have a deceitful nature. In 1998, they declared a cease-fire with Spain, but they next year they Havier Lopez Pena is one of the leaders of the ETA, who “cancelled” it and began fighting again. All of was just arrested recently for violence towards the Spanish. the Basques’ devious actions point to the conclusion that they should not be trusted with harmful to the Spanish government. Libya, the responsibility of managing a country. Lebanon, and Nicaragua helped the separatists If the Basques have their own country, it learn about terrorism, and they have put their would be pure chaos and a recipe for disaster. hints to use. It is also thought that they have Their knowledge in terrorism is a dangerous close ties to the Irish Republican Army (IRA). tool that should not be allowed to govern any This training in terrorism is a deadly tactic that country. Such destructive people are dangerous they could use against their enemies. In 1995 to others and should not be given power to the organization tried to assassinate José Maria abuse. The Spanish and French governments Aznar, the leader of the opposition in the should not give in to their demands for the sake Spanish government, and their main targets are of their citizens, the government, and other city officials like him. countries.


CON WARMING, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 23 The misled followers of the eco-activists and media are petitioning the European

This glacier in Antarctica has continued to grow over the years.

Union to create caps on the CO2 emissions and destroy the industries and economies that we have built with our paychecks and hard-work. The media has fooled the people that this is their fault and if they do not fix it, they will perish in flames. The fault instead, is at the feet of the scientists, eco-activists

and media who propose these ridiculous thoughts. These people offer their ideas and tell us what to do, but they never have told us the benefits of a warmer world. The media cannot keep their story straight either. They have argued in the past that the world would freeze over if we did not take up the challenge of stopping the crisis, and are now saying the exact opposite: that the world was over heating. We must stand together and tell the media and the European Union our opinions of these terrible policies. We must stop them from throwing our beloved world into turmoil and not caring of anything but of how well they control the masses of the world. And most of all, we must stand up against them and prevent them from succeeding.

CON BULLFIGHTING, CONTINUED FROM PAGE 24 charge in order for the matador to observe its Ending this inhumane practice is quickness. Then a trumpet is sounded urgent as bulls continue to be killed and signaling several Picadores, or fighters, to millions flock to see the death rituals. weaken the bull by stabbing it repeatedly, a Bullfights are merely a public spectacle of process that takes 10 minutes. The crowd the long, tortuous death of an animal amid still cheers and applauds waiting for the the applause of thousands. The fights not faena, the final dance between bull and only show extreme disrespect for the animal, matador. The matador’s crimson cape but also display a certain barbarity that swings swiftly as the bull charges. Yet, the animals should die in part for our own bull is deceived, behind the cape is the enjoyment. If bullfighting does not end, matador’s sword waiting to strike and kill. killing animals inhumanly will seem The faena continues until the matador has acceptable to the citizens of Spain causing shown his superiority, pointed his sword at extensive damage to the protection of the bull and turned to the audience for wildlife and farm animals. Therefore, applause. The crowd roars as the bull slumps tourists should discontinue visiting the to the ground at the feet of the matador. inhumane bullfights.


causes. After, and even if the Earth warmed up two or three degrees, it would be followed by a natural cooling our planet. The last time the Earth warmed up was right after the medieval ages when the renaissance occurred. At that time, plants flourished, the black plague disappeared and humans receded from their barbaric castles and made it an age of rebirth. There is no reason that this cannot happen to us. Unlike what the scientists say, the heating of the Earth will decrease disasters. There will be no flooding because the heating of the Earth actually will create more moisture in the south and north poles, thus creating more snow. There is no reason the heating might be disastrous. Global warming will instead be beneficial to the planet and humans.





The rising of sea levels will eventually cause the ozone layer can affect human lives by flooding or even drown entire islands, for causing a greater chance of obtaining skin instance the Greek Islands. This will result in cancer and skin damage. the loss of countless houses and possibly the The European government should death of the inhabitants. The heat also causes enforce the use of environmentally friendly the melting of ice, which can contribute to the vechicles to decrease air pollution. Air pollution rising sea levels. If enough ice melts in the will sooner or later be an issue in health in the north, perhaps the coastline of Sweden will future, which will require even more money than begin to deteriorate. Famine can be increased it would require to fix the problem now. Cars by the and trucks growing are the main amount of contributors n a t u r a l to air disaster like pollution. Energy/Electricity Generation Transportation hurricanes T h e To y o t a Industry Agriculture generated by Prius and the Waste Other warm waters Honda Civic and the destruction of Hybrid are just a few cars that crops. should be encouraged to use. 3% The changing Critics that support global 9% climate results in the 1% warming say that it will be too 7% disruption of the food expensive, but if money goes chain. Some animals in anywhere it should go the saving southern countries are our planet to have a healthy 20% accustomed to the warm environment. As the climate 60% weather. Since the heat continues to change, a growing increases, those animals number of animals will become will start to move to the extinct, which will again ruin the north where it is cooler. food chain. If nothing is done to Knowing that animals depend on other creatures slow down global warming, all of these for food, the animals that remain in the south problems will aid in the loss of the ozone layer. will not be able to nourish themselves. If the ozone layer is lost, then future generations Although a team of scientists that promote will need more than a little sunscreen to go global warming found a species of lizards in the outside and not risk having skin cancer. mountains of France that benefit from that European leaders should enforce acts to warming, they failed to consider the countless halt global warming such as using hybrids and other species of animals that are dying from it. stopping the destruction of forests. Global The warm waters will aid in the spreading of warming will lead to problems for animals and disease carrying insects. These diseases like humans alike, and if it is not fixed while it is not malaria and yellow fever can spread easily too serious, it will be even more expensive to fix infecting millions of people. Clean water in the future. Although some issues will improve sources are also vulnerable to the spread of from global warming, it will create even more diseases; the pollution of clean water can lead to issues. a limited water supply. The gradual breaking of

Gas Emissions in Europe

Timeline of Key European Events


William Shakespeare is born in Stratford-uponAvon. The actual date of his birth is unknown, but his birthday is always celebrated on April 23.


1347 The Black Death, an outbreak caused by fleas carrying the bacteria Yersinia pestis, reaches its peak. The plague killed over one-third of Europe’ s total population.

The Louisiana Purchase is completed. France sells the territory of Louisiane to the United States for less than a cent per acre.


The Renaissance begins in Italy, bringing hope and prosperity to all of Europe. The Mona Lisa was one of the many painting created during this period.




The Eiffel Tower, designed by Gustave The Fire of London ravages the city for three Eiffel was built in 1889 for the World days. The fire began in the Fair. The structure was meant to be torn down after the fair, but the small bakery of Thomas Parisians fell in love with this new, Ferriner and destroyed modern structure, and it was kept. about seven-eighths of all the homes in London.



Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated in Sarajevo while riding in an open-top car with his wife. This event marks the beginning of World War I.

The Beatles make their debut at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. They would soon go on to become one of the most famous bands of all time.



1939 The Germans invade Poland without warning at 4:45 in the morning, beginning World War II.


The European Union is established in 1993 by the Treaty of Maastricht. The EU, composed of 27 countries, is home to 500 million citizens.


1989 After the collapse of the USSR, the Berlin Wall, separating east and west Germany, was taken down. The fall of the Berlin Wall helped unite all of Europe once again.

2005 On July 7, 2005, several Muslim suicide bombers planted four bombs in London’s public transportation systems. 52 people were killed and over 700 were injured.

Destination Europe!  

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