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Alphabet Chant By: Annette D. Salas SFA

A is for apple.

B is for bat and ball.

C is for caterpillar climbing up the wall.

D is for dinosaur.

E is for elephant.

F is for flower what a pretty scent.

G is for girl.

H is for horse.

I is for insect crawling up my shorts.

J is for jump.

K is for kangaroo.

L is for leg, walking to the zoo.

M is for mountain.

N is for net.

O is for octopus, wiggly and wet.

P is for parrot.

Q is for queen.

R is for rabbit, hopping on the green.

S is for snake.

T is for tower.

U is for umbrella, keeps you dry in the shower.

V is for vulcher.

W is for worm.

X is exercising fox, now we take a turn.

Y is for yoyo.

Zipper starts with Z.

Now I know my alphabets, hurray for me.

Alphabet Chant  

SFA alphabet chant

Alphabet Chant  

SFA alphabet chant