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Founded in 2000, ASOS is a global online fashion and beauty retailer and offers over 50,000 products from both its own label as well as other brands. The products include women’s wear, men’s wear, footwear, accessories and jewelry. The clothing line is mostly described as fashion forward. The brand’s goal was, and still is to reach a wide, varied target group and provide them with fashionable clothes at a reasonable price. ASOS’ target group is broad, has an average income and ranges from the ages of 10 to 50. The brand only promotes and communicates via Internet by means such as online promotions and collaborations with magazines. The brand distributes to almost 200 countries and reaches 18.5 million visitors a month. Price: €70 - €200

Burberry P. Burberry Prorsum is a part of the luxury brand Burberry, which was founded in 1856. In 1901, the word Prorsum was added to recast Burberry’s conservative, rather fusty image, as youthful and sexy while emphasizing their quintessential London look. Within the authentic Burberry label, Burberry Prorsum is the most expensive of the brands because it is their luxurious, high end, runway brand. They design for men and women. Shoes and bags are additionally form part of the collection. The customer which buys Burberry Prorsum products can be anywhere between 20 and 60 years old, regardless of the gender. There are youthful, basic as well as more extravagant designs, which are retraceable in their collections. The authentic Burberry Brand is promoted in various different ways, but Burberry Prorsum makes up only a small part of this brand, thus they rather communicate online, on runways and in ad-campaigns. Their collections are available for purchase in their own shops, online shops and in multi-brand stores. Price: €400 - €1500


Cacharel is a French brand that produces ready-towear clothing, perfume and accessories. The brand was created by Jean Bousquet in 1962. He is the head designer together with Eley Kishimoto. Bousquet was one of the first to develop an international brand image. The talent of photographer Sarah Moon was linked to Cacharel to form a powerful visual identity for its products. Thanks to Jean Bousquet, the signature looks of Cacharel have become popular and are still being reinvented nowadays: the shirt for women, the Liberty and crêpe fabrics. Cacharel became known for semicasual, matching separates, which captured the Zeitgeist by bringing relaxed styles into broader use. This style of dressing was widely copied by other designers. The aim of Cacharel is to signify a rough, uncontrolled image, which banned the formality of clothing preferred by more mature generations. Cacharel sells ready-to-wear clothing for women, sportswear, perfume and accessories. Jean Bousquet started a worldwide advertising campaign as soon as the company was well established. This helped the brand achieve its wellknown status. Bousquet wanted to establish Cacharel with a unique communication- and promotion strategy. This suits the brand fully. Cacharel represents innovative, iconic goods with a great fashion value. Price: €150 – €1000

Dsquared2 “Born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy” - this is the credo of Dsquared2 twins Dean & Dan. The pair has been creating collections for the fashion house since 1994. Dsquared2 offers an assortment of womenswear, menswear, accessories, eyewear and toiletries. The collections reflect their Canadian wit, mostly ridiculing the American Dream. The core of their designs is paired with detailed Italian tailoring skills and a hint of British influence. The brand offers provocative and racy clothing that has recently been enriched by maturity, which targets a broader range of customers. The brand adds a chic touch and sophistication, without losing its sex appeal. The target customer is self-confident but still pays attention to good tailoring to separate provocative from tacky. Dsquared2-clothing can be purchased in the company’s own mono-brand store, as well as in multibrand stores. To further increase availability, the brand’s clothes are also available in its own online shop and in other online shops. Thanks to Dsquared2’s communication strategy, information about the brand, such as editorials featuring Dsquared2 clothing, can be found on the brand’s homepage. With social media like Twitter, the brand creates a closer connection with its customers. Also, internet is an important way of communication for the brand. Furthermor, it provides 360° marketing, for example a cooperating with the MINI company. All in all, the brand created a Dsquared2 lifestyle, to turn the brand into a real experience. Price: €1000 and up

French Connection French Connection was founded by Stephen Marks in 1972. It offers a fashion-forward range of clothing, with a quirky spin on design. The brand is proud of its quality and affordable prices, and promotes these aspects. It produces design-led products presented in a unique and innovative way. French Connection has developed a sexy and stylish brand identity. It sells women’s-, men’sand children’s fashion, combined with accessories and toiletries. The brand is set out to create well-designed, fashionable clothing that appeals to a broad market. FCUK is a short, sharp abbreviation for French Connection United Kingdom. This name was launched with a simple advertising campaign featuring the line ‘fcuk fashion’. This line hit the headlines and when ‘fcuk advertising’ followed, the attitude of the brand was established. To stand out from the crowd, both the advertising and media choices are increasingly important for French Connection. It uses fashion magazines and billboards with high impact non-conventional media such as moving projections and radio stations. More recently, the company has wrapped outdoor billboards with gaffer tape and placed light motion banners. FCUK has its own online shop, but it’s also sold in mono-brand stores, multi-brand stores and in other online shops. Price: €190 - €280


Gaastra is the leading sailing sportswear fashion company in the world of sailing, founded in 1897. Starting as a company that was a supplier of sailing equipment, it now produces a wide range of sportswear, this took place after the first collection was released in 1996. Divided into Gaastra Pro and Gaastra Sportswear collections, the differentiation gives a clear view of the type of clothing the company produces. Gaastra Pro is the professional line which uses cutting edge technology and materials to protect the wearer. Gaastra Sportswear is the more fashionable label inspired by sportsmen and casual clothing. Gaastra Pro and Gaastra Sportswear also offer a wide selection of shoes and other accessories. Gaastra’s goal is toprovide comfortable, durable clothing of great quality. The brand aims to be constantly innovative in both the technical field as well as considering the quality of the materials. Gaastra’s target group has a broad range of consumers from the ages 10 - 50. The target consumer has an income that is above average and has an association with sailing. As promotion Gaastra uses advertisements in fashion and sport magazines. Next to that the brand sponsors sailing events in the likes of Les Voiles de St. Tropez and KChallenge. The distribution of the clothing goes through mono-brand and multi-brand stores, as well as in multiple online shops. Price: € 100 - € 200


Gloverall started supplying Duffle coats after World War I and II and has been the first supplier since 1951. This British brand sells authentic Duffle coats according to true British Tradition. Their focus has always been on the coat and quality, and still is today. Their assortment is quite simple, divided in coats, toggles and scarves. Even though Gloverall is very popular in the United Kingdom, their campaign has expanded internationally as well. Recently, they made three fashion videos for the brand for their 60th anniversary and they have started several collaborations with designers such as Junya Watanabee and Fred Perry. Additionally, they´ve created a new concept which is called ` Me and my Gloverall´, where people all over the world can send in photos online of themselves wearing their duffle coats to make the brand more personal and which can make them feel part of the ´Duffle Family´. This `Duffle Family´ consists of a wide range of people as Gloverall supplies coats for small children, youngsters and to the older public. They sell their coats in multi-brand stores and online. The price for a children’s duffle coat is around 70 pounds, and it can go up to 350 pounds for a general model. Price: €80 - €400


Erling Persson discovered that clothes that are less expensive were sold in large quantities in the United States, and brought this idea to Europe. He opened a store in Västerås, Sweden: his homeland. The store that originally only sold women’s wear enlarged rapidly and became a worldwide phenomenon. The Swedish fashion retailer nowadays provides affordable clothing, accessories and beauty products for men, women, and children. The brand has different labels, each sporting a different image and target group. For example, the colourful label Divided, which is meant for the younger generation, and the athletic label L.O.G.G., which is developed for people who think comfort is the most important value when buying clothes. The different approach to the target groups is also visible in the design of the duffle coats. H&M sells its collections in 34 different countries and has more than 1700 stores. Seventy-one of these stores are located in the Netherlands, there’s one in almost every single city. Besides that, customers can order H&M’s collections via catalogue or online. This makes the brand easily available. Communication is very important for H&M and therefore the quality of this communication is of a high standard. Because it has such a broad assortment and target group, H&M uses different sorts of communication and promotion (e.g. stores, commercials, its own magazine, advertisement in magazines and free newspapers) in order to achieve a large audience. The overall target group includes teenagers, young adults, boys, girls, men and women up to about 50 years old. Price: €40 - €80


Izzue is a fashion company known for original creation and local design, founded in 1999. The brand started as an emblem of luxurious individualism, designing special pieces for the youth on the brink for adulthood. The company expanded and after only a few years the first coat was developed, inspired by and made from the same fabric as a tent. Izzue’s goal is exploring must-have elements and mixing their signature details and subtle surprises in order to bring flamboyance to the wardrobe of their consumers. The brand later expanded to children’s wear. Izzue’s target group has a broad range of consumers from the age of 5 - 50. The target group has a high disposable income. In terms of promotion, Izzue uses advertisements in fashion magazines in the countries where their stores are located. Next to that they also have fashion shows. The distribution of the clothing goes through mono-brand stores, as well as in multiple online shops. Price: € 70 - € 200

Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones is one of the leading brands in men’s jeans and was founded in 1989. It’s part of Bestseller, a familyowned clothing company. It’s divided in four divisions to help the consumer to assemble their look. Jack & Jones’ goal is to provide comfortable, trendy, vintage and stylish clothing for the fashion conscious man. The brand wants its customers to find their look through their four divisions. The division Jeans Intelligence is for the young adult, Vintage for the adult man, Prium for the more mature customer and finally Premium Tech is for the more sporty man. Their target group is 18 - 25 and 25 - 40, for fashion conscious men who want to create their own personal style. The income of these consumers is above average. In terms of promotion Jack & Jones use advertisements in fashion and retail magazines. The brand also organizes events and is present at multiple Brand Fairs in Europe. The distribution of the clothing goes through mono-brand and multi-brand stores, as well as in multiple online shops. Price: € 70 - € 200

Junya Watanabe Junya Watanabe is a well renowned Japanese designer. After he worked for Comme des Garçons for eight years, he established his own womenswear line in 1992, which is owned by Comme des Garçons. In 2000, Junya Watanabe also began creating a menswear line that is shown in Paris, just like the women’s collection. These ready-to-wear fashion shows are also part of the promotion of his collection. In addition to women’s and men’s fashion, he also designs shoes and handbags. Watanabe frequently combines uncommon materials with natural fibres, which sets him apart from other designers. His signature pieces are the camouflage jacket, the camouflage skirt and the swing dress. These are designed in an unusual way, which allows the wearer of the clothes to stand out. Junya Watanabe’s clothes are sold in several online shops, what makes his collection easily available. There are relatively large differences in the price of the items. This is due to the big variety of techniques and materials used. Price: €1000 - €4000


Franco Moschino created the brand in 1983 and became famous for his innovative and colourful designs. After his death, Rossella Jardini became creative director and she still fills this position today. This Italian brand provides clothing and accessories for men, women and children. It sells perfumes and cosmetics to make the brand more available for the ‘average’ consumer, and own labels like Moschino Cheap and Chic and Love Moschino. The brand’s designs are spontaneous, fun, colourful and destined for people who feel young at heart. Alongside some basic items, most of their designs include at least a crazy print or a funky detail. The same applies for the duffle coats: a renewed version of the original is created. The brand advertises in magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and Nylon. The concept hotel in Milan, ‘Maison Moschino’, is another way of communicating the exclusive brand image. It is all about design and creativity. Moschino’s collections are available worldwide in exclusive stores and online shops. The company has also opened multiple shop-in-shops in luxurious department stores. Additionally, Moschino has its own shops in the big fashion capitals of the world and its own online shop. The brand is for women and men from the ages 25 to 45 and also has a children’s line. Its customers choose remarkable and fun fashion and have a rather big budget to obtain this. Price: €800 - €1200

Paul Smith

Contrary to his colleagues, Paul Smith initially did not plan on becoming a designer. His actual passion was sports. Nowadays, the brand offers more than some of his competitors: it creates a lifestyle with their assortment ranging from clothing, accessories, furniture, art and luggage. When entering a Paul Smith store the customer is confronted with the whole lifestyle the brand wants to communicate. The British origin is always reflected in the collections, mixed with a sense of humour. The brand is colourful, with references to school boys and girls in an ironic way. Crazy prints, contrasting colours and fabrics are united in immaculate tailoring, making it bizarre. These elements target a younger audience that has a sense of humour. The brand has a broad way of communication: it uses printed media, as well as social media to cover a big part of the market. Purchases can be made online as well as in the brand’s stores. Price: €1000 - €1500

Proenza Schouler Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are the designers of Proenza Schouler. They represent “the next generation of American talent,” according to The New York Times. The designers collaborated on their final assessment at Parson’s School of Design. This project was their first collection as Proenza Schouler. The company produces women’s- and men’s wear, and accessories. Proenza Schoulers has a high standard of craftsmanship, which is also visible in their duffle coats. The brand is sold in the more luxurious online shops, where clothing and accessories from numerous designers are sold. The brand also has its own online shop, but this shop is quite small, and the brand is sold worldwide in exclusive shops such as Belinda in Melbourne, Printemps Haussmann in Paris and in Bergdorf Goodman in New York. The brand’s way of communication represents the target group. It uses social media and its clothing was worn on the cover of the independent magazines ‘Nylon’ and ‘Hot Links’. In addition, the company produces special projects, e.g. a short movie called ‘Act Da Fool’. This was made in collaboration with Harmony Korine, an American film director. As they say themselves: “Our fashion is for women, not kids”. Its target group includes women from the age of 20 to 40 years old, who seek immaculate quality in clothing, with a unique design, and who aren’t afraid to stand out. Price: €950 - €1600

Raf Simons

Raf Simons is a Belgian Designer who launched his label in 1995. This men’s wear designer creates for, and is inspired by confident outsiders. The message he wants to communicate is “Pride in Individuality”. His designs are both eccentric and modern with clean lines, street wear influences and crisp tailoring. His collections only contain menswear, but within these collections, one can also find accessories, shoes and eyewear. His designs are suitable for men between the ages of 20 and 40. Raf simons communicates through fashion video’s, runways and his online website where he merges art, fashion and music together. You can find his designs in mono, multi and online stores. Price: €200 - €1000

Rick Owens

The American fashion designer Rick Owens launched his own label in 1994. The business started off in Los Angeles and later shifted to Italy, finally ended up in Paris. He is being celebrated for his avant garde style and subversive eye for detail all over the world. He has an aesthetic of minimalist palettes, dramatic structures and provocative silhouettes. His style is seen as “grunge meets glamour”. Rick Owens designs clothes, accessories, and shoes for both men and women. Next to that he also designs furniture. His exclusive stores in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, New York and London are furnished with his own designs and have an edgy decor. His furniture designs cost up to €10.000. In addition, Rick Owens communicates his brand through fashion videos, runways and online websites. You can get his designs in monobrand stores and online stores. As his designs are quite exclusive, they are more suitable for men and women between the ages of 20 and 40 who are intrigued by a more edgy and grungy look. Price: €700 - €2000

River Island

River Island was founded in 1948 by Andrew Hunt and Bernard Lewis, operating from a small shop in London, called Lewis Separates. The company has gone through several name changes since (Chelsea Girl, Concept Man) before becoming River Island in 1988. River Island’s collections are designed by a team of in-house designers and the brand is one of the most popular highstreet brands. It offers a large assortment of women’s- and men’s clothing and accessories. River Island is known for its stylish and affordable fashion. Glossy, trendy and highstreet-chic are terms that can describe River Island’s image and advertising. The brand targets young, fashionable consumers, both male and female, who want glamour and the latest trends for an reasonably price. River Island has 300 stores worldwide and is also available online, in its own online shop. Price: €60 - €120


S. Oliver is one of Europe’s largest fashion and lifestyle brands, founded in 1969. It started as a boutique in Würzburg under the name ‘’Sir Oliver’’ which changed into S. Oliver in 1978. Starting as a company that was a supplier of sailing equipment, the brand now produces a wide range of sportswear after the first collection was released in 1996. The company expanded and changed and added new collections within the brand having now separate division within the company. S. Oliver is fashion for everyone and every situation. This is their mission and actual secret of success. The brand stand for sincerity and authenticity, genuine products at fair prices, an excellent quality and tradition. Their target group has a broad range of consumers from the age of 10 - 50. The target group is style conscious and they have an average income. For promotion, S. Oliver uses advertisements in fashion magazines. They also organize fashion shows and collaborate with celebrities on special clothing lines. The distribution of the clothing goes through mono-brand and multi-brand stores, as well as in multiple online shops. Price: € 70 - € 300

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